Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #33 Al Waliyy

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The title of the book "medman" is related to a woman named Sir Halal, who is a father and a guardian. The discussion touches on the meaning of " friend" in the Bible and its relation to various names and attributes. The segment discusses the origin of the title "verbal" and its use in WhatsApp groups. The importance of fasting and praying for one's parents is emphasized, as it is necessary to increase one's health and productivity. The segment ends with a promotion for a book and song.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Salah Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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salam ala moana main fauna and finally Mr. Lim tena was at nine min yeah Hamdulillah I mean you ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from what you told us and increase us knowledge ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people who listen and apply inshallah I mean, me

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studying another

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name from the names and attributes of Allah azza wa jal

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I asked Allah subhanaw taala

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who gathered us in this Masjid together together us in sha Allah Tala under his shade when there is no shade accepted shade, inshallah Amina brown me.

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Tonight the name we will be discussing is actually

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el el Valley. And

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there is another

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name that is close to it. It's also in the Quran, which is

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what's close to actually

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in the same route, and molars, Al Mohler, and Willie and Al Mohler, they are both mentioned in the Quran.

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The allele is mentioned around five times. And the molar is also mentioned more than 10 times. Now millimolar whenever I'm not sure, usually you find the molar is always with a must.

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What does that really mean? And really

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is the protecting Guardian, the ally,

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to be honest with you

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to find and when he is one of those words in Arabic, that is extremely hard to find an exact match.

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show you that translated the Quran. If you look at the translation, the most famous one translation of Yusuf Ali, he translated the word wali to

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He translated the word volley to friend.

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many times when you have an interfaith meeting

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the people of the book they bring the idea.

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Yeah, you Alladhina amanu, later Turkey to Yehuda one NESARA.

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I will hear

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and when they see the translation, it says do not take the Jews and Christians as your friends. So they come

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to the interfaith meeting. And

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in a way that you know, what kind of fake meeting is this? In your book, it says, Do not take us as your friend and you're pretending to be our friend.

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So may Allah forgive brother Yusuf Ali, for putting the word friend but I don't blame him because it's probably this is the closest he found.

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But as we know, translation of the word will lead to friend is kind of wrong. It is somehow

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friend but to be in the Quran as

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and only without explaining between brackets,

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it will create these kinds of conflicts with

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non Muslims.

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to prove that he is more than a friend

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Lani can be lonely.

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There is no marriage contract, without a friend

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without your best friend, so, you know from this word that really is heavier than ever friend.

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Right? When he here means father, grandfather and older son, uncle, big brother. So, when he is more than a friend and another delille that

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if someone from the people of the book and say, Come and say that how come you know it says that you cannot take us as friends? How to prove it wrong from the Quran.

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Even stronger than that, how can we prove it wrong? That

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this does not mean friend from the Quran.

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We tell the people of the book,

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Allah subhanaw taala allowed me to marry your woman, so I can have her as my wife, but she cannot be my friend.

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Right? That's another strong delille that the word friend is is wrong. Because Allah subhanaw taala permitted us to marry the woman of the book with shrewd with conditions.

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So I can marry her and she becomes the mother of my children. Of course, she's my friend. So the word friend is not a great translation. So we could say probably

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ally guardian, Willie is much more stronger. It's someone that is taking care of your affairs, taking care of your affairs with love and care. Okay. That's why we are forbidden to give the Jews and the Christians to become our Olia that does not mean they cannot be our friends. That does not mean we cannot do business with them that they cannot be your ally and Allah subhanaw taala gave a strong very strong warning

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woman yet when the home find a hoe min home.

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If you become there really you are one of them. So this is a very sensitive

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characteristic to adapt with the people of the Book linguistically, Willie is from the fierce from the three letters. While lamb Yeah.

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Allah is opposite of Adela.

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Willa, is opposite of enmity.

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one of the meanings of malaria is very close love and care, which is opposite of

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enmity. That's why we call the father of the house. What do we call him?

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When he you'll

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remember when he will Emre. He is the willie in Amarillo. For example, if someone

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under age came to do anything, they will tell him at school go bring your camera.

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Go bring your father go bring well el amor. So he's called the Wali of the camera.

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Which is a child guardian. Now, and when you clock out, man Hi, Phil McCann.

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Albula also, it means

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being very close. Being extremely close. There is nothing between you and the person whose your Willie was to de Lille. From the Hadith.

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Yeah, hula some Mila could be a Munich, we're cool. Remember?

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Rasulillah Salam, he told us that when you eat you eat with your right hand and you say Bismillah Semilla first could be a Munich or eat with your right hand. We're cool Minaya leek and cook and eat from whatever is closer to you. So here elique is the word from Willie. Okay. So when he is someone whose career is very close to you, even when hatred, McCann, even from a place that

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he's sitting next to you he is you're really from that perspective.

