Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P05 063C Tafsir Al-Nisa 114-118

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Okay, we'll begin from Iowa 114

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Lucha fika theta min Najwa. Home, there is no good in much of their private conversations Najwa is from the root letters known Jeem. Well, and Najwa toon is a place that is high. Okay, a high place compared to the rest of the area that is around it. Now such a place stands out, it sticks out, doesn't it? Like for example, if you have a room that is flat, I mean, the floor is straight plain. And in the front, you have a stage. Okay, the surfaces raised up, as soon as you walk into the room, isn't that stage going to stick out isn't going to draw your attention isn't going to draw your attention? It will. Okay. So from this root is the word Najwa, which is a private conversation. When

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two or more people whisper to one another, they have a secret conversation, a private conversation that they don't tell other people about.

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Generally, when we whisper to someone, what do we think nobody can see us. Nobody knows what we're talking about. But you know what, as soon as we start whispering, we start becoming more noticeable. We become more noticeable, just as a raised ground becomes more noticeable. Likewise, someone who is whispering is also more noticeable compared to the rest of the people think about it, you're sitting in a group of friends, and one person is whispering to the other? Isn't your mind going to go there? Immediately, you're going to forget about what you were eating, you're going to forget about what everybody was talking about. Your only concern is what are they whispering to one another? Isn't it?

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What's going to be on your mind is I want to know what they're talking about. You're going to try to guess it, you're going to try to listen, you're gonna try to eavesdrop, whatever you're gonna try to figure it out. Okay? Likewise, when someone is on a raised place, then it's as though they have been chosen. It's as though they have been elevated. It's as though they have been given special attention. Now, if somebody comes to you and says, I need to talk to you,

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can you come here? I need to talk to you and then whisper something into your ear. How do you feel so special? Right? She didn't tell everybody else you told me. I'm so special. Alright. So this is what happens when someone is whispered do when you have a private conversation with someone it's as though they have been chosen compared to the rest of the people. Now, what does Allah subhanaw taala say about Najwa? He says La Jolla, Rafi cathedra Minaj? Well, the majority of private conversations that people hold, there is no good in them. Is that true? Is that true? Yes. Do you agree with it? 100%? Because when people whisper to one another, what are they really talking about? Generally,

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what are they talking about? Somebody else, right? Or something that should not be publicized? Who needs to whisper the one who is guilty? The one who doesn't want that everybody should find out that I'm talking about this, that I am saying like this about another individual. So someone who is guilty in his heart, he wants to hide his actions. He wants to hide his words, he wants to hide his conversations. So this is why he whispers because he knows that if other people will find out, they won't be happy with him. Because the one who is right, the one who is truthful, the one who is well meaning does he need to hide anything from people? He doesn't need to. So majority of the time,

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there is no good in private conversations in the things that people whisper to one another. Now natural primarily is, you know, like people having a small circle, or one person whispering something into the ear of the other individual. What are the different ways in which private conversations are held today?

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Something that's just between you and another person or maybe two people and not more than that?

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Email, for example, text messages. What else? I don't have Facebook, so I don't know how that works. Yeah, I don't. Can you imagine? I don't. So on Facebook, is there any possibility of having a private conversation with someone? Okay, so private chats. Now, majority of the time, what is it that people talk about over text messages over their emails? Yes, many times it is something good. Okay. But when is it that you put passwords and everything and you don't show anybody what you're typing? What you're texting. Alright. When do you do that? When do you hide from people and do it well,

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You know that it's not good, when you know that other people are not gonna like it. So Allah says La Hi, Rafi cathedra Minaj were home. Remember, this verse was revealed concerning the story of that man Therma. You remember that incident? Right? So his family, his tribesmen, what they did was that in the night, they all sat together, and they privately conversed with each other, planning out how they were going to, you know, portray the case of Dharma before the Prophet saw a lot is that it was a whole setup that they had planned. Okay, so in their Najwa, what were they talking about something good, not at all. But in this is a very important lesson for us. Let's stop having these networks

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all the time.

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Let's stop it. Because it is something that creates ill feelings amongst people. Think about it, even if in your own house, if your siblings are talking like this, or your mother and your sister are talking like this, how do you feel you feel horrible. So don't put anybody else in a situation where you don't want to be in? Let's avoid this, that sometimes it happens that one person knows a different language. So they will talk to whoever they want to share something privately with, in that language that other people have no clue about what they're talking about, you know, sometimes it's unintentional. All right. But sometimes it's done deliberately to hide something from others.

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Why do you need to hide? Because you're talking about something that the other doesn't want to hear that the other will not approve off? What do we forget at this time that other people cannot hear? But who's watching? who's listening? Allah subhanaw taala, who was recording every statement that we utter every word that we whisper, the angels are recording everything. So we should be very careful, very mindful of this. Luckily, you have a fika theta min Najwa. Who also if you think about it in a class, in a classroom, when people are sitting down, and they're whispering to each other, what are the Dipity whispering about?

