Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 090C Tafsir Al-Araf 42-50

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of finding proper behavior and strength in order to achieve significant deeds. They stress the need for guidance on following Allah's instructions and finding comfort in Jannah. The speakers also emphasize the importance of knowing one's actions and emotions in order to achieve their goals and avoiding taking advantage of the "we" event. They stress the importance of avoiding being in the "we" and showing mercy to people of Jannah.
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On the other hand, well Lavina Amano and those people who believe what Armello slowly heard and they do righteous deeds, pride, their ego doesn't prevent them from believing it doesn't prevent them from performing righteous deeds. And Allah says that learner can lethal, we do not overburden knifes and a soul Illa except was our her its capacity, learn who can LIFO we do not burden, we do not make responsible any person except it's Whizzer meaning except with something that he is able to do.

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In other words, righteous deeds are not impossible to perform. Belief is not impossible to have, it is not impossible, no matter how hard it is, you can still do it. Because if Allah has put you in a situation and has required something from you, then you know what it is within your Wisser. It is within your ability, your capacity was there is what something that a person can do. He doesn't have to exert a lot of effort in order to do it. No, it's within his capacity, he can do it. Any command, any instruction of our dean, we see that we are capable of doing it, it may be a little challenging, it may be a little hard, but at the end of the day, we are capable and depending on what the

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strength of a person is, he is made responsible for certain things. For instance, if a person does not have the strength to stand up and pray soda, then he has been exempted from that. And he has been given the allowance to sit and pray, right to lie down and pray. If a person does not have the strength to use water to purify himself, he has been exempted from that he has been given the allowance of just using mud clean soil in order to do so now Noah can live on Epson Illa WUSA, if Allah requires something from us, remember that we can do it. So take the example of reciting Quran is it impossible? Is it impossible to learn to read the Quran? It is not impossible. Even if it

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takes you 510 years, you know what? You did it? You did it. I always get amazed when I listen to show you or you know, speakers that were non Muslim once upon a time.

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And now they recite the verses of the Quran. They use words from the Arabic language as if it was their mother tongue.

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They read so fluently they pronounce so easily. And sometimes they do struggle as well. But you know what? If they could do it, that's an evidence that you can do it too. Because this person when they were five years old, when they were 10 years old, when they were 15 years old, some even when they were 20 years old. Until then, they never heard the sound.

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never, they never heard the sound have

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they never heard it. They never heard the sound all it's not even in their first language is the sounds they're not in their first language. But if they are pronouncing her and DA and law, then you know what, you can do it too. You can also do it.

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Even if it takes you 50 attempts to figure out how to say it properly. Do it anyway.

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Lately, I've been watching

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episodes or shows on YouTube, it's called traveling with the Quran, where they go around to it's not only with kids, but like half it's so older people young people, and most of them are both young habits are older habits like around certain ages that completed the one in like a couple of years. And they're either blind or have autism or can't even function like motor functions properly. Like they can't speak properly or something and they completed it. And they're half it's it's not just completing the problem more like they know where each eye is in the Quran. And if they can do it with out the blessings of their isolates or like general things that we're given, how can we do it

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Because remember that if there's something that you want to do, you will be able to do and you will find the strength and the capacity. Because if Allah puts you in a situation, remember that he equipped you before he put you in that situation. So you are able to do it. You just have to overcome yourself sometimes your ego, sometimes your laziness in order to do it, because remember that learn who can live when Epson Illa was Aha.

