Virtue of Jumu’ah in Ramadan on a odd Night! SPECIAL

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The transcript describes a practice where participants take turns counting up to 10 in a row. The practice is meant to be a distraction but is ultimately rewarded with a reward. The participants discuss the importance of not being engaged in anything other than a busy day and the need to practice commitment to receive a reward.

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Today Subhanallah we have one of the or tomorrow we have

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one of the great very great opportunities very unique opportunities. What is it

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we have tomorrow Juma and Ramadan

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Even though time Rahim Allah Allah says Juma in the weekdays is like Ramadan in the month in the whole year.

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Can you see that Joomla in the weekdays is like Ramadan within the entire year means what? Its virtues.

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So he said Yo Ma should be a day of a badass Ramadan is a day of what have a big even sadaqa during Juma is multiplied the number of times as sadaqa in Ramadan is what multiplied number of times the reward of it. So imagine we have Juma and what Ramadan

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Yeah, so brothers sisters, I really advise you to minimize being engaged in anything other than certain a Baghdad Yeah, all of our life is bad including voting.

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Voting is a bad

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Of course everything is a bad if you do it with the right intention everything is a bad however, there are general Ibadat and there are what is specific a certain a guy that Allah Allah Allah likes them in certain times. So the general Ibadah and the specific the specific a Buddha Yeah, is those a badass that are similar to what the five daily prayers Yeah, sorry, the five or can shahada 10 Salah Zakka cm and had so we need to increase those specific a bidat in your volume Ah, yeah, even Ever

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Note I am Rihanna Allah's dalla said, in

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Ramadan, we have Laylatul Qadr

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in Yama, Yama, and we have what?

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Uh huh.

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cyclicity Jabba the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Yo Majumdar is 12 hours. One hour is what is a time Allah, Allah Allah accepts that dua no matter what you ask Allah, Allah Allah for.

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He will accept it and you will answer you will go in one direction it is between when the Imam goes to the member until he gives salah. Yeah, between the and in one direction just before what, before Nazareth. And we attended many of the scholars. When did they pray? Asad Yeoman Juma? They do nothing but the station being a station in their place until what until the mockery of the Juma

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Yeah, I remember even one of our Messiah because He was a traveling and so I came to he gave me Sarah very quick Salaam and he looked at his watch means

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quickly is not the time for that. Yeah, because it is a very very precious time. Yeah, so let us do this practice. Inshallah after answer tomorrow, we just remain seated. Everyone engaged in Doha, in particular liqueur and Salah and salam ascending salah, and salam upon the process. Yeah, well I Allah Allah, Allah is giving us free free the word free. Yeah, we don't need to do that much and we will get it inshallah once we die. We will see it and we wish if we were doing more okay. And the

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last thing is one of the scholars say the Raja will humbly he says, if the night of Juma is an odd night is one of the ordinates then there is a higher possibility that that night is the night of al Qaeda.

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okay. It is attributed to Vinnie Tamia, but it is not any we did not find it in the books have been Tamia, but it is attributed to the rideable humble. Yeah. You said if there

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Orgonite happens to be in a Luma or the night of angioma then the possibility of it to be what Leila told other is what? Higher so it is tonight Subhanallah just easy, easy reward easy to work. All what we need to do is what?

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dedicate the committed more. Yeah, and tighten our belt. Inshallah we will do that in sha Allah. Yeah. And especially we all know that sending Salah and salam upon the prophets Allah Allah Allah CLM Yama, Yama is what more virtuous than sending Salah and salam upon the prophesy Selim and any other day. So let us have some commitment to do methylene 1000 times sending Salah and salaam upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam something like let's say Allahumma salli wa salam ala Rasulillah.

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Yeah, and not to keep your mouth shut. Yeah, try a llama seducing Manos with a normal solution.

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Yeah, even when we eat to try to remind each other to send Salah and Salem upon the prophets as Allah may Allah Allah accepted it from all of us brothers. Okay, sisters, Colosse. Just a few days purify your hearts, repent to Allah, Allah, Allah. May Allah Allah Allah accepted from all and may Allah Allah Allah Allah look at us, maybe this night, or maybe tomorrow? Yeah. And he sees that we came to the masjid. We are begging him. Yeah, he will say, look, all of you are free from hellfire.

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Because Allah Allah Allah Allah frees people from hellfire, what? Every single day may Allah Allah Allah, Allah My name is Luca BS medical personnel. How you Yatta you love Manana. Then Nana shadow neck interlock law

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and for the summit la de la mia dwelling unit what a Nicola who for when I had Allah in earnest Erica nanosci hacia we have the hill Block Party Miguel if he had any hola in Dallas Eric. How are you? Aloha manana and tourtiere by the power button I mean Allah Allah magically Harbin I mean not Allah Maya UEL for you Allah they are here for you to recall what they call the inner will Maha Tina what why Nina webinar in a webinar Tina was reacting Omar Sharif la Mata to recover them in and not

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to panic a Napa nominal body mean a lot of Muslim he was sending Mubarak

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rather it used

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be them

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well known when when now me and Cebu fable be well.

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The N Cata loony carry the N

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Rooney yeah carry