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Let him in a straight line or regime.

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Hello CAHA de su Musa if nada Rob boo Bill Weddell moped de si tu

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it heavy Isla Finn Ramona in Oahu, Tahoe helpful halacha Isla tanzic

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dia que Isla er B Cafe Daksha for L RA will tell him COBOL if I can thereby also assume edge about my yes

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Probably shortly Saturday westerly Emery looked at him in the Sandy Hook called leaf and hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a huge pain. So I'm about once again everyone is set up to date out over a carto the intention today is to try to finish our observations on certain as the art I'm going to go back a little bit and cover some things I didn't cover yesterday from iron number 17 Onwards and hopefully we reach the conclusion today. Allah azza wa jal describes there we were talking that this is the narrative section of the surah where Allah recalls the account of Masada. He said I'm in brief words, in have enough phenomena in the hotel to go to

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the Pharaoh. Certainly, he's the one in fact that has rebelled in the hotel. A couple of language issues here that I'd like to bring to your attention. The first of them is the meaning of the word Tolkien that I didn't dive into as deeply yesterday, the word dukkha, which is translated, rebelled. jabi Manoj Jha will have to fit the job board one or two, well, when it occurs in the meaning it gives the meanings of being oppressive, and going too far and being oppressive, like outrageously oppressive, like, you know, how you get reports, sometimes nowadays, of people committing acts of torture, or crimes against humanity, and that kind of thing that would actually come under the word

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De Leon, in the modern sense, or dada. And to have wool or to also means animosity.

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And again, to do something that is an act of aggression. To be, you know, there's one thing that somebody takes a military action or takes violence, and it takes matters in their own hand, because they're defending themselves, or they're reacting to something that occurred, it's another that when they when they aggress, without any pre emptive reason, or they're pre emptive in their strike, that's to also and then on top of that were volume and oppression with it. So he's an oppressive dangerous entity in the hotel. The other thing that's important in the words in the Huhtala is

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there's two ways of looking at it. The word in nine the Arabic language can serve sub grammatical grammatical analysis says what that means is go to the pharaoh because he has rebelled.

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And so the reason Musa alayhis salam should go to the Pharaoh is because he's rebelled. That's powerful, because what that means is that the the, the work of Islam and the OMA Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam have to go to the criminals, like we have to go speak with them and engage with them. We can't just be talking about them. They have to be challenged, they have to be addressed and they have to be given the message of Islam. We can't just sit in a corner and complain about what they do and their you know, the crimes they commit, etc. They must be engaged directly. That would come because Allah is saying you have to go to him because he's a criminal because he's rebelled. The

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other implication of in the Huhtala, interestingly, is what they call Elif bateau, Allah Hadean. Fine. What that means is, in fact, he is the one that's rebelled, not the other way around. In other words, he, when he does his criminal acts, when he punishes people, tortures people, kills people, etc. He makes it sound like they're the ones that are criminals. They're the ones that are rebelling against the government. They're the ones that have committed a crime. And Allah is saying, actually doesn't matter what he says, he's the one that's the criminal. And that's actually teaching us something very powerful about oppressive regimes. oppressive regimes don't just commit acts of

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violence, they actually redefine what they do, as peace, and what everybody else does as aggression in crimes. So you can have governments in the world even today, of course, especially today, that are killing civilians, and when they're killing civilians, they're saying no, no, we are fighting the terrorists, or we're fighting the outlaws or we're fighting the anarchists or we're fighting the corrupt elements within our society are the criminals or these are just a bunch of gangs, violent gangs, and we're getting rid of the criminals in society. And they'll come in there you know, dressed up clothes and nice presser

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He says and say we are restoring peace and order, while at the same time they're bombing hospitals, or they're, they're burning down homes, you know, or shooting at children and these kinds of things. So Allah by saying in the hooter is saying, doesn't matter what the propaganda is, he's the one that's the criminal see through it. Because, you know, it is in fact true that the greatest threat to the peace and harmony of Egypt was around and is the greatest threat to the people was found. And yet when Musa alayhis salam delivered his message, you know what he told people, he said, You didn't need a new creature Come on, we are the compensatory Hema that these Musa and her own, their

