Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P06 068C Tafsir Al-Maidah 3

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Now earlier we learned a General Command concerning what was halal. And what was that that oh * let lecan behemoth and underarm they're all halal for you except for that which is recited to you

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were in the Quran in different sutras, but also over here. Over here also a list of haram things have been mentioned in particular meat. So how they Mata Aleikum, it has been made haram for you meaning it is haram for you to eat. And by the way, it has been made haram by who? By Allah subhanaw taala and who does you refer to believers? So Holy Mother Aleikum, it is haram for you to eat. First of all, Al May.

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Mehta from me, Walter, what does Mater mean? dead animal. So any animal that has died, a natural death, or let's say caused by someone else, that animal is not fit for eating. So basically, if an animal is not slaughtered properly, and dies because of other reason, it was electrocuted. Or for example, it fell and it died or it became sick and it died. Then such animals are not fit for eating, all dead animals are forbidden. So the only animal is halal is which one that which is killed in the proper way. According to Islamic rules, what are those rules inshallah we will study about them. So all dead animals are haram. Let me ask you a question to see if you've understood

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this properly or not.

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You go to a restaurant over here. It's not a restaurant that says very clearly halal. They don't serve halal meat. And there is meat over there. Let's say chicken. Do you eat it? Or do you not eat it? No. Why? Because it was not slaughtered properly. It didn't come from an animal that was slaughtered properly. People say Oh, I look it out.

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That Oh, this is the land of the alligator. This is a land of the people of the book. So Christians and Jews live with regret. How do you know that there was a Christian man who slaughtered the animal? How do you know there was a Jewish man who slaughtered the animal? Do you have any idea what happened to slaughterhouses? Do you have any idea how they're killed? Animals are generally stunned. And then they're just chopped up.

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They're usually stung a little bit of blood as metaphor sometimes and that's it? Is the name of Allah pronounced? No. So it will be considered my death in

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Islam with some people, they say Sheikh back home, he said you can say the smell and eat everything.

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Okay, this is an incorrect interpretation of a hadith that is reported by Aisha Lorna, in which we learned that so many people were embracing Islam, right. And they will bring meat, sometimes to the house of the prophets of Allah said, I'm sorry, I should have a lower angle. She asked the Prophet Salas and let people bring me to us and we don't know if they have slaughtered it properly or not. So he said, Don't worry, they say Bismillah and eat it. Why? He didn't say say Bismillah to make that meat halal. What he meant was the trust a Muslim if he brings me to you that he has slaughtered the animal properly. It didn't mean that say Bismillah. Now to make that meat halal. That meant Go

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ahead and eat it. say Bismillah and eat it means go ahead and eat it trust the Muslim if he or she has brought me to you.

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So Mehta is what the animal which is not killed, according to Islamic rules. So it has died a natural death, it has had an accidental death. It has been tortured and killed or whatever, any other way other than the correct way of killing the animal. Secondly, what dumb and the blood? Which blood is this? flowing blood running blood streaming blood, or blood liquid blood literally, that is something that we cannot consume. The media means to bleed. So for example, when an animal is bleeding, that blood cannot be consumed by people and the blood which remains in the flesh or let's say around the bones. What about that blood?

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Recently, I was cooking chicken I was baking it actually okay. And I took it out of the oven and I flipped it. And as I did all of a sudden there is a gush of blood. Oh, it looks so weird to see all that blood pouring out. But is that haram? No, it's not. Why? Because their blood stayed with the meat around the bone in the flesh in the veins after the animal was slaughtered. Because when the animal is slaughtered, blood is made to run out but you can't completely drain the blood off the meat. Okay, you can't drain it out completely. So some will remain that

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which remains it is Hello. So if you're having chicken or something and you take a piece of meat off, and if you see red red, don't say you don't say haram, you can eat it.

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So what them

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before we move on, remember that there are some exceptions from the meter. And there are some exceptions from the blood, meaning certain kinds of maker are halal for us to eat. In a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said we were allowed to dead animals and two kinds of blood.

