Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P05 063B Tafsir Al-Nisa 105-113

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The legal system of Islam is discussed, including the importance of protecting one's legal rights and the need for people to judge based on their beliefs. The importance of protecting one's privacy and privacy in the aftermath of the prophets of Islam is emphasized, along with the importance of proving one's actions and avoiding false accusations. The importance of blending pride, arrogance, and ego in one's actions is emphasized, as well as avoiding mistakes and reading the Quran for guidance. Blending pride, arrogance, and ego is key to protecting one's legal liability and avoiding harms.
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Lesson number 63 salatu Nyssa is number 105 to 122.

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In unzila Lal Kitab a bill healthy indeed We have revealed to you or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the book, how in truth, meaning containing the truth. It has the truth, it teaches the truth. And in reality it is Allah who has revealed the book, Why Lita kkOma been a nurse so that you may judge between the people how Bhima according to that which Iraq Allahu Allah has shown you, or aka from raw Hamza, to see Allah to show so judge between the people according to that which Allah has shown you, meaning what Allah has taught you, what Allah has made clear to you, meaning according to the truth that Allah has given to you in other words, according to the book, according to the law

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that Allah has revealed while at a con and when you're judging between people then do not be little Hawaii Nina, for those who are deceitful consumer and advocate her in in plural of course in who is her in one who does Fianna ha well known what is Liana? The opposite of Amana, Amana is to fulfill the trust to fulfill the responsibility to be honest, to be trustworthy. And Rihanna is the opposite of that, to betray, to deceive, to break the trust. All right, so those who are treacherous those who betray and deceive Do not be a Muslim for them. Who is Kasim Kasim is one who does Hossam Khalsa mean, and Hussen is argument, what kind of argument for the sake of one's rights, that when a person

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is defending himself when a person is defending his rights, so he's speaking up to defend? So over here, Allah says, Do not be a defender for who for the treacherous people. Do not be an advocate for who for the deceitful people. What do we learn in this verse, that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed the book containing the law, why, so that it is judged by so that people judge according to the law that Allah has revealed,

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according to the truth and the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has shown according to the guidance that he has made clear,

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and once the guilt of someone is seen, it is exposed, it is known, then, such a person should not be defended. Then the person who is an authority should not be defending those who are guilty because the law of Allah what does that tell us to do to be just and fair error. dealu who are Acropolis Taqwa Allah says be just that is closer to Taqwa. So when you know that someone is innocent, than they should be given what they deserve. And when you know that someone is guilty, then they should be held responsible, they should be penalized. So never ever defend who those who are treacherous, those who are deceitful. Because if you do that, then you're not obeying the law of Allah. You're

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not following the book that Allah has revealed. When if you defend the deceitful now, the immediate context of this verse is the case of a man by the name of torma. Ben obey Dharma talk, or in the meantime, a Buddha, this man committed theft. He stole some wheat, okay, and a chain mill. And what he did was that when he was accused of stealing these two things, in order to prove himself innocent, he took these things, and he put them secretly in the house of a Jewish man. All right, and there was a hole or something in the bag of weed. So there was a trail basically, that led up to the Jewish man's house. And when the people blamed Therma, he said, No, I never stole anything.

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Look, this man, this Jewish man, he is the one who stole he is the one who committed the theft, and his tribesmen, they supported him. They defended him, and they took the case to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So this argument was basically between who the Jewish man and this man Dharma, dharma said, I am innocent. The Jewish man said, I am innocent. I have no idea what's happening.

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But because the family of terma his clan, they were very eloquent in their speech, with their proofs with their arguments with their eloquent speech. Basically, they almost convinced the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that

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amo was innocent and the Jewish man was guilty. All right, this is what happened. So the Prophet saw a lot of Cena was about to give the verdict in favor of dharma. He was about to do that. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed these verses that no, we have revealed the book to you, so that you judge according to the book, not according to what a person is saying. Not according to what people want from you what they're pressurizing you to do, no, no matter how much peer pressure there is, no matter how much compulsion there is from people, when the law of Allah comes, that has to be observed. And when you know that someone is guilty, then do not defend them. Now, the Prophet

