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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Nabil Mustafa back, my dear viewers, welcome to another episode in the series of history of Hajj. In today's episode inshallah we get to speak about a very interesting event that happened even before the birth of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. This event is a code is encoded in the history as a major event to the point that it was considered as a cornerstone in the history. It was even considered as a calendar by itself. So that people used to say that this event happened on the year of the event of the elephant, or a couple years before, a couple years later. Now we're talking

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today in sha Allah about how this will feel or the event of the elephant. What does the event of the elephant have to do with Hajj and with the Kaaba The story begins when an OB Siemian King was able to take over Yemen, the southern of the peninsula. Then

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his deputy King in Yemen was known as Abraha. ashram, Al Habashi.

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That king of Raha and Habashi was cushion as you know that A B Sr, were mainly cushions. So he saw how the Arab performed Hajj, and they travel long distances in order to visit the Kaaba, what is Aqaba? It's a cubic house built of stones, and rocks. So he decided to build a church in Yemen. And it cost him a lot. It was a huge building. And it was extremely expensive, very luxurious. And he was hoping by that he would attract the attention of the Arab to come to his church to perform pilgrimage there, instead of going to this house, which is built on bricks in Mecca. But what happened was totally on the contrary, people neglected his church completely. And even some made fun

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out of that. So as a result, he challenged the Arab and he challenged the Kaaba, and he decided to lead an army in order to destroy the Kaaba so that the Arab will have no alternative, but his church in Yemen to perform Hajj to or pilgrimage.

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And indeed, he led a huge army and the marched forward towards Mecca. On the way some Arabic kings, whether the king of Heminger or other communities tried to stop him, but in vain. Every King, who happened to fight against Abraha al Habashi, were defeated, and some of them were even taken as prisoners of war. So nothing stopped them until he reached almost the borders of Makkah in a place which is known as El Mohan mess. Remember this name brothers and sisters.

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Normally, the Abyssinians whenever they fight the bring an animal that was not known in dependency law, which is the elephant. So the army of Abraha al Habashi, was led by a huge elephant he brought him especially in order to assist them in demolishing the cab

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when they reached to the waters of Makkah, and the camp in a place which is known as El Mohammed, and Anwar mus is a valley that falls between alpha and moose deliver. So a few miles away from Makkah and from the haram.

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So on the way he captured a

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couple of 100 cameras, which actually belong to add the mortality of the mortality, Prophet, Muhammad's grandfather all of that, before Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem was even born.

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As a result of that. Abdul Muttalib came forward, and he has a meeting with the Abyssinian King Abraha ashram, and Habashi Abraha al Habashi have heard about the generosity and the honorable position of abdominal polyp as the main chief of Makkah. So you hosted him, and to the point that he sat next to him, and he was expecting Abdo methodic to beg him not to demolish the Kaaba. It is our place of worship. We can work out something together, we can compromise but instead, Abdulmutallab never discuss the matter of the Kaaba. He knew that Abraha is coming to destroy the Kaaba Allah's house.

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Soon he had a chance to speak

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To the Amazonian King Abraha al Habashi. He instead asked him for his cameras. He said your people have captured a couple 100 of my cameras. And I was wondering if you can give me back my cameras at that, the embassy and he said, You know what? I used to respect you, Abdulmutallab who is a beautiful man, very handsome. And because of the honor and his reputation abroad, I used to respect him a great deal. But all of a sudden, Abdulmutallab was not even talking about the camera that he talked about the cameras. He said, If you can give me back my cameras, he said, once you spoke about the cameras, I lost all respect for you. I used to respect you. But now I'll also speak for you. I'm

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coming to this all your place of worship, and you're worried about your cameras. They said yes, indeed. As for the cameras, they belong to me. But as for the house, it belongs to God, and God will protect it.

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So it was like a very powerful message. Those people were pagans, but they still maintain some of the traditions of Prophet Ibrahim Allison and they understood that this house belongs to Allah Almighty and it is a sacred place.

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They had a great respect for the Kaaba.