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If Allah has put you in it, He equipped you for it. So you can do it. It's not a

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impossible, so entry into Janna. It's not cheap, it's not easy, but at the same time, it's not impossible either. You can do it

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following what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded, okay? It's not that simple, but at the same time, it's not impossible either you can do it. So such people who overcome their inner challenges and they use the strength that Allah has given them and they perform mo salah, such people Allah equals Hubble Jana, those are the companions of Janna home via Holly Dune, and they will abide there in eternity. And when they enter Jannah right before they enter, what will happen, one Zarina and we will remove we will pull out Mao what ever fee is in saluting him their chests, what is in their chests, Min Linlin any resentment,

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any grudge, any hidden enmity, hidden hatred that was in their hearts, and they weren't able to get rid of it themselves before they enter Jannah what will happen? Allah who will remove it from their hearts. Because Jannah is a beautiful place. It's a peaceful place where everyone is meant to be happy. Not for one moment, but forever. Everyone in Jannah is meant to be comfortable and relaxed, and you cannot physically relax if you are tensed and stressed out inside. If you're uncomfortable because of the presence of someone, if you feel awkward because of the presence of someone, then you can't be happy. What is it that makes you uncomfortable in the presence of others? It's because

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there's some feeling in your heart, some grudge maybe because you were hurt from them. So you kept it in your heart. You tried to get over it, you tried to get rid of it. But at the end of the day, what are you a human being? So what will happen before people will enter Jannah Allah subhanaw taala will clean their hearts, He will wash their hearts, He will pull out what is the word in the Czarna pull out that hatred, that enmity, that grudge, that feeling of animosity that jealousy he will pull out because in Jannah only clean people can go those that are clean outwardly. And inwardly, those who are beautiful externally, and internally, those who have internal beauty can enter and what is

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it that destroys your inner beauty? It is it is what the grudges, the hatred, the enmity, the feelings of revenge that we have for others. So all those things will be pulled out, they will be taken out, and then people will be admitted into Jannah. Now notice something earlier Allah said lanica Lifson Allah, sir. All right. So if you are in a situation, you're dealing with someone, and they hurt you,

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right, and those feelings, they're in your heart, you tried to forgive them. But you just can't remember that Allah has given you the ability to control yourself, even despite those feelings,

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despite those feelings, because who is being taken into Jannah people who have grudges in their hearts, because no human being is perfect. Right? There's two things. One is that you have ill feelings for someone in your heart, and that's natural, it will happen, no matter who you are. Because even the Prophet salallahu Salam, he forgave washy, but what did he say? He didn't want to see him. Why? Because he was very hurt. He didn't want to see why she, even though he forgave him, but he didn't want to see him. He was human being right, he was hurt. So this will happen, you will be hurt, you will have ill feelings in your heart. But one is that you show those feelings, you act

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on them. You speak according to them, you speak them out. And the other is that you control them, you curb them, you resist them, you don't act according to them. So for instance, in your heart, you're very hurt because of what someone said to you.

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One is that you show to them that you're very hurt. You go and say something to them, or you don't even look at them. You treat them in a very harsh manner. And you really get the message across that I have been hurt.

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Do we do that? Very often. And the other is that you're hurt inside. But what do you do? On the outside? You don't show anything. This is what farfalle was for who means right?

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That when you see them, you just smile at them you say salaam

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Okay, you don't have the guts to talk to them, you don't have that heart to speak to them. So what do you do, you just go and sit by yourself. But you did say salah, you did smile at them and you moved on. You don't want to have a conversation with them because you are very hurt. legitimately, you are very hurt. However, that doesn't mean that you don't even greet them. So the person who will try to control himself

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who doesn't act according to those ill feelings, then what will happen before he enters into Jannah, Allah will clean his heart completely, because he at least try to clean his heart.

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The person who doesn't even try to correct his heart, he doesn't even try to clean his art, then he will have a problem on the Day of Judgment,

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who will be clean, the one who tries to clean himself.

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So when Czarna Murphy's Law duty human Lilin we will pull out from their hearts any kind of little, that they will have in their hearts. And once they enter Jannah, that duty, it will flow mentality him from beneath them and how the rivers, under the trees under the palaces under their control, we'll call a loo and they will say the people have to know when they will enter Jannah What will they say Alhamdulillah all Praise to Allah. All Praise and thanks for who Allah, Allah, the the one who had Danna, he guided us Leanna to this. All thanks to Allah who guided us to this, who brought us to this destination who took us to Jana who led us to Jana, because warmer and not cold now we

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were Lena dadier that we obtain guidance, meaning we were never able to do this ourselves, Lola if not, and that her then Allah, Allah guided us.

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Meaning, if Allah had not guided us to Jannah we could never have attained this guidance ourselves.

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We could never have made it to Jannah ourselves. Typically what happens that when people gain something, they managed to achieve their goal, what happens? They say that, you know, my efforts they paid off. Right? My striving, it paid off all that money that was spent, it was worth it all those hours that were spent worth it. So in a way they're giving credit to what their efforts, their time, their money, their sacrifice, the people of Jana, they will give all credit to Allah. All Praise, and thanks to him who brought us here? Because if we were left on our own, we could never have made it. And is that true? Yes. No person can ever make it to Jana, just by himself. Because in

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order to get to Jenner, you need hidayah. And he does have two kinds Hidayatullah and Hidayatullah. Iman, first of all know what to do in order to get to Jana? How do you know? How can you know, if Allah teaches you? If Allah informs you, only then you can know what to do. If you want to get to a destination. First of all, you have to know what the route is. Right? So if somebody tells you the route only then you can get there. And secondly, you need either to Tofik Hidayatullah, Armen the ability to follow that the ability to do it. So who is it that gives that ability? Who is it that gives that confidence and that strength who Allah, so woman can nearly Natalia, Lola and her done

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Allah, if Allah had not guided us, we could never, ever have made it to Jana. All credit goes to Allah. And this is true, that no matter what we do in this life, any righteous deed, remember that because Allah enabled you, this is why you did it. Sometimes we're very happy about the fact that we're wearing the hijab,

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very happy about the fact that we are doing this, especially when we see others who are struggling with a particular good deed and we're doing and we feel happy about it, but never feel proud. You know why? Because you are doing it right now, just because Allah enabled you. He gave you the strength, he gave you the confidence. He gave you the knowledge, he gave you his fear, he gave you his love. He gave you the hope for his reward, which is why you're doing it. Because there are many others who know, but they don't have that confidence. They don't have that desire, and they're not able to do it. Any good deed that we accomplish, whether it is recitation of the Quran, or it is

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studying the Quran, or it is fasting, or it is an act of charity, any good

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Did never become boastful about it.

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Always remain humble. You're Allah, you guided me, you enabled me because if it was left to me, I could never have done it. I'm such a loser. I'm such a failure. If I look at myself,

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if I'm doing anything, it's because Allah enabled me so all credit goes to Allah. All thanks to Allah

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because if he did not guide us we were nothing woman coonelly Natalia, Lola and Hidin. Allah to the people of Jana, they say this today, anytime they accomplish something, this is what they say. And in the hereafter in paradise. Again, they will say this, that Allah guided us all credit is for Allah, La de jure, certainly they came, who will sue messengers or ogbonna of our Lord will help with the truth. The messengers of Our Lord brought the truth. The messengers of Our Lord brought the truth about the hereafter. Whatever they taught us, it was the truth because when we accepted it when we did it, that is because we made it to Jana. They brought the truth when you do and they will

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be called from NIDA noon Dahlia, they will be called until como Jana, that this Oh, you all is Jana, this Jana? Oh this to her, you all have been made to inherit from well, Rother, inheritance, you all have been made to inherit it, why? The malcontent arm alone because of what you used to do. You did something, Allah guided you, you accepted it, you did something, and therefore today, you become the heirs of paradise. Why has this been called heirs of paradise? There are many explanations that the scholars have given. But one is that Jana is the original home. Right? That is where Adam or Edison was sent first. That is where he was made to live before he was sent agenda. And because of a

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mistake, he was expelled. Yes, he was meant to go to the earth. But the fact that other innocent lived in Jannah shows that by obedience to Allah, the children of Adam can go to Jana.

