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Smackdown 100 loves to semi so less than or equal to bite allover cattle the other words as you were coming in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2012 day 13

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yesterday we were talking about the diseases that needed to be removed from the heart in order to pave the way for a class so we talked about Obama greed

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and we talked about

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showing off and we talked about an auto

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egotism and self conceit

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thinking that you're better than everybody else and hiring belittling and advancing of others or the basement of others, that you're higher than everybody else and help him with the love of

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self praise loving to be praised.

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Now, we need to talk about you know, I give you a five so I need to give you another five the five elements that will show along with the honey help

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you acquire or cultivate as

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well to have to do with what we talked about yesterday when we talked about greed So number one is

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killing this greed removing and get rid of you know getting rid of of being greedy

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and we talked about that a little bit yesterday on you know,

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when seeking help seeking help from Allah Subhana Allah tada in fact when you do something

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doing it for sensitive for the sake of Allah and only in fact seeking reward from Allah alone

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Don't be greedy into what people in fact do have but but in fact when you do something, do it you know, seek and reward only from Allah Subhana with that, and then the other element that will also help cultivate a class is one we talked about yesterday, the love of being praised, here is the opposite of it. So when I said about you not loving to be praised, if people were to praise you, you know and occupy you know, but in fact it should not be seeking to be praised. That's what I meant here you know, seeking to be praised if somebody praises you and then knows this stuff for law I mean, please don't you know and then I mean, if you were to like it inside of human you may be even

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smile, but you know, you should not be loving to be praised like everywhere you go. You just love to be the the

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the hot shot like you know, you go to this wedding and then you're dressed up and then you want people to say that Oh look at this person look at that person. They praise you knew the way you're dressed.

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Saying things about you you're not seeking to be praised. Versus You know, that's that's what I was talking about you know, loving to be praised. You know, so you need you know, the opposite of it is to avoid being you know,

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that that love to be praised avoiding that you know, not not seeking not asking or not seeking revenge, if it comes from people

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that come Okay, please stop it. Thank you so much. You know, and then say it makes difficult Allah Subhana Allah in fact abubaker used to tell them like you know, may Allah Allah measure and need

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me my phone Oh no, he used to say online make me as as as they think of me. What fiddly Malay Allah moon, Gianni Maya, well known workfit demon, meta element, or ally make me as they think of me, and forgive me what they don't know about me. This is our work of subject is to say this, you know, people thinking or maybe praising him and whatnot and he will say, oh, Allah make me as they think of me, but Forgive me what they don't know about. He knew himself and he knows himself more than others.

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The third element that will help you feel out in fact cultivate a class is a civic truthfulness.

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Allah Subhana Allah without adding or enemies is your leadin no de la akuna. Masada feel Allah and be amongst the truthful. This is why abubaker was called acidic, truthful. And this is the very first another you know one amongst the first thing to cultivate this last, being truthful in awkward Allah subhana wa tada being sincere and being truthful and honest.

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Do you truthfully, love a Salah

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Jew truthfully, truthfully, love and

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do Truthfully, I don't just say yeah, I mean, you know yourself. Come on. I mean, I know myself, you know yourself but inside of you. Do you really really truthfully, truthfully love

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A lot of charity giving charity. You love it you truthfully love that picture that you put in?

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Or do you just like a burden?

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Allah subhana wa tada says

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bokhara buku money the only SDG blocker. Allah says, invoke me, I shall answer your call. The first is the action invoke me,

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and I shall answer. Allah says, we're letting the phenol in it and those who seek guidance, we shall certainly guide them. Those who make an effort into seeking guidance, we shall certainly guide them. So, first is the action. Number two, you get the response to the action.

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If you want Allah will give you

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if you are truthful, then Allah will accept from

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you answer C, then Allah will accept from

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Allah would only accept that which is true.

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If you are truthful, in your actions that Allah subhana wa tada would accept You're

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the one who was not truthful, the one who is not sincere in his action.

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Good lemma is dead.

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Yep, acaba Illallah.

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Whenever he does something, that to get him close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, it will get him farther from Allah. Why? Because he's not since he was not truthful in his actions.

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If people say, This man is a liar is a liar, you're a liar, you're a liar. But Allah says that you're truthful,

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then you are truthful.

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You don't care what other people say about you. But if people say, Oh, this man is really sincere, you're sincere, the chef is really sincere. The chef is really truthful. But Allah says, No, you're a liar,

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then you are indeed a liar.

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So think about your tutor, by your side.

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Also, ladies and gentlemen,

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the other element that will also help you to cultivate

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class sincerity is a summer, a summer patience.

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You need to be patient,

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at the sourness of your the medicine that you're taking.

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You see that medicine that you're taking is sour, but you need to be patient in taking it because in that medicine is your cure.

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You don't just take that medicine, and by the by the first shot, that the fever will will will kill us and it will go away. No, it can't.

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Or you just take a pill. By the time you take that pill has the fever will, you know will cool down no take time. So you need to be patient, be patient. You know,

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this is a maybe the Be patient to be patient, a man

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and you need to be patient to be truthful.

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A man from the price assessors used to say I

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used to say I Alicia tokuyama Lee leaves

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center 10 tomb tele debt to be he actually innocent. He says I I endured

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the the you know, and I was an I struggled for one year to wake up for pmla to the night prayer. It was so hard on me to wake up and to pray even when I used to wake up and then to pray and to stand up. And during the night prayer. It was so hard. So I I made so much effort for one year.