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salallahu Salam, he would pass his judgment based on what on the apparent like we learned earlier, a lot of emphasis was laid on the fact that when you deal with people deal with them based on their apparent, you don't know what's inside, what they tell you, take it, accept it. So this was where the prophets of Allah Saddam, and he did not possess the knowledge of the Unseen. So if someone came and presented their case to them, and another person came, presented their case to them, whatever seemed to be most correct, he would pass the judgment in their favor, because he would make the judgment based on his understanding and knowledge. And remember, that if his judgment was correct,

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then silence would mean approval, meaning if Allah subhanaw taala did not reveal anything concerning it. That meant that his judgment was correct. And if Allah did not approve, off his ruling, then verses were revealed, correcting the Prophet sallallahu sallam, for example, once a woman came to the prophets of Allah was complaining that her husband had hit her. So what did the Prophet salallahu Salam say, go ahead and back, take revenge, right? And then immediately, where he was sent that, no, she's not going to do that stop her. So that woman was stopped. Why? Because if she were to go hit her husband back, she would be given two more. All right, and this would lead to a lot of

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domestic violence in the house, imagine the husband is hitting the wife and the wife is hitting doesn't both parties are hitting one another. So this would lead to complete chaos, there has to be some level of respect between the husband and the wife. If the husband hits the wife, it's not correct. For him, there is only one case, a severe case in which he is allowed, and even that there's a lot of restrictions. And we have discussed that already. All right. But anyway, we see that if the decision that the prophets of Allah Selim made was not approved by Allah, then he was corrected immediately. Like in this case, he was about to pass the judgment in the favor of dharma.

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But he was stopped from doing that. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Verily, I am only human. And I judge based on what I hear, some of you might be more eloquent in presenting his case than others, so that I judge in his favor. If I judge in one's favor concerning the right of another Muslim, meaning that person is wrong, and I judge in his favorite based on the story that he has presented, then it is a piece of the fire. Meaning what that guilty one is being given what He does not deserve, than that is what in reality, a piece of the fire, so let him take it or leave it. It's up to him. Because sometimes this happens that people are very persuasive. depressurize a person and

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they come up with one explanation after the other, and they present their crime as an act of justice. Correct? Think about it. So many people, so many crimes happen and what do they say? I'm taking revenge. I'm doing this, I'm doing this, I disapprove of this policy. I disapprove of this bill. And this is the reason why I'm taking this action. They have their justifications, but does it make them right? Doesn't make them right? When they're wrong. They're wrong. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that if I pass a judgement between you giving the guilty one a right, then he knows what the reality is. He knows what the reality is. So he should realize that what I'm giving

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is a piece of fire. So let him take it or leave it, it's up to you. So in desire, what do we see that when there are matters of dispute, then the decision should be taken from the Quran should be according to the law, not according to what the people want you to say or do. And another important lesson we learn here is that we are not allowed to defend the deceitful people who are the deceitful people, those who are guilty, who are criminal who are wronged but they want to be seen as innocent. They are those who are caught in because this is Liana right? That you know you are wrong, but you're pretending that you're innocent. You know, you have committed a crime, but you want to be

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seen as someone who is so nice, someone who wouldn't even hurt and and this is Leanna. This is deceit. So we're not allowed to defend

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The guilty, the deceitful people. And even if such a person is your own brother, your own parents, you're still not allowed to defend them. Even if they're your relatives, someone has committed a crime. And you know they have committed a crime, that no matter what relationship exists between you and them, you cannot defend them, even remember if they are your brother in faith, even if they are your brother in faith, because this man Therma he was a Muslim, and he was guilty. And the Jewish man was not a Muslim, but he was innocent. Look at the justice of Allah, that if someone has committed theft, and they're falsely accusing someone, it doesn't matter whether they're Muslim or

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not, when they're guilty, they are guilty. So we're not allowed to defend such people to stand up for such people who are deceitful, who betrayed who break trusts, who harm others, who commit crimes and who want to be seen as innocence. This is not innocence, innocence as what when you are clean when you have not harmed others, that is innocence. As a lawyer also, if a person knows that someone's a criminal, then they're not allowed to take up that case. You're not allowed to do that. No matter how much money you're being given, when you know this person is guilty, you cannot defend them.

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Islamically you are not allowed to defend them. So don't go into criminal law. Because otherwise you will have no business.

