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The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding harming others with drugs and alcohol, engaging in creative activities to boost mental health and well-being, following one's desires and values to avoid becoming an oppressor, and following one's own desires to avoid losing everything. The negative impact of death on one's bodies is highlighted, including the difficulty in controlling behavior and the negative impact of social media on people's desire. Society needs to stop sugar intake and control body fat burning to avoid health problems, and authority in one's own desires is viewed as a source of fear and the importance of prioritizing one's desires is emphasized.

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Salam Alaikum rahmatullah wa barakato.

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very restrictive brothers and sisters, we come to another session the Quranic themes. And in the past few weeks we have covered the heart, we have covered

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the, the way, the heart sort of gets affected, we've covered some of the big diseases of the heart, namely, arrogance, which leads to a lot of other vices or other sins. And last week, we covered about Ria, which is showing off. And this really takes people to another level where the dean and the action that they do is spoilt, because they don't realize that they're losing the reward. And they're doing it for others. And they're running into a lot of trouble, not realizing that all of this should be for Allah sake. So we come to another Quranic theme, and Today's theme is going to be about it devour, which is when people follow their desires, or the Caprice, or they follow the

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Shahada to they follow their ego, or they follow their passions and whims and desires and so on. This is a massive problem in today's world. In fact, if you look at the signs of the last hour, when the professor Larson talked about the signs of last hour, a lot of things that would happen towards the end of times is because people are actually following the shot. Because they're following the desires. We live in that moment, we live in that time, there are very few that cry, and there are many that laugh, there are a few that cry, that amenda laugh and these are the kind of times

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it takes a lot to get someone to even come to the Quran, to even listen to the Quran.

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It takes Even it is even more difficult to get that person to, you know, obey the Quran to be to be affected by the Quran for the heart to be softened by the Quran and then it takes even more to to have that person shed the tears for the fear of a lot of them. But it's so easy today to make some money, somebody you know, just just loosen themselves up, just just fall apart. And just you know, party, just laugh just have a good time. It's so easy for people to get up and have have, you know, a lot of laughter just Joe can chat and continue. Why? Because this is this is it, this is devour This is where

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a person is following the desires. So what's how, how is an empty part of us? And how are in Arabic something which means empty, and it's falling? Okay, so if you look in the in the Arabic logo in the lexicon, you'll find that Howard has two meanings. One is it's empty, it's got no value, absolutely no value, but it's there. And the other one is that it's falling, which means that you're losing out. So just like the number zero, the number zero is there, we can see, the number zero on its own has absolutely no value. Now if the number zero comes after something, then it will have a value. But if the zero is on its own, it has no value whatsoever. But you can see there's a zero there. The

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same way that a lot of things that we might do in our lives that have absolutely no value. It's there, we're doing it, it's an action, we've done something, but it has no value at all. And the second thing is what allows which Allah has said in the Quran with the word however, is that it's not only value less, but it's also the fact that it's going down, which means that it's taking you towards the minus. So you start off with the zero and you start to get minus one and minus two then minus three and minus one you actually going down now what does this mean? This means that when the human being is is not engaging with opera and not engaging with the future, not engaging with the

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accurate not engaging with Allah, then the human being is at loss. Straight up. Okay, now as hard as hard as that might be to us, we might think well, no, really I'm gaining something here right now. So let's say for example, somebody is is watching let's say a movie. Somebody is sitting there on the on the pad playing a game. Somebody is on the ps4, Xbox, somebody is out there having a really nice party, a game, whatever. They're gaining something right well

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The value the real value what the gaining is absolutely zero.

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The game is on the right now. Yes, right now. But in the end, it's zero. So how does this work? Well, right now what you're engaged in what the Quran recognizes is, you're in the ally Agila, you're in the now. And Elijah is something which you're getting now and you're benefiting maybe through May, you know, may taking a break, your muscles are relaxing, your, your brain is engaging, you know, you're having some fun, you're really in the moment of relaxation, which is fine, that much of it of your body, getting a rest, relaxing, when you're engaging with any of your shower desires, any of your anything to do with the ego, that much where you're where your body gets some

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rest. That is fine.

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That is your immediate benefit. That's what the Elijah, is it your immediate benefit. So we'll need some of this because you need some of that to then be strong again, to go out there and do something good, right? So let's say for example, you're doing really bad that you can't do continuously badda badda badda, you can always read the Quran, 24, seven and 24, seven Alibaba, you can't do that. It's almost impossible for all of us. Right? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam he was, he was in a bad though his his tongue was very busy, always busy with the vicar of Allah, his mind was always connected to Allah azza wa jal. But he also, you know, took a break, he also showed, you know, mixed

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in with people, he also had a laugh, sometimes he also relaxed and so on, that is there. But when it comes to us, what we need is we need to break off sometimes, you know, you need to break off and then get back to the bar and then get back to the dean. But what happens is, when you're engaging yourself with some kind of fun activity with something that you're that you're sort of, you know, relaxing with,

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you've got to realize that right now, this is what's happening to your body, that you're getting relaxation.

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But when it comes to the next world, the value of what we just did, is absolutely zero.

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It might be even a loss, especially when the human folds into half law.

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Half law is being heedless of law is when your mind is completely absent from Allah zildjian. So

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alive and says, He says very clever Mullah who will often in our matamata and he is not he is not heedless at all. He's not he's he's not unaware at all of what you're doing. And the Quran has talked about offline in many different places. Where is where is talked about not to fall into this because then it's it's a serious trap. Because what happens is shaytan wants us to first follow our desires, then he wants us to follow it even more, then he wants us to sort of either in being offline. So one, two and a half line, you're absent minded from a line from the Acura, you're, you're sort of you know, you're zoned out, let's just say you're zoned out.

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If you get into that too long,

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then there is a very big

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danger, that you might start enjoying it.

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And the Quran warns us of this, and there are hundreds and 1000s and millions, perhaps in the billions of people out there that are enjoying the fact that they're not connected to the ACA connected, not connected to Allah azza wa jal, there are Muslims are mean there are millions of Muslims who have gotten that got themselves into a situation where they're in hafla, the heatless of Allah of the ACA of the duties of what's coming in the afterworld. They're not preparing for the afterworld. And they're kind of you know, that they're now dropping, this is what the Hawaii is how it is now you're dropping.

