Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 14 – L139C

Taimiyyah Zubair
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fader corruptor Khurana so when you recite the Quran, the addresses to the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah,

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that when you recite the Koran meaning when you intend to recite the Quran when you intend to do so, just as in sort of marry that is number six we learned in our own to illustrate it. When you stand for prayer, what does it mean over there? When you intend to stand for the similarity for either for the Quran when you intend it recitation? First there is belaire he then seek refuge with ALLAH administrate on Allah gene from the shape lon who is a gene from the shaper who is rejected.

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Over here we see that Allah subhanaw taala is instructing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that whenever you recite the Quran, before that, what should you do? seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala against the shaper.

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If you look at it, that our recitation of the Quran can be divided into two types of recitation.

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One is that a person is reading himself for himself.

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Like for example, a person is reciting the Quran in Salah. Why is he reciting? for himself he's praying the Salah, especially when a person is praying by himself if he's leading the congregation, okay, he's reciting the Quran for others. But if he is praying by himself, that his recitation is for who, himself

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Similarly, a person recites the Koran after Salah early in the morning at Rogers, then that reservation is altered for who for himself, why is he reciting? Either us reflecting on the or he is trying to memorize them. So, one type of recitation is for oneself.

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Another type of recitation is for other people. What does it mean by that? that a person is reciting the Quran so that other people can listen so that other people can reflect so that other people can understand? So that they can memorize whether it is inside or outside of Santa? So we see that their tutor the recitation, Allah subhanaw, taala says, either

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anytime, whenever that you recite the Quran, whether it is for yourself, or it is for other people, whether you're reciting in Salah, or outside the Salah, whether you're reciting, to reflect on the ayah or so that somebody else can listen to the recitation of the Quran, whether you're reciting to memorize the ayat or to just reflect on the verses, whenever you're reciting for whatever reason, in all of these situations, what should you do? seek refuge in Allah from Shetland. Why?

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Because shaitan becomes more active when you're doing something good.

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He tried his best to stop you. He tried his best to make you sleep after fetchit. But what did you do? Before you lay down just picked up the most have and you held in your hand. So shaitan was defeated over there.

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Now when you're going to open the Quran, you think he's going to remain defeated? No, he's going to try to stop you. Now, like, for example, he's going to say, okay, read one page. And if you're so tired, take a nap for 510 minutes, this light on for 10 minutes light on for 15 minutes, your throat is hurting anyway, your mouth is getting dry. He's not going to let you read more.

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Similarly, if you're reciting in the Salah, what is he going to say? Just choose the shorter sooner that you know this, really, if that's the minimum, right three, if that's enough, although you know more, but he will make you read less. This is why make sure you seek protection with a law against the shaitaan. Because first of all, he's going to put an effort to not let you read. And when you're reading, he's going to become more active, to try to stop you from reading more.

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Or to make you think about other things so that you cannot reflect on what you're reciting.

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You understand

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that for example, sometimes you read an entire page and like what did I just read? What is the meaning of that? Sometimes you know the word to word you know the meaning you know the cups here, but still what happens? Your mind goes elsewhere. You're not reflecting on what you're reciting. This is because of all because of shaitaan. He distracts you. He makes you focus on other things. He makes you negligent of what you're reading. He makes you feel tired. He makes you feel sleepy. It makes you feel as though your throat is hurting. So what does Allah say? seek refuge with ALLAH against the Shabbat.

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Similarly, it's possible that a person is reciting the Quran to someone else.

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Now at that time, we'll

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see how beautiful your reading. They're listening to you. This is what was supposed to make you do dia today.

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All your reward is gone. All of your reward is wasted. Similarly, a person is standing up in the corner, he is going to recite the Quran. Other people are following him shaitaan tells him, why don't you read this surah? They will know yes, you know, even this surah you don't just know the 30 meters you also know the 25th graders, you all know that 50 inches, you know, sort of their hedge. Just amaze them surprise them. This is what shaytan would this was supposed to make you waste your reward.

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Similarly, another situation where Trayvon comes in, for example, somebody asks you about something from the Quran? Now, at that time, you know what the answer is? You know, where the answer is, you can open up the Quran, you can show them but your dad says, No, no, don't do that. What if you make a mistake? Just tell them I don't know. Stay away from it. What if you make a mistake? Similarly, people are given the opportunity to share their knowledge of the Quran with other people. What does shavonne say, you don't know, you're going to make a mistake, you're going to become very sinful, just remain silent, don't share this knowledge that you have with other people. This is also from

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sheetla, because he does not want you to share this with other people, he does not want the Quran to spread. Therefore, it is very, very important that when a person begins a recitation before that, what should you do seek the protection of a law against a person. And if in the middle of recitation as well shaytan comes in with his vice versa, what should you do? seek protection of Allah against him, even at that point, say are the builder there. Because when a person continues to remember a lot, he continues to seek refuge with ALLAH, then Allah will protect him, Allah will preserve him, Allah will guard him. First, let him initiate energy.