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So it's like their real home their original home. But what happens here Vaughn doesn't want people to go to Jana. So he miss guides them, and He wants them to end up in hellfire. Ooh is the MaHA you had made to inherited why because of your armor.

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Also, another reason is that a share of inheritance, it is fixed. Right? And you deserve it in the sense that it is your legal right to have it.

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And just like that, what Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with a person then hello Jessa earlier sunny il l airson. Is there any recompense for good except for good? No, it's only good. And what is that? Good. Jana. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that no one can attain Jana just because of his actions know that good deeds of one of you will not admit him into agenda. It's not that you can buy Jenna you can take Janae in exchange for your deeds. They said Not even your will messenger of Allah He said not even I unless Allah grants it to me out of His mercy and favor. So it was only when a person pleases Allah makes Allah happy that Allah will grant him paradise or is

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tomorrow her be my content are Malone because of what you used to do. So what do we see in this ayah that the people of Jana, when they enter, their hearts will be cleansed, they will be purified. They will be clean, beautiful internally and externally. When they enter, they will give credit and thanks to Allah and they will acknowledge that whatever Allah sent was the truth and they will be told, this is Jana that you have received today. Why? Because of your efforts. In a hadith we learn the Prophet sallallahu sallam said after the believers are saved from entering the fire, meaning after the people will cross the bridge over hellfire, those will fall in hellfire will fall and

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those who will survive, they will cross the bridge. Right? You all know right that on the Day of Judgment, every single one of us has to cross the bridge because Allah says in the Quran when men come Illawarra dua, one of the companions he was asked that which is the most difficult verse of the Quran, and that is what he said that each one of us has to go over hellfire. We have to cross that bridge, which is thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword and every single one of us has to go over

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And it's not just that bridge, there is hooks that will be catching people and causing them to fall into the fire of *.

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And that will be a result of what they're breaking ties with their relatives. They broke ties with their relatives. And as a result, what will happen as across the bridge, these hooks will cause them to fall into the fire of *. So those who survive those who manage to pass, when they will pass, they will be kept in wait by a bridge between Jana and hellfire. So they'll cross this bridge over hellfire. And then there is another bridge that they have to cross in order to get to join. But there'll be captain wait over there before they're allowed to enter it enough finally, and over there, what will happen, any transgression that occurred between them in the life of this world will

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be judged. Because even believers they can have problems with one another. Siblings, in laws, friends, cousins, coworkers, even though they both pray, they both fast they both love the Quran, they both love Allah, but they're human beings, they can have problems with one another. So all those problems will be solved right there. And then they will be judged, until when they are purified and cleansed, then they will be given permission to enter Jannah. So no one can enter Jannah with a grudge in their heart, I cannot forgive this person. For person says that they can't enter Jannah

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only after they forgive the other only after they're happy with the other can they interject. And if they can't do it themselves, then Allah will remove that limb for them.

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But it can only be possible if we try if we try to forgive people, but if we keep recounting the mistakes that others have made, and the transgressions they have committed against us, an incident happened 10 years ago, and we still remember it and we still mentioned it. And we still think about it. We don't let ourselves get over it, then it's our fault. Allah will clean who those who try to clean themselves, because May at the Saba you submit Allah the one who tries to be patient, Allah gives him patience, the one who tries to forgive Allah gives him the ability to forgive. So when they will be clean, then they will be given permission to enter paradise. And when they enter Jannah

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam said by He in Whose Hand is my soul, one of them will be able to find his dwelling in Jannah more easily than he did in life, this world.

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In the life of this world, your house in your street, you know very well you can even go there with your eyes closed, you can go there in the darkness of the night. Right? You can walk backwards, you can go easily because you know where your house is, but the house and don't know a person will be able to find it more easily, more easily. But this is for who those who are clean inside and outside.