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sitting next to you, woman hater sadaqa woman hate on nostra women hated at Akkad when we lie to a lil Amaryl fellow Lee filosa, who will lead the LE era who became behavior Kuno Caribbean men who believe fasten, he is so close to him, there is nothing in between. Now the villa is divided into two with a with a hostile. There's a general villa, which includes everybody.

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Everybody and then there will I have for the moment I'll rely on Casa the speciality layer is for the for the believer, Allah subhanho wa Taala and the valerian ALMA, the general villa, what's the evidence for it from Morocco do il Allah Nola Humann? Huck, this includes everybody everybody will go back to Allah and Allah said about himself, Mala who will hack here it shows that Allah is the molar of both

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of everybody believers and non believers. But in surah Muhammad, what Allah subhanaw taala say use of

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in Allaha, moda Latina MnO well Athena Cafaro Lana hula Allahu Akbar La Mola Allahu Allah subhanaw taala is the willie of the believers. And the non believers have no molar Allahu Akbar, which is really very big no Mola. Subhanallah

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can I

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call somebody Mowlana?

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Can I call someone Molana?

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And the answer is, yes.

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The hadith in Bukhari Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he told Zaid Bin Haritha and Hoonah when I will Anna

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and Hakuna, when I will learn it is said to someone, it can be said to someone who is very close to you. It could but mainly it is said to people of knowledge to people of knowledge. Now, if you remember in the battle when Abu Sufyan

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when I was when I was screaming Len alasa when

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he was screaming in the battle we have that is and he's telling us Isilon and the Muslims, you have no visa.

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What are the sources tell him tell him Hulu

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Excellent. That's why you brothers are sitting here. My assistant Khan who Allah

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He said You scream and say Allah is Mowlana

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and you have no moda Subhanallah Can you imagine how how much energy that statement gave in the in the soldiers hearts Subhan Allah

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Delica Allah Muhammad Allah Xena Amman quick note on the side Why did not Allah say why he didn't say that he can be Allah How are you will mean

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he said then he can be and Allah when he you Latina M and when they'll caffeine ina but AlLadhina kifaru Lama would Allah anybody?

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Or in general in general, what's the difference between Alladhina amanu and what meaning because always in the Quran, you see Yeah, you're in the denominator.

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Right yeah you Alina Eminem. You'll see a yo yo Hello mean

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Welcome back I just noticed as everything handled so what's the difference

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the use of

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Latina Ave and what mean because we didn't we don't see in the Quran yeah you heard what mean? Ahmed?

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No, no no no

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close yeah you enter the ominous Pamela from the realm of Allah azza wa jal. You know how Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he in many Hadith he said lay your min haidakhan And then many Hadith had that you had the RK my humble enough say and many had to

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lay him in Omaha. We all know that hadith. What does it mean here? You are not a believer. He says means here you are not a complete right a true believer until you love to your brother what you love to yourself until you love me or Salah Salem more than you love your father and your mother and your children. Okay? Complete believe so what mean? are the ones who are complete believers so Allah subhana wa Tada when he talks to the believers, they are just, they just believed all they have not reached the

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perfection and Amen. Yeah, you have Lilina Amazon

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So Allah subhanaw taala you have you have Iman, but you did not reach that level of and what minuman mean with a perfect Eman yet so yeah you Alladhina Anna so Allah subhanaw taala now with a Latina and we're Latina Cafaro la Mola LA home now when Subhanallah when we have this name when we live this name in our life when we live this name our life Subhanallah we remember it because you see the name Mola it is in many places in the Quran but it is in one place that you all know by heart.

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Last if Surah Baqarah as the last few words of sort of Bukhara what the DA and then it ended by saying, and tamo Donna from sadhana Adam Cole mill, Catherine and by the way, these 281 Please Please before you sleep, make sure you read them. The last two area of sorbitol, Bukhara, Rasool all the way to the end. What the Hadees say one word

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Katha enough for him. If you read them before you sleep or so Salam said Katha attack because there are two it is sufficient for him for her enough protection Kafta very easy last two I absolutely so and tomorrow we'll learn from SORNA coal mill Katherine when I hear the this here I'm gonna small recite Subhanallah it will give you so much tranquility and peace corps li you'll see vana

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catered hola hola Anna, who am hola Anna? Whoever hola Ana, Lucha say tell them yeah Mohammed

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Nothing will harm us nothing will affect us nothing will befall us except what Allah has already decreed upon us because He is our Mola he is the one who takes care of us He is the one who loves us. He is the one who is close to us all these meaning in the word Mola.

