Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 166B Tafsir Al-Anbiya 83-84

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of mercy and compassion in life is discussed, including the use of words like "has been hardship, loss, and pain" to show gratitude and support. The speakers stress the need for suffering and hardship to achieve a better life and avoid giving up hope. The importance of belief in the spiritual and bringing out a way to open the door of mercy is emphasized, as it can lead to negative experiences and struggles. The segment also touches on the struggles of the Islamist movement, including the loss of many lives due to physical and mental injuries, the loss of jobs and family members, and the success of a YouTuber's cure from a illness.
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Lesson number 166. sorbitol Ambia. I a number 83 to 112

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What a YouTuber and a YouTube is Nadder or boho, when he called out to his Lord and knee, indeed, I must Sonny it has touched me a good rule, adversity. Adversity has touched me what under while you are meaning you or Allah, you are or hammer him in or how most merciful Allah He mean of all those who show mercy.

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A YouTuber is Sunnah of the Prophet of Allah is mentioned over here. Surah Al Anbiya talks about different Gambia and the lessons that we can learn from the various prophets of Allah subhanahu wa Tada a YouTuber listener.

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He's a prophet who was severely tested. He was tested, not just through his people, but also in his personal life, and in his personal life, not just his relationships, or his finances, but even in his physical body. So you can say that a humorous Anna was a prophet of Allah who was tested who was put through difficulty at every level in every aspect of his life, physically, mentally, emotionally, in every way he was tested, he was put to difficulty

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and in this difficulty, how is it that he called out to Allah, Allah says, what a UVA is NAD our Abba, who when he called out to his Lord NIDA, known that Yeah, to call out to yell out remember the CReality Salam insolate Mariam, it nather abou NIDA and Hafi Yeah, so uh, you have also he NAD our Abba, who, and what did he say when he called out to his Lord begging him? That unease misogyny of the Ebola has touched me? What is a Ebola is adversity, suffering, what a person suffers. And

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there's different types of adversity. One is that adversity which is experienced and you can say financial matters, and others that which is experienced in relationships, and others that which is experienced in your physical body, like illness, disease, pain, something of that sort, and a bone even though it refers primarily to physical weakness, or you can say illness or disease of the body. But remember that a YouTuber who sent me he was afflicted by not just physical suffering, but like I

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mentioned earlier, suffering in every way, financial loss family crisis, he said, Miss Sunil, it has touched me. But look at the word misogyny what is mus? What is mMus? Just a touch, I want you to touch your right hand. With your left hand, just just put your right hand on your left hand. This is touch tap it, this is touch.

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When we are afflicted with some difficulty, do we ever use this expression?

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That pain has just touched me know, we exaggerate so much when it comes to pain. It's as if we show ourselves in such a pity state that we're like I'm drowning in this whereas the pain is very minimal.

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The difficulty is very minimal, but we exaggerate that. But look at a YouTuber Listen, um, he says it has just touched me. Did it just touch him? Was it a very light affliction or very light adversity? No, it was very intense. But look at his other mandala. Look at his respect towards Allah subhanaw taala he says misogyny of Laurel was under our hammer Raha mean, and when a person is going through some difficulty, what does he deserve mercy and compassion, right? People take pity on a

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person who is suffering. But a YouTuber s&m is saying I don't care about the pity that people show to me, or the mercy that they show to me. Yeah, Allah, I know that you are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy. You know, sometimes when we are in pain, when we are sick, other people come in to look at us with those eyes, you know what those looks as if they really feel bad for us, and they will cry before us and they will do something to help us, you know, hug us or kiss us or, you

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know, touch us nicely or something to show that they care. Some nice words even. And those words that show of affection. What does that do to us? It boosts us. It gives us hope in that time of difficulty that Yeah, at least I have this friend who cares. At least I have a mother who understands my

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you know somebody understands what I'm in. But look at a uberta center. He says yeah Allah I know that you are the Most Merciful. You show most mercy. If you think about it, trials difficulties pain loss Who is it from? It is from Allah subhanaw taala All right, well could you Heidi What shall we that's what we believe in min Allah He Tala that further decree whether good or evil is all from Allah, whether nice or difficult it is all from Allah subhanaw taala.

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But the believer, he understands that even if he's being made to go through difficulty, that is also part of Allah's mercy on him. We think mercy and compassion is what? That whatever we want should happen in life. Right? Nothing painful, should come our way. Nothing difficult should come our way. But to remember that everything that Allah decrees for his servant, whether it has been hardship, ease, happiness, whatever it may be, all of that is what part of His mercy it's an expression of His

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mercy. Because if we don't go through pain and loss, would we turn to Allah subhanaw taala.