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If it's something that's good, than I really, I would like you to tell everybody about it, isn't it? I'll bring the microphone, say to the microphone. Let everybody enjoy. Let everybody know. But when is it that we don't speak out loud when we whisper when we know this is something that's not suitable to talk about over here? Right? So when it's not suitable, let's not do it, when it's not appropriate. Let's leave it right now. Hi, Fi cathedra min Najwa home INLA. Except for this is the beauty of the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah subhanaw taala does not generalize, there is an exception, some Najwa. Some private conversations are actually good, which ones INLA except man who

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Mr. B saw the cotton, the one who orders charity, meaning the one who in a private conversation with another individual, he tells him that you should give charity. So for example, you're sitting with a group of friends. Okay, you're sitting with a group of friends, and somebody is talking about someone who's in a difficult situation. So you pull your one of your friends aside and you say, do you think we should help out over here?

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Right? And you discuss with her and you say, Okay, you give this much money? I'll give this much money. Okay, you'll find this out? I'll find this out. So I'm gonna be sada cotton, why is it better to have such a conversation privately? Why?

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Because if there is a person who needs help, and they are present in the gathering, and if people start talking, you know, everybody, you know, please, let's give money to this friend of ours. You know, she really needs clothes, let's buy clothes for her, everybody, it's going to be so embarrassing for them. Correct? It's embarrassing for that person, and also the one who is being advised to give charity, it can actually corrupt their intention. Right? Because when you are told in public, give this money or give such and such, then what will happen? You feel obligated to do it, then you will not do it. Because you want Allah's pleasure. You will do it because you look so

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evil if you don't give, isn't it? So just to preserve our good image before people we will do it. So this is why when you want to tell someone to give charity, then how should you do it? In private? We learned earlier, that intubate who saw Ducati funnier a Mahi, if you openly give sadaqa How good is that we're into for her what to help Focolare. But if you hide it, and then give it to the board that is much better for you. And also for them right? Much better for your intention and much better for their dignity for their self respect. Oh my rufen that the one who orders Martin Wolf, what is model something that is good, right, something that is good. So for example, if in a gathering, you

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feel that someone is not dressed appropriately

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that let's say they're closer

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See through, for instance, and you want to tell them that please cover yourself from the back or the front or the side or whatever. So how should you say, Sister, sister, you, you, sitter, you. And now everybody's attention is drawn. You say, Sister, please cover your back. It's showing Sister please cover your neck. It's too low. Is that appropriate?

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You can say, but I'm telling her something so good. Her eyes being revealed her body's being exposed. She doesn't look decent. I'm telling her something. But is this the manner? Is this the way? No, what should you do? Go to her and say, stupid. Come with me. Come with me. Come with me and tell her you know what you're showing? Let's put your shawl like this. Because sometimes a person may not even realize, right? They might not even realize. But if you point them out in public, and you tell them like this in public, it will be so embarrassing for them. My room when you order something that is good. How should you do it in private? Likewise, you want to tell someone to study

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the Quran? So what should you do in an open gathering? You're like, oh, by the way, sister, you know you mashallah you're doing so much a worldly education. You have this degree in that degree? Have you ever thought about learning the Quran? What will you do when you die? And Allah will ask you, Is this how you should send them on a guilt trip? In front of everybody and embarrass them? No. If you really want to convince someone to learn the Quran, how should you do it? Discuss in private? Why? Because they don't feel embarrassed. All right, and it's easier for them to accept what you're saying, Oh, my Bluefin thirdly, oh, is La henbane. A nurse or reconciliation between people? Is la

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Saad learn how what does it mean to fix? So it's la been a nurse, reconciliation between people meaning two or more people, they have arguments, they're not in good terms, and you want to fix their relationship? So how should you do it in private? Because if for example, two people who are not even talking to one another, you're sitting with them, and you're telling her by the way, you are wrong in this and it is your fault that you did this, you should not have done this. And you should say sorry, and you should let go. What will happen, you won't be able to fix the problem. In fact, it's going to get much worse. What you need to do is private conversation, private counseling

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one on one, because then people can open up easily, they can express themselves easily, and it's easier for them to accept as well. It's easier for them to understand the problem

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when they hear for their liquor and whoever does that. What has a private conversation with another why.

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And what are we so the cotton, Omarosa orphan? Oh, it's Lakshmanan NAS, whoever does that AB de la mobility LA, seeking the pleasure of Allah for sofa nuit de Edgerunner Lima, then Soon we shall give him a great reward. So what does this teach us that all these three things are highly virtuous deeds, they're highly virtuous deeds are excellent deeds, telling someone to give sadaqa in private, telling them to do something good in private, fixing bad relationships between people how in private, this is something that is excellent. Well, may you share with you Rasul Allah, and whoever opposes the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the word you shall pick from sheen cough off.