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Now, there is difference between a person being a really of someone and Allah being the really huge difference. This really is that when you have a family you only have a masjid Well, you could be of a country, he has a limited amount of people that he is really over. And it's a limited amount of time, because he's gonna either get sick or die or you know, but Allah subhana wa Tada is Relyea is forever. And with perfection, that's the difference between the wilayah of instead sun where we live.

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Now, actually, Allah wasn't very familiar mobiola mineral file.

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They said

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by the way, there's a misconception that

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people like us like me and you

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cannot be earlier.

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This is not true at all. Yeah.

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This is not true at all. Because we have this concept especially coming from our countries. That really is one of those people who don't do nothing except, you know, he has Karana earth and he does crazy stuff. This is a really no any of us business that can be a Willie and we will explain at the end. How can I be wary of Allah azza wa jal according to the Quran, so Allah when he called a chef, and when he who meant aware that PA to minerais and Yetta Calella, Sian Subhanallah, he said, Actually, he is the one whom to wear that what did we just say, comes after each other.

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His thought his acts of obedience to Allah are right after each other without any sins in between. This is the willie of Allah as origin, Allah much I never know like.

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Another meaning is when Allah subhanho wa Taala Yetta wala someone, Allahu Allah ye, when Allah Azza wa Jalla someone that means feta Allah houfy Heavy, we're here are Sati he where he is at that means Allah subhana wa Tada will put him under his protection and under his under his care. And subhanAllah one of the most beautiful that we learned when we were explaining Surah Yusuf Ali his Salam is that use of Alia Salam did not forget that malaria of Allah azza wa jal that he saved him. He was the his when he when he saved them from the well. He was his Willie when he saved them from the wife of the Aziz. He was his Willie when he saved them from the jail. He did not say that

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He did not forget that so at the end of the surah

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Allahumma Fatah Sinhala to an org

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and totally for dunya well era telephony muslimin while Hackney beside him one of the most beautiful Subhanallah and totally You are my Willie.

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You are my worry and you are a sufficiently for for me Subhanallah and Abdulaziz are the Allah one when he was on his deathbed. His

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like the like we say his right hand man came to him and said, Yeah, I'm here I mean, in in NECA Kurata Kurata FWAA What did He come in? Has al mal we'll talk to him he'll attend Lashay Allahu fellow was say to be him LA.

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He said the minion Ahmed Abdul Aziz. Yeah, who and you know, they call him the fifth Khalifa Subhan. Allah He is Subhanallah amazing. Study his Sierra, his biography, it will blow your mind. What kind of man is that? So on his deathbed, he was what we call right now the president of 22 countries

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president than what we call now president, he was the ruler of all these countries. So on his deathbed, his right hand man came and said, Yeah, Amirul Momineen. Any you left your kids hungry? Hungry? Not with the $100,000,000.02 100 million dollars, like our beautiful president, sir.

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You left your kids hungry.

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They have nothing. If you can please, you know, before you die, say something so I can save them at least something to survive with Subhan Allah. So

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what did he say?

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On inovasi ye, ye ye ye Allah.

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In our SI ye where were li meI was see

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the one whom I entrusted him with, and my Willie is Allah.

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Allah the necessary al Kitab were who were at Avila Sani him for hola de Adela July, my kids. My boys are one of two

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in Raju, yet tequila, either

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a group of them will fear Allah and Allah said, for Allah who Yetta wellness, saline, and Allah will take care of them. Or they're going to be someone who is committing sins, and I will never leave a penny for a child to assist the child to disobey Allah azza wa jal

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So bottom line, my kids could be one of two, if they are solid when Allah said I am there really? So what else do I need? And if they're not solid, I will not leave them a penny

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to help them disobey Allah done.

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Now, we go through haram means who am I going to leave my children for? What should I do? If what if What if I die right now? What they're going to do? Yeah, okay. Now I'm not saying don't leave anything for your children. Of course, work hard and if you can leave something, but don't let that keep you away. keep you away from your duties towards Allah azza wa jal, some people even you know skip their zakat money to save money for college, now Habibi, you know, do your duties and trust me, Allah subhanaw taala will take care of the children. Now.

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What are some of the fruits of Allah makes me and you and you one of his earlier

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in only

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Allah Hina home for nearly him there how often early him WADA homea Zahn on,

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if Allah makes you where he left off, there is no fear in this dunya and there is no grief in the akhira there is no grief in this dunya and there is no fear in the akhira now how finale him what to whom he has unknown, there's nothing to worry about in this dunya and akhira. Allah subhanaw taala said that Alia of Allah they should not fear anything. Second, Allah who really your levena Herman or your courage or who I'm me in a vote on Earth, Elan, or another fruit is that Allah will take you away from the darkness to the light. And if you notice the outline of follow Matt is plural.