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If we didn't fail in life, would we work on improvement? We wouldn't. If everything in life happened according to our desires, would we strive for a better hereafter? No, we wouldn't.

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And remember that sometimes pain is necessary because it teaches us what ease cannot teach us.

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And sometimes we have to go through pain to appreciate the good in life. If we haven't experienced loss, we don't know what gain is. You know, for instance, if you look at the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he got married to Khadija Aldila who earned her and we love the fact that Khadija Abdullah on high is the one who proposed to him, right? And it's beautiful. But if you think about it, why is it the Khadija blow on her? She proposed to the prophets on a lot it's and

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why was she interested in marrying him? Cuz he felt alone on her head inherited a lot of wealth. All right, because her husband had died. All right, he was very well off. And he did not have any children, he did not have any heirs. So the only person who inherited from him was who? Khadija lawan. So she had a whole lot of money. And she wanted that money to grow. So she would hire people to take her, you know, stuff for business trips, but every time she would feel that she was cheated.

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Every time she felt that she didn't get 100% out of it. Because obviously the people who would go for business, they would be more concerned about what was in their best interest. Why would they care about the money of a woman? So because she was cheated so many times, and because she always felt unsatisfied, no matter who she hired, when she saw the prophets of Allah Islam. And when she dealt with him, what did she see in him? nobility, honesty,

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dedica dedication, this is what she saw, and that is what she appreciated also. So she preferred the honesty of the profits of a lot of Salon, despite the fact that he had no experience when he came to trade. She appreciated the honesty of the profits on a lot of them despite the fact that he was so young.

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So if you have not gone through hardship, what do you know, what is valuable in life? So, remember, that suffering, hardship, pain, loss, whatever form whatever face it has, that is also Allah has Rama that is also Allah's mercy. So are you burning his sin? I'm says what under are hamre he mean, Oh Allah, you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

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We see over here that a uebert is center. He is expressing his grief, his worry has been before who? Allah subhanaw taala he's talking to Allah. And he is doing that in order to seek Allah's help. And this is the way of the prophets that when they went through any difficulty, who is it that they called upon? Allah subhanho Third,

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in nama Eshkol Bothy, were Hosni, it Allah, I complain of my grief, my suffering my pain before Allah. You see, talking about our problems is perfectly fine. When we talk to other people about our problems. There's nothing wrong with it, but but there is a big condition and what is that? That some solution is expected?

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You understand? Like, for example, if I'm in pain, and if I tell all of you, I'm in a lot of pain, what's the point?

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What's the point? Okay, you might feel bad for me. But what? What is it going to lead to? It's not going to lead to anything. Right? But if I tell my mother, for example, when I'm sitting next to her, that I'm in pain, this part is hurting. And she says, Okay, let me do some Rukia on you. Let me read some dua for you so that you can feel better. Is that good? Yes, it's good.

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So remember that talking about our problems is fine, when a solution is expected.

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But when people cannot help us, then talking about our problems spreading our grief, in every gathering, to every person is something that does not fit a servant who is patient? Because the patient's servant knows that if he is suffering from something today, why is that? So? Because Allah decreed that for him,

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and telling people about our problems can be very risky. Why? Because what do you know, they might tell the whole world, they might be happy inside the finally, she's failing, finally, she's suffering. You don't know what other people think about you. Right? So telling Allah subhanaw taala, even though he already knows, talking to him, pouring your heart out before him. That is the best treatment. That is the best form of seeking help. Because this is what's going to help you. It's

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risk free, and the solution is guaranteed.

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The prophets of Allah Islam said, the people who are tested the most severely are the prophets. The people who were tested the most severely were who, who, prophets, then the righteous, then the next best, then the next best. In other words, a person is tested, according to the level of his faith in Allah subhanho wa taala,

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according to his level of faith in Allah is a person tested. So over here the example of a YouTube or histogram is given.

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In the Bible, in the book of Job, we learn that a uebert his son, his suffering is mentioned in great detail. It is that there was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job. And that man was blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil. There were born to him seven sons and three daughters. He possessed 7000, sheep, 3000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, and 500 female donkeys and very many servants, so that this man was the greatest of all people of the East. So how

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was he the best of all people, financially, when it came to family in every way, he was the best when it came to his character, and we know that he was a prophet. So he was literally the best man that was known in that time. The best man. So what happened? According to the narration in the Bible, shaitan he's the one who challenged Allah subhanaw taala okay, but Allah Who Arlin what exactly happened? Allah decided to test a EWB early his sunnah. Because remember, when a blucon

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Belhaj do a show, right? Allah tests us with clear and sharp good and evil. If somebody's having good, sooner or later that good is going to turn into evil. And if somebody is going through evil, sooner or later that is going to turn into good, no state in this life is permanent. Nothing in this life is permanent. No illness, no beauty, no money, nothing is permanent. It is bound to change.