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Michel, is to split off and oppose to split off because it's from shock. And what does shock mean to break away? Okay, so a person was with a group of people. He split off meaning he broke away from them, he deferred from them. And then he began opposing them. Does this happen? Does this happen? That a group of people are working on a project together? One of them has a disagreement and he's like, I can't work with you. So he leaves them and when he leaves them, he doesn't just do nothing. No, he starts opposing them. He starts bad mouthing them he starts talking negatively about them. So this is what you shakin. So whoever turns hostile to the messenger, leaves him disobeys him and

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turns hostile towards him. When men body after man that the beginning the whole Gouda, after guidance became clear to him, meaning after the truth became very clear to him. He recognized Muhammad salatu salam as the messenger he knew him to be the messenger. He understands the reality. The guidance the truth is very manifest to him embody Mata bacon Hola, hola, Gouda. And then we have Debir and he follows from etbr turbine. He follows Wayra other than Sabine the way of ultimate meaning the believers meaning he does not follow the way of the

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levers either. He opposes the messenger. And secondly, he contradicts the rest of the believers in his manner, in his practice, in his actions in his worship, do things are mentioned over here,

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breaking away from the messenger opposing him and also contradicting the believers. So instead of following the messenger, what does he do? He makes a breach with him. He opposes him, and what the messenger has brought up the truth after Islam has become clear. And he follows a course other than that of the believers, meaning he does not follow what they follow. He does not do what they do, he does not behave as they behave, he does not perform as they perform. So then what does he do? He invents his own ways. He invents his own methods, his own practices, he says things that have never been said about Islam.

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He says, he talks about the Salah, the Quran, the messenger, Allah subhanaw taala, about the deen in a way that it has never been mentioned. So he comes up with interpretations that have never been mentioned before. By any Sahabi any Tabori, any scholar, nothing such as that were to be or Loyless have beaten me. Because if you think about it, what is Islam? Islam is Quran, the Sunnah and the way of the believers. Correct? The Quran what the Quran says the Sunnah, what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said what he did, and the way of the believers meaning how the Sahaba those present at the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam, how they practice the Now if somebody says something about,

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let's say hijab

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that no companion ever said that the Quran doesn't say, then is this being in line with the messenger? Or is this opposing him? Is this being in line with the way of the believers or opposite to that opposite to that right? But is it something that we see is very common today? Yeah, everybody's coming up with their own interpretation of the Quran. They're saying things that have never been said before, with the very latest obedient meaning. And by the way, this is not something that's new. It happened even before it happened, even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sadhana

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there was a man by the name of Musa Lama. Have you heard of it?

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And he said, I'm a messenger, too.

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He said, revelation comes to me as well. And he fabricated some words, some statements made up some funny things and said this is revelation. He gave to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and said I'm also a messenger, you give me half of the Muslim empire and you keep the other half so we you know we're equal. And he was termed as musei lemma. Alka

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was a lemma the liar, the big liar, he broke away from the messenger.

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And he did not follow the way of the believers he invented his own way. He said things which were unheard of, which are not in line with the Quran, sunnah and the practice of the believers. Then Allah says such a person not only he we turn him from wild lamea, we turn him towards what Mata wala that which he undertook the worth of Allah normally, it has multiple meanings of the meanings is to undertake a responsibility or to undertake a task to be in charge of and Willie, also from the same root who is really a patron a guardian, a protector, the one who takes care of all the matters one who takes charge. Okay, so no one Lee Mata Wallah, what does it mean that we will give him what he

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has taken?

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We will let him take the path that he has chosen. We will let him go far and far into it. He has invented his own way.

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He thinks he is right. And he will keep going on and on in his way. The more he opposes, the more misled he will be Fela Meza, who Oiselle Allahu kuruva home when they're deviated Allah to cause your hearts to be deviated

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and such a person will mostly heed your hand and we will let him go his way and eventually we will burn him in the fire was sat at mostly euro and what a terrible destination it is. What a terrible place it is as a destination. So what's the main lesson we learn in this verse?

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If we do not read the Quran and educate ourselves by reading verses like these, it's a very easy trap to fall into. Because you know, like when people die, you know, people want to have grown honeys and you know, logic

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You know, you think, okay, you're reading Quran, but there is no benefit for the deceased person. And so you know your mind it's from shaitan you're justifying it, we're just reading Quran for this person, but this is wrong, because this is not the prophets practice. And so Allah gave us a criterion which is Quran and a guy which is the Rasul Allah so I don't know what it was. And so this leaves us no room for a year messed up the clear way of the companions as well, right? To be the mean. And so therefore, this leaves no room for innovation in Islam, but, you know, people would if they do not educate themselves by reading verses like such, then you know, they begin justifying it

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while we're just praying Quran, how could it be wrong, but this in fact is wrong? Exactly. Exactly.

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Salaam Alaikum, I was thinking, the way of Seville Momineen, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam very easy way, if we do our own ways, become really difficult and very true.

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So what's the main lesson we learned over here? You tell me. I've spoken enough. Yes.

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Stick to the Quran and Sunnah. And the way of the believers severely mean, what does it mean by the way of the believers? The way of the companions? Have you heard of the term? This is what the seller did. This is what the pious predecessors said. Yeah. So when you hear a statement like that, then take it as long as it is in conformity with the Quran and Sunnah. Because the way of the believers is basically something that the Ummah is united upon something that the Ummah is united upon. The prophets of Allah Islam said Allah will never unite my ummah on misguidance. Allah will never unite my ummah on misguidance sometimes you will see that majority of the people may be doing something

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wrong, but still there will be scholars there will be those of knowledge who will oppose them with clear evidences from the Quran and Sunnah. So the OMA will never be united on misguidance and the Hand of Allah is above the Jamara meeting Allah special help is with the Jamar. So if we want to be successful, then what do we have to do? Follow the Quran and the Sunnah and the way of the believers

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in the Lucha indeed Allah lay off hero he does not forgive and you shall aka be that he is associated with Allah who will not forgive that any partners are ascribed to him. Well, Phil, and he will forgive my Duna Delica what is less than that, Lima Yeshua, for whomever he wants for whoever he pleases? For the second time in this surah this statement is being mentioned what that shake is a crime. It is a sin. That is unforgivable.

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ALLAH does not forgive the sin until and unless a person repents from it at the right time, which means that if a person repents from it at the time of death, or after death, anytime, not accepted, but before that, if he repents, then it is up to Allah to accept However, other sins, other sins that are less than Schick. It's up to Allah He can forgive them, but even for them, what is the last panel data set? Well, Phil Medina, Dadda, Lima Yasha, it is up to Allah it is His will. Meaning forgiveness for other sins is also not guaranteed. It is up to Allah to forgive, than what about a sin such as ship? How can a person believed that it will be forgiven and based on this false belief,

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he goes on committing shook

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and what is shipped by the way, because we have to know what it is, so that we can avoid it. There are two main categories of ship major and minor, what is major to associate with Allah? Anyone, anything, any being, whether animate or inanimate, living or nonliving, righteous or evil, whatever, associate with ALLAH, anything, anyone in his exclusive rights,

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in his exclusive rights and characteristics, what are the exclusive rights of Allah, his rights only? What are they give me examples of that. That he is worshipped. That he is prayed to that dua is made to him he is asked off other exclusive rights of Allah. swear an oath by Allah. Okay, other rights, exclusive rights of Allah. Exclusive characteristics of Allah.

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What are they? His names and attributes? Those that only be fit him, those that are only his, okay, what are other exclusive characteristics of Allah? subhanaw taala? Yes.

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That He is the Creator. He is the owner. He is

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As the provider, he is the sustainer he is the one who responds to the supplications he is the one who gives cure all right. So exclusive rights and characteristics of Allah. So basically it is to associate another with Allah in His being. So for example, you know that so until his like Allah narrow the villa or so and so is also Allah narrow the villa. Okay. This is shit in his that in his SIFAT and his attributes in his Zulu, he and his being Allah, the One deserving worship in his booty, I mean, the one deserving or the other. So, major ship, the second category is which one minor shake? What is that, that he,

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when a person does something good.

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And apparently he's doing it for the sake of Allah. But he wants that people should see it as well, and they should appreciate him for it, and they should praise Him and they should reward him and they should applaud right when he does that good deed. So this is what the even that is a kind of ship, but it is minor ship. So ALLAH does not forgive ship. He doesn't forgive this crime. Why?

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Because it is the greatest injustice, isn't it? It is the greatest wrong. It is the greatest lie. It is the height of unfairness. So ALLAH does not forgive this sin. Well, Phil Medina, Delica, Lima Yasha. Other sense less than that he can forgive but even that is conditional it it's up to him. that forgiveness is not guaranteed will mean you should add Billahi and whoever associates with Allah Faqad Allah Allah Allah Allah Akbar either then certainly he has gone far astray in misguidance. But Allah He has gone astray. What kind of misguidance Bala misguidance that is very far meaning far from the truth. Such a person is far from the truth in this dunya he is far from

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guidance. II and Aruna, they do not call upon from Dora who those people who associate with Allah, they are not calling upon min Duni besides him in that, except in Eartha, some females, some female beings and female things in Eartha is the plural of unser Hamza known sir, and what is unser mean? Female. So those people who do shake who worship idols, who worship the dead, who worship stones, who worship inanimate things, who worship angels, then in reality, what are the calling upon some female names, some female things, some female beings, because all of these things that I've mentioned over here, whether it is the idols or inanimate things, or even the angels that the

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machine of Arabia used to worship, what pronoun is used for them in the Arabic language? The female, feminine is used for them. So Allah says they're only calling upon some females. Why does Allah subhanaw taala describe all of their false gods as female, because for the Arabs, the weakest of all beings was who the woman she was the weakest, even compared to a young boy, an older woman, weak, and for Allah to say that these Mushrikeen are only calling upon females, this is utter insult for their gods. This is insult for their gods, that Allah subhanaw taala calls all of their false gods as female, because he's indicating over here that this is how weak they are using a woman is weak,

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these idols are even weaker. You think a woman cannot help you whereas she is much stronger, she is much more capable. But these idols, these inanimate things are just sitting in unmoving, what can they do for you, you think a woman is a burden on you because you have to take care of her, these idols are more of a burden on you, because you don't just have to make it you have to look after it. You have to bring food to serve it and then you have to deal with that food as well. And then you have to guard it you have to protect it, you know, you have to keep slaves to look after them.

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So II under Unum and Dooney Illa Inessa there are so weak they cannot even help you. So before the people when they're doing shit in their minds is who these things that they worship these female beings, but behind the scenes in reality, who are they worshiping? What any other owner and they're not calling upon, in that except shade on a muddy the shaved blonde that is muddied muddied from the real letters meme raw, the one that is rebellious, one that is hard on a thorough one who has come out of the bounds of obedience doesn't obey

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It's basically what when one disobeys and goes far in that disobedience. So he becomes excessively proud, disobedient, rebellious and persists in that manner. He persists in that way. This is what muddied is. So this is the reality of Trayvon. Is he obedient? Not at all. He's disobedient, and has returned back to Allah. Not at all. He has gone far in that disobedience, he has persisted on it. So Allah says over here, that in reality, these people, they're not really worshipping these female things that are before them. In reality, they're worshipping goo Shavon. Because what is worship? What is ibadah? What is worship? How would you describe worship? Worship means humility,

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submissiveness obedience. Correct. When we say we worship Allah, what does that mean? What does that mean?

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That we submit to Him, that we make ourselves small before him, that we obey Him? We listen to his orders, we don't do what He has forbidden us from we are compliant. So this is what Riba is. So when people do Sheikh in reality, Allah says they are worshipping Shavon. Why? How? How are they worshipping Satan? Is every machine a devil worshiper? They don't say they're worshipping the devil. But why does Allah subhanaw taala call them devil worshipers? Why? Because who told these people to worship those idols? Who Shavon?

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Who told the people to prostrate to the sun? To the cow? To a camel? Who? The Shavon? Did the cow ever tell people frustrated to me? Never. If you could do that, it would ask for a nicer grass maybe?

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Did the sun ever tell people prostrate to me? Never. Did the mountains ever tell people prostrate to us? Never. Did a tree ever say that? No. Did a dead person ever say that? No. Who tells people frustrated to such and such frustrated this and that who shape on? It has shaped on who tells him to worship them? And when he tells them, they obey him when they obey Him when they're compliant? What does it mean? They're in fact worshiping Him? Because no matter what he tells them, even if it's something that is ridiculous, that doesn't make sense, that goes against their own self respect, they will do it. They're blind followers of Champon. Think about it. If there's anything that

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somebody tells us to do, we always reflect, am I going to become better? Am I going to become worse? Is it going to improve me? Or is it going to humiliate me? Isn't it? For example, if somebody tells us go greet that person, we think but if I go and greet them, this will make me smaller, so I'm not going to listen. Right? I'm not going to listen to this person. But shaytaan tells people put your head down before something that you made of stone yourself. And people go into it, blind followers without even thinking without even thinking. So what is this worship? Isn't it? If somebody obeys another, okay, fulfills every instruction of theirs without question than how do people describe

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them? He worships her.

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She worships Him. So likewise, people in reality who are the worshiping shape on shape lon,

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in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala said, I created my servants who NEFA meaning those who worship Allah alone, and the devils game to them, and turn them away from their religion, and forbid for them what I made lawful for them, and commanded them to associate with me what I have not revealed any authority for. So she began with who she has won. He told the people to worship others. Remember the story of the people of New Hurley's salon remember, they used to worship Allah subhanaw taala that what happened? There were some really nice righteous people when they passed away che lon came to them and said, You're gonna forget them. So

00:34:20 --> 00:34:55

draw their images so that you don't forget them. So that you remember them and the generations will come after they remember these people. So the drew images, and from there began what respecting those images and then asking them for help. All right, and those images transferred into statues. And this way, Shrek began. And shaytaan the greatest trap that he calls people to is what shake because he knows that shake is something that will nullify all of the good deeds of a person.

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

A person may have given millions in charity

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

He, he may have forgiven people who have hurt him, he may have spent a very difficult life with patience, he may have very, very good character. But if he or she does shake he or she frustrates to someone other than Allah, that all of his good deeds useless, we learn that such deeds will be turned into hubba among Surah, like dust that is dispersed dust that is dispersed, it will carry no value on the Day of Judgment. So she upon knows that this is the reason why he calls people to shake, he tells people to worship other than Allah. And sometimes he also calls people to his own worship.

00:35:44 --> 00:36:22

There's a story of a monk known by the name of Bob Cseh, someone who was very righteous, very pious. And there were these brothers who were traveling, they had a sister whom they could not take along, they had to leave her behind. So they asked him to please look after her initially, he refused. And then he said, Fine, I will look after her, I will take care of her. So what happened? She was in a separate room. So he would go and bring food to her and leave the food outside and she would come and take it, no conversation, nothing at all. She had thought and said, Come on, talk to her for think she's alone. So there began a conversation, and then come on, go inside, no harm. Like

00:36:22 --> 00:37:03

Shetland says, brother, sister. Come on. He's your brother con. She's your sister. It's okay. There's nothing you know, bad. All right. This is how she Athan comes. And then eventually, he convinced that man to commit how long with her and then eventually, she became pregnant, she gave birth. And then when the brothers were returning, he was afraid for his life. So what did he do? He killed her, and the baby buried both of them. And when the brothers came, said, Sorry, your sister passed away. So they accepted the word of the monk. And then shape on came to those people to the brothers. Your sister didn't die just like that he killed her.

00:37:04 --> 00:37:23

So they went after him. And when the people when everybody was coming after that monk, Sheikh lon appeared to him and said, I put you in this difficulty. Do such that to me, I'll protect you. I'll save you I'll take care of you. So But see, saw that righteous bias monk what he did, he fell in frustration to IBLEES immediately save me.

00:37:24 --> 00:37:30

But did he help him No. Shaitan ism was deceitful. abandon him. abandon him left him.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:44

So Shavon this is what he does. He calls people to shake. Why? Because he knows that no matter how much good a person has done, it will become to nothing. If a person does shake, then Chopin is successful.

00:37:45 --> 00:37:53

He has managed to mislead that person, he has managed to make him a total failure. If he makes the person commit Schick

00:37:54 --> 00:38:11

and he doesn't just call average people to shit, he calls the believers to shake as well. You know that? Look at the example of of Caesar, was he not a fire servant of Allah? Was he not so righteous, but look at how he led him to shit gradually, one step after the other.

00:38:12 --> 00:38:19

Even murder is something that can be forgiven, we learned about that earlier, but shake when a person gets to that class.

00:38:21 --> 00:38:39

So this is what chip on does he convinces a person to leave something good. He believed was a sin before the person so a person commits a minor sin and when he commits a minor sin, then he can commit a major sin as well when he commits a major sin that he can commit ship because well, look at how gradually shaytaan lead versus attrition.

00:38:41 --> 00:39:08

So as the rownum and Duni Illa Inasa were in the Runa Illa che Aparna Merida, they only call upon shaytaan that is rebellious learner Hola. Allah has cursed him. Allah has cursed the Shavon meaning ALLAH has removed him far away from his mercy when, when shaytaan IBLEES refuse to prostrate to them.

00:39:09 --> 00:39:58

Remember the story of how this enmity began? Between Iblees and human beings between shatta and human beings? How this began? Where did it begin from when Allah commanded Iblees to prostrate to Adam and Iblees refused? He refused to prostrate. So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala said call of a huge minha for in Nicola Raji. Allah said to him, then go out of here for indeed you are expelled, and indeed upon you is my curse until the day that the people will be resurrected. So learn a hula Allah has removed him far from his mercy. What color and Iblees at that time, what did he say? He said, Look at the heathen. Surely I will definitely take money everybody can have your

00:39:58 --> 00:39:59

servants and asleep of Mfu

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

Although a specific portion, look at the word let definitely then I will definitely take from Your servants floral of OGD Nestle Rama Flula flute from foul, but what does fault mean obligatory my fruit that which has been obligated. Okay. And follow literally means after to cut okay to cut off. So in a sleeve of Rula meaning an appointed portion a good portion of your servants. I will take them take them where?

00:40:37 --> 00:40:38

To Hellfire with him?

00:40:39 --> 00:40:56

Look at how arrogantly. He spoke to Allah. And he said, The Hidden seminary Burdekin asleep Amma frugal, I will definitely take a good portion of them along with me to hellfire. How?

00:40:57 --> 00:41:17

By tempting them by misleading them by trapping them in various traps by deceiving them. I will make them mine. This is what if Lisa to Allah, I will make the mind this is what he meant. They will become my servants and they will go with me wherever I go. Allah created us for His worship.

00:41:18 --> 00:41:54

Allah would add them on a sinner in Jannah. That is the real home. But Shavon doesn't want that shaitan wants that people go along with him to hellfire. Why? Because of his great enmity, his great hatred for the human beings. And so much is his hatred, that when a baby is born, how pure how innocent that child is just born and what the shaytaan do. We don't have Hadith he goes and hits the baby hits the baby, so that the baby begins to cry.