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intention is to get you kicked out of your land. They're a danger to your country, for our own will say Musa is a danger. Musa is dangerous. He's the he's the threat to your homeland security, you know, that he flipped the script. And so in now, Huhtala actually teaches us that it doesn't matter what the script officially is, it doesn't matter what the press release is, you have to look at reality. And Allah determines that he is in fact guilty of these crimes, and therefore he should be spoken to. And then for call halacha ILA and as I alluded to this yesterday that had DACA is soft language, but I also wanted to share some commentary here with you. Well, it's stiff humble Hoonah

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de la. Mata lactoferrin wa sallahu, phaco li Fei Akula, Allahu COVID. And Lena, you know, this question, would you consider even the possibility of bettering yourself of coming towards a life that's more purified when Musa is supposed to speak to him in such soft language? The commentary here is the question is here to suggest softness and courtesy. And actually, it's spelled out more openly in another part of the Quran and Sunnah Taha Allah azza wa jal says, both of you, meaning Moses and Aaron Musa and how to go to him, and both of you should speak to him coal and lay in and speak to him with soft, sweet speech. Elaine is actually in Arabic, the description of a really good

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date, not the Haram kind between men and women that date from a palm tree. That day was sweet Did

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you know that's actually called laid meaning speak to him softly, speak to him in flexible language, because you know, a date is soft and flexible. And it's sweet. That's actually the description of the way you should speak to fit our own. This is actually all this is also teaching us tactics, it's not just added. It's not just manners, that doesn't matter how obnoxious they are, you speak to them nicely. But this is actually strategic, when you are going to speak to people in political power.

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And you have a lot of anger built up inside you. Because, you know, you represent people who have been oppressed. And there are crimes that he's committed that he hasn't been charged with. And he hasn't taken, you know, law, he's taken the law and order in his hands, etc. You've got all this built up. And now you finally get a chance to sit in this gathering, and you get to meet this person who's responsible for all these crimes. You don't just have your own anger, you have the anger of all of your people built up inside you. And you're the only one who gets to speak to him. And that's the moment where you might throw a shoe at him.

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And that's the moment that you might just scream and yell, isn't it? And guess what happens to the person who starts screaming and yelling? What happens next within seconds? They're removed from that audience aren't they? Did so they got what did that shoe throwing accomplish other than, you know, funny scene on for comedians, but other than that, what did it accomplish, you got to blow your hot air, what you got you accomplished nothing. You should have come across as calm and cool. You have an agenda, you're not there to suck up to anybody, you're not there to you know, kiss his feet or nothing. But the manner in which you speak has to be soft, collected calm, so that you don't come

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across as a, you know, erratic, angry maniac. And they say, well, this person is not behaving removing from here. As a matter of fact, when you remain calm, and you speak over time, 30 pretty soon because you're remaining and keeping your composure, the oppressor will lose his cool. And they'll start looking like a fool. Because you kept your cool and that's a very important lesson to learn because Musa they Saddam when he's going to go to fit our own. He's got a lot of aggression built up inside of him. He's seen a lot of the oppression firsthand. And as a matter of fact, the you know, his own mother, his own family. And on top of that, asiyah Who's begging who's begging

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Allah for protection from from Fidel, and he's seen that in the household, he's impressive inside the home and for the entire land. And for someone like Musa alayhis salam who gets angry easily, this is also important. Musa alayhis salam has a pretty serious temper, and he could throw a punch. We've seen that before. He could just take matters in his hands and he he's afraid of his temper. As a matter of fact, when he spoke to Allah He said way illegal suddenly, when I am totally clueless honey, my chest becomes tight.