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No matter who you are. A YouTuber knows Sam also what happened? He lost everything. Allah tested him. He lost his wealth. He lost his family.

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And he was even afflicted in his body.

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And that is what is mentioned over here. What are you but it nerd out robber who aneema 70 of the room were under a hammer he mean?

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It is said that when a uberta Salam, he lost everything, according to the words of the Bible. Job said the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. He gave and he took it away.

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After all, who do we belong to? Allah subhanaw taala.

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We are his and everything we have has also come from him. So he can

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give anything and he can take anything away. Also

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there's different reports according to some children died, and obviously his wife what we learn about her is that she also left him she stayed with him for quite some time. But then she also left him so Allah Arlen what exactly happened but he lost everything, his property, his good name, and everything. All right. And we see that according to the words of the Bible, in this entire trial, in all this Job did not sin or charge God with wrong.

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II even in that difficulty, he did not say anything negative about Allah subhanaw taala. He did not become upset with Allah's decision. He did not say this is unfair. Why? What did I ever do wrong?

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Because a human escena he was not just a successful man when it came to, you know, money and family and all of that. He was also a very devout worshiper. very devout worshiper.

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Now, when you see a person in a good state, you know, they have no family problems, they've got money. And you see that they're very righteous, they're earning halal, and they have good relationships with their family, and they also go for Umrah and Hajj, and they also fast regularly. What do you think? Of course they should? Why not? What difficulty do they have? They have nothing to hold them back? Of course, they should be grateful servants, and they should definitely worship

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Allah subhanaw taala even more and more, it makes sense. It's no big deal. But we see that a yoga lesson and when he lost everything also, that his worship stop. No, it did not stop. Did his faith in Allah weaken? No, it did not. And this is the lesson that we are taught in the Surah that it doesn't matter what you're going through in your life. It doesn't matter what you're going through in your life, whether you're making a ton of money, or you're making no money. You have five job

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offers, or you are unemployed for a very long time. You know exactly what to do in your life or you are absolutely lost, you are happily married or you're going through a divorce, it doesn't matter what you're going through. Because these things constantly change. What should not change is our faith in Allah subhanaw taala

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that is something that should not change in the sense that a person should not give up his worship of Allah subhanaw taala he should not give up his hope. And Allah subhanaw taala rather, he should always think positively about Allah. Now, definitely Eman increases and decreases this is something natural. And as we go through trials and hardships in life, that has an effect on Eman. But remember that in good times, what is it that we have been encouraged to do? Be grateful, be thankful? And in

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difficulty? What is it that we are encouraged to do always remain hopeful? Be patient? What is patients what's the other side of patients have hope?

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And you see, when you fall? Don't just sit there. You know, for instance, if you take a ball and you throw it with full force, you throw it down with full force, what should happen to the ball as it hits the ground? Should it sit there? What should happen to it, it should bounce back up? And how high should it go? Higher than its starting point.

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And this is the lesson that needs to be learned that no matter what you're going through, hold on to Allah subhanaw taala

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and the one who believes in Allah fucka the stem circa below what will was call, then he is holding on to the most firm, the strongest hand hold that belief is what is going to help him survive that difficulty. If that belief that hope in Allah is not there, then it's not possible to go through the difficulties and trials of life than stress would kill us. It would destroy us.

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Little Little things can aggravate us.

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So what is that keeps a person afloat? What is it that keeps a person going? It's their belief in Allah subhanaw taala and this is what we seen a YouTuber and his sunnah, that even in the most difficult time. He says, A Nima Sunil guru will enter our humble Rahimi. It has said that over time, over time as each year went by the trials that a YouTuber listener went through just got worse and worse. Initially, it was just a financial loss. Now what happened eventually, that according to the

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words of the Bible, he got load some source so sores that even look

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Very repulsive from the soul of his foot to the crown of his head.

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Just imagine, from the soul of his foot to the crown of his head, which part was spared? Nothing. I mean, if you think about the soul of the foot, even if there there are sores and the crown of the head, that means it doesn't matter what the skin has hair or not, it doesn't matter which part of the body it is the entire skin is covered in sores. And you know what that means? There's no relief from pain. In any position. Whether you're sitting or you're standing, or you're lying down, there

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is no relief from that physical pain.

