Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P08 086C Tafsir Al-Anam 146-150

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What are the and upon a Latina those who had who they became Jews under your hood? What happened? How alumna we made unlawful we forbade them what color, every meaning every animal that was the lawful possessor of nail, the possessor lawful nail, meaning every animal that had a nail, that animal was forbidden up under your hood.

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The lava has to be understood, Lofa is from the letters lava rock and lava is used for such nails. Kinslow for the singular of alpha loafer is used for such a nail with witch hunting cannot be done. You know, some nails are sharp, you can say they're like claws, okay? Like, for example, that have a cat or a dog. Okay, they're sharp or a lion. And then there are some other creatures that have nails which are soft, for example, your own nails. Okay? Or, for instance, the feet, the toes of let's say, horses and goats and sheep and camels, they cannot hunt with them, their hooves, they cannot hunt with them. All right. So the look for such animals that have soft nails, all right, but

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remember that loafer is singular, it is singular. So it is referring to those animals which have one hoof, meaning a hoof that is not cloven. All right, a hoof that is not cloven. Now there are some animals amongst the anom. Amongst the grazing livestock, whose herbs are such that are split from the middle. They're split from the middle in such a way that they have to, you can say toes or three, sometimes more. And other creatures other animals are such that they have one hoof only there is no split in the middle. So for instance, in these pictures, you will see that compare the camel hoof with the goat hoof, see the camel hoof? This is the backside. All right, the camel loop, you

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see that? It's not split from the middle. It's just one. Alright. And the goat on the other hand, it has two toes, right? Do nails? Correct. So from these two animals, Which animal do you think was haram on the hood? The camel why? Because it was the low foot possessor of one hoof, meaning it was not split from the middle. So camels forbidden on the hood to eat goat on the other hand, allowed. Then compare these pictures. Look at the horse, the horse again, it is connected. You do see almost a split in the middle but it's not completely split. On the other hand, look at the sheep. Okay, the sheep hoof is again, two toes, cow again, do toes so from these animals, which ones do you think

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were halal for them to eat? cows and sheep horse? Was it halal for them to eat? No. All right. Now look at this picture. Duck. Duck has webbed feet, even though it's got three toes but still they are connected from the middle. Compare chicken on the other hand, they're separated each finger. Each dough is separate. Now again, donkey, it's all connected. It's not divided from the middle deer on the other hand, it is divided.

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So well i Lavina Hello Havana Kula these offers every animal having one door one nail, it was forbidden. And obviously this is from the Quran. This is from the grazing livestock woman and from unbuckle the cows the cows which were otherwise permissible. But from the cows there was something that was not permissible for them to eat, and not just the cows but also one linen, linen, the sheep from the cattle and the sheep have one now we forbid or lay him upon them shoe Huma Huma fat's of them to shoe whom is a plural of Sham and it's used for fat. So the fat of the animals that they could eat such as cows and sheep, the fat was not allowed, they could not use the fat. And if you

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think about it, fat is what it is basically connective tissue. This is fat is what connects the meat with the bone and connects parts of the meat with other parts of the meat. But imagine fat was not allowed for them to eat in the exact meaning except for that fat which was mad at which Hamlet it carried. What carried Lulu humor backs of them to load floor love was the whole meaning of

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The fat which was on the back of the animal, so on the backbone that they were allowed to eat, but all other kinds of fat within the cow within the sheep, they were not allowed to eat, as well as Oh, or al Hawa, Al Hawa plural of her we Yeah. And her we hear is used for small intestines. So they were allowed to eat that fat which was within the small intestines, oh or mad that which is stellato, it was mixed, if a lot of them caught lamb for it is to be mixed. So that which was mixed B of men with bone, meaning that which was closely attached to the bone, it was like part of the bone, you couldn't really separate it, that fat they were allowed to eat. So generally, animal fat

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was forbidden the meat they could have. But the fact that we're not allowed to eat, except for which fat, what do we learn over here? Which one that which was that which was on the back? Secondly, intestines, small intestines of the animal. And thirdly, that which was mixed with the bone. Now imagine this letter a girl, but then they can just eat it freely.