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There's the limit of

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worshipping idols were a matter of being worshipping cows worshipping many things, and the NOR is one may have heard of Matt Elon nor the NOR is only

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One which is the Sultan was stalking him, Allah was

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stalking me. Now how to be a Willie if you continue that area and in our Allah Allah Allah Allah often Allah him welcome he has an own who are the Allah

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will candle

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to correct characteristic Alladhina terminal what can we attack on in Mahila? How can I know him without him he has a known who are they hola hola Dena Avenue where can we attack on Subhanallah they have strong belief in Allah azza wa jal and they have Taqwa they have Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal Amma know what tackle they are both they have Iman and Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal

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and second

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second way of Inshallah, being from the earlier of Allah is that Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, he will become your ally. And he said, Whoever takes over Lee of mine as an enemy, I, Allah will wage war against him.

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Allah will wage war against men, daily Willy and whosoever take any of my Alia as an enemy, Allah who will rage war against them.

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So Allah subhanaw taala will will be with you. So in order to be one of the Alia of Allah if we continue this hadith and could see it says, to increase Yeah, when Allah subhanaw taala he loves the most is the fault, the five daily prayers, the fasting of Ramadan, the original zakat, the original hash, this is what he loves the most. But then he said, If you increase from the neutrophil, if you increase from the optional, a by that, I love you, Allah will love us. So, like I mentioned yesterday, when please try to start fasting matter of today was at 525 525 and everyday you fast Subhanallah just like we said right now, your life is full of a by that you finished a bed, which is

00:27:12 --> 00:27:46

a very long you better seven 812 hours of fasting, you followed by Salat, you came to the masjid, you attended the Halacha you said that car you went to sleep, you came to measure, this is how God at work Subhanallah So, if you can fast if you can pray to Him in the middle of the night here when such a tour occur to come maybe actually yet, then karma be actually Columbia communal feeling whosoever pray pm Denia and in fact you have come to Allah, He is not from the HEDIS he is not from the ruffling. Subhanallah so

00:27:49 --> 00:27:58

and the last thing is if you want Allah to be your Willie, you be a Willie to someone in need.

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Please f1 Lend me your ears. You my sister's, everyone who's watching on YouTube.

00:28:07 --> 00:28:52

We come from very poor countries, all of us. And we have so many orphans and so many widows all over our countries, Elia one $50 for you or $100 for you is nothing but for them is a lot of money is a lot of money, it will give them a nice support. Right? So why don't I become a really of an orphan, I become a really of a widow of a family that is maybe have a father that is handicapped or anything. Allah Jaquan you will find it extremely heavy on the Day of Judgment. When we become the willy of others, Allah will become our really when we know when or when minute bow to whom earlier about.

00:28:54 --> 00:29:32

Ruffian Hoda and Ivanka salted Tober Allah said and sort of told her that the believing men and believing woman or Alia or will lead to one another, they order good and they forbid evil, and they order establish Salah and all the rest of the stuff. But one day when if you can, so you can feel that we are learning something from these Halaqaat we are not from the people. Just listen and leave without doing anything. Call someone overseas and tell them please, I'm going to send you $600 And every month you take 50 and you give it to that family.

00:29:33 --> 00:30:00

You know, but don't let the shaitan stop you. Please don't let the shaitan stop you. You know, oh, you can do it in any way. Any way. Any amount. Any amount. You can. But let's let's start something like this. It could be it could be the reason for us to intergender chama Tana, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive all our sins Allama Fernando the novena, but it's rough NFE Emelina with a bit of damage that when something I'll call McCaffrey, I always feel

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To get the most important part, how can we use this in this name in that?

00:30:07 --> 00:30:25

First, one of the best things is that a lot of us have Allahumma Felter a senility. Well, actually, if it dunya will Acura and a very easy dunya will Acura that were funny Muslim and while happening slowly, this is one way and the other one Subhan Allah, Allah Medina if human headache

00:30:26 --> 00:30:28

why often if human fate

00:30:30 --> 00:31:06

Allahu Akbar now when you say to when the NIF human telex is going to have a different taste, because now you know, what does the Relyea mean? To Well, Lenny V. Montoya let ya Allah make me one of the Alia that you have chosen to be your Alia make me one of them. That will Lenny team interval late or Allahumma Janome magnolia. Allahumma, Janney Magnolia Akia Allah make me one of your earlier Allah morphic, Malema Taheebo Robina have done as far as you know with react in a Kurata Jana talking

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to the Cordova about data will have done AMOLED on Kurama in a cantilever hub was someone that early he was somebody whose main Subhanak on the Hamburg nationala Hill and stuff. When a tuba like

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what did you name there may be a heavy drama and our luck but everybody was stay one second. I want everybody to congratulate

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man now he had two girls now he has a man and by the way, that as soon as I sell him say the best names are

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Abdullah Abdullah.

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Congratulate your brother

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