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It's very easy to stay patient for an hour or two for a day or two. But when you're living with a disease that causes you pain

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24/7 Then what is it that most people want? Euthanasia. What do they want? Get out of my body? I don't want to live anymore. But a YouTuber is solo. He says, a knee misogyny, misogyny. It's just a touch.

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It could have been worse. We're under our hammer Raha mean, and I know that this is also part of your mercy or Allah. Under our humble Raha mean,

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never giving up hope in Allah subhanho wa taala. It is at the during this time his wife said to him, do you still hold fast your integrity, Curse God and die, according to the words of the Bible. So in other words, he was encouraged to say something negative, you know, to express some kind of frustration.

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And this is what happens many times that when we're going through difficulty, we're trying to be patient, what happens other people they begin to pity us. They begin to pity us and enter that we begin to lose faith, lose hope in Allah subhanaw taala. But he said to her, you speak as one of the foolish women would speak Shall we receive good from God? And shall we not receive evil?

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We are His servants. What makes us think that we are worthy of only good from Allah. It's up to him we are His servants he can send good our way. And he can even send evil our way. And according to the words of the Bible, in all this Job did not sin with his lips. He did not sin with his lips. There was not even a word of impatience. There was not even a word

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of disbelief in Allah nothing like that in sort of solid I have 41 Allah says what color Abba Donna you ignore the robber who aneema Sania che YUTAN who be no spin what other up and remember our servants are you when he called to his Lord, indeed, Shavon has touched me with hardship and torment.

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So in sort of solid, what do we learn that he said shaitan is also bothering me. Because when a person is going through difficulty, he is hurt, then his spirits begin to die down. So what happens if on takes advantage of that? And what does he do? He keeps bothering the sermon he keeps putting was was on his head. You must have done something wrong. Allah must hate you. You must be so evil. You know what if this is how you are in this life and what about the hereafter? You've done all you

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could you never made a mistake, but still God treats you like this. There is no good in this religion. shaytaan bothers a person. This is why when we are sick, it's so important to keep saying our will the bIllahi min ash shaytani

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R O the bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim at the time of anger even think about it anger. What are we supposed to say are other bIllahi min ash shaytaan evergy because when a person is weak physically, spiritually, emotionally, then shaytaan really attacks him. So he says aneema Sunil guru were under a hammer he mean. So what happened? First the job and Allah who saw me responded to him, we responded to him, the draw of the motto is never averted. Who is mobile, the one who is afflicted

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with distress, the one who exhausts his efforts in doing the best that he can. And he has full faith in Allah. He places all his trust in Allah to only Allah can take me out of this difficulty. And when he calls out to Allah with the McLean than the doors the gates of the heavens are opened up for his door his door is heard first the job una Allahu. fucka Schaffner. Then we removed ma all that which be with it min Lutheran

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Have any harm, meaning any harm that a you was suffering, every single difficulty was removed from him. Nothing of that difficulty stayed with him, no trace of it. Maybe him and Lauren, every difficulty was taken away from him.

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Because no difficulty is eternal in this dunya were no good as a no worldly happiness is eternal. Likewise. No pain is eternal in this dunya everything changes faster. Giovanna Allahu fucka Schaffner. mervi, HeMan loaded in what Tina who and we gave him Allah who his family will miss La home and like, have them Maha along with them. So according to the reports of the Bible, how many children did he have?

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How many, he had seven sons and three daughters.

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They were born to him seven sons and three daughters, how many children in total 10. Allah says over here, we'll add a Navajo Allah who will make Lahoma home now he had not just 10 but double, so 20 More than before? Why? A little meta Minar Indiana as a mercy from Us, with a craw and a reminder Lilla bidding for the worshippers who was worshippers, the worshipers of Allah. Those who worship Allah should remember this lesson. A YouTube URL Hassan was healed. He was healed. His pain was

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replaced with happiness.

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His suffering was replaced by success. Into roadside I have 42 and 43 We learned that a YouTuber has Salam he was told all called Big Lika because he was suffering from a physical ailment also, right? So he was told, strike the ground with your foot. How long will this alone bury don't wash her up. This is a spring meaning this is water, which is a cool bath and also for drinking. So he was told to wash himself and also drink the water. And then what happened? He was cured. Now it's amazing.

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His cure was from what? Water?

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Water, fresh water.

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Sometimes the cure is that simple. It could be just one pill.

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It could be just one dose of some medication, but it will not work.