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And you're not you don't even realize that you're doing this and then the worst is when people get hooked onto it. So then comes the part where people actually indulge in it. This is it. This is one one. This is this is beautiful. And then they get they got they get addicted to it. So they're like, without this I can't live

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so there are people out there who are hooked onto drugs hooked on to you know, alcohol hooked onto gambling hooked on to women hooked on to just earning money all the time, hooked on to just just maybe gambling hooked on to just chatting, chatting, chatting, hooked onto partying, hooked on to, you know, the phone hooked on to just connecting with people connecting the world. There are people who've just gone into there. And without that there is no life. There is actually no life. There's people who've actually got hooked on to harming others hooked on to harming themselves.

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There's all sorts of things we know that's going outside there, right? hooked on to porn hooked on to, you know, just just fulfilling their desires over and over again hooked into food, addicted to food, becoming obese and like without food, there's no life.

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So this is all all How did it happen? Well, the first thing is, when you get into when you engage with you, however, when you engage with your desires, and so on, there's a little bit that we need, which is your break your little bit of, you know, is that a habit that

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the Quran tells us that we should, again and again, even though you're taking a break, is very important for us to understand, even though you're taking a break, you should not take a break from the Corolla.

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Because Khurana said, very clearly what last law said, I swear by the time that is passing by.

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In al insana,

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all of you, all of you, every single human being that is there, all of you are at loss. You're losing, unless you do the next one or the next four things. Elon Lavina, Amazon, except those who engaged in belief,

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if you engage in belief, that's one. Number two is that you engage yourself in good actions, whatever. So we'll help you engage yourself in trying to encourage one another towards the truth and towards what's absolute. Now, what's what's sort of

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the core reality of what you should have had in the Quran doesn't just mean the truth, it means reality. So engaging people with reality, the reality of the era, the reality of where you're going, whatever, so be sovereign and engaging one another to withhold yourself. Okay. This is the surah number

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one surah number 10103 of the Quran. Okay, now, Imam Shafi Rahim Allah He considered this surah to be one quarter of the Quran.

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He said this surah has got the meaning of one quarter of the Quran.

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Why did he not Shafi say that? Because if you look at it, if you look at one quarter of the Quran, it's trying to get man and in fact, even Imam Shafi said that if this sutra alone, with another sort of three parts, three other suitors only of the Quran was was to be revealed that would be enough for us as a goddess, why did why did the man Shafi go to that limb to say that, because the whole Quran, not only has brought us the Qur'an, but he's trying to stop us from falling into our desires. One is to engage with the desires. Another one is to fall into your desires. And let me give you an example. They give this example to know about this, you know, people get into desires that like I

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said to you, they get hooked on to it, they get addicted to it, then they can't live without it, then it's like the forgotten everything else, then when you give them something of the Quran, it's like they hate it, then they want to go against it, then they could even kill.

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Because this Quran is something that that that is undesirable to us, that's completely a beholding to them that they can't stand up and they can't stand the revelation, they can't stand the messengers that come or anyone who speaks about the revelation to them that they could go out that they could kill the Quran has talked about. So I'll give you the references of that in a little while. But just before I go into that, I want to say that

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the there's a story they give, okay, so imagine there's a man who's been chased in the jungle, who's chasing him, there's a lion that's chasing him. And the man runs, runs, runs, runs, runs, runs run, he comes to well, so he's got no other place because the lions coming very close to him. So what he does is he jumps on to the the wall of the world. So the world has got a wall around it, okay. He jumped onto the wall of the well, but of course the line can easily snap in from there. So he sees the rope that is hanging from the from the top of the well with a bucket there. So he jumps onto the rope. And then, you know, he sort of thrust all the way down to the bottom. He doesn't hit rock

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bottom, but he's got a mid, you know, mid air somewhere hanging on to the rope. And for a temporary moment, his he's got away from the line, and the line is right up there, looking down at him

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waiting for the moment that he is going to, you know, pop out from them maybe climb out, he probably need to climb out for some reason, the line just hovering up out there waiting for him to come out.

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So the man, you know, has got this temporary relief.

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He's He's now you know, half sort of sitting in the bucket have hanging on to this sort of rope and he's got his legs to the wall of the of the well and just about to you know, surviving here.

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And then the man realizes that he's in more trouble.

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Because when he looks down, he can see snakes that are at the bottom of this world as well doesn't have any, any water that snakes there. So the man knows that he's in even more difficulty right now that he slips from this rope and this bucket is gonna fall right onto the snakes.

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Then the man has even further trouble, he has two mice that that are on the top of the rope. And the two mice are now eating in nibbling into the rope. There's a black mouse, there's a white mouse and both of my eating into the rope. So he thinks Damn, you know, I'm going right now, you know, if I if I, if I'm heedless any moment, then the the, the two mice are going to snap the rope. And I'm gonna have to sort of, you know, just suspend myself somehow. Otherwise, I'm gonna fall into the snakes. And if I tried to climb out there, what happens?

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The lion gets him. Right. So now he's in a real spot of bother. At that moment, there's a tree that's above the, the well, under the honeycomb. And from the honeycomb, there's there's some honey that drips into the dripping into the well. And part of that falls onto his his mouth. So he licks it, and it's hunting. It's very sweet, pure honey. So he likes it, he likes it. And it tastes it, he tastes it he tastes it. And as he as the drops are falling onto his mouth, under his tongue, you know, he's loving the beauty and the, and the sweetness of this honey. And nice keep giving him nourishment. It's so sweet. He just wants more and more drops on and he takes it good, good lick of

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it and more drops on technique of it. What happens is, now he's enjoying the honey, so much. He forgets about the line forgets about the snakes, he forgets about the mice that are eating into the rope. And any moment is going to snap, he forgets about all of this. Now it's inevitable, we know that sooner or later, that rope is going to snap. And it's going to be the end of his suspension onto this rope. So what they say is, you know, they've given this example to say that the man who's running away from the lion, the lion is actually death.

