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The speakers discuss the goal of measuring every action and breath every day to determine how much life is wasted and stop suffering and give up on others who do not know what they do. They stress the importance of acknowledging and not giving up on people who are doing things wrong, measure success based on criteria, and avoid giving up on others who do not know what they are doing. The goal is to prevent offenses and measure success based on criteria.

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Alhamdulillah Vladimir salatu salam ala mursaleen while it is made,

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yesterday we spoke about a legacy

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if you want to leave a legacy, you need a goal.

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So, let us see what the goal is, unless valterra said woman Zuzia and enough for all the Theologian suffered

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a man had to do a llama tower unless you are the one who is freed from the Hellfire

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and who is entered into the jinn only that person is successful advice

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on how to do a llama Tao Raja the life of this world is deception is nothing but deception.

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So, what is the goal, the goal is an

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and the goal is done that then we have to measure everything that we do in this world.

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Based on that goal,

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every minute that we spend, we have to every action we do

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everything that we speak must be measured against this goal or whether this action or this speech will get me to Jannat

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because that is a goal, then it does not make sense to do something which does not contribute to that goal.

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Somebody sent me this morning an Arabic couplet

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the meaning of which is

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that life is comprised of a certain number of breaths,

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life is comprised of a certain number of breaths, every time you exhale that much of life is over.

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So we have two choices, stop excelling

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or make every breath count

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that every time we Excel

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that much life is all

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good life is a number of breaths whatever number it is

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and that is the realization if we live life with that realization then we have to measure everything we do

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with the perspective of Will this get me to john

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I will look at ourselves and look at our lives. Not only is it true for us that a vast amount of time is simply wasted.

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But it's even worse to think about is that a lot of that time is spent on things which is not just wasted but which actually can put us into trouble.

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For example we spend

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if you count the number of minutes I seriously what do you do that count the number of minutes

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so simple when you start the activity counted and you finish the activity take the time

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we spent a vast amount of time participating in things that we know are wrong.

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We know these things are wrong. We say they are wrong yet we still go there

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What do you call it

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what do you call it?

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See that the Ask yourself

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I know something is wrong.

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I even say to the wrong in my conversation and so on and so on within the white zones are doing that well over mme legality

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Okay, we got a

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look I got a Pooja de

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Coronavirus de la nevera Abdullah Philip.

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See it as the ashes of this. Who are you fooling? Are you trying to fool us when

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we hit this about people reason why zones are doing this?

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Don't they know it is wrong? They may know it is wrong. They may not know it is wrong, but you know it is wrong. That's why we're saying this. How come you are rare in that function? How come you are there in a gathering How come you are there in that party? How come you are there in that with those people?

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Now I can understand you went there to stop it and you try to stop it and you made a nice that's a different matter. You didn't do that. You went there. You participated in it. You laughed at them. You joked with them. You ate their Viviani and you came back and then while going unwelcoming you say no, no, they are wrong. They are wrong but what are you

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if they are wrong, you are worse than them. You are worse than them.

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Because they are doing something wrong. Maybe they know maybe they don't know. But you are participating in it knowing it is wrong.

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You will

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Less than that?

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How will you answer those rather than

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think of the answer, because you will not want to believe me

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when you think of the answer

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and think also, that the reason you go is because you have convinced yourself that somehow I cannot offend those people because they are from my family. This is exactly what the Yahoo sets.

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This is exactly what the bunny is right is that

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when one among them did something wrong, the people who knew it was wrong, they will try to tell him, but when he did not listen, they did not sever ties with them, they still continued to go there, they still continue to invite them, they still continue to participate, and doesn't realize that from their their decline began Allah subhanho wa Taala became angry with them.

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Why? Why do we listen to this so many times

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and still our action rather than? So what is this goal that we are aiming at? Are you going to get this goal?

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Are we going to get this goal, because on the one hand, we come and play we become and play Salah with Java Alhamdulillah.

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And on the other hand, the same time the same person will go and participate in something which he knows it which is noise, which he knows is wrong.

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What do you call this? I don't want to say those words, you know all the answers. So think about the answers.

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Somewhere, the reality and the need is for us to wake up and stop fooling ourselves because we are the only people who are fooling ourselves. nobody else's will believe me.

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No one is food. Allies not volt. The people looking at you are not good. Nobody's food, you're fooling yourself. You're fooling yourself that what you are doing is right.

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The day your eyes closed, you will realize what that is.

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And I don't want that day to happen. Certainly not myself.

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Question yourself, ask yourself,

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is it? Is it more serious to offend Allah? Or is it more serious to offend? Whichever person that you are trying to please ask yourself this question. These are some reality questions. Ask yourself the question and take a decision. Because the day will come when the same question will be asked to you.

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And for people will know to deliberately do this is much worse than the people who don't know are the people who delivered it is a wireless router that's left to them, let them let them answer for themselves. But people will know and Roku criticize and who point of finger and will laugh at them. Still you participate to the same function What do you call this?

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On loser and in narrow the field.

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The only one who was successful was the one who has been released from Delphi and entered into john, if this is our goal, I remind myself when you to first of all decide Is this our goal or not? Sit down quietly in the night in a dark room or in you know, in a place right religion, ask yourself this question and decide for yourself once and for all. Stop fooling yourself people

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decide whether that is my goal that is my goal relief from gonna say yes or no accordingly religious life? If the answer is yes, yes, my goal is released from dinar, an entry into Ghana. Then after that minutes,

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every single action that you take, judge it based on this goal, that is the whole point of having just the action and say this action isn't going to get me into gender, or is this action or action which will get me into the law. If this action will get me into the agenda by all means do it. If it is an action which will get you into the fire leave it does not matter if you offend everybody in the whole world. It does not matter.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said this in the Quran, I didn't say it in Surah lavonne. And in Surah, Allah Allah, Allah said, it does not even matter disobey your parents, even if you have to do so your parents in order to obey Allah subhanaw taala there is no one higher in the world than your parents. So if it is okay even to disobey your parents, if they ask you to disobey Allah, then it is 100 times 1000 times equal and okay to disobey anybody else.

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Do not participate.

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And that's number one. Number two

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is measure every action based on this criteria because as we said, Every breath that we have

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sale is that much of life? Let's

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to consciously give this thought in my mind the whole time, so that I can measure every action of mine based on this criterion of whether it pleases Allah subhanaw taala or not. And as well as rather than make it easy for me and to make it easy for you to do that, or Salalah Alana will carry virally was heavier