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So where we focus on external beauty, internal beauty, we cannot neglect when at the end he will call out who has hobbled and when the people have generic engine, then they will call out to us however now the people of the fire What will they say? And that could in fact what are the now we found ma that which were the now He promised us who promised us a buena our Lord, whatever that our Lord promised us of reward of good recompense, of great freedom and happiness and luxury and reward in Jannah, we found all of that to be helpful to be true, meaning Allah has fulfilled every promise that he made with us. For instance, if a person leaves his right, in order to solve an argument in

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order to solve a dispute, then he is guaranteed a house in paradise. Right? The one who humbles himself, he is guaranteed reward and Paradise. different people for different kinds of actions that they do, they are promised reward in paradise. So the people of fairness will say that we have found every promise of Allah to be true. We learned in the Quran, people of Ghana will get these kinds of claws this kind of food, that dream and data and how all of that is true. We found that to be true. It's like you're told that when you will go to such and such place, you know this will be there that will be there. So when you go there, you're expecting it right. And as you find it you're like yeah,

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okay, you know, they were true about this. They were right about this, okay, they fulfill this promise they fulfill that promise to the people of Jana. They will say to the people of hellfire, that we have found every promise of Allah to be true for her so did what Jack do

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You found my that which word or become your Lord promised God true. Meaning whatever your Lord promised you in hellfire, did you find that to be true? So the different punishments that are mentioned in the Quran about hellfire, did you actually find them? Do you actually see them? Do you actually experienced those punishments? Paul Oh, they will say neuron Yes. They will say yes, we have found every threat to be true every promise to be true. How mean was the coup? All of that we have found it to be true. Now, I mean, faulting him I mean, that to him, was a wash me heard all of that we have found it to be true.

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Angels beating people of hellfire Yes, we have found it to be true Kalu neuron they will say yes, for as an animal, then then he will announce who and then and ANNOUNCER From the route letters Hamza then known as to make an announcement. So an announcement will be made by now in between that meaning both the people of Ghana the people of hellfire will hear this announcement clearly loud and clear. On that learner to Allah, the curse of Allah, Allah wa the mean is on the wrong doors. It is on the wrong doors, they're far removed from the Mercy of Allah. Now we're seeing here that a conversation will take place between the people of Ghana and the people of hellfire. How, how Allahu

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Allah. In this world, if communication can take place, very clearly, with people who are hundreds and 1000s of miles away from you. Then Allah subhanaw taala can cause some kind of communication to take place between the people of Ghana and the people of hellfire as well. It's not difficult for Allah. So we should not be concerned about how this will happen. We should be concerned about what will happen. What do we learn from this, that every promise that Allah has made about Jana about Hellfire will come true. Every reward that he has said will be given will be given, every punishment that he has said will be given will be given? Who are the Lonnie mean, who are the wrongdoers

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Alladhina, those who are also doing they stop and Sabine Allah from the way of Allah. They don't go on the way of Allah themselves and to stop others from the way of Allah as well. They don't let people obey Allah. We have one Aha, and they seek it. Belen Yeah, meaning they want that the way of Allah should be what very much cricket, meaning that people should see it as crooked, what is crooked, bent, meaning not right, not proper. For verted they want that people should view the religion of Allah as something that is not good as something which if they follow, they will suffer great loss. Is this true? Are there people who try to do this all the time? If you wear hijab, you

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won't get married.

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If you dress up like this, then who will look at you,

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you'll get nowhere. They want that the religion of Allah should be seen as crooked so people don't follow it. Why? Because we're home and they will after all with the hereafter. Caffee don't disbelievers. they disbelieve in the author because of the believer they they wouldn't do this, the one who believes in the Aquila, then he follows the way of Allah. That is his lifestyle, his way of life. He will leave other other ways other things and he will adopt the way of Allah. Why? Because he believes in the hereafter.

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We'll be in a homer and between them to who the people of Jana and the people of health between them two will be a hijab, a screen, what is hijab a veil? So for instance, you have a hijab on your head. And what is that? A veil, a screen that prevents others from looking at your hair it covers. So hijab is also used for a barrier, a barrier between the people of hellfire and the people of Jana, that will not let them see each other.