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And death is waiting for us.

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The moment you know you're in this DNA and as well. So the moment you get out the well, death is going to stump you up.

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The rope that you're holding on to is your life.

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But your life is in danger. Because you've got the black mouse, the white mouse that are eating into Europe. What are they there the night and day, the time that's passing by the night, the day, that's a black mouse, the night, the white monster day, and the eating to my rope, which is my lifeline is my life that I've got the snakes beneath

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his jahannam. So if I'm not careful, then I could fall May Allah protect all of us. I mean, we can you know, you could fall into Jana.

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And they say the honey that falls into the man's mouth is the dunya is the sweetness of this world. So if you're in if you're in a in a friend, well think about it if you're in the world, and if that's me, there you go the line there, you got the stakes below you got the you know, mice eating the rope, you want to stay aware of what's happening, yes or no. You want to stay aware of what's happening. And even if you were to take a bit of honey, the thing is the trick is if you take a little bit of a honey and you sustain yourself, but at the same time you're watching everything you're watching a rope, you're watching the line has the line gone has the other other in how far

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the mice eaten into my rope. Okay, am I slipping, I'm about to slip, I've got myself, you know, sort of suspended with maybe my own muscles to the wall, you've got to keep yourself away. Because if you're heedless at this moment, and the rope snaps, and while you are tasting the honey, you're gonna go straight down to the snakes.

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And that's the thing about this, about this dunya that if you take too much of it, you fall into it. And that's what the Quran is talking about the How How is that? It's a zero, okay, it's nothing, it has no value. And the second thing it's dropping, so he's taking you minus, and you're dropping towards towards your own failure and what sort of acid has said so a man shout back to the IoT, Mom, Sharpie and said, shall we say that if you look at the Quran, the Quran is trying to save you in track trying to get you to engage with your akhira engage with Allah engage with the future, engage with what is reality engaging with a man good actions and hold on to one another through you know

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the reality the truth, as I said, and hold on to one another towards in a patient but why patient

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Patience because you're not going to get everything in this world, you're gonna always have problems, you're always gonna have faults, always gonna have blame or we're gonna face deficiencies. So you might as well learn how to withhold in this world and that's how you get through. So, what happens is these people, you know, all these people I spoke about, which is whether it's gambling with his porn, whether it's, you know, women, whether it's money, whether it's just indulging with your phone, whether it's wasting time with one thing or another, whether it's the games, whether it's, you know, people with drugs, whether whatever it is out there, a lot of people have been

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caught on what's happening is, why is the value zero? Because when they get to the Acura

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it has no weight.

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In fact, why did why did why is the word how, what does it mean that, you know, the falling down, that when you get addicted and hooked, then in the Acura, you've actually got a big minus because you see now, so now you know, you got to pay up now either you gotta burn in the afro, you're gonna pay up. Now that's reality, imagine it's just reality. So what the brand has said is that there's a Agila

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and there's, there's this era. So Angela is right now. So right now, this moment, what is happening now, this ardila an era is afterwards. Okay? So what the Quran warns us of is for us to be careful not to get sucked into the high Gila, which is the right now to get sucked into the now. So this is

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sort of serasa number 17 is number 18. So lazur just says, Man, can you read the La Jolla or janella houfy hamanaka whoever wants to get to just leave just just lose themselves in the Agila in the now that you want to just you know, just lose yourself in this dunya in what's now what do you see right now, you've seen a pretty girl, you want to go for the Haram relationship. You've got some friends that are just just asked you to take some drugs or cigarettes or this that whatever, then you know, you move on from one to another something it to now, so you just want to take it. You know, you go everyday to work, you get money, you're looking at investments, you're looking at how to make more

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money, more money, but okay, making money is halaal. But you get sucked into so much that that's it you only see dollars in your eyes. That's the agenda. That's right now, you know, you get you get onto your phone, your smartphone, your PC, your your pad, whatever it is, your games, your TV, your monitor, whatever it is, you get sucked into it and you want it you want to play for hours, you want to watch for hours. Okay? So that's the agenda right now. So when you engage in that, what does Allah say in this? Ayah? He said I janella hufa Manisha said, Allah said, I'll hasten it for you. I'll actually make it come quicker to you. You will get it you know, you want to live this you'll

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get it you'll get loads of it agenda via Manisha for whoever I want. I will I will actually make it quick for them. Some element Suman janela, who Johanna but then after that, because of the zero, you know, you enjoy yourself in this world, you got the value of zero. And the in the next one, what have you got? What do you got to face because you never used your time to do anything good. And then allows you just says woman are the latter in the next verse. Sort of slide 17 and number 19, Roman era, the hero, whoever once, then the next one, not not now. But the next one. What's the eila has saya saya, and then he strives or She works hard towards it. Salah saya works hard for what you

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know, works hard in a way that is appropriate for the akhirah saya how the academic should should have a person working for it. That's how they work for it won't mean and they're a believer for Ole can answer your question Matura then whatever, however you work for the next thing not right now, however you work for the next world, then I will appreciate fully appreciate what you've done. Now, let's go back to what I said about the size of the last hour. The size of the last hour. One of the biggest things that times we're living right now is everything is about the now. You think about it. You think about people out there, all the things they're doing what why do people kill out their

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murder? Why? Because they want the games right now. They don't care about accident. They don't know whether in fact, it's become so bad. That you know before, if you said to someone, well, I am saying this to you. Even in my own life. I've seen this difference. And I'm saying well lie in the masjid. It really hurts me for me to say this. There was a time in my life when I was young. I used to hear the adults. And even if I was to ever say it I don't know. I can't remember if I've ever ever said it. But I still remember the adults if they said the accident, you know you watch the Acura, I'll get you Wow, that was it.