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What's the fiddler and seek forgiveness from Allah. Beg Allah for forgiveness, who has been told over here? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam? Why? Why is he being told to seek forgiveness from Allah, because he was about to make a decision that was wrong. He was at the verge of making a very hasty decision. That was incorrect. So we're still fit in less seek forgiveness from Allah in Allah cannot afford on our Hema, indeed, Allah is Ever forgiving and merciful. So we see that just the intention, just the resolve to side with the one who has a more convincing argument without proper investigation is something that does not fit a person in authority.

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Because the prophets of Allah sent him heard thermo side of the story, his argument seemed to be more convincing. So he was about to pass the ruling in his favor. Now, this itself is something that does not defeat a person in authority. We learned earlier, that don't be quick to pass judgments about people, don't be quick to take action.

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When should we take action after investigation? So a person in authority what are they supposed to do investigate the matter thoroughly, hear both sides of the story, do their own research, check. And then, based on their understanding, make the decision. So the prophets are a lot of stuff was told was stuck with Allah. And this is a big lesson for us as well, that if someone is in a position of authority, and constantly they're dealing with matters of dispute, you are right and you are wrong, this should be done and that should not be done, this should be continued. And this should be discontinued when a person is in such a position, then a they have to take their time, in order to

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make those decisions, they should not rush, because rushing, being hasty, this is from Chevron, right? And then he makes a steak the wrong action. And secondly, while they are making decisions, whatever they're doing, don't just look at who is more convincing in their speech, look at both sides of the story. Just because someone knows how to talk and talk really well doesn't mean they're right. also hear the other individual. And when you've made the decision, even then seek forgiveness from Allah.

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Then once we've made the wrong decision, and we realize later on, it's very difficult to take our words back, it's very difficult for such a person to realize that they had made the wrong decision. It's really detrimental is very harmful. So what should be done, take your time. Don't be quick to pass judgment. And even when the judgment has been passed and seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala went to jail and do not argue from Janelle Jeem del Lam. Do not argue I need ladina on behalf of those people who you're the Nuna and for someone who deceived themselves Yatta Annona from Cleona again.

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So those people who deceive themselves do not argue on their behalf. What does this mean? Do not defend them? Do not advocate for them. Who are those people who deceive themselves?

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Who are those people who deceive themselves? What does it mean?

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by deceiving yourself, that when a person is guilty, and he pretends that he's not guilty, and he wants to get away with it,

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and by this, what is he trying to do? He's deceiving other people. In reality he is wrong, but by his words and false evidence, and a story that he's made up, he's deceiving people, by making them believe that he's innocent. But remember that before we deceive someone else, who are we deceiving first? ourselves, because we are fooling ourselves into making ourselves believe that we are right, or that we can get away with this? Because you can get away with it temporarily for some time, but in the long run eventually in the hereafter want to person be caught? Yes. Won't the truth be exposed? Yes. What all the evidence is be brought one a person's own hand speak against him? Yes. So

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before we deceive others, remember we are deceiving ourselves. Allah says such people who are guilty, do not argue on their behalf. Do not advocate for them do not prove their innocence in the Lucha indeed Allah lay your Hibou He does not love mankind or whoever is Hawaiian and a thema. Notice the word mankind whoever, no matter who it is, whether he claims to be a believer or not. Whether he has seen the prophets of Allah wa salam prayed behind him, doesn't matter. If someone is when a theme, Allah doesn't love such a person who is the one from her well known again piano when is one who does a lot of piano very, very treacherous, very, very deceitful. And if you think about

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it, deceit and treachery, what comes under this, what comes under this lying? Very true fabricating, okay, lying, fabricating it or some false evidence or something like that. All of this is under deceit. So such people Allah doesn't love them a theme, a theme is very sinful, very sinful.

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And Islam in particular is a sin that is against other people, such as sin, because of which other people will suffer. Okay, that is what it is. So a theme is someone who is constantly depriving people of their rights. Now think about it. One is that a person lies

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and because of his lie, someone is suffering. And then he says, another lie to cover up that lie and then another lie to cover that lie. So then what happens? One evil leads to another to another to another, so a person becomes from ha into her one from athame to a theme. Allah doesn't love such people who persist in their wrongdoing? Because remember, mistakes happen.

