Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 077A Translation Al-Maidah 109-120

Taimiyyah Zubair
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So I've already called whatever the law here we'll go through

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the hurdle with a Sunday or Laura Sweeting And Kareem and my Bar Mitzvah or bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, or Beshara li Saudi were Sidley Emery. Well Hello Dr. Melissa Annie of Kahu Kohli. Robin has it in our in

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lesson number 77. Similar to my either, I am number 109 to 120.

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TRANSLATION Yoma en de Yeji Maru, He will gather. Allahu Allah of Missoula, the messengers, fire Kulu so he will say, Mother, what is that? Would you tell them you all were answered?

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Kalu they said, law not Elma. Any knowledge learner for us. In NACA, indeed you you only are the one who is most knowing who you have the unseen hands. It when Allah He said, Allahu Allah. Yeah. Oh, Isa reciting Salam epner Son, Marina of Maria. Both good you remember, near Mati my blessing or Laker upon you? War Allah and upon Wiley, the thicker your mother. It when a year took her, I strengthened you Biru hate with spirit and kudos, the holy the pure. Token LIMU you speak a NASA to the people fi in alma de the cradle, WA and gala in maturity. What if and when our LEM Toka I taught you al Kitab the Book will Hekmatyar and the wisdom what the raw data and the Torah will injeel and

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the Injeel where it and when the local you create men from a plane the clay can hate it like shape like form a lady of the bird the evening with my permission for 10 for home, then you blow fee have in it for the corner so it becomes Tyronn a bird be evening with my permission. What to do, and you heal. ACMA her the born blind. Well, Herb rasa and the leper be izany with my permission. What if and when to Who do you take out a motor the dead ones be easily with my permission where if and when guff after I stopped I restrained Bernie children Israel Isla of Israel eel Anca from you is when Geeta whom you came to them build a unit with the clear proofs for color so he said Alladhina those

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who go through the disbelieved men home from them in not Heather this Illa except sarin Imagic, we've been one open when explicit. Were in and when Oh, hi to I inspired Illa to Al Hawa Regina, the Hawaii Jean, the disciples, and that, you know, you all believe, be with me, while Bill Zuly and with my messenger are Lou they said, Amanda we believed was had and you bear witness be Anana that indeed we mostly moon are ones who submit it when Allah He said, Al Hawa unit the disciples year or ISA reciting Salam epner Son, Maruyama of Medina, * is yesterday. He is able, he is capable, Rob Booker Europe and that unis Zilla He sends down our Lena upon us ma eaten a table spread with food

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or my irritant simply food. Men from a summer the sky corner he said it the coup you all fear Allah Allah if control you were meaning ones who believe are new. They said newly do we want on that note cooler we eat minha from it. What and document in it is satisfied. It is content Toluna our hearts we're not alone and we know and that part in fact, Sudoku Tana, you spoke truth to us when Hakuna and we become our lay her upon it. Men from a share he then those who are witnesses. Corner he said isa reciting Salam IGNOU Mariam son of Miriam, Allah Houma. Oh Allah, what are by now our up until you sent down Elena

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upon us metadata in a table spread with food, men from a summer the sky, the Kulu it will be learner for us re then a festival. Leah Wehlener for first of us what arena and last of us what a attend and a sign Minka from you. What zakenna And you provide us will enter and you Jairo. Best a Rosalyn, those who provide

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Allah He said Allahu Allah in may indeed a Munna xinha one who sends it down, or lay come upon you for months so whoever you work for he disbelieves Bardot after men come from you. For me so indeed i are the people who I shall punish him, or the abun a punishment, learn not or the Boo I shall punish it that hadn't anyone men from an either mean the world's what if and when Allah He said, Allahu Allah. Yeah, or ISA recyling Salam epner Mariam, son of Maria. Oh did and thank you Alta, you said Linares to the people. It definitely Dooney you all take me You all make me we're OMYA and my mother in law Haney do God's men from Duni besides Allahu Allah, Allah He said Subhana Allah glorified Are

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you or your glory, ma not your corner. It is Lee for me. And that Akula I say ma what laser it is not leave for me they help them at all any right? In if gone to I was told to who I said it. For God then in fact or Linda who you knew it. Darla Moo you know ma what fee is in nap see my soul? Whether or not are the more I know ma what fee is in nap sick your soul in meta indeed you and you only allow one who is most knowing who you have the scenes. Man I'm not going to I said LA home to them except ma what a martini you ordered me be with it. And that are voodoo you will worship Allah Allah or be my Arab world back home and you're welcome to and I was or laying him upon them Shahidan a

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witness, madam to as long as I remained fee him in them. Phenomena so when there were faith any you took me fully content you were under you only a rookie, the one who watches or lay him upon them will enter and you either upon Kali every che and things Shahidan a witness in if they boom you punish them for in the home then indeed the rubber duck your servants were in and if the affair you forgive the home for them for in Mecca then indeed you enter you only Aziz the always Almighty and Hakeem the always always honor he said Allahu Allah, Heather this yo mo de un firm, it will benefit it will profit or saw the theme those who are truthful sit go home their truth the home for them

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Ginetta gardens that God it flows men from that area underneath it and how the rivers Holly Dena ones abiding eternally free her in it I bother forever but other year he was pleased Allahu Allah are in home from them were and Rabu they were pleased and who from him? Then he got that and follows the success or leave the Most Great Lila he for Allah Maluku Kingdom possession a similarity of the heavens will help and the earth warmer and whatever Finn is in them were who and He is Allah upon Kali every che in thing pudieron always all April

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let's listen to the recitation.

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Yo man

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would you be

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if Paul Allah

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God that he can do

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you took me a

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shake my

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energy wave

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three mica hey I

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need for coffee

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the evening to bury

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me wave to

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be hidden me why because up to Bernie is

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lock all

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moving way to

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be you are you're also only borrow

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me more

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still do have yoga Xena You

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mean a summer

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meaning all Pallotti new cool I mean what's

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I mean Ushahidi boy borderies

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et now

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goes on our

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18 ball along me Mona Z

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for me

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knee why did

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does he do only your own me

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all as

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e we have

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to move on

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See you

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me you ought

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to be him

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and he did it while

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hockey all along

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the home

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did you really mean the *

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does you renew

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all the young loved one who was the one who

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was the

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on the

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