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Because of the people of Jannah can see the people of hellfire, how can they enjoy? How? How can the rest? How can they find comfort? They can't imagine in this world, Allah subhanaw taala has kept a screen between us and the people of the grave for our good because if we could hear what's going on in the grave, we wouldn't be able to survive. We wouldn't be able to enjoy anything in this life. So what Bina Huma hijab, between them will be a screen, but this conversation will take place they will hear one another how Allah who are them while are off and upon the or off or off Florida of roof. What the Sunnah is named after

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What is that which is recognized recognition and it's also used for height an elevated place, why? Because when something is at a height, then can you recognize it from far can you see it from far? Yes, you can. This is why many times they have a stage and on that the person performs why so that the people can see them. So while our off our off heights, what are these heights, these heights basically it is an elevated place between Jana and hellfire. Some scholars have said that it is a wall which is mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah to Hadith, Allahu Arlon. But it seems like this is a barrier between Jana and hellfire and it is elevated it is high. It's like a wall like a tower or

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something that stole between Jana and hellfire. So on these heights will be rejected on will be some men florala fragile, some people will be on these heights meaning they will not be in Jannah they will not be in hellfire, rather where are they on these heights and when someone is at a height, then they can see what's going on down below right. So, these people will be able to see people in Jannah and people in hellfire. So you understand. Imagine if there is a wall over here in the middle and someone is standing they can look to the right and they can look to the left. But the people on the right the people on the left cannot see one another but the one on the wall can see to the right

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and he can see to the left. So the people on the heights there will yardie fauna they will recognize good learn each BC man who by their marks Sima distinguishing mark from their letters Wow see me. So they will recognize the people of Jana and the people of hellfire by their unique distinguishing marks because the people have Janna what's their distinguishing mark, happiness, radiance, beauty glow delight? And what is the sign of the people of hellfire gloom, despair, pain, regret, fear, all of that will be on their face. So they will recognize each by their distinctive marks. Now the question is Who are these people? Why aren't they either in general or hellfire? Why will they be

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placed on these heights? Scholars have given different interpretations. One is her Leyva he was asked about the people of Iraq and he said they are those people whose good and bad deeds are equal. their evil deeds will prevent them from qualifying to enter Jannah and their good deeds qualify them to avoid the fire. So in other words, their good deeds prevent them from entering hellfire and their sins prevent them from entering Jana. Do you understand? It's like they don't have enough good to enter Jannah and they don't have enough bad to enter hellfire. They're like somewhere in the middle. All right, or, for instance, in their records in their lives, they perform certain deeds which

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guarantee Jannah or they perform certain deeds which take a person to hellfire. Now here is one deed that says they go to Jana, and another deed that says they go to hellfire. So where are they supposed to go? So their matter will be deferred will be delayed until every one's matter is over.

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Okay, so their fate will be decided at the end. So for instance, if there is a person who died in the way of Allah, but at the same time, he disobeyed his parents, he disobeyed his parents, his disobedience to his parents should take him to hellfire. But his martyrdom should take him to gender. Or, for instance, a person has made their mother very happy, very happy. And because they have made their mother very happy, that should take them to Jana. But at the same time, they have made their father very, very, very upset that you take them to hellfire.

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You understand? So we should be very careful. Just because we think we are doing one good thing that doesn't give us the permission to perform since because we don't want to be of those people who are anxious on the Day of Judgment, who are afraid. Where am I going to go? What's going to be my fate? Has it ever happened that you're sitting with a group of people waiting for your result, one is called and other is called a third is called so many people are called and you're just waiting anxiously anxiously the whole time and you don't know what your fate is going to be.

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So while our Rafi jalaun And they will be looking people of Ghana, and they will want to go to Ghana, they look at people of hellfire and they will say we don't want to be of them.

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Other scholars said that they are. Because Allah says yardie funa couldn't be female. They are people of knowledge. They are people of knowledge the ruler Amma the fuqaha us hablar Ellinwood Martha, who will be placed on this elevation before being sent to Jana. Why? To be shown hellfire and to be shown Jana, because they believed in everything that Allah subhanaw taala informed them off.