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Because if he says obnoxious things like I am God, how dare you speak to me this way? It's gonna make me upset. My chest is gonna become tight and when it does my my tongue stops moving, which is another way of saying my tongues don't do the talking at that point my hands do that's also part of the meaning. So yeah Allah I get really upset. So you need to send me Give me someone who makes sure I remain calm and contain for Arcilla Harun give me Harun sent Harun along to right so that's that's part of the strategy of Musa Elisa, what we're trying to understand here that is people who represent the cause of Islam. In the media. People are going to who are going to get a chance to

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speak with power. They have to be people who can control themselves. They have to be people that can remain calm, and they can remain on point. And they can't be swayed by emotion. Because those people are master manipulators. Fit owners a master manipulator, he will get you upset, he will get you riled up. You know, he will, he will make comments that will make you go, how dare you speak that after all the crimes you've committed, and he's trying to get under your skin, so you lose it. And then you look like the lunatic You look like the, you know, the absurd one. And so inamoto has a lot of you know, and on top of that, the whole halacha Illa. Anta Zakka has a lot of strategy inside of

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it. So in any case, I will call halacha illa Anta Zakka now, the ACCA Ihlara Bica photoshow. And so, the law may guide you to you towards your masters, so you may be afraid, but before we get to that, the idea of the Zakka to become pure, was the car to a new moon and Hayden Virbhadra Catton waterski to knifes and Tata har Watton Musa for ba elucha watamu for ba elucha. So the idea of zakat in Arabic is that something grows or betters, because of goodness. In other words, we're learning something about the notion of becoming a better person. becoming a better person means that you and I are trying to get away from things that are filthy. And as we do, it enhances us. And as it

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enhances, adds Baraka in your life and goodness in your life. What that means is, Allah opens more doors for you to do more good and more strength for you to get away from the bad stuff in your life. And that cycle keeps on strengthening you to get further and further away. Nobody turns into an angel overnight. Nobody becomes perfect overnight. Nobody starts praying five times a day in the mud shade, etc, etc. Overnight, then that doesn't happen. You take steps, little kabuna Topcon unterberg, you go one step after another one stage after another, right? So the idea of Isla and Taka is okay, fine, you're not going to be you're not going to be a solid tomorrow, but at least

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you're on the road. At least that and that's what's expected of you. Well, I dia que la Rebecca Tasha. I was really interested in I thought I knew this word, but I really didn't. The word Hooda one of the most common words in the Quran guidance, right? And it's, you know, orig its origin. A slew is testimony he Phil Houda Asakura. At naughty Phil Murphy, you will be held Athar. The origin of the word Hooda is actually which we call guidance is actually a rock protruding from the water. Like, you know, you're out at sea or you're close to you're not sure where you are, and there's a boulder or pretty tiny island, like a rock sticking out of the water and that becomes a landmark or

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a CE mark, if you will, right. So now those who are discovering, or they were told, Go this way and you might discover a rock and that's when you know you're close to the island or whatever. So they look at that and they know that they're on the right track. And from it comes the word Hooda. That's the original meaning of it. Well, Hoda watchmen know how the atop the houfy hippuric. And Hoda is our original Arabic uses the word Hooda also for the bright daytime, in which the road is absolutely clear, because you know, at nighttime, the desert is impossible to navigate. And that the opposite is gonna come later on with the word Lush. You know, Allah, Tasha, Leila latesh in Arabic and

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nighttime, it's covered. You can't really tell where to go. Now you have the web, you can possibly find your directions in the time of cottage but anyway, well, dia que la Rebecca suggesting that I will guide you towards your master. In other words, I will tell you what landmarks you're supposed to what milestones you're supposed to reach. And so on that note, I wanted to, you know, based on the kinds of questions people asked me not just stuff I read in books, but the kinds of discussions I have with people. I wanted to share some things with you, maybe you've had the question yourself, how do I know if I'm guided? How do I know if Allah is happy with me? I mean, I'm trying to do this,

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this this, this or this, but I'm not sure if this is good enough for you know, whether Allah will accept it or not. And people have these kinds of notions, right? And then people ask, How do I know if my intentions are pure? And how do I know if my heart is clean? And I'm trying to do this thicket and that darn witch do I can I make that I can become XYZ and so there's all this like mystery as to where do I stand?