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As for the two dead animals, they are fish and locust. Fish and locust. Why fish? Because you can't catch a fish and slaughter it. Okay, when you take it out of the water, it's going to die. Okay, and it'll die itself, even if you don't slaughtered and how would you slaughter it? How would you slaughter it? I mean, where's the neck that you're going to cut? Where's the jugular vein that you're going to find in order to cut you can't do that.

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So fish, you don't slaughter but rather you eat when it's dead? Even if you find it dead floating on the surface of the water. Even if you find a big whale stuck on the beach.

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So basically, it was not caught by someone. It just died itself. You can still eat of it. And secondly, Gerrard locusts, what is it? Do you know what locust is?

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You know, this hadith is document it's a kind of an insect. So that also how can you slaughter you can't slaughter? And how can you even catch in the first place? The only time you would find locusts in the desert was that if there was a heat wave or something or a swarm of locusts that went by then some of them would die, and they'd be found baked literally in the desert because of the desert heat baked on sand.

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So there are permissible you can eat them like that. And what I'm at the money as for the two kinds of blood than they are the liver and the spleen. Obviously, it's not literally blood, but these two organs, they contain a lot of blood. So you are allowed to eat it.

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Well NZD and the flesh of the swine, then this means the entire pig, its flesh, it's bad, it's feed its skin, everything is haram, you can't eat it. Whether it's the main ingredient or the sub ingredient of a particular meal, you can't eat it, whether the pig was slaughtered properly, or it was killed. It doesn't matter it is haram. Why? Because it is not part of behemoth Al Anon which are halal. It's not considered part of the Quran. Why? Because it is not a neuron, a neuron or her herbivores, they eat only herbs, grass, leaves, etc. But a big on the other hand eats anything that it finds. Recently, I read in the news not recently a while ago, there was a man who lived on a farm

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and he could not be found. And then they found his dentures and a piece of his belt that was metal or something like that, by the place where his pigs were. That's all they could find. And the only thing that they could say was the pigs perhaps attacked him and they ate him. So pigs basically eat everything. So it's not a herbivore, it's not considered behemoth of an arm. And the thing is that what you eat has an effect on you

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all the animals that are halal, you will notice that they are very humble in their nature. Look at a goat or sheep a cow despite its huge size, how humble it is. You can take it from one place to the other so easily. People you know they hit their animals or do whatever they're so humble. Camel on the other hand is a little arrogance, which is why we see that when you eat camel meat you have to do will do

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when it comes to animals which are like dogs or cheetahs which hunt you can't eat them because if you eat them you become like them literally. So this is why we're not to eat certain animals and off them is first and foremost the pig and remember the big and all its related species. They're all part of Kinsey Well, Lindsay even this is forbidden.

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Well that will hinder the lady Lehi and that which was slaughtered in the name of someone other than Allah. But look at the words mama Oh Hilah Willa is from a land her lamb lamb, any word that you can think of from this route? Her lamb lamb Hillel, what is halal Crescent when the Crescent is sited then what happens? Announcements are made voices are raised. So a Lal means literally refer so to raise the voice to make an announcement. Okay, so ma o Hila meaning

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it was declared

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herd at the time of slaughter, what was declared late Illa, Hebei for other than Allah, meaning at the time when the animal was being slaughtered. Someone else's name was pronounced. Not Allah's name. But someone else's name was pronounced at the time when the animal was slaughtered. Why is it pronounced for dedication?

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Because the thing is that when that animal slaughter is also a ritual, it's not just cutting up the animal to eat it. It's also a ritual, not just in our deen, but also in other religions, and then something that's understood. So when an animal is slaughtered, it is dedicated to someone. It is dedicated to someone how that their name is mentioned. That to honor them, to please them to seek their blessings. We are slaughtering this animal we are shedding blood.