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Similarly, it's possible that a person is reciting a person is reading to others, a person explaining and he makes a major mistake, a major mistake and he does not see that mistake. That is also for most sometimes shavon. Because he wants you to make mistakes, is that what you're doing does not bring you much reward. Instead of doing good you do harm, that is from shaitan as well to seek refuge.

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If you look at in the previous ayah, we learned about the promise of reward for who for those who are most likely with him, but this one wants you to do that. Not at all. He wants you to be unhappy to be miserable. So he will stop you from Arnold Sally. And if you try to do some mozzarella, he will come in the middle to make you wasted reward completely.

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In the hood, indeed he meaning shaytaan les seller who sold on for him there is no authority he does not have any authority on who either Latina Amano upon those people who believe were allowed of Bohemia to work alone and upon their Lord they trust what is so fun, authority, power control evidence. So vine is also evidence

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So shaytaan does not have any salon over those people who believe and trust upon Allah. What does it mean by so fine over here?

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Meaning he does not have any way of overpowering such people of stopping them from doing good.

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He cannot stop them. He cannot have any control over them. He cannot defeat them.

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He cannot convince them with any proof.

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Do you understand?

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Like for example, after fragile, you want to recite the Quran, what happens? You tell yourself at night, in the morning after Frederick I'm not going to sleep I'm going to recite even if it's one page, you tell yourself but what happens right after she had one convinces you that you know you're so tired, you weren't able to see properly. You have a long day before you you're not feeling well anyway. You have to go to class inshallah you read in class you read in the UI, that's enough, that's efficient. So why don't you go back to sleep?

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This is what Chetan is trying to convince you with a proof. What proof is he using? What till dawn? What evidence is he using?

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You're so tired? You're already doing so much good. You're going to read anyway. What does Allah say? That shavonne cannot convince such people with any proof.

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He cannot defeat them. He can never overpower them. He can never stop them from what they want to do. Who Who are these people? Under Lena Amano? where a lot of Bohemia tabakoto those who truly believe and those who trust upon Allah.

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Those who have this tawakkol on Allah, that okay? Even if I didn't sleep that much inshallah Allah will give me energy. Allah will help me stay awake. Allah will give me strength and Allah will be enough for me. So what if I sacrifice 15 minutes of my sleep?

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What's the big deal?

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And if you think of it, if you go back to sleep for just 10 minutes, those 10 minutes are gonna turn into

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30 minutes to 45 minutes you're rushing out of your house to get to school on time. So, Chetan cannot convince them with any proof who those people who trust upon Allah so Eman and tawakkol are necessary to fight the shavon to defeat the shaitan. They're very, very important because it is only such people who can win against people who shaytan cannot defeat in any case in any situation. Those people who are determined that what I'm doing is something that I must do. And I trust upon Allah that He will be sufficient for me. He will take care of my problems. He will surprise me we don't intellectual hatred if 40 to a loss of paralysis in everybody lays Allah Carla himself on indeed My

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servants, no authority will you have over my servants are bad D who are Allah servants, those who believe in him and trust upon him. They don't trust upon their knowledge. Because if you think of it, sometimes your time prevents you from sharing the Quran with other people from reciting the Quran with other people. Why making you feel that you don't know anything. You've only studied 14 years. You only study the Quran once you already have a problem. This is what your time makes you think.

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But a person who is trusting upon Allah and not himself, he will be able to recite, he will be able to share he will be able to read he's not trusting on his ability, his knowledge he's trusting on who Allah

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Chitwan makes you think you've done it so many times. You can do it later. No big deal. But a person who trusts upon Allah that okay even if I'm tired inshallah, Allah will give me enough sleep, we will put Baraka in my sleep, that only such people are able to do it.

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Instead of outside at three we learn it Larry better come in human mcglasson except among them your chosen servants and lockless in those children cannot misguide.

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In Universal Time who, indeed his authority is upon who either lead in a a loner who is upon those people who befriend him. Those people who take him as an ally, when Medina home became a shikun, and those who associate others with

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such people are the ones who are defeated by Shetland, who, first of all, and Lily Nicola Luna, yeto Alona from Tivoli, which is to turn to someone. But remember that this word is also used for obeying someone.

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Because when you befriend someone, it's only natural that you're going to obey them, isn't it? It's only natural, you're going to listen to them. When someone is your friend, you will listen to them.

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It is an hour later who meaning attached to who I obeyed Him.

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So those people who befriend him, meaning those people who obey Him and follow Him in other matters, they're the ones who are overcome by shavon. When it comes to Quran even

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they're overcome by Shantanu. Over there, what does it show

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that if a person is constantly fighting the shape and and shaytan cannot defeat him when he's reciting the Quran,

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but a person who is obeying the shaitaan in some matters, then when it comes to the Quran, Chetan will also defeat him over there. You understand?