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with Allah. So the first thing I'd like to share with you about that is that, you know, the rock sticking out of the water is a pretty prominent milestone. It's not a mysterious thing. It's a pretty obvious milestone, right? Guidance is not some crazy mystical thing until you see a parrot in your dream. You don't know if you're guided or not. There's nothing crazy about guidance. Guidance is straightforward and simple. It's straightforward and simple. The first milestone and guidance is you are away from major evils.

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first milestone, you're doing good like you know, sometimes moms bring their sons to me, it's my favorite thing to you know, see moms humiliate their, their teenage sons by bringing them to normality ha and saying, Dr. Mamba, he's good. He prays. But he wakes a little did I have to wake him up for Fudger

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you have to become a professor. Really? Yeah, he doesn't wake up on his own.

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That's horrible. This kid is going straight to hell. No, he's not.

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Kids. There are kids who you could wake them up for Fudger and they'll hit you back. Your kid actually gets up and prays.

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One mother complained to me that he goes to the masjid but he's never there before the Adan?

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What planet are you living on?

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What planet are you living on? Compare this to the vast majority of kids his age. What he's doing, you should give him an award every morning. Make him his favorite breakfast every morning, for God's sake is one of the machine. That's huge. She came to me to complain about him. I patted him on the back. I said, Good job, man. Keep it up. That's awesome. You I told him I told off his mom, you should be proud. And he's like, yeah, he's like,

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you know, we have these superficially high standards of what it means to be guided for a young man to do that, to fight asleep and, you know, pray to not to stay out of bad company. One came to me and said, he's 18 years old. He doesn't hang out with girls. He doesn't do drugs. He doesn't drink. He prays five times a day. It's just as sometimes he plays video games.

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And I said it. Let him play more video games, because the stuff he is not doing is amazing.

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The stuff you would have been doing otherwise. Or he really loves basketball or he really he spends a lot of time playing with his friends. I was like, does he when he goes on the weekend to play with his friends. Does he pray? Yeah, so let him play.

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What's wrong with that?

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Some kids really happy right now.

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than 10 people come to me with especially with kids, right though? I was I really want your advice on parenting. Okay, sure. Yeah. How old is your child six months.

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Let him be a baby.

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I really need your advice on how to teach my child Quran is two years old. Chill out. He's two years old.

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Let him be a baby. You don't need to turn him into a half of Khurana three years old, you chill out, relax. Why do you have to force these standards on them? Who created these standards anyway? And now what's unfortunately happened in terms of guidance, is we the the majority of the OMA have the completely false standards of guidance. completely false. If my child has memorized the Quran, he is guided or she is guided. If my child knows how to recite the Quran or finish reciting the Quran, they're guiding why there are plenty of kids that have memorized the entire Quran and they are now in gangs. I know plenty of them in different cities in this country that I can name that are in

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jail, that are Hova Quran

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they're there in jail

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that dealt drugs.

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Why am I saying that to you? Because our Dean did not say once you memorize Allah's book, you'll be guided, or once you recite beautifully, you will be guided, or once you dress a certain way you will be guided. It didn't say these things. Once you come to Sunday school, you'll be guided or when you go to Islamic school, you'll be guided guidance is actually some very fundamental milestones the way you think. The way you prioritize life, your the way you treat people. Our guidance fundamentally is first and foremost attitude and some fundamental behavior. That's it. That's guidance, knowledge, worship, all of those things. They enhance guidance, the further guidance, they support guidance,

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but we have removed from the equation or attitudes or thought process or behavior or mannerisms. They don't have to do with guidance. It's just recitation and worship and appearance. That's guidance. That's all artificial. That's not guidance at all.

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So this is that road needs to be reestablished. And that road is not just in reciting the Quran. It's actually in restoring the thought process that the Quran inspired and wanted people to think

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a certain way, you know to live their lives a certain way. Any case so what are the okay a lot of because the road to guidance is a very simple one. On the on the side note this might some of you might think this is very controversial, I have to share with you what I'm convinced of not anything else you are completely free to disagree. We were all students here so am I and I may be entirely wrong. But let me just tell you our when you study the Quran, beginning to end, and you study the life of Our Messengers are beginning to end. And the advice that he used to give people when they would come to him and say, I want to be a better person, I want to go to China, what should I do?