00:35:33 --> 00:35:34

That was Iman that was

00:35:35 --> 00:35:38

but Allah subhanaw taala will also grant them

00:35:39 --> 00:36:15

you can say I know looking meaning the eye of certainty that they will see and they will increase in their conviction to that they have no doubt about anything that Allah subhanaw taala promised, like the prophets of Allah, they believe in whatever Allah told them, but Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was made to see hellfire and the punishments that were being given in hellfire. Why? So that he would have certainty. So the people who have knowledge who have been in Allah that Allah subhanaw taala will make them see everything, observe everything before they are taken to Jimena.

00:36:16 --> 00:36:35

You know, it's like certain people dignitaries, they're given a tour of the whole place before they're taken to their destination. So just like that certain individuals will be positioned over a year so they can have a bird's eye view of what's happening in hellfire and a bird's eye view on what's happening in Jana

00:36:36 --> 00:36:38

Yardi folder Colombi Sima home

00:36:39 --> 00:37:19

whenever though and they will call out to us horrible Jana. The people of Jana they will call out to the people of paradise up from the elevations that will call out to them. salam Wa alaykum Peace be on you. They will greet the people of Jana. Happy to see them you made it to paradise. There'll be delighted to see them they will greet them. Allah says love I'm not here the Hulu ha they have entered it. They have not yet entered it. The people on the earth They will not have yet enter Jannah but will homeopath of our own, but there'll be wishing there will be desiring there'll be hoping that inshallah hopefully I will also enter join us soon. Hopefully Allah will take me to join

00:37:19 --> 00:38:06

us soon. What either and when Saudi fuck it will be turned notice somebody felt as if they will not want to see themselves but they'll be turned what absorb whom their eyes their vision, they will be made to see deal all towards us having now people have the fire. It's as if they're avoiding looking at the people of hellfire, but they will not help it and they will just end up looking at them. So when they will look in that direction when they will see towards the people of fire Kalu they will say Robina or our Lord la Tatiana Mr Coronavirus you mean don't make us all the wrongdoing people meaning don't make us enter hellfire. Imagine on the art off on the elevations they look to the

00:38:06 --> 00:38:48

people of Jannah seminar lako Dilip to the people of hellfire ya Allah please keep us safe. Don't let us go there. Don't let us go there. Take us to Jana instead. What are the end he will call out to us how we are off to people on the elevations. Now that will call out to reject them to some men which men yardie fauna whom they will recognize them be see my home by their distinguishing marks mean they will recognize those individuals. Which people are they in hellfire because they're looking at the hellfire? So they will see some people in hellfire they will recognize them all this is so and so. This is that person he ended up in hellfire. So they will say to them although they

00:38:48 --> 00:39:34

will say man not Oh no, it availed unconfirmed you it did not benefit you what? Jim rukon you're gathering your amassment woman and what come to me you weren't the stock balloon you were arrogant. Two things are not benefiting you today, your gym and your aesthetic. But what is Gemma, your collections all that you gathered up? Whether it was the 1000s of people who liked you? Or it was the 1000s of people who followed you. Your fame is not benefiting you today. Your supporters your following is not helping you today. Where are all those people who read everything you wrote, who followed everything you did?

00:39:35 --> 00:39:58

Who religiously observed everything that you advised your jungler is not helping you today. Gemma also first of all that you collected in the world, all the property, all your possessions, all your things that you gathered. It's not benefiting you today, like we discussed earlier as well. Everything that we collect in this world, where will it stay here? It will be destroyed at the end.