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So he ordered the camels to be given back to Abdul Muttalib and Abdulmutallab returned to Makkah. And he said to them, Atkins, let's leave Mecca. Allah will take care of the house and they climb the mountains, mainly the amount of wipin if you remember, we spoke once before about Al Aqsa in the two major mountains. Mount I will always have your Kobe's and mount Alcon. So they climbed this mountain and they were in a position where they can see what is going to happen to the house, waiting to see how God is going to defend his house. What is this house, bunch of bricks, stones, nothing special about it other than the fact that it was built by Abraham and Ismail. And it is recognized as

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Allah's house and the most sacred place on earth.

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What happened is,

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when Abraham decided to march forward in order to demolish the Kaaba, the elephant won't move further, rather it knelt down. So the be the elephant Do you heard the elephant with their spears with the shovels by every mean, but the elephant would not move an inch. So they decided to change direction. So whenever the turned around with the elephant towards the MN towards house, the elephant will the elephant will go up and will move freely. But when they change the direction one ad and they go towards the Kaaba, it will kneel down again. Hello feet, refused to move an inch. While they had been trying and trying and trying and in vain. All of a sudden Allah Almighty now

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sent flocks of birds carrying stones of hot clay, but this is not any hard clay. The Quran talks the best about that. In an entire chapter which is known as Surah Al feel chapter number one or five of the Quran it's known as surah. Al feel the chapter of the elephant. It is only five verses but Allah Almighty reminds the Arab and reminds the believers after work would have he protected his house without the need of anyone to protect the cab. So Allah Almighty said Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, LM Tala ke Pfeffer Allah Prabhu cabbie as having fi LM yada al Qaeda whom fee terribly well sell him toy Iran ever re he'll tell me his behavior our team.

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C D de fer Diala, home care house for him.

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And the meaning of these verses of Surah Al feel chapter number 105. Allah Almighty says to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, have you not considered Oh Mohamed, how you load dealt with the possessors of the elephant? Wait a minute. But this event took place before the birth of Prophet Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam? Yes, indeed. We say Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam was born on the year of the elephant 50 days after this event

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50 days after this event. So Allah Almighty is

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Addressing Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam with what he did in preparation for his reception, so that the whole world will acknowledge the specialness and the greatness of this place. The Kaaba, Allah did not honor Quraysh because they did not protect the cab Olara that are not his house. And he pointed out that this place is so sacred to the point that he dealt with the perpetrators by himself. So he says to His Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, have you not considered Have you not seen? Did you not know how you Lord dealt with the possessors of the elephant? Raha al Habashi and his army and that happened on the year 571 of the Gregorian calendar 50 days before the

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birth of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam what happened to them? The following assays LM Elijah al Qaeda homefield, probably, did he not make the plot into misguidance and confusion? What happened? Exactly? What happened is that Allah Almighty sent again is in birds. They came from the direction of the sea. But each bird was carrying special weapons weapons of mass destruction. The weapons were nothing but small stones. They were carrying two in their class, each bird with carrying three stones to in their claws. And when in the beak, and the targeted each soldier in the army of Abraha and their horses, their camels, and SubhanAllah. Whenever one of these stones have big clay from

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where from hellfire, once it falls on the top of a person, it will penetrate his head will go through his abdomen, then his cattle or his wife, and will kill them immediately. Those who ran away a lot of mighty afflicted them with a very rare disease, which is losing their limbs one after another Abraha al Habashi himself he ever seen and King managed to flee from the battlefield. Now it's a battle even though they didn't know whom they were fighting.

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They gather and they can in and move on mass valley between Arafat and Mira. And they were all destroyed. They are those who managed to escape, such as abre and Habashi started losing his finger joints one after another until he reached back to Yemen and then he lied immediately after that. So Allah Almighty says what our Salah Allah him a baby and he sent again is them. Birds in flux, doing what Tommy behavior rotten means the G, Slack and demos stones of hard clay, feather Allah whom gas, coal, and he made them like Eden stroll after they were all killed and destroyed. This is how Allah Almighty not only defended his house are not the sacred place. But also it was a kind of indication

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of prophecy, a sign that there will be a great event that will happen in the second place. And indeed, it was 50 days after this event. It was the birth of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam according to the Hadith, which is narrated by Abdullah in our best. So those who tried to build a Canada or a sacred place in order to attract the Pilgrims instead of going to the Cairo which is built stones and bricks. They were utterly defeated and Allah Almighty have protected his house so that the believers will get to perform Hajj until the Day of Judgment. May Allah Almighty honor all of us brothers and sisters, by visiting his sacred house was salam Wa alaykum

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Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh