Mufti Menk – School Children’s Talk

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of living in a world where everyone earns their own money and provides stable life. They also emphasize the need to earn their own money and not give up on one's responsibilities. The importance of preparing for meetings and giving a gift is emphasized, as well as the importance of working hard and earning rewards. The speakers stress the need to learn from the Prophet Muhammad and not give up on one's responsibilities.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Mashallah Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah.

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I just want to correct something right.

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It's you who is special. That's why I'm here. Okay, I just landed not too long ago and they told me would you speak to some people? And I said Yes, I will.

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Because I knew you were going to be here right? Mashallah. May Allah bless us all and grant us Jenna. My beloved sisters, my brothers, my dearest children. Today is a beautiful day because Do you know why it's a beautiful day?

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Why is today a beautiful day?

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of Allah. Allah May Allah made a beautiful day that's right Anyone else?

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Why is today a beautiful day? Yes.

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It's sunny that's also quite correct yes, yes.

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It's not raining that's also correct. Yes. It's not dark all of that is correct. Yes.

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Mashallah, because you're here that's why Mashallah yes we are going to say something Who else wants to add their

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Mashallah, I want to tell you Everyone was correct yes. What do you want to see? Everybody's happy Mashallah, come inside? What's your name? Come and have a seat. There is a seat right here for VIPs here. My Shama. What is your name?

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Say it again? Idris Mashallah beautiful. Let me tell you today we're alive. We're breathing. We're here, right? Some people, they they're not alive. They're not breathing. They're not here, right? It means Allah gave us this day and he kept us alive in this day. But we know, one day we're gonna go back to Allah, right? I'm going to go, you're gonna go, everyone else is going to go back to Allah. So

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how old are you?

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Where were you? 10 years ago?

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Okay, how old are you? Where were you? 11 years ago?

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For two years? No way.

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I wasn't. Where were you? How old are you? Where were you? 15 years ago?

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We were with a law. That's where we were. Did you hear what I said? Where were we? If someone asks you, how old are you? And you give them your age? And they say two years before you were born? Where were you? The answer is I was with Allah.

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And if someone has died, and you were asked, Where did they go? What do you say?

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They are gone back to Allah. Right? When someone passes away, there is a small statement we say in Arabic, if I give you news, a sudden suddenly someone passed away. What's the first thing you're going to say?

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In na inner,

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inner Allahu ala Rajan. You know what it means? We come from Allah in the first place, and we're

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going to go back to Allah. Okay. So Allah says, when you came into this world, I need you to do two things. Are you guys listening? I need you to do two things, right?

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You need to remember where you came from and where you're going. Number one, number two is while you here you're going to need to live. So you have to earn your life. Right? Which means you're going to have to go to school you're going to have to get a job you're going to have to work you're going to have to earn you're going to have to get married you're going to have to have children, you How many of you guys want to have children put up your hand. Who Mashallah kids one kids. Okay, put your hands down. That's beautiful, right? I tell you what, you're going to get married inshallah you have children and you want grandchild. How many grandchildren Do you want to be a grandpa?

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No, you want to be a grandpa yourself? Put up your hands. Mashallah, that's beautiful beaut, it's nice to be a grandpa with your round glasses on your nose and you sit back with your gray hair and you've got your grandkids running around you know, Mashallah beautiful. Can I tell you something?

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You have to live in this world. But you have to remember that

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Allah wants you to always

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bear in mind that one day, you have to go back to the same Allah you were with before you came here, right?

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Can you remember the time you were with a lab before you were born? Can you remember that time? No, we can't remember it. But we know where we are right now. And we also know that we don't know where we were right? We know that we don't know, right? If someone were to tell you, you know, you were in a garden, you used to

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have so much fruit with you and so on. You're going to look at them and see what are you talking about? I can't remember a thing, right? You just have to say I was with Allah. And I'm going back to Allah. So I have two or three questions before I asked you if you have any questions. So my questions. Why do you have to earn a salary or money while you're here on earth? Yes.

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What do you mean?

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To buy food and water? Okay, so I have to earn a salary to buy food and water. Why do I have to buy food and water? Can I just get handouts? Mashallah human appeal should give me right?

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Why do I have to? Yes.

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Not all the time people can come and give you and go. That's correct. But let's hear what someone else has to say.

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You want to earn to be able to give not only take Mashallah powerful answer someone else. Anyone wants to say something? Yes.

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When you don't have any food at home, so you earn in order to buy the food and drink. And like we said, Why you buy the food and drink to be able to eat and to be able to give others Okay, put your hands down. So

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the first answer was to be able to live, right? That's what you said.

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To be able to live, how long are you going to live for?

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If I were to ask you, okay, tell me when do you want to die? At what age? Do you want to die? What are you going to see? What are you going to see? What age do you want to die? Like at this age? I don't mind dying. What age would that be? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me

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to see how much

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how old would you be? And then you say okay, that's fine. Now I can die. Okay, how old? Yes, yes.

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Any age?

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Oh, you mean any age? Oh, that's a brave answer. Yes. Any age?

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revising upwards a little bit because I'm already there.

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Okay, yes.

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La Ilaha Illa. La, okay, which means you don't want to die.

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No, no, no, let's be really just put it put a finger like, What? What's a reasonable life? Like if someone lived long? What's that? Like? Roughly? How many years is that? Yes.

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That's a correct answer. But I wanted an eight. I just want you to give a rough estimate. When do you think you'd like to go? It's a clear question. Yes.

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Excellent. Excellent response. Maybe 75. Not bad. Yes. 80 excellent. Yes.

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Oh, Keynesian?

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Yes. 10 zillion seconds. That's right. That's right. 10 zillion seconds old. Okay, yes.

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No, be realistic. Come on. Yes.

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100. That's a very good age. Okay, put your hands down. Right. So I'm going to go to work. I'm going to work hard. I'm gonna earn money. I'm gonna earn How much do you want to learn quickly? Tell me how much do you earn? Yes.

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How much do you want to earn?

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How much do you want to earn?

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1000. How much do you earn? How much do you wanna?

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How much do you want to earn?

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How much do you want to earn? Thank you. 1 billion, 1 billion is a good answer. Put your hands down. So I'm gonna go I'm gonna work hard. I'm gonna earn I'm going to earn a billion. I'm going to live for 100 years and then what will happen after that? I'm going to

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do that die. It's a good age, you earned a lot of money. You gave a lot of charity. You did a lot of things and then you die. When I die. What will happen to my job?

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It's gone. What

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What happened to my money? It's gone. What will happen to me? What will happen to my family?

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They will remain right, I will be

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gone. Where did I go? What did we say?

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To Allah? So Allah will tell me, okay? You worked so hard. You got money to live your life when you were on earth? What did you do to prepare for the day? That you were going to meet me meaning Allah?

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Now to answer that, to answer that, you have to realize,

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you know what?

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I need to read, I need to learn, I need to understand

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where I came from, where I'm going, and what's the whole purpose of being on earth? You know, some people die very young, some people die old. No one has an exact figure like his answer. When I first asked, How long do you want to live for? He said, any age, right? Which means whatever Allah wants, right, even the someone else said the same thing. I tell you what, a loser is not the one who didn't get a billion.

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a loser is the one who forgot to prepare for the meeting with Allah. That's a loser. So if I work hard, and I want to earn a billion, Allah might allow me to have the billion, right. If you work hard, and you do big business here in Adelaide, I think there'll come a time when you have to shift to Sydney, because Adelaide is too small, right? Because everybody will buy your apples that you're selling, and you still have another million apples, what are you going to do with them? You have to send them off to Sydney, right? Because there there will be enough people to pay you apples. Just an example. Right? You might have to, you might like the life here in Adelaide, it's quite nice,

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actually, you know, then. So you might just send people with trucks with your apples. And you might just buy some jets and send them by plane to another country, right? You're a rich man. But all those apples will not help you. If you didn't prepare for the day you meet with Allah. What's the point of having 1 billion I worked hard only to live one life that life was so short, it was only 100 years.