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Like, for example, if a person is watching TV, listening to how I'm looking to Hello, and right after that, if he tries to memorize his lesson, he cannot, she cannot. It's impossible. Even if you do your lesson 10 times it will not remain in your mind for a long time. You may be able to get through the next day, you won't be able to get through the test. Why? Because you are obeying chatline, and you're also trying to do something good.

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And if you obey by in certain cases, he will overcome you in other cases.

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Think about it. If a person is watching how long, how long, where people are not dressed properly, where people are saying, obscene foul words, where How long is being played over and over again. If a person is watching that listening to that, how can shaytaan not defeat him? When it comes to reciting the Quran?

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You're giving shaitan victory in his hand when you disobey Allah soprano.

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You're giving him the ability to overpower you in every situation. When when you disobey Allah.

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So those people who befriend shavon shavon is only able to overcome them.

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Edina home behemoths Li Cohn and those who be with him with shikun they associate

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What does that mean? Maybe this has been understood in two ways. First of all v meaning biLlahi.

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So those who associate partners with Allah, they're the ones who are over compassion upon

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those who shake.

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Secondly, home be He, this has been understood as through him, because of him because of who? Because of shaitan they associate partners with Allah, meaning at his command, at his was was at his instruction. They associate partners with Allah, such people are defeated by shuttler.

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If you think of it, all of us, what do we say we don't like shavon. shavon is our enemy, little children, they're wanting to shape on even adults, they're wanting to Shetland again. And again, we say this was from shaitan. Let's not make Shetland happy, let's defeat him. This is so common. We don't take him as a friend. But we really need to ask ourselves, what are those acts which Allah has forbidden, but still we do them? Still we perform them?

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Because if we are doing those things which Allah has forbidden, then who are we befriending?

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Allah? No, we have a friend in shaitan.

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And if we differentiate on because of that the ability to good is going to be taken away from us. A person who disobeys Allah, He is not given that they'll feel to do good.

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If a person does harm, if a person watches her lawn, he will not be able to benefit from the halaal option, even if it is given to him.

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So what is this show to us? What does this show to us? What's the lesson that we learned from this?

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If you think of it, the Koran is a column of philosophy, and it is pure? And where will it be? In a heart that is pure, a heart that is filthy, a heart that is filled with the love of other things? How can put on be there? It's not possible. So in order to come closer to a loss of data, in order to be able to understand the Quran better, to recite the Quran more, what do we need to do? We need to leave sin in open and in secret.

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Unfortunately, we have more fear of people, which is why we will not do those things which people are upset by. We will not look at what is it that by Rob approves off, and what is it that he disapproves of? We will look at those things which people approve of and what they disapprove of, we want to please people more than we please. Which is why sometimes there is a great contradiction in our head and our battling. What is apparent and secret hidden? There is a great contradiction between the two.

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If you think about it, what is the definition of sin.

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And it's my hacker face.

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What breaks your heart pinches your heart? You know, it's not good. You know, you shouldn't be doing it. You know, you shouldn't be watching that, you know, you shouldn't be saying that. And you dislike that people should find out about it. Think about it. If there's an action that you cannot do before people, there's an action that you cannot do before people, not because it's such an action, which should not be done before people because of modesty. We're talking about those actions which are wrong, and what should not be done before people and you don't even have the courage to do that. But if you do it in private, then what is that? It's a sin. It's a sin. It's an ism.

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And if a person leaves certain actions before people, and he does those actions behind them, then who is he befriending? shaytaan? And who is he leaving? The friendship of a loss?

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Think about it if we can watch certain things with certain people and we cannot watch them with others. What does that show? contradiction?

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If we can say some words in front of some people, we cannot say them in front of others. What is that? contradiction? double standards, a double life.

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If we can do certain things in front of some people, we cannot dare to do those in front of others. What is that? It's definitely a thing. Because if it was something good, you would not be afraid of doing it. You will not have any higher in doing those.

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Like for example, people when they go to weddings, for example, they will dance along with the music, but they will only dance with those people who are dancing. And if they see that the person from their classes there. They will not dare to do anything like that.

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We will say that no, no, it's halaal it's all women over here. It's only deaf. But would you do it in fact

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Have those people who teach you the Quran? No. So what does that show? There's something wrong with that action, because if it was right, you would do it, you would have no shyness in doing it.

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We have made many things halal. And we have declared them as okay and permissible. But we see that we have double standards at the same time we will do those actions in front of some people, we will not do those in front of others.

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So those people who befriend shavon, who disobey Allah subhanaw taala, behind the curtains, in private gatherings, and on the outward in front of others, they appear to be very righteous. Such people are not given the trophy to obey Allah soprano. They're not given the trophy to perform righteous actions, because of shaitaan can defeat them in certain places. He can defeat them in other places as well.

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If he can overcome them in certain places, he can also overcome them in other places.

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