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Proof The line was drawn. It was like that person would you know, the other person would say No way, you're gonna wait for the aka for this Forget it. Forgive me now, you know Hi, you know, it's such a big thing to say that wait till the Acura or on the Day of Judgment we'll see, you know a phrase like that, that would be it. That would be the last thing that needs to be said. Because the other person would would fall onto their feet and say that you know what, fall onto his feet or says you know, please forgive me do whatever it is I need to do. Please forgive me right now. You know, I don't want to wait for the onset of this. Forgive me right now. Okay, let's let's sort it out right

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That was when I was young. Right now. You're gonna tell people you went to the acrobats. Oh,

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oh, that's really

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good, man. I mean, imagine this, I had this builder that came to my house. He wrecked my house. He didn't. He took he made him a lot of damages. A lot of damages. Okay, gave me a lot of stress, give my wife a lot of stress, you know, left, you know, like the, the gas pipe leaking left, the electric wires live over. And this was literally and I had young kids running around in the house. I mean, this guy should have been sued, right? And guess what, he is a Muslim.

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And he prays and he should pray Juma within the house, right. So anyway, he actually steals 15,000 pounds from me. And then I meet him after a few months, and he's now dodging me. He doesn't see me whatever. I can't I can't see him because there's no paperwork or anything that I've got it so where the mouse and so on. You know you trust a brother from the masjid you give him the thing. Not gonna say his name, but you trust the brother. He does a job for you. And then he prays with you. He cries when you say howdy to him, Allahu Akbar. Okay. He says, Brother, brother, you're gonna pray now? Salah. Please wait. I want to do what I will do. I want to pray with you in JAMA. Okay, so so you

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kind of feel like a brother like this. You can trust him. So I gave me extra advice and so on in advance, gave monies in advance. 15,000 pounds, he rips you off. And then one day, I see you in the masjid carpark.

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And I said to him, I said, Brother, I said, What about this damage you've done? I'm about the money that you've taken from me. And you owe me 15,000 pounds? Is that a war? Or you will argue with me? Then I said to him, you know, the day of judgment is coming. I said that it was a dead end coming. You know what he said?

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Oh, that is far away said no problem.

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It's like far away is that he doesn't get you don't get to get him in the quarter of this world. I have no problem. Enjoy your life, my friend. I mean, that's that's where it got to where, where they've you know, and I've heard this more than once you say to people, they have judgment? Is that okay to have judgment? There are some people who they've done wrong to you. And then they're like, honestly, I've seen this with my own two eyes. Someone who's wronged me, as I'm talking about myself, someone who's wronged me. And it's a really serious thing they've done.

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And I've said to them, Look, you know, you've got to seek forgiveness from me. And you got to do your tober. You know, they said, they said, I don't need to seek forgiveness from you. I just go to a lot of sick tober. So no, no, no, you can't do that. You can't if you wronged someone, if you don't get their forgiveness. You can't just go to Allah secretly and just have Allah forgiveness. tequilana walk off is done. It doesn't really matter. You have to get the forgiveness. Now, I explained to the person the person wouldn't listen, they've done something really bad to me. They facing a lot of embarrassment if they have to say sorry, to me, but they don't want to say, and

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they're saying that they'll secretly go to a lot of this stuff will lower and then it'll all be done. I'm saying listen, that's the how it works. Right? So these two the same people, if you talk about the Acura is like urahara? Oh, is that what you're gonna get me Oh, in between that. And now I've got a lot of time to, you know, enjoy myself and so on. That's what it's come to. Now, when Rasulullah sallallahu has talked about the end of times, if you talk about all the different things people will do.

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All the things we will do, you could almost summarize all of it into our today's topic, which is people following their own desires and passions. Whether it's to do with, let's say, for example, somebody is not listening to their parents, somebody is hurting their parents actually physically hurting their parents. Why? Because the following the desires, they want their desires. There's even to the extent you've got people who will murder their parents to inherit from them early. That's the time we're living in. You've got people who will rip people off don't care. No, no shame, no ethics, no moral that rip them off on the internet. I know people here in this society, ripping people off

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on the internet. They open an eBay account. They rip somebody off. They leave several people off people then start claiming, right stop putting a complaint

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Then what they do they shut the car down while a claim is going on they move on to the next account they'll open the new bogus account then they'll they'll rip some other people often as the complaints come in they'll shut that down then we'll go to another one shut down go to another one. And that's that's what they're doing. There's people out there who don't care at all there's people who who've got into room oppression and slaving people we know about these cases okay. You've heard in different towns and cities that enslaved people that keep them no close hand they give them drugs then they manipulate them then they'll sleep with them you know illegally Of course illicitly Of

00:30:35--> 00:31:12

course and enjoying their life they don't care they don't care at all why because you've got to your desires first is you follow your desires not following desires there's nothing wrong with that to a small extent which is there's a small part of it that we need to do on this earth like I explained earlier, okay. Part of it you need to do just to give you relaxation get your break, you know, sometimes you relax you have a have a bit of a laughter bit of a you know, chat here a bit of that so fine bit of a relaxation is added on your phone bit on you know you you relax with your with your monitor, you relax a little bit with your we do you know smartphone whatever it is a bit is

00:31:12--> 00:31:38

something that we all need. But if you slip like that individually in the world, if you slip and you get intoxicated with this well then there is a huge disaster. So whenever the Quran has spoken about the message of the Quran coming straightaway, it said while at a table however, it said don't follow don't fall into your capris, your desires your ego and don't go all the way down.

00:31:39--> 00:31:41

So, let me give you the let me give you the

00:31:42--> 00:31:48

the the verses. So just this this, this one, let me give you a

00:31:49--> 00:32:33

so we in regards to the revelation that Alaska has given this sort of Baccarat surah number two is number one for five allows Virgil says you know what, Allah says that this is this is the truth that basically has been given to you and then allows you to assess the profit and loss and it's addressed to all of us worrying whether any Tabatha home by the magic admin in Napa Valley mean, if you start to follow your own desires after and, and sort of fall into your desires, our home is like I said, value zero and you're falling into it. So you're going deep into it and you're falling if you do that after knowledge has come to you, then you are the oppressor you there's no one that is that is

00:32:33--> 00:32:37

oppressing except for you, because you will lose you you will go to a state of loss

00:32:38--> 00:33:09

in in Surah number two sort of Baccarat Ayah number 87. Allah azza wa jal has said, If I couldn't imagine a camera sulam beam Allah tala and fuku Mustafa Burton, Allah says, and he was talking to the people in the province of the last time, some of the Jewish communities in in in the province or sometimes some Jewish people in the process of citizens time were fine. But some of them were just like some of the you know, some of them but what happened before so Allah azza wa jal says, what every time a messenger will come

00:33:10--> 00:33:16

with something which your capris your Eagles don't desire is stuck bottom, you're going to become arrogant.