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The advice that he would give would be very simple. It's never complicated. It's never complicated. It's always simple. And it's not like here are the 80 things you do to purify your heart. Or here are the seven is the manual of checking whether or not your heart is clean. There was nothing like that. It was just straightforward.

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Oh, how about Upsilon? Water Mo Tom? How about you just say salaam to people and feed people? Be more hospitable cool, that's what I gotta do. Yeah, just just to that.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and be firm. Another one comes in he says lots about Don't be angry. Just don't you have a temporary issue? Don't be so mad work on your temper. That's it done. What about Kiama? Leila? What about fasting on Mondays and Thursdays? He didn't give the whole list. We make the whole list based on multiple Hadith on multiple occasions. But do you ever wonder why the prophets like Selim didn't, one person came and sat him down and gave him the entire list all in one shot?

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He didn't. Why not? Because the DNA is simple. It doesn't ask much of you. It doesn't put a lot of burdens on you. But now we because we want to mystify the subject, we want to have a manual of purification, which is exhaustive. And here are the 400 things that you must purify your tongue from. And here are the 500 things to cleanse your heart. And here's what you do with your eyes. And here's what you do with your lips and you're just like Islam is oof, that's intense.

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And when you read more and more of that stuff, you realize I'll never be that. And then on top of that, we hear stories in our sermons in our hotel all the time of our people who pray to God every single night, and they fasted they fasted everyday they could and on top of that, they were they made so much dua to Allah that food, you know, Lions wouldn't eat them even if the lion was hungry, and it would bring them food or something or, you know, and you hear these crazy stories and then all you get in your head is, man, those people were amazing. I'm horrible.

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They had guidance way back when I can't have it. That's just way out of my league. You know, that's the stories we hear like for example, even when it comes to giving in the path of Allah what story you hear all the time, Ramadasa taba the Allahu Taala nama gave half Abu Bakr gave everything. You heard the story many, many times

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are those the only two Sahaba

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1000s of companions, some gave a date. Some gave very little, they also saw armor, they also saw the Columbia Law, they saw them, but they couldn't give like that. They're not in that situation. And they're not at that level, what we do is we take take the most extreme high examples, and we make it sound like that's the standard for everybody. That wasn't even the standard for the people around at the time.

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They were even an extreme awesome case for the people around them what to speak of us. You know, it's not fair to do that. And Allah spoke about all of the companions and said, I will be Allah who aren't homolog

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we don't talk about the other stories. We don't talk about the wild stories. We don't talk about the stories where as a hobby comes to the province, I'm sad also lived I did something bad would you do? I was a girl I was walking by she looked really pretty. I went over and kissed her

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happened in Medina, or the Allahu Anhu.

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And he's like, pray to the car.

00:23:54--> 00:23:56

Done, move on with your life.

00:23:57--> 00:24:04

Just apologize and just don't make a big deal out of it. You know, I'm not saying you could do that, guys just chill out. But I'm saying

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but I'm saying they were human.

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They were human. They weren't walking above water. It's not like that. You know? So the notion of guidance is not some mystical crazy thing. It's a simple religion. It's asking you to do simple change, make simple changes in your life, not big ones. What is wrong, all of you know what is right all of you know all the prophets from history until now that the Quran records and talks about what what evils they pointed out are the evils they're the ones you get away from. Then there's of course icing on the cake, walk into your, into the machine with the right foot, make this down before you go into the bathroom, make this doll when you eat, etc. Those of God and those enhancements. Those

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are basically bettering your religion. They're improving it, but that's actually icing on the cake. The cake itself you can't forget that's the fundamentals and there are not many

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They're not many. This is why the prophets Allah made sure when you teach people religion. Yes Scylla to make things easy, don't make things hard. make things simple, make things easy, don't make them hard. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section