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The speakers discuss the pleasures and pleasures of the life of the hereafter, including harvesting crops, wealth, and joy. They stress the importance of understanding the natural beauty of the land and not being discouraged by pleasures. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not realizing the bounty of Islam and achieving goals with this knowledge.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to your show in the light of the plan, today we have a new life that we will take inshallah, from the Quran tries to benefit from it. So why to live in this light, so that we can see this life in the right or on the right perspective. And, specifically, this verse today or these, this number of these few verses that we will take today, talk about the reality of this life and how we should deem it, how we should see it and understand it because this will lead us to the ultimate success that these verses actually end with talking about the good end, that Allah has prepared for the ones who perceive this life correctly. And act

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according to this light that we will take from these verses. This was done we take it from source units or units the surah of prophet Jonah peace be upon him. It's a beautiful surah gives us a lot of wisdoms, but today our choice which we chose this one actually and it was very powerful and it's very helpful for Muslims to get by in this life successfully. inshallah, so they achieved the ultimate ultimate goal which is to enter Paradise. We'll start with the residential estates inshallah, then we will delve into these wisdoms and treasures

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Welcome back. So this wonderful light, contains a lot of wisdom from the Quran from this wonderful surah. Allah gives us the example or the similitude of this life so that we can perceive it, or understand it the right way, the way Allah wants us to see it. Because so many people get attached to this world,

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the hearts become so much attached to the pleasures of this life. But this should not be the case of the Muslim Muslims understand that this life is very short. And we are here only for a lot of testers. And the only way to pass this test is to understand the reality of this life and act accordingly. Because our sights, our heart should be attached to the life of the hereafter life in Paradise, because this life is nothing. It is not even. It's not even equal in the sight of Allah. It's not equal to the Wink of a mosquito, it's nothing. And Allah said that this life is cursed. Everything in it is cursed, except for the remembrance of Allah and anything that is related to it,

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or anything that emanates from it. So this should be our perception of this life. And this is how we should act.

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So this, these words will actually tell us and teach us how to deal with this life. And that says, The similitude of this life is all the similitude of this world is like that of water, rain that we sent down as rain. And then it mixes with the soil are with the judge of this, of this earth of the ground of the earth. And then what happens, the Earth is revived with this water. So vegetation grows, crops, grow trees, greenery, all that goes with it. So the earth comes back to life, again, because of this rain because of this water. So it produces crops for people and for the cattle to eat, we have fruits, vegetables, oh, everything that we harvest, that everything that we take from

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the plants, and then we eat it, and we benefit from it as food and as nutrition for us. So all this life, all this beauty that the Earth, you know, assumes all this beauty that it assumes and takes from the rain, the life that it takes from the rain, all of it brings happiness to the light to the hearts of people, the people start to say, to see it's adornments, how beautiful the greenery is how beautiful this land is so wonderful. So the house tend to be attached to it. We are human beings well inclined to this life naturally, we like the temporary pleasures that we have, within our reach. This is the problem we forget about the reality. But Allah is opening our eyes to the reality

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of this life. So Allah says, and when the people think that they have gained mastery over this beauty over this greenery over this earth, and its vegetation and its crops, when they think that they have have gained mastery over it. And they have achieved a lot of crops, a lot of wealth that Allah says maybe one day or one night, Allah will send his destruction upon it, and it will be destroyed by rain or storms or whatever. And we have seen this. So many times when people are very attached to their lives, then hurricane comes and destroys whole city or whole state or old country. People thought that they have gained mastery over life. And they have achieved real affluence and

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high standards of living. And they don't need to think about the creator or about the reality of this life. Then Allah sends hurricanes upon them storms that destroy the their achievements, they destroy the beauty and adornment of this life, to remind them about the reality of it. It's soon it will be destroyed, very soon it will be destroyed. So don't be attached to it. It's not your fault, you will find out about you will not dwell here forever. You will leave this world very soon. So we should open our eyes to this fact to this wisdom. You see how the plan tells us about the reality of this life. These are the wisdoms of the plan. So from now on, when you achieve some kind of

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privilege in this life, like when you get a very good job, don't be so much attached to it. Don't think this your ultimate goal, when you have a wonderful family, wonderful kids, a wonderful house or mansion or a villa. Don't be attached to it. Because it's a luck and destroy it very easily.

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When you have something wonderful of this life, always find a love for it. And be mindful, be aware that it is from Allah. It's not your own merit that brought these things to you. It's not your skills. It's not your excellence that brought this, these pleasures and these achievements, you know, it is the mercy of realize the bounty of Allah. So thank Allah for it, and use it as a means to arrive at paradise to get closer to Allah. This is how we should act as Muslims. This is the wisdom of today that we can take from this wonderful sort of analysis. So this vegetation, this beauty of the land, a lot can destroy it in one night or one day in one minute in the blink of an

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eye. It can be total destruction, that Allah says, verse we clarify our signs, we make them clear to the people of understanding people who use their minds. Then Allah says, Allah calls you to the Land of Peace, to the home of peace, which is paradise. So a lot of minds us, don't be attached to this life, your real life will be in the hereafter and alive according to calling you to the best life which is the life of Paradise, the pleasures of Paradise, the eternal blessing, the eternal bliss that Allah prepared for the righteous people. Then Allah says for the people who do well the people who perfect actions, who achieve done in this world, and who do not get themselves attached to this

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life and its pleasures. For them, they will be the best end which is alpha snap, which is paradise which is gender, and they will have extra What is this extra, Allah will grant him the pleasure and the honor of looking at the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this pleasure will be greater than everything the believers will get

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in Paradise, this is the greatest pleasure, the greatest blessing that Allah gives the righteous people when they enter Paradise we asked Allah to make us from those to grant us this wonderful pleasure to see his face and to converse with him privately in paradise. After inshallah we have passed the test that we are in at the moment, then Allah says, and the people, those who will enter Paradise, there will be no human humiliation on their faces, they will, the faces will be radiant, and these are the people who will dwell in paradise forever, then Allah gives the example of the parallel of the people who did not understand the reality of this life, that it is a fleeting aim,

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that it is not the real life that we should be attached to. Those people attach their hearts to this life, Allah says, These people did evil, because their attachment to this life will make them selfish, it will make this life their their ultimate goal and the reality of the reality of their life will be actually because the house will be attached to this life, their conduct will be a reflection of that selfishness. The end justifies the means these are so very, very kind of low attitudes that the Muslims should keep away from. So Allah says these people who followed this way who did not understand the reality of this life, their faces will be humiliated on the Day of

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Judgment, and they will have no protector from the punishment of Allah. And it is like on the Day of Judgment, they will look like as if pieces of darkness have been cast on the faces, because they realized at that moment, they realized that they wasted their lives, that they did not understand life as they should have done. And Allah says, the Abode will be the Hellfire, they will dwell there forever. Now, the wisdom that we can take from this wonderful verse from the surah of Jonah. So if you want us peace be upon him is that do not be deceived by the pleasures of this life, every pleasure of this life will come to an end. So the real achievement we can achieve are more deeds

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more credit that we get with a last panel Taylor, when we get the pleasure of a lot, this is the one the solid achievement, but the pleasures of this world the achievements of this world, the world the A's are nothing because at one moment that can be destroyed. This should be always present on our minds that we should keep. We should be mindful of that all the time, so that inshallah we achieve our goal which is to enter Paradise and see the face of our last panel to Allah. Until we meet next time with another light with another wisdom from the Quran. I leave you in the care of our last panel with Allah, I say Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh