Is Allah Punishing Me With My Marriage Shaykh Yahya Adel Ibrahim Touches on That Feeling of Gui

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So there's a number of things that I want to speak about. And I wanted to speak about first,

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the emotions of guilt, that at times we have when things in our life or relationships are not working out. And sometimes our assumption is I must have done something wrong. Or there must have been something that I have ever done in my life that has caused a lot to punish me in this way. And this is one of the regular themes that I usually try to counsel out of people, when they are looking to reform, something that is

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contentious in the relationship. It's not entirely a correct thought, to assume that the reason that I find myself in this difficult situation in my life, or that we're in a moment of tension, or that there's an impasse or that there's something that's not gelling in, in our home and in our home life, that I must have done something wrong, or worse, he's done something wrong, she's done something wrong. I just don't know what it is. Why else would ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada, help me, my wife, my children, my husband, put us in this turmoil. Why? Why would why else would we have this difficulty. And I want you to know that it's a natural process of life. Anytime people live

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together, anytime people are in contact with each other, there's friction. And it's very scientific. In that sense, you know, you put your hands together, you rub them against each other, it begins to heat up. And that's just like, that's just how it is.

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Anytime you're in contact with each other, you leave something with them, and you take something from you. So you know, forensic scientists there, you know, that's one of the first laws of forensic science, that anytime two people come in contact, something from you is deposited in something from the other person is retained by you. Now, of course, one of the fearful things is what do we leave with others? And what do others receive or leave with us? Are those things that we're in control of? And entirely? The answer is yes. And I want it to be something that you and I begin this point by understanding that whatever contentions hardships difficulties you face in life, are not necessarily

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because you've done anything wrong. But at the same time, do not absolve yourself and assume it's the other person