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unless Allah subhanaw taala allows you think a ueber lism didn't drink water during the period of illness, of course he musta did he not wash himself? He must have. But why is it that at this time, when he drank water and he washed himself the disease went away because the cure came from Allah.

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Now what happens is that when we are going through some difficulty, we look here and there we try one thing after the other looking for some cure, you know something that will help something that will benefit something that will take us out of our pain, but nothing works. Nothing works we keep going from one thing to another to another to another but nothing is working. Why? Because the Shiva is not coming from Allah yet. It will come when when Allah subhanaw taala will want. So as we strive

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to seek the cure. Remember, don't forget to seek the cure from the giver of cure from a Sheffy

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I'm not saying sit back and do nothing go to No doctor do that also. But more than that, seek cure from Allah, whatever difficulty we're going through, seek solutions doing our best but at the same time, ask Allah to open the doors of his mercy for you. That sometimes things that are very painful they happen in life. Right but if we go through them properly inshallah this will be a means of getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So, first the German Allah Who fucka Schaffner mabie him and

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Lauren, what are they now? Allahu wa Mithila humara who suffer Firstly, he was cured. Then we see that in the Bible, in the book of Job It is said that the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. And the Lord blessed the latter days of job more than his beginning. You remember the example of the ball as you fall down. Now rise up with full force and go higher. And that will happen. How with your hope in Allah subhanaw taala with your husband was one of Allah subhanaw taala

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and Allah never disappoint his servants the latter days of job were more blessed than his beginning. And he had now 14,000 Sheep 6000 camels 1000 yoke of oxen and 1000 female donkeys

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And he also had children. And it is said that after this Job lived 140 years and saw his sons and his son sons for generations, and job died an old man and full of days, full of days, meaning he lived a very happy life after this trial,

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we learned that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said when Allah healed a Ube, Ernie Salam, he sent upon him a shower of gold locusts. So imagine locusts. You know what? Locusts? Alright, okay, so something like a grasshopper. So gold, gold locusts are falling from the sky, on a you Burlison so what happened? Are you Burness and I began picking them up, and he started gathering them in his garment. So it was up to him, are you have you not had enough meaning Have We not made you money of

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all of these things you still desire the things of the world?

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Are you Berta Salam said, Who can ever have enough of your mercy or Allah?

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Who can ever have enough of your mercy? Because this is Allah's mercy because locus of gold don't fall from the sky. Right? So if this is happening, it is from Allah. And if it's from Allah, I love it. I love it. I need every bit of it. I can never have enough of Allah's mercy. So again, you see here, the desire is not for gold, the desire is for what? Allah's mercy that hope, is still living on. It's in fact greater than it was before. And look at how the I NS Rajmata Minh are in denial.

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This is mercy from Allah, because he had faith in Allah's mercy, right, even in the most difficult time. He said, What under hammer Rahimi that Allah showed him his mercy. He opened the gates of His mercy for him with a Corolla Aberdeen Aberdeen is a portion of Ovid who is are a bit the one who does it bother. So all people who worship Allah, they must take a lesson from this. And what is that lesson

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that don't just worship Allah when you want to pass an exam, and then forget him the rest of your days. Don't just worship Allah, when you want to get some benefit in return, worship Allah because he deserves to be worshipped. show consistency show is the karma in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Just because it's winter, and just because it's cold, or just because it's summer or just because it's spring, just because of the changing seasons doesn't mean that our Eman should also

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change, it will increase and decrease that is normal.

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But our actions should not fluctuate so drastically that one moment we are most pious believers in the other moment, we are most sinful servants. There should be some consistency. You see, if there is a person who is in your life, and that person only shows interest in you.

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You know, they want to talk to you they want to spend time with you only when they want something from you. What do you call that true friendship? Would you call that true love? No, you wouldn't.

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This is not fair. You know, once the Prophet salallahu Salam, he said to the Sahaba that how can one of you hit his wife

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in the same night, lay down with her? How can you do that?

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That in the morning during the day you abuse her and in the nighttime you want to be intimate with her? How is it possible? What kind of relationship is this?

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When this relationship does not reflect people when it comes to human relationships? How can you say that when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala also, we can ignore him most days and only when we're in difficulty. Or when things are good. Then we think about Allah subhanaw taala this is not true faith then this is not true love. This is not true friendship. True friendship. What does that demand consistency. So with a call Lilavati in a reminder for all the servants

00:34:18 --> 00:34:20

let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

00:34:21 --> 00:34:22

What are you

00:34:27 --> 00:34:30

Nina Sunil mu

00:34:32 --> 00:34:33


00:34:49 --> 00:34:50

hello or miss

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

Dina worthy calling RBD

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