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Now in our deen, what do we believe that Allah subhanaw taala has created the animals. He is their Holic, he is their owner, he gives life and He gives data. So when we kill an animal to eat it, then we are doing this by whose permission, Allah's permission, Allah has allowed us to take the life of this animal. And since he made the animal, it has to be dedicated to him. Because he made it, he allowed us so this animal has to be dedicated to him, because otherwise you're shedding blood. And that's something that is not nice. Generally we think about shedding blood is something that's not good. But when you're shedding the blood of an animal, when Allah has allowed you, you dedicate it

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to Allah than this is an act of worship. And when the animal is slaughtered while the name of Allah has pronounced, then you know what the animal will submit to.

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There's a whole documentary that was made on this by this person who has a farm and he slaughters animals and he mentions the name of Allah, and how such huge animals buffalo go cheap, how they just surrender. Literally, they're just lying down, relaxed, waiting to be slaughtered. And this is something that can never be achieved in a slaughterhouse where animals are electrocuted, and then they are killed in brutal ways. So when the name of Allah is mentioned, the animal also surrender. Let me tell you a story. There's an auntie that I know. She lives close by. So she lives in Canada. And she lives at a farm. So one year in the summer, she got a goat, because she wanted to have

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goat's milk. And every day in the evening, her husband would come. And he would hold the goat by its head by its horns. And she would milk the goat herself. And then she would use the milk and give it to somebody. Basically, those days, she was taking the goat's milk to someone every day because they had a food sensitivity, so they would drink it. Now, one day, what happened that her husband was not home on time, and six o'clock was the time when she would milk the goat. So she said, I couldn't wait for my husband anymore. I had to do it myself. So she's like, if I go to the court, she's gonna kill me. Huge doll, you know, such big horns, she's not going to tolerate this at all.

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So she said, I just went there in front of the good. And I said, ILA in La ilaha illa, en la, la ilaha illa. Allah, she said, I just kept greeting Zika not to make the goat here but just to do the crowd myself, you know, to calm myself down. And she said, You wouldn't believe it. It was when the goat heard it. She put her head down. She literally put her head down. She said she kept on saying La ilaha illa Illa. She kept repeating it until she had milk, the goat and the goat didn't move. Her head was down.

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When they hear the name of Allah, the animals even submit. They are in submission to Allah as well. And please find this documentary. I can't remember the name of it, in which they have shown how the animals submit. When Allah subhanaw taala his name was mentioned.

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Mercy slaughter, yeah, something like that mercy slaughter, so find it and do watch it. So anyway, warmer or Hitler, Lady Allah He be any animal that is slaughtered for other than Allah, you can't eat it. The only animal you can eat is that which is killed properly, whose life is taken in the correct way whose blood was shed in the correct way when the animals submitted to Allah and you also took its life with the name of Allah. So you dedicate it to Allah, only that animal is hunted for you to eat.

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Now, why is that other than Allah? What does that include? Anyone other than Allah.

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So for example,

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If an animal is slaughtered and at that time it is said, base me, Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that permissible? No, this me I leave probably Allah who aren't who is that permissible? No, our best will do though I know that permissible, not about her saying Hasson no not allowed. Likewise Risa mercy not allowed. What about nothing?

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Not allowed because that is also other than Allah. Okay. If no one's name is mentioned the animal is dedicated to nobody, even that is not allowed. Why? Because Allah's name was not pronounced. The only one we can eat is which one, the one on whom Allah subhanaw taala his name was pronounced so one that will hinder ve, Lady Lehi

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Wellman Hanukkah to mon Hanukkah is from called known cough honk honk is to choke Kanaka to choke, like think about it like a picture so that you can remember the meaning. Okay, so, one funny the animal that has choked to death, whether it is something he got stuck in his throat or somebody put something around its neck and strangled it. So the one that choked to death by itself or because of somebody else, while moku the two moku the work or the work or the for work or the who moves in the Quran wieder Musa and s&m struck him. So mo CUDA is that which has been struck which has been hit with a fatal blow so basically beaten to death. So for example, an animal a stone hit it and as a