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And then once I build that habit,

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I felt the sweetness of it for the next 20 years.

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The first year was all about endurance.

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And then the 20 years later was all about enjoying the sweetness of piano that put them in a suburb, you've got to be patient. If this is in fact, a patient of someone who is from the past predecessor, you know he's from and instead of how many years you and I should be patient and endure In fact, you know, for that Korean let's say if he took him one year, you know struggling maybe you're an island may take us three years, five years. Why? Why because that man maybe in his time there was no there was no stretch. Stretch. Yeah, there was no low cut, or upper cut or lower cut whatever it is, you know what you guys got in his time there was no string. I'm sorry to say these things. You

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His time there was no short skirts, mini skirts. But in his time there was no first set book. There was no dish. There was no satellite. There was no no this no that no. And he said he struggled for one year.

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So you and I today with what's going on and the temptations out there, we need a lot more we need a summer. Even a lesson kinda with the other one he says, saw beauty was spiddal wasabia. in sort of a Milan, yeah, you had Latina, aminul smilo wasabi, the wasabi for all you who believe, persevere, and in not in perseverance.

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If you want to cultivate sincerity, and be truthful,

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you need a solid. And the last point Ladies and gentlemen, which is the most important in fact, is an East Islam little more data to fully submit yourself.

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Yes, submit yourself. I'll give you some examples to explain.

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Look, this man he submitted to Allah Subhana

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Allah you know, you know, but I am so dream. Oh, Ibrahim,

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go and slaughter your son sacrifice yourself. Ibrahim submitted to the will of Allah and his son also submitted to the will of Allah look at the fruits of submitting to fully fully submitted must

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for now what I'm because I know Allah Subhana Allah systems have nice apps but now what I'm because I you know nahata you have chemo coffee Mashallah by some unforeseen partisan mimma kabita will you suddenly motors Thema buses and sloppy sign number 65 by Allah Fatah what a bit Li swearing by himself by His Majesty. Now you will not be true believers had the you had the mocha anthem they all Mohammed, they make you an arbitrator in the disputes. So you arbitrate between them from Malaya Judo fee, emphysema, Raja, and then they will not find any discomfort in their hearts

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with your judgments. When you judge, they should not feel any discomfort in their hearts with your judgement. When you send him with esteem, and they fully submit to

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His decision that you're putting SR Are you fully submitted to Allah or inside of you feel like I hate this hijab? I, I really don't want it. I'm just doing it because I'm to please this or that, but I really don't like it.

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You know, pretty significant. Another example, a woman who has been going for the umbra for the past 10 years after her husband passed away.

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She's still like, you know, in her 30s 40s 40 less than 40 years old. So she's been going for Mashallah. And formula every year by herself.

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Every year she goes for

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and then she has a son Mashallah, the sun is going up and then your son became a Chava you know, religiously committed. One day he was reading in the Hadith and then he read

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Mallya Hello then here the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed read Hadith of the Prophet feminists, that it has not been fitted for a woman is prohibited for a woman to travel a distance of one day in one night without

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without having a companion any amount. So the son goes to her says Mom,

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I know you go 400 every year by yourself, you go to Mecca,

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or Mom, I just heard this hadith of also the low is, you know says that it is prohibited for a woman to travel by herself. You know, at a distance of one day and one in one night.

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Or Mom, you can normally go for a Mullah by yourself.

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I cannot go with you every year. In fact, you have either I can have to accompany you or maybe you know your brother or your uncle. Or

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if you're that woman, would you say?

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Yeah, at least didn't you? Don't come and visit me alone or lay steady you will do not come and visit me alone energy comm with them how are you going to fully submit? It's hard, isn't it?

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This is what we're talking about? Full submissiveness to Allah subhanho wa Taala. When you hit the command of Allah, you fully submit when you hear the command of the Prophet Mohammed, as I said, you're fully Submit.

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Is this lamp or what if last, fall submissiveness is true sincerity.

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If only you know Allah

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and submit to Him, while Allah will give you more than you have asked,

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If you only know

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and these are the summary of a class and how to cultivate this last.

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I hope and I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala will make us amongst the macula seen as Shaban when he says that have we in the home regiment and he made an odd

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shape that Allah forbid is that he can have we in the home engineer in a bed or coming home will McCullough seen

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by Your Majesty, I shall deviate them all, except your cmcs slaves. Sincerity ladies and gentlemen sincerity.

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fighting the react,

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showing off.

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When you do something for Allah, or you do something for not for the sake of Allah, it's not going to be accepted from when you do something with the intention that you are pleasing Allah and pleasing the other person, it is still not going to be accepted for me. I just read this in fact, and I got so scared when I read it.

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It has to be purely for the sake of Allah.

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If you do it to please somebody, it's not going to be except if you do it to please Allah and somebody it is still not for the sake it's got to be only solely for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah now and then of course if we know you're doing it to please your wife, for instance, make it inside of you that I am doing this for the sake of Allah.

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And then it means that my wife gets unhandled in that you know, not either No, but the main thing is, I am doing it for the soul is solely for the sake of Allah Subhana

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so be careful ladies and gentlemen. I ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us amongst this amongst those who who listened and practice and to convey hopefully that the in this blessed month of Ramadan, we can cultivate this this quality of of sincerity so that we can be amongst the Assad the pain of saw the code of the macula soon, those who are truthful, and those who are sincere until tomorrow for another episode of rockier Ramadan I say I said mid length