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AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of unrelated and unrelated sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize a coherent conversation or dialogue. The recent " warmer" and "weaker" agenda in the media touches on the "weaker" agenda and the "weaker" agenda, with some discussing the "weaker" agenda and others discussing the "weaker." The group discusses various references to movies and TV shows, including a woman named Hillary and a woman named Lonnie. The transcript describes a group of people, including a woman named Lonnie who talks about her "slack day" religion and advises people to not forget their actions, while also discussing various references to movies and TV shows, including a woman named Hillary and a woman named Lonnie.
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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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national who wanna Sunday Allah rasool Allah give Karim a my bad for OTA bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for Beshara Happy Saturday where Sidley Emery Washington arctitan melissani Kahu Kohli OpenURL Cigna ima.

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Lesson number 90 Seattle RAF is number 40 to 53 translation in indeed and Medina those who get the Boo They belied the air Tina with our vs. was stuck baru and they acted arrogantly on her about it law not to forget the who it will be opened the home for them Abu Abu doors a summer II of the sky why more and more here the whole lunar they will enter I will join Mehta the paradise HEPA until your leader he passes he enters

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a German the camel fee in some me hole I don't hear out of the needle

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worker there Lika and likewise madjozi We recompense and moduli mean the criminals

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my home for them Moon from Jehan nama Hellfire we have him a resting place a bed woman and from faulty him above them are washing coverings

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worker there Lika and likewise, Niger z we recompense, avoid mean those who are wrong, those who do wrong.

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One novena and those who are Manu they believed what I may do and they did are solely healthy the righteous deeds law not Luca lifou. We burden nevsun any soul in except was our her its capacity. We may Ecuador's us herbal are companions of Jana of the paradise home they fee her in it, Holly don't want to dwell eternally.

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One is Erna and we pulled away we removed more what fee in salute him their chests, their breasts, men from Linlin any rancor, any hatred, perjury it flows men from dirty him underneath them and how the rivers will call you and they said Al hamdu all praise the law he for Allah. Allah the WHO Habana he guided us Leha to this warmer and not gonna we were Lina the idea that we obtain guidance. Lola if not, I'm bad hada Anna he guided us Allahu Allah

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Laqad certainly Jaya she came it came rasuluh nice messengers are Bina of our they'll help with the truth when you do and they will call it out and that they will come that are you all agenda is the paradise in this to know her you all were made is to it be more because of what quantum you weren't or Milan you all do

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when all that and he called us horrible companions agenda of the Paradise was horrible companions and now of the fire

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and that odd in fact where God now we found now what where are they now He promised us we're gonna our haco as true for hold so did rejecting you or find more what where are the he promised or Bukom Europe haka as true or no they said no, yes, forever. Then he announced more of the noon announcer by know whom between them and that learner to curse. Allah He of Allah, Allah upon a worldly mean those who do wrong

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and novena those who Yes Who do they stop on from severely way Allah He of Allah. Were behind her and they see it. Roger as cricket. Were home and they will offer with the hereafter. Coffee rune wants to disbelieve

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while they're you know hobo and between them to hydrocarbon a screen a curtain while I know and upon an hour off the heights.

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The elevations

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rejoin men your refiner they recognize common all BC more home with their distinctive marks

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when are though and they called out as herbal companions agenda of the paradise I'm that Sailor Moon piece or they come upon you

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learn not you're the Hulu her they entered it we're home and they yacht on our own they hope

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well either and when so deferred it was turned upside who whom their sight their eyes tilt towards us held companions and now of the fire

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Carly they said God burner or our rub law do not that your Allah you make us MA with an account the people of Wally mean those who do wrong

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whenever and he called out as herbal companions are off of the heights of the elevations

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rejoining men yeah the fauna whom they will recognize them be see more home by their distinctive marks.

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All new they said might not Oh no, it availed it benefited on come from you, Jim Oh calm you're gathering your accumulation warmer and that continue where the stack the room you will act arrogantly.

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Our hula it is Alladhina those people who have some time you all swore law not your nana whom he obtains them. He grants them. Allahu Allah. Barak Martin with mercy

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or the flu you will enter a Jana the paradise Lal not hopeful a fear or lay come upon you, when and nor until you all alone you all will grieve

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when all the and he called out as herbal companions and natty of the fire us harbor companions agenda of the paradise and that a few boom your poor Elena upon us men from Allah the water oh or my from what was your comb he provided you Allah who Allah. Allah they said in indeed Allah Allah have Roma Houma, He prohibited them to either upon and carefully, those who disbelieve

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and Levina those who are hiding, they need they adopted the the home day religion, law one and amusement whether even and a play was a rare tomb and the deceived them adhere to the life of dunya of the world. folio. So today, so this day, Mensa home, we will forget them Come on Just as mesu They forgot the call a meeting here we him have their day Heather this warmer and what can either way be it now with our versus your huddling they reject the refuse

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one accord uncertain certainly Jeep now home we came to them be Keaton with a book for salehoo we explained it openly Allah upon arraignment knowledge when a guidance or a method and a mercy requirement for a people you know they believe

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how are or not Yandina they wait Illa except that Wheeler who its outcome, the Euler who its final outcome.

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Yona on day yet the it comes that we live in its outcome your call you He will say and Lavina those who know Sue they forgot it. Men from comedy before thought in fact chicken Rusu messengers of dinner of our bill help with the truth for help. So our Lana for us men from Shiva and the intercessors furnish Pharaoh so they will intercede lemma for us or not do we are sent back for now. So we will do the Euro other than a Monday which could now we were normal we do but in fact has zero they lost and first among themselves were Bella and it was lost and home from them now what kind of they were you have to rule they fabricate?

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Movie Tina was that bottle one to

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learn to

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go I was gonna

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Gemma Rufus

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work at

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Moody Remi me in let me

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walk you cannot use your body me one lady

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saw he had you learn or can live in was

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girls have Wi

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Fi it mean

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work on

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hola la Khadija Tucson has been adding

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one oh to

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202 Move

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on one

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else has

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nothing else

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Munna ha

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ha have all gone on

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too long here I love Lonnie me and Larry and I also donors

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me to hold

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on while

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you go also

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on Mana

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body me

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you seen

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this video

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oh the whole region

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hearing a Larina tocado de la who

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to do Mia

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woman can Obi

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me You mean

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hell yeah

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do we

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do lady

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Bina will have data

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We're not

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ready for

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audio fancy oh

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man can we have