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Just imagine when you have any piece of meat, you can eat it so easily. You don't have to think oh, this part of it not halal. This part of it, okay, I can eat this part I cannot eat. No, when you're eating, you have the freedom to eat all of it. You don't have any restrictions. But these difficult restrictions were imposed on the yahood why? Allah says there Lika that Josie now home, we recommend to them meaning we punish them. Why be boyI him because of their bully because of their rebellion? Meaning because of their crossing the limits? Allah subhanaw taala punished them and what was their punishment that good things were made haram on them what a nerd and indeed Wheeler saw the cone

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surely ones who are truthful meaning we are truthful in this meaning what Allah is telling us about the truth as to why certain things were made haram on them. That is the true account. So what do we see over here? That a good thing about your food? Being haram for someone is not really a good sign. The machine of maca, what did they do? They forbade good things on themselves. Don't eat this animal, don't eat this sheep don't eat this camel. If it's born like this, then eat it. If it's born like that, then don't eat it. If it's the 10th born then don't eat it. All these restrictions, self imposed restrictions. They were what they were basically making themselves similar to those who were

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punished by Allah.

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Those who were punished by Allah. So this teaches is a very important lesson that we have no right to change the law of Allah. We have no right to make Halal haram and haram Hala. And if we do that, then we're imitating who we're trying to become like who people who have been punished by Allah.

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People who have been punished by Allah. So be very careful. Also, we learn that these restrictions were imposed on them. Why? Because of Yes, their general sins, but also because the Yahoo they made certain things unlawful on themselves out of extreme piety. Out of extreme piety, they said, Oh, we're too good. We want to be closer to Allah. So we're going to refrain from these things, your Cobra listener, he left certain things all right, but that was out of love for Allah like you sacrifice something that you like, in order to come closer to Allah, something is becoming a barrier between you and Allah. So you say okay, I'm gonna leave it. For instance, you have a watch, all

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right, and you earned it through Halal means you are allowed to wear it, but you feel that every time you wear it, you become very proud. So you feel that it's becoming a barrier between you and Allah. So what do you do you get rid of that watch? So that is what your Cobra listen, I'm had done that certain foods he made unlawful on himself. So then you have what did they do? They said, we're also going to leave this this, this, this this. And today also, many people there measure by it according to what food? Right, the more conservative you are, somehow you are more pious and righteous. Right? If you don't eat chips, if you don't eat cheese if you don't eat Cheetos, if you

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don't eat Doritos, you're just very bias. Why because you refrain from all sorts of cheese. Right? If you refrain from different types of food, all of a sudden people think that you're too righteous and bias. No, definitely. This is true that when a person is concerned about what he eats, this is a sign of Taqwa. But make Halal haram on yourself. That is not Aqua. That is not the Aqua decoy.

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What using what Allah has given you and staying away from what he has forbidden on you. The coil is not according to your own self made assumptions and and self made rules and regulations for yourself. And also we learned that the hood there scholars, you know, they went into such nitpicking like literally they went into so much detail, saying, Oh, this is haram, this is halal. This is how long this is how Allah, that they made religion difficult for themselves. And when they made religion difficult for themselves, it was made difficult for them. It was made difficult for them. Like for instance, there was once a time when Muslim scholars were debating whether Buraq the

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creature in which the Prophet saw a lot of sudden went on the night journey, if that is halal or haram to eat? Is it a relevant question? Because when are you going to see what luck? What are you going to catch one? And when are you going to be able to eat one? It's irrelevant to you. So going into such details going into details such as is bone marrow, halal or not? Is this part of the meat halal or not? No, if Allah has said you can eat this animal, you can eat all of it from the brain to the tongue to the intestines to the hula is you can eat all of it, it doesn't matter, eat it freely. But if you go into unnecessary details, then you are making the religion difficult upon yourself. So

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keep religion simple, when Allah has said this is halal accept it. And when he has said this is how long then stay away from it. For in so if the Buka they reject you, if the people they reject you which people the Mushrikeen they your hood, that despite you telling them Allah has allowed these animals for you to eat, still they don't listen to you, for all than you say, Rob Bukom, your Lord zu possessor, right, Martin have mercy where CR 10 The first tell them your Lord is the Possessor of great mercy. And this is the reason why he doesn't punish you instantly. That here you are eating Hassan here you are changing his laws, but yet he's not punishing you. Why? Because he is merciful.

