Water Cycle in the Quran

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In the field of hydrology,

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we learn about the water cycle in the school. The water cycle, what we learn in the school was first described in 1500 80 by Sir Bernard palissy.

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And we learned in school

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that the water evaporates from the ocean.

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It forms into clouds, the clouds move, the rise, the condense, and the waterfalls and flows back into the ocean, and the water cycle is completed.

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Previously, in seventh century BC,

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Taylor's tales of mellitus, he said, it was the spirit of the ocean, which was picked up by the winds,

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which fell into the interior as rain. People did not know how did the rain fall 27th century Taylor's abilities, he said it was the spirit of the ocean which was picked up by the winds and fell into the interior as rain. People did not know from where did the underground water come?

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And people believe, even at the time of plateau, that when the water fell,

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this water flowed by a secret passage into the ocean called starters. People did not know from where did the underground water come so they thought it was the pressure of the winds on the water, which forced the water into the interior.

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And even till as late as 17th century people and great thinkers like this cart is believed in this theory. Even in 19th century, people believed in Aristotle's theory, that the water evaporated from the earth and cooled and mountain caverns, which fed the springs. Today we know that the underground water is due to the seepage of the rainwater.

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And Allah says in the Quran

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in surah, zomer, chapter number 39, was number 21. c is not thou that it is Allah subhana wa Taala, who sends on water from the sky and causes it to soak in the grounds, causes springs in the ground, and then causes sown field of various colors to grow.

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Quran mentions in the room, Chapter mchattie was number 24.

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It is Allah who sent his own water from the sky

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and then gives life to the earth after it is dead.

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The Koran says in Surah maamoun chapter number 23 was number 18. It is we would send down water from the sky and we can store it and we can even drain it easily.

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The Quran says is Roger chapter number 15 verse number 22. That v cause fecund dating wins.

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The Arabic word used is lavake, which is the plural of luck aha coming from Lucky.

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Which means to second date, which means to impregnate v cause second dating Vince v cause Vince to impregnate and then the waterfalls from the sky.

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And today we know that science tells us that the pollen is picked up by the winds and impregnates the clouds and the second type is the clouds. They join together. Then there's lightning and waterfalls from the sky.

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A similar message of hydrology and water cycle. As mentioned in chapter number 24, verse 143.

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It is Allah who makes the clouds to move gently, and then causes them to join, then make them into a heap and then water emerges from the sky.

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Francis's room chapter 30 verse number 48

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that it is Allah subhanho wa Taala makes the clouds to rise and makes it into fragments and the waterfalls from the sky.

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The Quran speaks about the word cycle in great detail.

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The Quran says in Surah Tarik, chapter six, verse number 11. masama is the logic which means by the capacity of the heavens

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to return besides

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the sky or the heavens acting like a predicted ceiling, besides reflecting all the unwanted dangerous rays back into the space, it also returns back the water evaporation, what the water evaporates from the ocean, the sky, it sends it back onto the earth.

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And the Quran says in Surah Surah, Chapter 24 verse 43, that we cause water to fall from the sky from mountains of clouds.

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And when we're traveling, the aeroplane aeroplane wasn't there for 10 years back. And when we look at the clouds below, we see it is like a mountain of fools.

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The clouds they appear as mountains. Imagine, Quran mentions that 14 years ago. Quran describes

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The water cycle in great detail in several verses. Besides the several verses I quoted, there are many other umpteen number of verses which speak about the word cycle. It's mentioned in Surah, chapter number seven, verse 27, into the rod, chapter number 13, was number 17. In surah Furqan, chapter number 25 and 40 and 49 in Surah Fatiha chapter 25, verse number nine, and four as in chapter six, verse number 34. It's mentioned sorry, Joshua, Chapter 45, verse number five, and sorry, chapter number 50 was number nine 910. It's mentioned sort of our catch up number 56, verse number 67 to 70. It's mentioned so remove chapter number six and verse number 30. You can go on only

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quoting the several verses of the Quran, which speak about the water cycle.

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You can only give a talk on hydrology and what cycle in the Quran