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When did the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him come? Wasn't it 1400 years ago, right? 1400 years ago, so if people lived, it would be 15 generations down if all of them had an age of beyond 90. You see the point 15 generations. So father, grandfather, great grandfather, great, great grandfather, great, great, great grandfather, great, great, great, great grandfather and so on. Right? I skipped one. But anyway, that's how it is it goes on. So I tell you, you have to if you want to prepare for the meeting with Allah, you just pray five times a day. Do you know what the prophet Allah sallallahu Sallam says, when you get up for Salah to the future, and you read your son, it's better

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than the whole world and what it holds. If you were given that

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surgery room in the dunya mafia,

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if you get a for salah and you start off with two sooner, it's better for you. In the eyes of Allah, then the whole world

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and whatever is in it, if it was to be given to you, the to record is better. If someone tells you I give you a billion dollars, just don't do your job today. Which one has more value? The billion or the two records of federal

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law he the two records. If you don't have a billion you're still gonna eat eggs, right? You're still gonna have your breakfast you still gonna have you might not have had a billion I don't need a billion because in my life, I'm never going to spend a billion. I've met a few people who are billionaires, right? And trust me, their life is very simple, very simple. They eat the same food I eat, you eat, we all eat and so on. So the successful billionaires are those whom like he said, they give others they give you got 2 billion in order to give most of it away. So panela you understand what I mean? You're helping poor people. So when you want to meet with Allah, you're going to take

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to him a gift, what's the gift, here's all my prayers, here's all my charities. Here's all my fasting, here's all my current here's all my goodies. Here's all my what I didn't do bad these heretics and so on and allow will be so happy, then he will give you eternal happiness. You know what eternal happiness means forever and ever and ever and ever. You're going to be happy.

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doesn't stop.

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So who wants that?

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Mashallah, I wanted to put your hands down guys. That's why you seated here today at the Arabic school learning Quran.

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learning things. So some people think that it's not important, but trust me, because you believe and you know that, hey, don't fool yourself. Where was I two years before I was born? Where am I going to be two years after I die? Or even the moment I die? I'm going to go back to Allah, right? So because of that we need to prepare, in order to prepare, we're seated here. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for all of us say I mean.

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So we're gonna work hard inshallah.

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To get a good job, you have to work hard. And to get paradise you have to work even harder. And Sharma is eternal, right? Okay, who wants to ask? Good questions?

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Yes. Why did you choose this? I didn't choose it. Allah chose it.

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I can explain why. When I was young, I actually I, my father was the one who chose a lot for me, I started doing hip like memorize the plan at a very early age. When I was nine, I started when I finished that, I think the age of 11. And I learned started learning books and all that with my father who was a mammogram he was an amendment machine. And he has his own madrasa and schools going. So as I grew older, I also went to school and I continued, and there was a time when I wanted to become an ophthalmologist. And suddenly, I, Allah chose a path for me. And I ended up in Medina. And I ended up

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forgetting about what I wanted to do. And I just followed this path that I was on already. So hamdulillah Initially, it was a bit of a struggle, but you know what, people came and reminded us, just like, I've come to you to remind you today, and that was a good encouragement. And what I believe today is you don't have to only do you see, I'm going to tell you something, you're a little bit older than these youngsters. But I can tell you guys who are a little bit older, something very interesting. Try to lead your life in a way that you have your own income, your own income.

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And still you can do the work of the deen of Allah relying on your own money from your pocket? Not from someone else. So if you're a mom of a Masjid, who doesn't take a salary from that question, you far more effective than any member of the masjid who takes a salary from the same machine. I've never ever to this day taken a penny for the work of the dean I've done not one cent

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You see, because my income where I get my money from is totally separate from the work I'm doing now. Completely something else altogether.

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It's also Allah so it's very interesting for me to let you know that that work hard It doesn't mean quit your studies to become a chef. I think if you want to become a chef and handler is good, but try and have a little business or something on the side that's that would actually help you to earn May Allah make it easy for you? Yes, anyone wants to ask another question and then I need to go Sharma

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Do you have a question?

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I think

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okay, yes, holiday.

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My Shall I Can I come with you to Queensland?

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Okay, I'll stay in Kingsland, then okay.

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