00:33:19--> 00:33:32

Then you'll end up denying a group of my messengers, which I've sent to you, well, for the contact alone, and a group of messages you will slay, you will kill. Now, this is the extent of where the desires can come to if I mean, if you look today,

00:33:33--> 00:34:09

most of the troubles going on across the world as well is because of this, because there's a revelation, there's Revelation talks about what Revelation says, there's an accurate, there's accountability. And according to the accurate, the next world, you're going to be accountable, so you better not get sucked into the igualada. Now, you better start giving preference to the accurate the later. All right, the world that is coming later. These people that are around who want to manipulate others who want to take over countries who want to sort of bombard people who want to get you know money, who want to sell things who want to just become rich, quick, whatever it is out

00:34:09--> 00:34:47

there. They see the hijra, they see the now they follow the desires and therefore they're ready to kill, they're ready to kill, they're ready to murder that ready to wipe out entire towns and cities because of the desires. If you look at even domestic violence, if you look at human abuse in any any form or shape, you'll see that there's always following of desires, because the man wants to live a particular way he wants to be in a particular you know life. So he's got used to that he's not hooked onto that. So when he falls into his desire when he's gone right down to thinking, no, I want it my way. Right? His his woman might say whatever, he will beat the whatever daylights out of her.

00:34:48--> 00:34:55

He will do whatever he has to just to get his way, his way. It's either his way or the highway. So where does that come because people following that

00:34:56--> 00:34:57

when it comes to

00:35:01--> 00:35:03

Alaska has said in the Holy Quran This is

00:35:05--> 00:35:13

Surah Surah. Number six is number 1182121 allows real has said when it comes to haram and halal foods,

00:35:14--> 00:35:53

there's many that will follow their desires without any knowledge. And they will even eat those things which Allah has a last name has not been invoked upon. Their last name has not been mentioned upon, but they will follow that. So you can see that today, you will see people's like other people, somebody who's, who's working, you know, in a restaurant, okay? told me this, he's working on like a McDonald's restaurant. And he told me this, he's a Muslim, he's a manager, but when you look at him, you can't tell that he's a Muslim. And he's seen other Muslims in the community come and you know, the older the chicken burgers, the Lord or whatever, in a coup halaal Bismillah. You know, just take

00:35:53--> 00:36:31

it all in doesn't matter where it comes from whatever it is just a stomach. I've heard people out there, you know, it's like, again, you fall into design and what your focus is on the now your focus is not on the later Now, what do I say one of the one of the cures to this disease is to focus on the later to focus on what is the what is going to happen eventually. One of the cures of this is that they say over the passions and desires, which you've got, they say that it's something which is below your heart. A lot of Allah had mentioned this, that the passion, the desires, and so on the whims and desires is built beneath the heart. Above all of this, we've got an article, our article

00:36:31--> 00:37:10

is a combination between our brain and our heart. And there's a process of thinking that we've got this article or this process of thinking that we've got, which is our our faculty of reasoning, our faculty of intellect, and so on, this thing actually can can start to weigh things up. It looks at concrete, it can take concrete evidence, it can weigh it up, it can look at what's about to happen. And it eventually looks at what's going to happen at the end. Now what allows the Buddha has said in the Holocron again and again he's reminded us is Arqiva what's the end end end result, Atiba and let me give you an example for this of this okay?

00:37:11--> 00:37:15

A man goes to a man puts 10 pounds

00:37:16--> 00:37:32

to an online let's say poker something right? Because you know, you get these adverts, bling, bling, bling, bling, bling, bling, 888 this comm.com this casino blah, blah, bah bah bah, bah, bah, bah, bah. Okay, so a man thinks Okay, let me put 10 pounds towards this.

00:37:33--> 00:37:41

So you put 10 pounds towards it, they give him a free 10 pound he doesn't even put 10 pounds they normally say we'll give you first shot 10 pound 20 pound for free.

00:37:42--> 00:38:25

And actually guys, la la la May Allah May Allah protect us the things that are happening and how people are fooled how they fooled. You're not even going to gamble the way it was gambled in the old days. I reckon, you know, 100 years ago, if somebody gambled, they had a good chance of taking a good earning today, you're going to lose everything. Why? Because it's all about microchips. It's all about artificial intelligence. These people are so dumb, I'm dumb Allah protect them. Allah goddess, Allah goddess, I, anyone in gambling, listen to this. Just Just get a hold of this. Okay, so they gave you 25 for free. Then you take the 20 pound and then you basically take a shot now

00:38:25--> 00:38:47

guaranteed you're guaranteed to win. Right? It's a no brainer, you win. Now that I've played it, but I'm telling you the psychology behind it, right? Because that 20 pounder gave you it's linked to straightaway a new customer when a new customer comes is like who will we can even Goodwin maybe they'll give you 800 pounds for it

00:38:49--> 00:39:28

800 pounds and they know they're going to give it to you because because they know once you take the 800 pounds out of that you get at least another 1020 pounds right? You're gonna give them at least that much right so you got 100 pounds straightaway in your account in your bank we thinking what you asked for 20 quid okay 800 pounds. Well, I can keep myself maybe 700 quid and I can spend 100 quid was only 100 quid right now they know you're gonna come back. So when you come back through the artificial intelligence worker, it works at your age works at who you are works at your background works at your ethnic minority levels. This is all artificial intelligence out there. They're working

00:39:28--> 00:40:00

all this out the computer does it. No man is sitting there pressing the buttons, the computer works it out. worked out okay, this person is between let's say 30 and 40. There's going to be certain Amanda is going to bet 20 to 30% man 40 to 50 there's a certain amount it's all worked it all out. Based on the city you're in based on the area you're in based on the background you have based on your name that you're given based on your age all that is calculated how much it needs to give you to pull you in. So in your next 100 pounds you spend is going to give you some when it can probably give

00:40:00--> 00:40:23

Another phone two pounds. So then you think, wow, I just got 1200 quid, just sit here, do nothing. Now this is gonna give you a bit of loss. So you might lose like another 300 pounds or something, but then it'll give you another game, it'll give you a massive one, it'll probably give you like 2000 pounds, you've seen that the 2000 pounds, I'm really good at this, you're a fool.

