Piers Morgan Refuses to Condemn Killing of Palestinian children by IDF

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How could it be that an occupier is defending itself in the first place? The the notion that Israel is defending itself is as absurd as the notion that the rapist is defending itself from the victim because Israel is the occupier you haven't

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let me finish this let me finish. an occupier by international law definition means that they are already in an offensive posture. If they're in an offensive posture, if someone brings you to this mug and grabs you by throws you into your bathroom where you're in your bathroom, you're screaming and they're eating food, having a good time. One day you come out of your bathroom, you try and fight one of them you try who's defending who from who, Muhammad, I lose self defense when you're occupying this question. Let me speak the answer the question, let me speak answer questions that I'm I'm going to speak. Yeah, let me answer. Yeah. I believe that Israel's made a number of bad

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choice doesn't answer my question. Wait, I'm telling you what I think answered my question telling you what I feel good. Okay. I don't think Israel has been perfect at all. Right. The moral high ground is I think a lot of the decisions Israel has taken a wrong I think by Benjamin Netanyahu by the way his attempts to usurp the power of the Supreme Court this year in Israel has been a complete disaster you condemn the killing civilians are not I do not and I will defend them this year. So no, wait. I will No, I will defend them this week in defending themselves against one of the worst terror attacks ever so you can kill civilians for that. You can target her mass can you target in

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our house and if it was master controlling

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body of Gaza hide? This is a full time members of the public has died this year. Talk about fallacies. This is called the Morton Bailey fallacy, which is that you're trying to defend one controversial idea by using another is more and Bailey fallacy. You can check up on your own time. The point is this. I'm not asking you whether Israel has the right to defend itself. We've already said the impulse, the logical and legal impossibility, the logical illegal possibility of an occupying power according to international law of action defending itself because we already have it

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already in an offensive posture. Now I'm saying this. If it is the case, you're just saying is defending itself against Hamas is the only way to defend itself against Hamas by dropping bombs and the most densely populated area one of the most densely populated areas in the world is that the only way so false dichotomy creating a false dichotomy.