Haitham al-Haddad – Philosophy of Fasting #18

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the Quran in Arabic is discussed, including the need for practice and practice making proper pronouns for "stress" before reading it. The speakers stress the importance of reading the title and letting oneself seclude from activities to reflect on one's life. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not rewarding oneself and not allowing women to do detox, as it is crucial for updating behavior and keeping up with spiritual health.
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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. All praise is due to Allah. All peace and blessings be upon Mohammed, the last prophet and messenger of Allah. It's my ultimate pleasure as always to welcome Dr. Fatima Al dad, A salaam alaikum Dr. Ali Khan, salaam alaikum.

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Thanks so much for joining us in the studio today.

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Doctor, I want to take some time today to talk about the last 10 days of Ramadan because this is what's coming up right now. And Attica If, however, before we continue, we in the previous episode, we were discussing the reading the Quran in Arabic and how important it is. And you were mentioning, we just must read like the leaf ba join letters up. I want to take this time very quickly to round things off by just saying to you doctor, okay, for me example, and I'm sure most of the people can't speak Arabic or read Arabic. I'm learning in sha Allah God give me the strength to learn more and be you know, fluent in the Quran. Well, why is it so crucial? What's that crucial point because you

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left off at a crucial point what we just must clear up for the viewers. Yeah Bismillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. As I said last time that reading the Quran in Arabic is an act of a bladder Yes. And there is nothing

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in in the whole world, that just by reading it, you will get her center for every letter, even if you will, even if your mind was not today read during greeting. Of course when your mind is there, when you read you will get more reward or a bigger house, as some scholar said. So it is very vital to read Quran in Arabic and believe me, see, when Allah Allah Allah said that the Quran is a cure your or your nurse, or whatever to become where she felt she felt, yes, and Allah, Allah Allah called the Quran, she found a number of ayat healer. Q definitely the Quran is a cure from different perspectives, the meanings are a cure for our problems. The Quran itself reading it reading it is a

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cure and it is a protection even if we do not understand it. Okay, even if we do not understand it, it is still a cure for the problems of our hearts. Definitely. So it is very vital that we own all all humanity. And all Muslims from Africa, from China, from America, from the west, from the east from all over the place to read Quran Allah revealed. Allah likes to hear it haha, definitely. So, as we said, learn the alphabet first, first of all, and then learn how to read the words Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Yes. And then have a copy of the Quran with you that has the Arabic and the translation yes. And they try to read the translation and match it with the Arabic of course the

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Arabic with the translation and match those word by word word by word then statement by statement. For example Alhamdulillah here on Bill Holloman, All praises be to Allah. So you understand that this statement means this or Alhamdulillah Kohala mean means this. So whenever you come across the word Alhamdulillah again, in the Quran, you will see oh, this means praise. Yes, we are praising Allah definitely. And then you can what you can increase your data of vocabulary, it slowly slowly. This is one thing that has to be done. The other thing that has to be done, you know you mentioned in I think in the previous episode or one of the previous episodes

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Listening to the Quran definitely is very important. And now it is very easy. Sisters can listen to Quran when when they are working, of course doing I mean their house works Yes. People can listen to the Quran while they are driving. People can listen to the Quran while they are traveling, they can put these headphones and they can listen to the Quran. Whenever my point is listen to the Quran, but to try to repeat after the recital, of course, don't listen without concentration. Listen, of course normally but if you in order to learn Listen, while you are focusing definitely focusing on what he says and focusing on

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in order to repeat it of course it definitely works to repeat after him so if the imam or sorry that he cited said on who Allah who I heard you read after him who Allah Who ahead and keep repeating it until you match it as he read it, that's all Oh Allahu Ahad slowly slowly, okay.

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Keep doing this keep doing this. See? Even if you spend the whole day just reading cool who Allahu Allah has on it, that you will only let me only do on a mute I do want to make hula hula cough one just repeating it repeating the whole Surah even for one one week

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until you pronounce it correctly all who Allahu Ahad not ahead. Of course you will not find you will not notice the difference between a head and a head. Yes, it's very slightly Yes, we we are we can distinguish Of course of course as you yourself, you will be able to recognize the difference once you get used to it. Of course. Well Sheikh I've been here for three years right now. And you know I must thank my brother Ali is in the UK is from Iraq. He spent with me and was learning me that he spent I that's the first song that I learned Kulu Allah who had and when I learned it, it was just like you said canola had now I spent time in Egypt and inshallah I can pronounce it like handler

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nicely of gender is situs see in sha Allah next year, we have another program sha Allah, I would like to see you brother Rafi. And I would like to see all brothers and sisters reading the Quran properly. Inshallah. So as I said, this is the start with this. Just take simple tools, listen to them, keep repeating them, carefully treating them until you pronounce them as the decider himself is reciting them. Of course. And of course, the most important tool that you need to learn is what? I'll hamdulillah here behind me, brother, Rafi, I see. I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to all our view everyone. And I have no reservation to say that it hurts me to to stand before an Imam, for

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example, in the UK or some other European countries whenever I travel, and the Imam does not know how to recite Surah Fatiha saying Alhamdulillah Allah I mean, this is not what Allah revealed.