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result it fell and died or a bullet headed and a diet. Somebody beat the animal with a stick it died because of that moku though while motor a deer thought the rod

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to fall, okay, so Motorola Diageo, one that has fallen and as a result died because of that fall. So let's say a mountain goat didn't see slip, fell and died or an animal was pushed, fell and died with our dear one Natalie had to not leave her from noon for her not not is the horn so gored by the horns of another animal because such animals sometimes fight with one another right? So let's say there was a fight that broke out between two moose and what happened one kill the other by its horns. So that moose not halal for us to eat by the moose is Hello, if you can slaughter it property.

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So 100 Cotton well no CUDA, well, Matala dear to one nothing. These are all examples of what these are all examples of Mehta, dead

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woman, aka sub guru, and that animal which a wild animal has eaten a several several is from seen Bahrain and it's used for a predatory animal, an animal which hunts others in order to eat. So for example, a fox likewise a lion, a cheetah, a dog, a wolf, a cat.

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So why am I gonna sub zero

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and those from which a wild animal has eaten so for example, let's say there was a cat

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and it got a chicken and it managed to kill it. And it started eating from it. And it started eating immediately immediately, you know, tore apart the feathers and started biting and start eating from it. So my UCLA Seberapa chicken you can eat even if you come and the cat gets scared and runs away and the chicken is dead lying before you bleeding like anything. So you're like, Okay, might as well take it and eat it. No, you can't do that. Why? Because the animal hunted it. Why? For itself, and it started eating from it and the chicken is dead. except in the case where Mary Kay Tom, what you are able to slaughter before its death.

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So let's say a lion caught a zebra broke off its legs started eating the leg, you come shoot the lion runs away. And then there's a Zebra is still moving. And then you quickly come and you slaughter the zebra, find the jugular vein cut that and the blood flows. So can you eat that zebra? Yes, pride that you mentioned the name of Allah when you slaughtered the zebra. Even though the lion ran away with the leg,

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but because the zebra was still alive, you got it and warm blood gushed out. You said the name of Allah Now you can eat of that. Woman Akela Suburu

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INLA Medicaid except for that which you managed to do it to the cat now, what does this word that Cato The Cato is from the Alkaff Yeah, that guy you the key literally is to complete something from this is the cat of farm, which is the completion of understanding which means intelligence.

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Likewise, the cat in the liver is to slaughter properly and completely what is proper and complete slaughter that Allah's name is mentioned, the blood is made to flow out and then that meat is fit for eating. So this is why the word Zika is used for legal slaughter.

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Which is when the jugular vein has got maximum amount of blood is poured out. Allah's name is mentioned. So that animal is fit for eating.

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So a man can have several Illa Mather Kato. Now what's the sign that the animal is still alive? How do you know that it's still alive? What if it's not moving? One visible signs that it's moving? What if it's not moving, then what

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you got, and blood comes out.

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Because if it has been dead for a wild and what will happen, the blood will not flow out, it will not flow out. So as soon as you got the jugular vein, the blood is flowing out, you know a whole lot of blood has gushed out. And that means that you've managed to do it's the cat Illuma indicator.

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And this is the reason why some scholars have said that, for example, if there is a chicken, or let's say a cow that is let's say stand before it is slaughtered properly. And the only reason why it's done is so that it's easy to slaughter so many cows, so many chickens. So let's say they lightly stung the animal so that it barely becomes unconscious, and then they bring it into the slaughterhouse in order to be slaughtered. So is that permissible? According to some scholars, that is why because the time it takes from the animal being stunned to the animal being slaughtered, it's not very long, it's only a few moments. Okay? It's only a few moments, even if the animal completely

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dies. Let's say it's not just unconscious, it has died. Literally there is no roof left in it, no life left in it, still, you managed to slaughter it, you managed to cut it from its neck, cause the blood to flow set the name of Allah. So that animal is Hello, based on this evidence, but other scholars have said that no, this is not permissible at all.