00:40:24--> 00:41:04

Because he's baiting you in. So they've given you so far, maybe 3000 pounds, they'll give you another 2000 pounds. Over the next few days, they'll give you another 2000 pounds, you're like, Whoa, man. And I got 4000 pounds, I'm like who I want you to spend, I spent only my first 20 quid and then the rusted restaurant got from there, right. So then what they do is they start giving you a few more losses, and then a few more losses. But then what happens is your mind is now in 4000 month, I got 4000 pounds in a few nights, I can get, I can get that again, I can get you have this belief, I can get that again, I can get that again, I can get that again. And you're chasing after a

00:41:04--> 00:41:42

dream that will sell them hardly ever come your way. So you will now spend hundreds and 1000s now use borrow money. Now you're going to borrow money. So they've seen that you come to zero, okay, you've now got to zero they gave you four, they gave you like 4000 you spend all of you come to zero, and now you're coming back with more money. Now they know you're hooked on why? Because you're borrowing money. So now they have to when you borrow money, bring 1000 pound pounds back to the table, they have to give you at least a bit of a wind to keep you going and then calculate it until they see the pattern where you keep coming, you keep coming, you keep coming, though your losses are

00:41:42--> 00:41:52

getting greater, you keep coming with more money. Now they know that unless you go through some therapy, they have got you.

00:41:53--> 00:42:35

And this is the nature of how people get get sucked in. This is the nature of how people get sucked in. So each and every one of these, whether it's drugs, whether it's whichever one it is people get sucked in. Now, you might not get sucked into any of this, let's say for example, you're Mussolini's you're not getting sucked into any of this. But there are people amongst you amongst us that get sucked into games. Now games is not like gambling. It's not like pornography is not like, you know, a bad sort of sinful habit. But the game is giving you the value of what? Zero because hockey but Allah said, look at the end, look at the very, very end, the very, very end of all your games, let's

00:42:35--> 00:42:47

say let's say I had a whole night of games. So I am so happy. I played my friends, we had a laugh, the whole night's gone. Okay, at the end of it in terms of my Acura, my balance is absolutely zero.

00:42:49--> 00:43:03

That's the reality of it. A lot keeps on telling us look at the argument. So let's say for example, this poker player, this gambler was to look at the end result, how would he do it is that he has to sit there and he has to analyze gamblers.

00:43:04--> 00:43:26

I've asked this question to people out there who know of Gamblers. And I've always got the same answers the same reply, I said, has there ever been a gambler that, you know, that's made it in life that made the 1000s and whatever, you probably find a few like some lottery winners, some you know, like the one in the

00:43:27--> 00:44:04

few millions, okay, one in the billions, something that got a huge earning through some lottery or something. And then they were smart about it. Now that's the most asked the most difficult thing they have to do. Because most most people who earn money like that through gambling, they lose everything. After a while because they start to be careless with their money. There's only a few that will, you know, invest that money. But that's a separate case. But how do you know in your lifetime of anyone out there who's actually had a wonderful ending? Because they went into gambling? The answer is no. They've lost everything they probably have lost the relationship with their wives

00:44:04--> 00:44:45

99.9% of people that are in that case, right? Alcohol Do you know anyone who's got into that who's who's had a really wonderful life? You know, they take the booze whatever it is, and afterwards you know, it's like the family loves them people are handled loves no man. No, they hate them. Right? Do you know anyone who's gone down the line of any of these vices sins and so on, that has got to the end and like drugs, whatever it is and said you know what, I made it as in everyone loves me. And I've got I've got success over success even if you got become one of those you know, they show these gangsters and so on chains all around them. They've got all the women they want they got cigars in

00:44:45--> 00:44:59

the mouth got all the cars they want the houses they want and the flashing or the flashing the sort of, you know, the life to to all these others. You know, these some of these reps, dozens and so on right? So

00:45:00--> 00:45:19

So the youth look at them think, wow, that's the life I want. Even if you get to that stage, either bullets gonna kill you a lot of these rappers bullets, you know, kill them or the drugs will kill you because they're taking drugs right? Or they die a natural death. And then the akhirah that completely finished.

00:45:20--> 00:45:24

I mean after that there's there's only gentlemen for you when you've led a life like that.

00:45:25--> 00:45:59

And you've completely gone down your house and you know followed your desires and gone all the way down what's left with nothing. So even if you made your success through one of these, you got to the end, what Allah tells you to do is think about the last thing, what's the last last thing is failure. Last thing is losing out on everything. So what we need to take accountability of, I know some of your muscles and so on where you don't go through these any of these is none of your gambling, none of your stealing none of your doing any of these things. But there's another thing we need to watch out of, which is my time that is going by my Acura that I'm supposed to earn every

00:45:59--> 00:46:36

single day. How much of that? Am I really earning properly? And how much in the 24 hours Am I you know, sort of sucked in might not be sucked in? But how much am I engaged with this world? And how much am I engaged with the ACA? How much are engaged with the agenda now and how much am I engaged with the ACA the next world and just do a quick calculation and just see how much and you know your position front of Allah because if you are spending a lot more time with the dunya and he keeps on taking him back there keeps on taking back to the now the now the now around you spending a lot of time with that unless time very less time with the Acura there may Allah protect us without loss.

00:46:37--> 00:46:46

And if you're spending more time with the Acura less time with a junior less engagement with the dunya as you can, then you're gaining something then then you're on something.