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And it hurts me. And I say it is. I clearly say this, I have no reservation to say this shame on any Imam. Shame on any person who is teaching people, Islam who is teaching people, fake or Hadith, or so on, or teaching people how to pray, and he is still unable to recite Surah Fatiha properly. Shame on him Shame on him Shame on him. In fact Shame shame on her as well. Your sisters Subhanallah we spend time to do so many things. Wallahi we spend time online with her maybe watching bad things stuck for Allah them or even reading a news

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you know, from one website to another website called reading good news. And when we want to put some time to learn the book of Allah, Allah Allah, we don't do it. So my dear respect to the brothers and sisters take Ramadan as the month for you to learn Quran and put a plan for yourself that

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By the end of this month, I would like to be able to read, for example, the last user of the Quran properly. Of course let's just start with the last user because it is simple, simple Surah short tours Yes. At least by the end of this Ramadan I don't know we are almost in the last 10 days 10 days of Ramadan but

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don't even miss the opportunity of the last 10 days of Ramadan of course Sheikh take some Sutras of the Quran and make a commitment that this Ramadan will not going to end except you you know how to read those sources of the Quran properly and just start to increase your vocabulary. Yes, an excellent point that adopted you know, we're a bit pushed on time and just going to take a quick break. However, before the break I just want to pick up on and say those are excellent points. We must learn the Quran as Allah described exactly as Allah revealed Yes. And also after the break we're going to pick up on the aitikaf at the last 10 days of Ramadan inshallah this is not all about

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the Quran inshallah maybe for another episode, or we can pick the weekend in sha Allah. Thank you so much doctors. Well stay tuned. We just gave a quick break assalamu Alikum welcome

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slow, Molly calm, and a very warm welcome back to the philosophy of fasting. Before the break, we were talking about the importance of reading the Quran in Arabic. So, brothers and sisters, I'm asking you very kindly. We're coming up to the last 10 days of Ramadan. From the bottom of my heart. Please, please make it your quest to learn the Quran in Arabic. If you can't, if you need help, there's many website why not check our own website [email protected] well.to Have them welcome back. We're discussing about reading the Quran in Ramadan. All things like this and you know, overwhelming me with everything that we're speaking about. It's you know, magnificent. And you know, may Allah

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accept this work from you and you know, all the Muslim scholars. Let's take a bit of time now and talk about the aitikaf of Ramadan. were we talking about Ramadan, and we're coming up to the last 10 days? Yeah, Miss Mala mana Rahim o salat wa salam ala Rasulillah

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you know, I tick off Okay, again, this is once inshallah you stop learning Arabic more than more shall pronounce it more clearly. Yes. Yeah. tikka. tikka, what does it mean? means that you stick yourself to something, you stick to something. And in particular, it means that you seclude yourself away from people, and you stick to vicar under the citation of the Quran and other acts of Ibadah in msgid, right? So you stick to a masjid, and you devote yourself to during that time for a bad this is the meaning of a ticket.

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And, you know, as we're talking about philosophy before, before getting into some of the rules and guidelines, of course,

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the scholars say that it is very advisable for the person to have some time with himself, he seclude himself to himself, to ponder upon his life, to ponder upon his actions, yes, and to remember his deeds and his bad deeds and to make is still thought of those bad deeds. And they say that this kind of reflection and pondering upon the person's life is very, very important for the person's Eman definitely, and for the person's attachment and link with Allah, Allah Allah. Because if the person is just busy, busy, busy in doing so many things, including doing a Baghdad without those times, that he just sit, reflect, devote himself for re citation of the Quran for the crew of Allah for is

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still far and so on in a peaceful way. Then the person might not reflect on what he has been doing. I see him it neglect so many mistakes that he had been doing. He might not be able to rectify himself. Yes, so this is decaf. Subhanallah and that's why the prophets Allah Allah

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Audio Salam used to do this decaf free quantity.

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And they say that some scholars said it is true that there is no specific reward mentioned for decaf. But they said This means that aitikaf is of a very high status of deeds, of course, because they said in Sharia in general, if the reward of something is not clearly mentioned, and it is left open, it means the reward will be so magnificent. And you remember when we spoke about fasting and we said that Allah Allah Allah said in the Hadith, Jose Kulu and eliminate Adam, each action of the son of Adam belongs to him, except for fasting, it belongs to me. And we said that Allah Allah Allah did not specify a special or a specific reward for fasting. This means that therefore the fasting

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can be multiplied more and more. Similarly for the decaf, definitely, there is no specific reward mentioned for the teacup. However, as many scholars said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do things and used to leave them and whenever he used to do something, he used to leave it or miss it. Just okay, generally, yes, except for the aitikaf