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Well, there'll be no slavery and those which are sacrificed on stone altars. What is no salt? No salt is the plural of Musab and Musab is an idol that is fixed for worship, because NASA literally means to fix. So it is an idol that is fixed in place. Why? Because it's either very big, or because that place is considered sacred. So that idol is fixed in a place. And then what happens, people come and they bring their offerings, they bring their sacrifice, and sometimes they would sacrifice the animal right there before the idle. These days also you will find for example, as you enter into a store, there's an idle and there's a bowl of fruit there's a bowl of oranges or something like

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that sitting right by the I've seen many times numerous times this thing over here. So this is what food that is offered to the idol, but the majestic enough maca, they had certain idols whom they had fixed within the Haram some in the kava and some outside and they would go and slaughter animals right in front of them.

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So even if they mentioned the name of Allah along with the name of the idol, there is element of ship over here. Why would you choose that place? to please the idol right? So because ship has been committed through this animal through this meat, that's why this meat is not fit for consumption. And the word no so doesn't just apply to the idol. But also stone altar stone altars are basically a table or a flat top block that is used for a religious ritual, especially for slaughter. So any animal that has been slaughtered in this way, not allowed. What understocked SEMO bill as lamb and that you seek apportionment division of the meat through what Bill as lamb through arrows, you see

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division of the meat through US law. Now so far what we have learned is that the meat that we're eating has to be halal, how fear ie in and of itself, it has to be halal. What makes it halal, a particular animal the proper way of slaughtering that makes it halal.

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The second condition for meat being Halal is that it should also be Hello Alfie CASB he in the way that it is acquired.

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So for example, a butcher may be selling halal meat, but if you steal it from there, can you eat it? No way it's not halal.

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Well, can you imagine? If meat is stolen? It becomes halal meat. It's as evil as the person eating pork.

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Imagine this is something very serious. So the meat has to be acquired in the correct way as well. So over here what has been mentioned the wrong way of acquiring meat and what is that and the stock symbol the stock symbol is from cough seen me. We have read the word FISMA. Earlier, what either held this matter what is FISMA division to divide something between people. So you see the division of what of the meet through what Bill Islam Islam is the plural of Xlm or zulum

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Xlm or zulum, which means a small arrow, an arrow which doesn't have a head nor feathers, okay, so just stick basically. And the Arabs, they would have these arrows, which are known as divining arrows that they used for gambling purposes, and also for seeking decisions these days. You know, when people gamble, they have different equipment, right? For example, sometimes they have dice. Sometimes they have cards, sometimes they have

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chips. So there are different things through which people gamble.

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And when they're gambling, they're different things that they get sometimes money. And the Arab, sometimes they would gamble over meat. So for instance, they would slaughter a camel, a whole lot of meat is there, then they would come and play a game, a game of gambling, and they will play it with arrows. Whoever would win would get a certain portion of the camel meat and whoever would lose would get nothing. Do you understand what I'm talking about? So under stocksy Mobile Islam this is one meaning of the spark of the idea. And this is more relevant to the context because the verse is talking about meat food. But there is another interpretation as well, which is that you seek FISMA

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meaning the knowledge of your fate through divining arrows, that the Arabs would have different arrows. One arrow would say if another arrow would say ladder fall, another arrow would be blank. So they would just keep picking. So for example, if a person picked out an arrow, it had nothing written on it, he would have another chance. And let's say on the third fourth chance, he managed to pick the arrow that says letter for all. So then he wouldn't do that action. Or if it's an if R then he would do it. So this is also forbidden. Well and the stock symbol will Islam Valley confessed. This is a sin. What is the sin all that hasn't mentioned over here eating Mater la mackynzie Mahinda

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villi laden La Mancha Nippon Matata, dia all these things I have mentioned over here eating them consuming them. This is all fist it is SN