00:46:47--> 00:47:14

And that's the reality with all of us. So when the Quran talked about this, how it even said that that there is no difference between such people and a dog. So I'm going to give you the reference for this sort of our episode number four and number 1752177. The Quran said you know there's a person there's a person who has particular personal loves referring to but but you know, he talks about anyone on the earth like this. Allah says

00:47:17--> 00:47:57

Sansa Mohammed, Allah says I gave him my verses. And I'm and I and I showed him the way but his lip Fatima who shaytaan a fatwa shavon shavon lead him away for Canada Manila when this person became of those who were led astray, while shooting a lot of foreigner who if I wanted to, I could pick him up again. Well, I can know Allah, Allah, but this person wanted to just go straight with this person wanted to be a person of this world forever, a holiday up to some people when they get sucked into this world, they do not want to know about death. And there's a good check that you can do with your with yourself right now.

00:47:58--> 00:48:01

If you hate death,

00:48:02--> 00:48:39

if any one of us hates death, hates to even remember, it hates to even think about it hates to even, you know, bring it across in the mind. Or think about his reality or the day I'm going to die or you know, it's coming anyway. And I'm like, you know, no way by No wonder if you're in that situation where you cannot stand the mention of death. You don't want to think about it at all, when you've got yourself around, talk about others. So you know, we always seem with Genesis, okay, that's a janaza That's him. That's him. That's it. That's it. You know, we always, you know, hearing people getting ill, whatever, that's them, that's I'm talking about myself. So if if the if the remembrance

00:48:39--> 00:48:50

of death for me, where death is actually coming towards me and taking my life, that remembrance, to me is like something I really don't want to think about at all, then there's something seriously wrong with me.

00:48:51--> 00:49:07

Because Rasool Allah said, that the way to break this, no, you falling into desires, it's about how the way to know the Shahada and the desire, the way to break that is the remembrance of death.

00:49:09--> 00:49:31

He said axiom in decree has even led that he said, The socialism said, he said, continuous increase is an increase. He didn't just say, do this, he said, increase making more and more, more and more. He said, Remember, the thing that breaks your desires? So the Sahaba said, What is that that breaks the desires? He said, he said, death.

00:49:32--> 00:50:00

So the more you remember death and the reality of death, the less you can fall into design. That's the that's the remedy to a person falling into their desires that you think about death. Think about the reality, like I said to you. Then the final thing what's after all of this, what's the whole after everything I'm doing? What's the last thing? What happens after that and what's the last last final thing because that's going to be the

00:50:00--> 00:50:08

Reality of everything I'm doing. So So let me give you a an example to understand that let's say for example, let's, let's give a very simple,

00:50:09--> 00:50:12

a simple analogy, let's say a child is not studying,

00:50:14--> 00:50:15

a child is not studying.

00:50:16--> 00:50:47

So what happens when he enjoys himself, then he grows up, then it starts failing in his lessons, then it starts getting the bottom bottom bottom, sort of, you know, for now, he can't see what's going to happen. Right? So So what he needs to see is what's going to come right the end. So what's at the end, the end of that is he failed his exams, he gets to the bottom of the sets, he goes to the most rubbish schools and colleges, you can imagine. And then he comes out of there, he's not even good, good enough for that, then he has to work with his bare hands, he goes out there, he's working, toiling really hard, maybe 12 hours a day, 14 hours a day, just to bring his bed home, when

00:50:47--> 00:51:23

he could have probably been sitting in an office, you know, relaxing and doing his work and getting a lot of money. But now he has to go out there, he has to probably even beg or probably go out there and, you know, do jobs that he would hate when he grows up, he's gonna hate doing these jobs. That's the reality he's gonna face. But the child can't see them. Somebody who's hooked on to, you know, sweetness, you know, you can't you see something sweet. You just want to take it in, take it and take it and taking your body fat sugars on all that is is building up, then you're getting toothaches, then you're getting stomach aches, then you're getting probably towards diabetes, then

00:51:23--> 00:51:28

you've got diabetes, then you've got, you know, type one diabetes, then you've got type two diabetes, if you don't stop,

00:51:30--> 00:51:50

you're gonna have a seriously bad time towards the end of your life. So you got to stop the sugar intake and control the sugar intake that you take in, that's the reality. The last thing is, well guess you're gonna, you're gonna, you're gonna either either have a miserable life, or you're gonna face death with most of these things, to stop a person falling to their desires.

00:51:51--> 00:52:36

To reverse all of it, start thinking about the afterlife. So the doorway of darkness, what is death? So what was the last minute telling us is that the more you think about death, the more you put a stop to you losing yourself in this world of falling into the abyss of you know, completely, you know, completely ruin hallak ruin. So, here in the, in the, the terminology used in sort of RF. So RF is number 1752177 is that Allah says Allah de LLR this person decided that they want to be here forever. That's the worst that can happen to you that you don't want to think about death. Death is the worst thing for you. You don't want to think about the ACA no way Manoj forget that. But I'm

00:52:36--> 00:52:44

gonna try Don't even think about it that hurts. It hurts to think about death. Why? Because you want to stay on this ethno, when you get to that stage. Allah says

00:52:45--> 00:53:13

Samatha Lu, he says, What about Hawa and he starts to, you know, follow his Caprice, his ego, his desires completely, you know, going downhill with it. Allah says, Allah who can authentic can, Allah says, His example, is the example of the dog in time in LA, he, ya'll have our Roku, you'll have if you look at the dog, a dog will stick its tongue out, and dog is gonna go.

00:53:16--> 00:53:26

Whether it's whether the dog is resting, or whether the dog is on the run, the dog is going to put it tongue out. And it's going to

00:53:29--> 00:53:36

be like that, right? And the dog will bark. And whether you whether you just leave it alone, whether you don't leave her alone,

00:53:37--> 00:53:50

you know, it's habit is to just do that it just habituated to do that. Now, why did I mention that whether you put a burden on the whether you burden it with something, whether you don't you leave it alone is still gonna stick, you're sort of tongue out Why?