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when the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam, it started to do a RT calf. The Prophet SAW Selim never left it after that, in fact, in one of the years, he could not make it on the same time that he used to do it. He made it up after that. Yes. And this shows the importance of a T calf definitely dedication, the dedication, yes, but well, that your word is even better dedication. Yes, brother, Dr. Haytham. I want to stress upon the point there, you're saying there's no reward. However, from no specific notice of reward? Yes, that's correct. However, logically thinking as you've been speaking, and I've been thinking about it, and the previous Ramadan's, I've, you know, I've seen

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this happen. It gives you time to reflect on your own life and reflect where you want to be tomorrow because we know this life doesn't mean anything. This life is a test what we do in this life for the next so if we can spend the last 10 days of Ramadan reflecting, okay, look,

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I did something wrong. Let me let me sort this problem out right now. I don't pray on time. This is a time this is the time the last 10 days of Ramadan, to sort all those little things out in your own head to be more close to Allah. Definitely yes. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to observe 30 Calf every year once he started RT cough once he moved to Medina, he started to cough and he used to do it every year. Now, this article for dedication or to seclude yourself or to dedicate yourself the Sunnah is to do it in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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And the last 10 days of Ramadan, the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, the beginning did it in the first 10 days of Ramadan, then he did it in the second 10 days of Ramadan, okay, you know, Ramadan is just two days, so groups the first 10 days Yes, the second 10 days and the last 10 days, yes. So, when he did it, in the second 10 days of Ramadan, he, one time he looked at the companions, and he said to them, I am doing this empty calf, trying to witness later tell others to make the history of labor tell others too much and to see and to witness later and to gain the reward of a bad during labor to do this is to hurry this what it means yes. So he said that it Laila tell others. He was

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told the prophet saw Selim, he was told that it will be in the last 10 days of Ramadan. And then he said the one who wants to see clay little cuddle, he should seek it in the last 10 days of Ramadan. I say that's why after that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam started to make a tick off in the last 10 days of Ramadan. In one year, he missed the last 10 days of Ramadan because his wives started to do Attica. So he left the teacup, he made it up in the first 10 days of Shawa. What does that mean? It means that it is a very noble virtuous act that we need to do it and some people say, Oh, we are busy.

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We can't do it, and et cetera, et cetera. If my dear respected brothers and sisters, as you said, if we can do it to just reflect upon our life and well, we will be tomorrow, then it is a very good thing to do. And

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as they say that, you see, women in general are advised to stay at home. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave them permission to do a tick off, and to do a tick off in a masjid as we said, the definition of healthy calf is to seclude yourself or to dedicate yourself for a BA in a masjid. So what does that mean? It means that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam knew the virtues of aitikaf. And that's why he allowed women to do decaf, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his wives, that his wives did the RT calf with him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of course, in a separate place, and there are certain rulings for T calf for women. But generally speaking, this means that he calf

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is a very virtuous act, and a noble act that needs to be observed frequently. Definitely. That's awesome. It's kind of like devoting yourself to cleanse yourself not only mentally, physically, and, you know, fasting as well. It's everything that you need. Basically, we have the modern day, I've even forgotten the word detox, the modern day detox, where they say, eat this because of your digestive system, do this because of your mental stability. So padlock look, shake

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1000. All these years ago, the Quran was revealed from Allah.

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Why is it just now the modern world is catching up on these modern day things like detoxes. So we had it 1000s of years ago, because Allah subhanaw taala knew this Subhanallah this is absolutely true. And we focus on the nourishment of our bodies, that we do not focus on the nourishment of our souls. Yes, in fact, subhanAllah as they said, the nourishment of the soul is a nourishment for the body itself, of course, because the person who is morally weak, psychologically weak, he will be physically weak. Yes. And the person who is strong from a moral perspective, psychological perspective, spiritual presentation, this person will be strong, ethical ethic of ease is one of

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those acts that makes the person more attached and linked to Allah dilla more strong in his, in her human animal. That's totally correct. I love Dr. Phil just wanted to say, you know, the modern day life that we live in, coming from the west and we live in East we cannot deny there's psychological problems in the world, that it does exist, our ever, not so much in the east, I've not seen you know, there are

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people with mental difficulties. We cannot deny this in the east. However, it's very few. For example, in the UK, the schools, many people I'm depressed, I can't go to work, I feel depressed, or I'm Social, I'm psychologically depressed these words. You don't get this kind of psychological illness in the East because they have the belief and they have the strife to go forward. What's the difference? Why, why this is a very important testimony and I hope that the non Muslims are listening to this and I hope that the Muslims who have weak Iman, listening to this inshallah Well I'm so sorry about that. That's all we have time for right now. Inshallah. We'll pick up on the

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rulings of Attica and the next episode, Inshallah, thanks again for joining us. Well, dear viewers, thanks again for viewing. Until next time, I'll leave you in the safe care of Allah assalamu Alikum welcome

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