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al yo mama yet he said Medina Cafaro mendini calm today. Allah says yes Alladhina Kapha it says from here Hamza seen and yet says to be the Spirit to give up hope. So Allah Lena Cafaro the disbelievers they have given up hope Medina come from your deen, what does it mean by that they've given up hope of your deen

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that they have given up that you will ever abandon your deen that you will ever leave your deen. Why? Because your lead has gone so far. It is so complete, you have been given so many details. Compare these verses that we're learning now. To the time when when he first started coming to the Prophet sallallahu when where he first started coming, the machine would say a phase. There'll be over it. Very soon this will finish very soon people will get over it. But as they saw that the Muslims didn't just become stronger in their faith. But their religion also became complete so much so that they're eating certain things, and they're not eating certain things. They're buying certain

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things and they're not buying certain things, then what does it mean that their dean has gone so far, it is so complete. There's no way they're turning back now.

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This is just like a person starts studying medicine. And everybody's like, Yeah, let's see. Let's wait for a year or two and we'll see if they really want to become a doctor or not. So what happens they complete their undergrad and they go to med school, and they go for a specialization and then they're working in a hospital. So then they've gone too far right? You don't expect that this person will drop what they're doing, and go for something else. Correct. You give up hope that they'll ever leave it. So likewise Allah says polyoma Yes, Alladhina Kufa Amin de Nukem they've given up hope that you will ever leave your deen. In other words, they have finally acknowledged your deen even

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though they don't accept it, but they've acknowledged it. And isn't this true? That there are so many people who don't accept Islam but at least and recognize it? So Allah says, Allah doc showhome don't fear them, work shoni and instead fear me.

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Don't be afraid of them instead be afraid of

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Law. What's the fear that we have of people when it comes to the matters of the that if we eat this people will laugh at me. If I don't eat it, people will think I'm so weird.

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Has it ever happened with you that you go with let's say your friends will maybe non Muslim or your co workers that maybe non Muslim, and then you're sitting there eating a salad

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and they're eating whatever they want. You're just eating a salad, or you're just having a drink just maybe a coffee or something and everybody's eating different different things and you feel so weird about yourself. You feel so weird about yourself. Allah says don't be afraid of them don't feel weird. Filatov showhome Well, shoni fear Allah because if you were to hit haram, imagine the consequences. Will shoni so never let the fear of people make you eat haram never, ever let the fear of people make you eat haram. You have to eat halal, no matter what. No matter what the peer pressure is, no matter what the people say to you.

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You know, for example, fasting only. The other day somebody was telling me that they went to work. And somebody was going around with cookies, you know, offering people and they said no and fasting because it What do you mean? Like I'm fasting not supposed to eat? Like, what do you mean? Like it's Ramadan and we don't eat from sunrise until sunset. They're like, What do you mean? How is that ever possible? They couldn't understand how a person could fast these days. They kept asking what do you mean? What do you mean? How's that possible? So then out of this fear, sometimes we might feel it'll be awkward. So can I not fast because of my work? Can I not fast because of this and this reason?

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What does Allah say? Falletta show don't fear them. Don't fear them while shoni fear me. And always remember that when you observe your deen even though people may not like it, they do acknowledge it. They do accept it. So this is why we're showing

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a yo MK Mottola calm Dena calm today I have completed your religion for you. Which days this

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the day when this verse was revealed. And when was that at the day of Arafa, the ninth day of the hijab, the ninth of the ledger, the day of Hajj. So, uh, Yo Ma como to the convener calm today your deen is complete from gaff, meme, lamb and eek Mal is the completion of something when something is complete, so it is perfect. What at month or Aleikum near Mati And I have perfected my blessing upon you at month two from it man term, we mean, what does it mean to complete something such that there's nothing needed anymore.