00:41:55 --> 00:42:13

He strikes the baby imagine this is how much he hates us. This is how much is after us. He is our clear enemy. What does Allah say to us in the Quran, that in the shape on Alok Kumar, do one factor he do what I do when he is your enemy, so take him as an enemy.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:30

Don't feel sorry for him, don't pity him. He doesn't pity you at all. Even for a moment. He doesn't spare you. He wants to take every single one. Were with him to the hellfire. We'll call it I don't know, Monterey Burdekin Acebo my foo bar.

00:42:32 --> 00:43:07

So when I come I was just thinking of how when you think about the act of Shrek, it's actually such a humiliating act because you're worshiping something that is a lot lower than what human beings are supposed to be in status. And we worship things that are rocks or things that are wood or things that just died as a human being that electrons are first created as as it's not befitting of us to worship something that's below us. But on the other hand, as Muslims, we're supposed to worship the Creator the greatest, the most honorable being in the universe in existence. And so how just by worshipping Him we raise our own status as well.

00:43:08 --> 00:43:12

But what does she Athan wants that we become the lowest of the law

00:43:14 --> 00:43:21

as salaam alaikum. Many times when we think of Sheikh we think of a physical thing like a picture or a rock or

00:43:22 --> 00:43:54

for whatever doing shape, but many times we don't realize that many of us in North America who are practicing many times we don't actually worship a physical thing. But we always sometimes say things statements that we don't even realize that are very harmful. Or, for example, if somebody was drowning, and he got saved by Lifesaver we we don't in the moment we don't realize we say oh you saved my life. You weren't there, I would have died. We we don't realize what we just said that it wasn't him that it was Allah we could thank that person but in mind, we should be clear that with Allah exactly that they're just the means. But Allah subhanaw taala is the one who sent that help.

00:43:54 --> 00:44:14

He is the one who cured you. He's the one who saved you. He's the one who rescued you. Because if Allah did not want, that person would never have come to help you. The doctor would have never figured out how to save your life. Right? But what does shaytaan one that we forget Allah and we humiliate ourselves.

00:44:15 --> 00:44:29

And this is why shaytaan uses various tools, various straps, various tricks to mislead us to misguide us. And he doesn't just attack a person once but he attacks him over and over again. We'll see.

00:44:30 --> 00:44:59

The chatline does come to him once he didn't leave him until he committed check. Likewise, shaytaan doesn't leave people until their last breath, their last breath. Which is why when the angels come to take the soul of a person shaitan also comes trying to mislead a person at that time. Why? Because he's afraid this person is slipping from my hands. He's going away. I'm a bit humble when he was at his deathbed. This happened with him that bliss shaytaan he came to

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

him trying to mislead him at that time. And Imam Mohamed salah.

00:45:04 --> 00:45:11

Not yet Not yet, meaning I'm still not saved yet. Yes. Last week

00:45:13 --> 00:45:48

lesson we will discuss ng she was telling us how to get rid of shaitan no not to follow shutdown. And we like listen like shutdown is so strong creature he's so experienced is all the time after us when we did our dwarfs we did a scar heavy you know we hit him then after that he doesn't give up doesn't give up he comes again after us. And from one of our her lectures she mentioned shaitan like to always go there when there is a lot of prayer. So if we are going after like, you know, following the Quran and Sunnah definitely he's going to come after it all the time. Of course.

00:45:50 --> 00:46:33

We learn in the Quran that shaitan said some Mala atatiana hoomin benei ad him woman huffing him wearing a man him orange shimmer le him, while at 30, do a thorough homeshare. Kidding. He said, I will come to them from before them, and from behind them on their right and on their left. And you will not find most of them grateful to you just imagine somebody is trying to hit you somebody's trying to attack you from all four sides. From your front, from behind, from your right, from your left. This is how vulnerable you are. This is how much under attack you are. What do you need them? For protection? What do you need them to be shielded everywhere to be protected all over? There are

00:46:33 --> 00:47:17

still things that he didn't mention above and below. Because below you do such that you worship Allah. And above you ask him for his help and His mercy. Slavery. You know, in India, there's a lot of sherek. And I think sometimes that the people they live among the Hindus, and the Hindu religion, mainly it's about idol worship and temples. And you know, the festivals are so loud. And maybe we think, Okay, now we have to compete with them and come up with something. So we have all these shrines. And I know certain families, they are so strong upon the heat. And the people, they have labeled them as Wahhabis, whatever. And you know, they can't stand what they are doing, and majority

00:47:17 --> 00:47:57

think they are right. And I remember when I was young, one of one family, they were very much on thought he that everybody sort of you know what looked down upon them. And this old man, he was dying. And you know, when you're dying, it's a very difficult time. And I don't know how much you're in your senses, and what you're able to think for yourself. But I remember the people from the shrine who are so much into the ship, they brought the stick of the dead saint or whoever he was. And they told this man that if you hold on to the stick, he will help you cross that bridge, the spirit. And in his dying moments, he held on to that stick, and he said, Okay, I'll seek the help of

00:47:57 --> 00:48:22

the saint. So we have to be so careful. And when I go back home every time, you know, it's very difficult to talk to them, they will label you as it seems like you are wrong, you know, but sometimes, if you talk to young people, they say, You know what you say it sounds more better than what we've been taught and what we've been raised upon. So we shouldn't give up. We should try to talk to the people there.