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59

It will be

00:40:00 --> 00:40:44

finished with this world? What is it that will go with you your deeds, your words, your good actions, they will accompany you. So they will say your jammer all your collections and your pride. You used to think so highly of yourself. You kept yourself at such a high standard. It's of no use today. Where is it today? It's not benefiting you. They will say a Howler. He is a beast, they will refer to the people of Ghana. They're addressing the people of hellfire. And they're talking about the people of Ghana. They will say is it these people Alladhina those who act sometimes you used to swear about them. person used to swear orcs that learn naughty Ananda, whom he will reach them,

00:40:44 --> 00:41:26

Allahu Allah Rama with any mercy is that if these people that you said Allah will not show any mercy to them, they will never attain anything good that you said about the people of Eman that they're complete losers, they're not going to get anywhere. You didn't expect any success from them. But look at them today. They're in Jannah. Because many times it happens that a person has a little bit of this world. And he thinks because I have five of these things and 10 of these things, someone who doesn't have it, they're just a loser. They're not gonna get anything. They're not gonna get anywhere. They're just total losers. So the people in our life will say to the people of *, that

00:41:26 --> 00:42:09

didn't you say about the people of Jannah that Allah is not going to give them any mercy. Allah is not going to bless them in any way. Look, now they're in Jannah. Look at them the minute agenda. So your pride didn't benefit you. You're being judgmental about others do not benefit you. So what does it teach us? What lesson can we take for ourselves, that no matter what we have, no matter how much money no matter how many possessions no matter how many things, never belittle the other, just because he has less than you. We are no one's to judge the fate of others. We are no wants to judge other people, that they're not going to get anywhere, or they're going to be complete losers.

00:42:10 --> 00:43:01

Because of our limited possessions were nothing only Allah decides. And then at this point, the people of our love, Allah will tell them all the whole, you enter an agenda paradise. They were waiting on those heights looking at the people of Ghana, looking at the people of hellfire, when they will see everything Allah will tell them that okay, enter agenda now. Lo Hoefler Alikum no fear will be on you, one a uncontacted unknown nor shall you ever grieve because in Jannah no person will ever experience fear nor will he have any regret and when they will go to Gen than the people of hellfire one he will call out from known Dahlia as halben are the people of fire. They will call out

00:43:01 --> 00:43:50

to us Hubble Jana, the people of Jana the people who are suffering punishment and oh fire, they will call out to people who are enjoying reward and Jana and that a field who for from failure bought favors to pour like a glass of water for for down our Lena on us minima from some water. You have rivers and springs of water that Allah has given you give us some water something to drink something with which we can cool ourselves give us something a field or Elena Minuteman o or mimma. From what Rosa Kakuma Allah Allah has provided you give us something, one grape, one morsel of food, something that Allah has given you just throw it down as a star said to us, Paulo they will say in Allah

00:43:50 --> 00:44:39

indeed Allah helped Lama Houma he has forbidden both of them are little caffeine on the disbelievers. The people of Jana are who? Those who are compassionate towards others, those who are charitable. So this is why the people of hellfire will hope that perhaps they will show some mercy to us maybe they will give us something but the people of Jannah they will refuse why? Because if Allah has decided not to show mercy to them, then no one will show mercy. The people of Allah are loyal to Allah. The people of Jana are loyal to Allah. So they will not showing any kind of mercy or kindness or compassion to the people of hellfire. So what does it show that a person who does not

00:44:39 --> 00:44:44

care for himself in this world, then no one will care for him in the hereafter?

00:44:45 --> 00:44:59

A person who does not have mercy on himself now and does not prevent himself from disobeying Allah, the no one will show mercy to him. Not even the righteous people of paradise so ever more

00:45:00 --> 00:45:09

More than they can enjoy, even they will not show mercy. So, it's very important that we are concerned about ourselves today

00:45:10 --> 00:45:46

and if we want to do any good, do it now so that it can benefit us tomorrow. Because in the hereafter what is it that will shed a person what is it that will help a person it is his charity right that is what will take him to Jannah because he fed others he will be fed He clothed others he will be clothed he will be honored. And if we selfishly live in this world then we will be treated in that manner in the hereafter. So let's be generous now so that we can be shown generosity on that day

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while loving

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