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But don't take advantage of this. Don't think that he will leave you forever. Because Wella and not Euro do it is repelled. But so who his punishment, I'm from alone, the people oh my god mean, those who are criminals, meeting his punishment is not forever kept away from those who do wrong. Yes, for some time, Allah gives them a chance. He does not punish them instantly. But eventually his punishment does come upon them. So while you're hopeful of Allah's mercy, also fear His punishment, while you're surviving right now, despite the wrong that you're doing, and have fear, because the consequences might be very near. Say, Oh, no. Soon he will say who are Lavina? Those people who are

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Shaco data check those people who do shake, what will they say? They will present an excuse for the wrong actions for their self imposed restrictions for their self made laws in the religion. What will they say? Lo If Shah he willed Allahu Allah, if Allah wanted, man, not a shock now we associated partners. If Allah wanted, we would never have done chick. Wala, and nor Abba owner, our fathers, meaning we would never have done ship, and our parents, our ancestors, even they would never have done check. So in other words, what were they saying? If we're doing shit, and Allah did not punish us, he has let us live, then it means it's okay. Then it means Allah likes it. Because if

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it was wrong, he would have definitely punished us. He would have definitely taken our lives away, he would have definitely destroyed us. But the fact that he's letting us live, he's letting us thrive. It means that he's okay with it. And the fact that he let us do it, that means that he allows it. But this is just an excuse. Because like we learned earlier, just because Allah allow something to happen. It doesn't mean that he approves of it. What does he approve of that which He has commanded? And CIC is something that Allah has not commanded. Rather, he has forbidden this. So they will present this as an excuse. And this is an excuse that many people present for the wrongs

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that they're doing. They say, Well, if I was on the wrong religion, why would I be living? Why would God let me do this? If what I am doing is wrong? Why would Allah allow this for me? And why would Allah make it easy for me? So for example, a person starts making money through wrong ways.

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And he says, Well, look, I'm making so much money. All of a sudden I've become a millionaire.

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All of a sudden, I have so much money that I don't know what to do with it. So God must be happy with what I'm doing. You Muslims, you extremists, you're very rigid and you're very restrictive. You think interest is haram. You think such and such is wrong? No. If it was wrong, Allah would not have let me earn so much money through this way. All right, and people justify their wrong actions in this manner. But this is a lie. Because who told you that Allah is happy with you? Allah gave more wealth to fit her own. Allah give more power to fit our own. He gave more freedom to fit our own. denty he gave him more, more than you. But what was the end of it our own he was punished

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eventually. His sins, their punishment, their consequences encircled him he couldn't get out of it. So they say that low sha Allah Houma Ashoka now what about honor and they say wala and not haram now we forbade min che in from anything, meaning if Allah wanted, we would not have forbidden any of these good things on ourselves. If we made them haram on ourselves, and Allah let us that means it's okay to do that. Allah says Kedah Lika, just like that cut the Hebrew allied Alladhina those whom uncoupling him before them, the people before them presented the exact same excuse. They presented the same excuse. And we see that this excuse was presented 1400 years ago, it's presented today. And

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it was presented before the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam as well, that if we were wrong, God would not have let us do this. So this is an excuse that people present, Allah says, had that until therefore they taste it, but Santa our might, meaning the people before presented the same excuse until the punishment reached them, meaning until they suffered the punishment. So in other words, if Allah punished the people who gave the same excuse, what does that mean? That this excuse was not acceptable? What they claimed was not correct. It was a false justification. So if you make the same excuse, that is also a false justification of the wrong that you're doing. Old say, * is in the

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comb with you near you mean or ailment from knowledge meaning Do you have any knowledge, any knowledge of what of all that you say? Whether it is trick, or making certain things haram and making certain things halal? If you have any knowledge, any evidence for this photocopy Jew, then you all take it out, meaning present it Nana for us, because the machete came, like we learned earlier, they had made many good things unlawful for themselves. And at the same time, they had made many haram things lawful for themselves. And what was the reason for that? What was the proof of that, that they gave? If we were wrong, Allah would not have let us but that is not an evidence.

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That is not an evidence. If that was an evidence, then everything that happens in this world would have been correct. Whether it is *, or it is murder, or it is theft, than every evil action would have been okay. But is it okay? It's not okay. Your heart tells you it's not okay. Right? The fifth Aw, it tells you it's not okay. So, what is a valid proof for anything that you do?

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In what is a valid proof for something to be permissible or not permissible? And what is that based on Revelation, based on some revelation called * or in the community element for docread ulana. But the reality is that in not that the bureau know you all follow ilna Except of one the supposition, the reality is that you follow nothing but supposition assumption. You've assumed all of this is just your imagination. You come up with clever excuses. It's just one we're in and not unto mu Illa except the whole zone, you all guess you're just guessing over here. You don't have certainty. Things that you've made haram, you don't have certainty that they're actually haram. It's

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just your imagination, which is why you keep revising these things, you keep changing these things, if you were certain, you wouldn't change these things. Called say, family law here. So for Allah alhaja, the argument, the proof, the evidence, what is her the legal markup, it is solid proof, solid evidence for something. So Allah, He gives you solid evidence, which kind of evidence and barely the far reaching valuable bad lamb Lane bellava

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Loihi is to reach. So albala meaning that which reaches the conclusion, Allah gives you solid proof, which is conclusive, which is complete meaning when Allah gives you a Hojo when Allah gives you an evidence, then that is perfect. There is no doubt about it, it is perfect in every way. This is why it can never be refuted. It can never be disagreed with. So for example, over here, what was 100 that was presented, that you say, Allah allowed us to do this, he let us do it, so he must be happy with it. What was the evidence that Allah gave for this, that no this is wrong? Why? Because the people before you said the same thing. And at the end what happened? They were punished. So if they

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were punished, Allah is not happy with such action.

