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So now the angels in the heavens are impressed with you, and you're not impressed with yourself. You think you're worthless? Allah says in the Quran Welaka tikaram Napanee. Adam, we honored the sons of the children of Adam, we honored the Children of Adam, you know what this Ira teaches me? It teaches me I don't have to look for validation from anybody else.

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I can look for what did I do a good job or not, I should check that the food come out, you know, you shouldn't like take this lesson and say, You know what, I don't need anybody else's opinion. Now, I'm gonna go home and pour all the salt into the food, and then cook it and say, How does it taste? Well, I don't care about your opinion, because Allah has honored me like, that's not what I'm saying. That's not what I'm saying at all. We do need to get correction from each other. And by the way, when you are when you value yourself, then being criticized is not humiliation.

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When you truly honor yourself, when you truly realize your worth worthiness, then you realize that when someone someone is criticizing and saying, Hey, you said this incorrectly, or you need to improve this, or this could be better than they're doing me a favor to help me improve. I don't feel like I'm being insulted. Because when you have really low self worth, then criticism feels like you're being pushed even lower down. But that feeling goes away. Once you have value for yourself, once you recognize Allah has given me value, then you start seeing correction or criticism as an opportunity as an opportunity to grow. It's not humiliating anymore. But this is one side of the

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equation that we value ourselves, but at least you know, he's got multiple tactics. And when I talked about balance in the beginning, one of the things Allah gave us his balance, nowadays, a lot of because you know, people are not no longer the majority of the world is no longer interested in educating itself through books or reading or long study. In fact, if a video is more than 30 seconds, Move on, move on, and then they say, You know what they call that I've been doing a lot of research. No, you haven't, you've been swiping tick tock. You. That's not called research. You know, but we have been doing a lot of research into psychology. No, no, you haven't a three minute YouTube

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video was not research into psychology, you haven't studied anything, right. But we become accustomed to quick sound bites, you know, quick, quick kinds of education. And as a result of that, we we want quick validation. And one of the things that's happened in a lot of this social media environment is one subject that keeps coming up is self love, self worth, self esteem, which is what I'm talking about, too. But you can take that too far.

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You're, you're amazing. You're the best believe in yourself. You You You nutsack knifes agnostic, and you're like, yes, NFC, NFC. NFC. You know, and you become like obsessed with Yeah, I'm awesome. I'm amazing. And then some parents do this to their kids, you're the best. You're the best ever. You're the princess, the old four year old girl, you're my princess, everybody else's ugly, you're the prettiest, you're the best. And this little girl turns into a monster. She goes at school and she goes, the princesses here kiss the ring like she she develops this like inflated sense of self, our worthiness, our worthiness before Allah is something that should make us hump Allah give me such

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a high position, I better put that to work. I better put that to work. I don't want to give you this by analogy. Imagine somebody gave you, you know, you didn't believe in yourself. You don't think you're that good, but you applied for a job anyway. Right? You apply, they're like, I'm pretty sure they're not gonna hire me. You get a call back and they want to give you the executive position, way higher, and you know you from what you know of yourself. You're like, I'm so not qualified for this. But you get put in that position anyway. Now, once you get put in that position, I want you to think about and I want myself to think about what am i What's going on in my head inside? Am I thinking

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Yep, the boss is here. Watch out, that's my chair. Or are you thinking I have been given such a high position, I better live up to this, I better up my game, I better learn more, I better become more adaptive, I better, you know, honor this role that I've been given. So I can actually prove my worthiness. So the the honor was given to you first, even before you got a chance to prove yourself. The healthy attitude would be I need to live up to this. Like it or not. Now I'm here, I better step up. You understand? On the on the flip side is someone who gets that position without having earned it and then says you know what, what's, what else is there to do? I already got this position. You

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know, now I can look down at everybody else who doesn't have this position. Fake it till you make it right? That's not That's not how this works. This is actually the reality of arrogance.

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So on the one hand, we value ourselves, but what we actually are supposed to value is the potential that Allah gave us. We're supposed to value the ability to make the effort that Allah gave us. Not the things that Allah gave us. The things that Allah gave us he can give to anybody else, and these things will come and they will go, but the only thing of value before Allah is and before before ourselves should actually be just our efforts. What a nice Halal insanity. Illamasqua human beings will have nothing of worth on Judgment Day, except the efforts that they made. That's it. That's all that's going to matter. So what's the this this balance between confidence and humility? That has to

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be struck because too much self worth will turn into arrogance, and too much humility, then you start thinking I'm nothing I'm nobody. I'll give you an example of this that I saw in the Islamic space.