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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of love for Allah as a powerful act that allows one to love another person for no other reason. They explain that they love their parents, friends, teachers, and even individuals because of their actions. They emphasize that they are only loving them because they are good to Allah.
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What does it mean to love for the sake of Allah.

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To love for the sake of Allah means that you love this person for no other reason other than their worship of Allah. And that's why it's a very powerful act of worship. We naturally love for our own selves. I love my parents very much. You may not necessarily love my parents, I love my friends, I love my teachers, right because of everything that they facilitated for me, but when I love for the sake of a lot, I am not putting myself at the end of that equation. I am loving a person, not because they are good to me, I'm loving that person because they are good to Allah. So I'm loving that person, not because I benefit anything from their goodness, but it is because I'm always seeing

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them in the front row. I'm always seeing them reciting the Quran. I'm always seeing them helping other people. I'm always seeing them doing what Allah Subhana Allah loves. And so when I love for the sake of Allah, then that person, I've no longer put myself at the end of the equation. I am not loving them because they are orbiting around me. I am loving them because of how closely they orbit around the loss of Hannah data. And so when a person does that, then that is a great act.

Shaykh Ammar Alshukry answers

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