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So Paul vallila Hill, digital believer follow so if Shah, he will let her come shortly he guided you edge marine altogether. If Allah wanted, he could have guided all of you. Maybe he could have forced guidance on you. But that's not his way. He's given you freedom. He's given you the choice to do what you want to and then in the Hereafter, he will requite you for your actions. All say hello, Mama bring forward Hello mama means to present to bring forward to come. Basically it's a command that come forward. Bring Forward Come on, get up bring up so hello, Mama, bring shahada welcome your witnesses challenge the people now who have based their Deen on their whims and desires. Challenge

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these people now that bring your witnesses which witnesses Alladhina those who yesh whodunnit, they will testify. Another Indeed, Allah, Allah Halima, he forbade had this, bring forth your witnesses who will say that, yes, Allah forbid, this goat, this sheep, this camel, you know all this nonsense, bring some witnesses who will testify that Allah in fact forbade this. But the reality is that no one can testify to that. Why? Because you can only testify to something when you have knowledge, when you have some proof when you've seen it, or when you read it somewhere, when you have some evidence. And when there is no evidence, then you cannot come forward and testify in favor of

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something or against something, you have to have some kind of proof. Right? So the reality is that they have no proof. But some people, they have the audacity to lie. Correct. Even though they have no evidence, they never saw something, they will still go to court and they will say, Yes, I saw this happening. Yes, I believe that such and such person is guilty because he did such and such he said such and such whereas in reality, it didn't happen, but they're lying. Don't people lie about many cases today? Yes, they lie all the time. So some people have the audacity to lie against Allah as well lie about Allah as well. So Allah says that for instance, if Shaheed do, they testify,

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meaning they have the guts to come forward, and make this false claim that Allah has forbidden these things, fella, so do not touch her, you testify Mr. home with them, you do not agree with them. Why? Because they're lying. Well, and do not that the better you follow a word desires, and Levina of those who cut the Boo They belied Biya Tina with our versus those people who reject our verses, you don't follow their desires. Because what happens is that when everybody's saying one thing, and you're saying something different, you get influenced by them. You start feeling weak yourself, and you think I must be wrong, they must be right. The whole world is saying something else I must be

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wrong. No, you're not wrong if what you're doing is based on the book of Allah is based on the revelation that Allah has sent. So even if the whole world lies, you will not listen to them, you will not follow their vain desires will Lavina and those who learn not you may know that they believe will after in the hereafter. Those people who do not believe in the hereafter, you're not going to follow their desires either. We're home and they build up being with their Lord, ye or the loon they equate. We did this word earlier as well. It's fun, I am the Allah and that means to make equal as well. So those who said equals with Allah, you're not going to follow their desires either.

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So three types of people are mentioned over here. Those who reject our versus those who don't believe in the hereafter. And those who said partners with Allah. When you come across such people, be conscious, be alert. Don't follow their desires. Rather over here, what will you find?

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No, whatever the Allah subhanaw taala has commanded. And the thing is that once you are convinced of what Allah has commanded what he has legislated, when you are confident about that, then no matter what the whole world says, You will do it. Right, who presents excuses, who gets convinced by others who becomes weak in his determination and his resolve? Someone who does not have your clean, right, someone who doesn't have that determination to do what he believes in, you know, like, if you really value your work, if you believe that what you're doing is worth doing, then no matter what the whole world tells you, you're not going to stop it. Whether they pay you for it or they don't pay you for

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it, whether they support you or they don't support your you're not going to leave your work, you're still going to do it. And if you yourself are shaky, then the slightest comment right the slightest you know lack of support, what will that do? It will weaken you and you will give up. So at the end what is needed is the opinion on your part. I am going to follow what Allah has legislated Halal is what He has declared Halal and Haram is what He has declared haram and I am a servant of Allah. So that is what I will do. Even if the whole world follows a different philosophy even if the whole world practices something different it doesn't matter that's listen to the recitation well I

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don't know how cooler the lawful Wamena body one one me how one now. Here's your whole Mahoma.

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