00:53:51--> 00:53:54

Because the dog

00:53:55--> 00:54:17

just wants to, you know, it's got this kind of a, you know, is opening his mouth, it wants to take the air inside, it wants to cool something inside it. And it just has to keep its tongue out and keep it you know, it just cannot get enough of keeping his mouth open, sucking the air inside. And

00:54:19--> 00:54:31

whether it's whether it's left alone, whether it's not a letter, it's going to do that. The same with this person, this person doesn't matter how much of the dinner you give them now is never gonna be enough.

00:54:32--> 00:54:55

No matter how much air you give that dog oxygen, you give that dog that dog just doesn't want to shut his mouth. Maybe when he's sleeping the shut his mouth, but otherwise it'll keep on opening his mouth and sort of you know, sticking his tongue out. And that's the best thing about this person. And the other resemblance is just like the dog wants to see something he wants to just kind of go for it. So he sees the bone at once. It'll just go for it.

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

It will run towards it. The same as this person. This person has lost him

00:55:00--> 00:55:15

To the extent that anything to do with adonia does go through, they'll go through, they'll go through, they'll go through this, they've got no sort of, you know, limits, and they've got no direction in life, they've got no limits to stop themselves in terms of what they should or should not go towards. And they've got no sort of, you know,

00:55:16--> 00:55:18

they've got no direction, their life, the direction has been lost.

00:55:20--> 00:55:34

Valley Commissioner Coleman, let the record there will be it in a larger table, that's example of those people who have denied our verses, meaning that this person has completely lost himself. Now, there are many verses in the Quran. To the extent I'm going to finish in a few minutes.

00:55:35--> 00:55:46

Allah says, you can follow your desires. And you can even turn your own desires into your own God into the thing that actually

00:55:48--> 00:55:57

some direction in life, so Li Li is the thing that I accept as my authority. So our greatest authority is allowed

00:55:59--> 00:56:54

in loosely translated in English is God right? Illa. But we in reality, Allah is the one who dominates me, who has control of me who have given who have submitted to who I accept as my authority. That's Illa right. So here in the Quran, in Surah Furqan. So number 14, sorcerer number 25. And number 4244, Allah azza wa jal says, I'm sorry, Allah says it Amanita hava Illa hoo ha. Have you not seen the one who's turned his own desires or his take is made a God and his God is actually his desires, his own desires or his own ego tells him to do his own whims and desires? That's his source of authority. That who is submitted to that? Who that who is enslaved to that, who he takes

00:56:54--> 00:56:58

orders from? And that who controls him his own desires?

00:57:00--> 00:57:31

I find that akuna Allahu Akita Can Can you seriously become someone who's going to be a representative for such a person? Or be someone who's gonna who's gonna take care of such a person? And that several of them Yes, Mona aku? Or do you use Do you seriously think that most of them are listening or actually using the faculties Faculty of reasoning to understand inhuman law and then just turn themselves into nothing but

00:57:32--> 00:57:50

animals called Anam Bella, whom above or below but they're worse than animals, because at least animals, there's the last thing of an animal What's the last thing of an animal in the afternoon, after after eating, drinking, sleeping, and, and fulfilling their desires on this earth? What's the last thing of an animal

00:57:51--> 00:58:30

they're gonna turn to dust. So the animal actually are turning to dust on the Day of Judgment. they've they've got no worries left. But the human or the jinn, when they fulfill the desires on this earth, and they get to the next world, they can't be turned to dust, they've got to face jahannam. So they're worse. That's what Allah said, they're worse than animals. So what happens in this verse, what Allah is saying is, people can get to the extent where when they drop into their designs, and they start falling down, they can make the design their god, what does that mean? That means that they can't control themselves. When their designers say you got to do this, does this got

00:58:30--> 00:59:04

to do it? And that's, you know, the one thing is addiction, right? Nothing is that they just can't control their own habits. They haven't got a control over themselves. So those people who are, you know, whatever it is that that they hooked on to whatever it is that they can't control their own desires, with respect to themselves. They fall into this and what is it? It's their desires. Now, there's people who won't pray. They won't bother to Allah. Why? Because they know I'll tell you later on what I'll do later on, ah, I'll practice Islam later on that those are the people that have taken their own designs as gods. We're not saying that they're not believers, please don't get me

00:59:04--> 00:59:41

wrong. We're not saying that they, they've got a real God there. They believe in that God. We're not saying that Allah is saying, this is an example. So just as they're supposed to submit as a slave and a servant to Allah, they've now submitted to their own designs. So literally, which means that whatever the designers tells them to do, like don't pray, they won't pray. The designer tells them that just just cheat, they'll cheat lie the lie. The designer said, just be lazy, they'll be lazy. The designer says that I know that Acura is something that important for me, but I just can't be bothered to do to work for you right now. That that's you being enslaved to some extent. Now,

00:59:41--> 00:59:59

obviously, there are many degrees. Some people are completely enslaved. Some people are half enslaved, some people are 25% enslaved. But as much as me and you listen to our own designs, where our designs control us, that's how much percent we've actually lost control and given the authority to the designs to take over us. So

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May Allah azzawajal you know, give us

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make us people who wake up and if anyone wants to wake up with this one is to think about death. And the other one as I said, Allah said in many places the Quran, Allah Allahu Akbar. Allah has the final The final thing that's going to happen is with Allah has that final thing. So after my life on this earth, let's say for example, a person who works in this earth he earns money, he gets a nice out a good degree, good job and a lot of money. What's after that? Okay, he gets married what's after that? He has children what's after that? He buys a house what's after that he gets cars and whatever he goes on the holidays, what's after that he gets his kids married off and gets them gives

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them good education. What after that, he buys more houses. Once after that, he gives him all cars and he gets them all made off. What's after that? He has grandchildren. What's after that

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he enjoys the end part of his life. And he's you know, they have loads of celebrations, birthdays and whatever this and that for him was after that. After that his note was after that. Then all the time he spent on this earth. Anything that was for the ark era has a value. Anything that was for the idea now has zero value. And that's what he takes with it.

01:01:20--> 01:01:30

That's that's a harsh reality. Think about the zero value and some that has a value Arjuna is a very agile acuras a very you know harsh thing to think about millersville gives all COVID

01:01:31--> 01:01:33

Guide us to the straight path. Zach mahad

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