Abu Bakr Zoud – Don’t ascribe lies to Allah’s name

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between two speakers, Adam Allison and Vincent Houma. Allison talks about the importance of being honest and being a real advisor to Houma, while Houma talks about the use of last names and the fear of loss and loss aversion. The speakers also discuss Houma's use of a last name, which is a reference to a police officer.
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Now, Adam still hasn't come the industry. So what leadership on the listen to this carefully

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he says while core summer Houma in Nila Kumar lemon and nalsa he still Adam is hesitant. Allah has told him good company history. So he still is a free there's only

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a shavon has pushed him a little bit further when he said thing that this is the tree of life if you ate you live forever. Last question Vincent shavon por semi human. He swore to both of them. He said to them oxy Moo BelAir. He said to them long long he I am an honest, sincere advisor to you.

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Can you imagine this, Yanni his line is telling them one law here, I only want good for you to one law here. I don't want to deceive you, or Simo BelAir. I am an absolute Cincy advisor to you.

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And you know, Adam ate from the tree, but Allah or him of him along, said that the reason for why Adam ate from the tree, because Adam never ever expected that a person would ever use the name of a law surgeon and swear by a law to ally.

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A police said oximetry law, I am advising you, and I am a sincere advisor to you that if you eat from this tree, you will live forever. So Adam Allison and the last thing that pushed him towards eating from this tree was because he never thought anyone would use a last name and ascribe it to a lie.

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How many of us are devils on earth today? That ascribed a last name with a lying? How do you do that? How do people use a last name to lie?

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Adam fell into the sim because of something like this. A lot. The one that's supposed to be honest. A lot the one that you're supposed to be saying ilaha illa who you're using his name to lie

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along sapan alone.

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This is something that we should be careful of. We should understand why what was the last push for Adam to eat from the tree. It was the fact that it leaves us the name of Allah subhanho Medina, Li and Adam never thought anyone would do that. But law socially tells us laughable a man I can

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safeguard your oath. do use a last name loosely. Don't use it loosely. For everything you do for every second you think that Walla Walla Walla, Walla, and then your last mix it in with your lines with your crew, if you couldn't care less? Well, why is such people have yet to honor Allah subhanho Medina,

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Allah Subhana Allah is named from among his 99 names, you know what the greatest of them is? The greed is of a lot of names is a law. So we need to be extra careful when we use the word Allah, and how it comes out of our tongues, and how first and foremost how it comes out of our heart with what intention and you have people using the most honored Name of Allah so loosely

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and they ascribe a last name to ally that's a treat of a police who couldn't care less. So he came to Adam and he said pay more money. I'm a Cincy advisor go and eat from the tree you'll live forever. So Pamela and how many people do that? Last social nice isn't

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a man and

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a nurse do use last name. But

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don't use a last name. You know, swear by Alonzo he'll take an oath by last name. To serve your purposes basically is what it is to serve your purposes. So pound alone fear of loss or

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fear of loss aversion. So pound alone.

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