00:48:23 --> 00:48:58

I was thinking that when we have an enemy, we don't want them to be happy. We want them to be upset. So do we take ship on as their enemy a little boy gave a reflection last week that when he was praying, he went into such that he was remembering that shaytaan Christ and that made him happy? Because she is his enemy. So I was just thinking we really need to understand that he is our enemy. He doesn't want good for us. Yes. So we want to oppose him and do exactly what he doesn't like. So if he eats with the left hand, we don't eat with the left hand we eat with the right we oppose shape on. So Michael, I was just thinking that like what kind of slave Do you want to be? Do you want to

00:48:58 --> 00:49:11

be the slave of Allah? Or do you want to be slave of something else? Because if we don't submit to Allah, then we're going to submit to something else like fashion or like movies or pop culture music. So what are you worshiping?

00:49:12 --> 00:49:22

matru whatever the scholars or majority said that I reflected and realized that the son of Adam is thrown between Allah and chatline.

00:49:23 --> 00:49:59

So you're thrown between Allah hinged upon. If Allah saves you, he saves you. And if you don't take Allah's protection, you don't turn towards him, then what will happen? chitlin will come and take you make you a part of no sleep boom of Aruba. So you have to turn to Allah. Take his protection, beg Him for His mercy. Protect yourself so that children cannot get the better of you. Go ahead. There was in our old school we used to have swimming competitions every year. So this one time there was this girl and she was hiding like the little doll in her hand.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:27

If I asked her like what it was, and then she wasn't telling me in the beginning, and then she told me that it was like her goddess for good luck. Like she was actually embarrassed. She's like my mom gave it to me. And she was embarrassed to tell me that it was her goddess. So it is something that we're embarrassed if it doesn't make sense. But still shaytaan makes us believe that it is good, it will work. So do it. But in reality, this is all deception.

00:50:28 --> 00:50:30

By the way, this nusseibeh mahfouda,

00:50:31 --> 00:51:05

this appointed portion, how much is that? Do you know what the statistics are? How many people children will take to hellfire with him of human race? In a hadith we learn Allah who will say, or Adam, on the day of judgment, and Adam will reply, I respond to your call, I'm obedient to Your commands and all good is in your hands, that Allah will say to Adam send forth the people of the fire. Adam will say, how many are the people of the fire, Allah who will respond out of every 1999

00:51:06 --> 00:51:12

Only one of every 1000 human beings will make it agenda

00:51:13 --> 00:51:18

999 will go to *.

00:51:19 --> 00:51:28

This is the mausoleum of Aruba, the portion of human beings, that children will end up making his own.

00:51:30 --> 00:51:35

Because they are deceived by shape on, they fall in his trap.

00:51:36 --> 00:51:45

They submit before Chevron because they become weak before shaytaan they say I am weak shaitan is too strong.

00:51:46 --> 00:51:47

And this is what we do as well.

00:51:49 --> 00:51:50

We listen to shaitan

00:51:51 --> 00:51:54

we become afraid of him. And we give him all the power.

00:51:55 --> 00:52:01

And then we excuse ourselves. Think about it if please refuse just one prostration one such

00:52:03 --> 00:52:23

and he turns us away from salah, making the sleeve one such that after the other is not going to make a lot happier and stronger. Isn't that going to give them more and more confidence? Every such that we leave every Salah we leave? What are we doing? We're strengthening the Shavon we're harming ourselves.

00:52:24 --> 00:53:04

So Michael, um, you know, earlier we were just talking about how some people just blindly follow and worship certain things. And you know, I feel like Christianity to some extent is like that, because one of their commandments is Thou shalt not worship idols. And you know, the idol they have Jesus itself is an idol. And I asked one of my friends with a question, I'm like, I was very interested of how she would justify her answer. And I'm like, you know, I'm one of the commandments says this and this and isn't Jesus technically an idol? She said, technically it is. And that's all she said. And she pretty much stopped there. And I was sort of waiting for her justification of why it is what she

00:53:04 --> 00:53:36

does. And that's it. She just left it to that and even if it's illogical shutdown will make us believe it's okay. This is how it's supposed to be. Yeah, and that's pretty much it. And I was just wondering why she would follow it then if it's going contradicts everything she would believe in. Because the thing is that the more you follow shaitan the more you obey Him, the more strong he becomes, the more power he has over you. The more shackled you are in his traps, you can't get out them. So even if something doesn't make sense, you will still do it.

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