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It Mal is one to complete make it a whole. And it moments to complete perfect in such a way that nothing, no detail. Nothing at all is needed any more. It is 100% complete. So today your dean is complete. We're at Monterey come near Mati my blessing on you is also perfected. Which blessing is this? The blessing of the dean, Allah calls it Nirma which means that the greatest blessing that we have is the blessing of Islam. Because Islam was not there than every other blessing in this life would be meaningless. What a bleed to locomole Islam, Medina, and I have approved for you Islam as your religion, meaning the only religion that Allah accepts from people is which one is

00:33:41 --> 00:34:18

for Manitoba FEMA massagin. But whoever is forced by severe hunger, we have done the word of Allah before when a person is compelled to do something against his wish. And Mark Messiah is from harming sought extreme hunger. It's basically the emptiness of the stomach, you know what I'm talking about? When you feel that your stomach is empty, you've got nothing in there, and it's getting to you. So if a person has reached that level, these days when you're fasting for 17 hours, and by the end, there's literally nothing left in your stomach. Imagine if you had a smaller thought and you missed the hold the next day.

00:34:19 --> 00:34:34

What will happen by the end of the next day, you feel like nothing is there right? And the same thing happened to the third day in a row. What would you have left in your sum of what energy would you have you would feel that you can't fast anymore? So imagine if a person is in the state, then can he eat haram?

00:34:35 --> 00:34:59

Can he eat haram? If a person is in extreme hunger, nothing in his stomach. The only option available is something haram that Allah says he may have it as long as later on with a journey Philly ism as long as he is not inclining to sin mutagenesis from Gene noon fair, Jennifer is to incline so he's not inclining to send me he's not interested

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

In disobeying Allah He doesn't feel like yeah finally I can taste what fork is like no lawyer Amata Janee Finley ism for in Allah Allah photo Rahim then indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful to words such a person, that he's not willfully eating it. He just doesn't have an option to in this case, Allah has allowed the person. So what do we learn in this idea that their religion is complete Halal haram, Allah has mentioned in great detail. So we have to accept them as they are not fear people, no matter what they say, no matter what they mock, how they mock, don't care, you have to do what Allah has told you. And there is only one case in which a person is allowed to eat healthy, and that

00:35:41 --> 00:36:11

is also in obedience to Allah because Allah has allowed him, which is the state of extreme hunger and a person has no choice. He either eats haram or he literally dies. So in that case, he may eat it. Now you know this verse, that your religion is complete. This, according to some scholars is the last verse to be revealed. And when this ayah was revealed, it is at that URL model below or in who he wept. He cried. Why do you think so?

00:36:12 --> 00:36:25

You know, as Ramadan is completed, what happens? We feel happy, that 100 Allah another month of fasting, agreed, but at the same time you are sad. I don't want to live on who also wept.

00:36:26 --> 00:36:49

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked what makes you cry? He said, What made me cry, is that our religion is being perfected for us. Now it is perfect. And nothing is perfect, but it is bound to deteriorate. Meaning when something reaches its perfection, then what happens? It begins to go down. So I'm afraid that we are going to start going down.

00:36:50 --> 00:36:51

We are not going to give a talk.

00:36:53 --> 00:37:13

We are not going to take it seriously anymore. And isn't that the state of people today? That we know Yeah, all the laws are there in the Quran and the Sunnah, but do we know them? Do we bother to study them? No. We have a very casual attitude with our deen May Allah subhanaw taala save us and protect us from such attitude

00:37:15 --> 00:37:16

let's listen to the recitation

00:37:19 --> 00:37:25

of Lima qumola Beta 210

00:37:30 --> 00:37:41

heavy one we'll move on in palm oil Moon honey pot to all know that all mucho was the one to one

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case two more

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news we'll be we'll

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learning calm please go to Maria is Lavina CAFO

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Dini calm fella doll show. One more show.

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A Leona Mottola? Deena como Atman. Darling. Near Marathi. What are we doing? Islam Medina virmani Boffi most most Latina one Yamamoto. Gianni Fini is

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in a lawful

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