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Sometimes you do something wrong, and later on, you're in shock. What did I just do? What was I thinking? Why did I do this? Why did I say this? Isn't it that you find yourself sometimes in a position, feeling horrible? Feeling? You're crazy? You're so dumb, what were you thinking? Doesn't it happen? This happens with us because we are people. Sometimes we sinned against Allah sometimes against other human beings. But at this time, you have two options. Either do Fianna or come out honest. Either Giuliana lie, make a false excuse, cover up that same deceive people, blame someone else, whatever to prove yourself as very holy. And the other is come out clean. Accept it. It's a

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reality deal with it. Apologize, confess, deal with the consequences. And that's much better.

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Yes, the phone I'm in a nurse Allah says they hide from the people from St. Coffee. Yeah. Coffee. What does coffee mean? That which is hidden. So these people who are deceiving themselves, they try to hide from people. When a person has committed something wrong, he's committed a crime. What does he want to do? He wants to hide from people. Which is why as soon as a crime is committed, criminals are nowhere to be found. They go in hiding. They're on the run, right there on the run with the police chasing them across town. So yes, the whole of Ns people can hide from men from human beings. Sometimes they could change their identity immediately. They can change their physical appearance,

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right? For example, when they were committing the crime, they put a fake beard on, or they put something on so that they look very different and immediately after they go and take it off and all of a sudden they look like a completely different person. Nobody would even recognize them. It may happen yesterday for them in a nurse and a person

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I may hide from people for years and years, years and years, the criminal is hiding. He is not found. What does Allah say? What is the phone I'm in Allah, but they cannot hide from Allah. We can hide from, for example, a teacher and cheat during a test. People do that right? But can we hide from Allah? No. The teacher may not be looking but who's looking? Allah is looking.

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Who needs to hide from people? Someone who knows they're wrong. Correct? Because when someone is confident about what they have done, they know they're not wrong then they don't need to hide from people

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isn't they don't need to hide from people. So yes, the phone I mean a nasty well as the phone I'm in Allah, they cannot hide from Allah. And always, always remind yourself of this.

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I can hide my action. I can hide my notes, I can hide my correspondence, my emails, whatever behind passwords and behind passcodes and different different logs, whatever. But can I hide it from Allah? Never. My mom may never see it. My dad may never see it. My teacher may never see it. My siblings may never find out. My relatives may have no idea. But when I asked to hold them in Allah, we cannot hide from Allah. What is the folder in Allah? He will who Amara whom? And he is with them. He was with them is Ubu tuna when they were plotting in the night you may you don't obey yet and you begged you to to spend the night doing what I was something bad, because why would you have to hide in the

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night to do it. Alright, so if you buy you don't know, when they were planning by night, what as to what they were going to do. When they were planning secretly, what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Allah was with them the whole time, Allah was watching them, listening to every word they were whispering to every action that they were doing everything Allah was watching them. Allah was with them. Mele abdominal coal, what Allah does not approve off in speech, meaning they were seeing such things which Allah does not approve off, or they were planning to say things which Allah does not approve off. Because Therma and his family, they sat down together, and they

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decided as to what they were going to say to the prophets of Allah

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to prove that dharma was innocent, all right. And basically the revised the whole plan, a whole setup as to how they're going to say what they were going to say before the prophets of Allah Islam that will prove that dharma was innocent. And this is what happens. People spend hours and days trying to figure out how they're going to prove the innocence of a person who is actually guilty. Does Allah approve of such speech? Mele abdominal cold, never deceitful speech? Never. And sometimes it happens that people they plan from before you say this, and I'll say this, and you say this, and I'll say this, and you say this. And then together they go, as a group, before whoever they have to.

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And then everybody says whatever they have to, it's all planned out. It's all planned out. What does Allah say? The time when they were planning Allah was with them. Does Allah approve of such words? Not at all? What can Allah Who and Allah is ever be May or MeLuna, of whatever they do Mohave for encompassing? How well it helps, is to encircle and encompass so Allah has encompassed all of their deeds. They can't hide from him. They can't run away from him, no matter what they do, what they plan to say what they say. Everything Allah knows they can't escape him, they cannot hide from him.

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So what does this teach us then? That before we fear people, who should we be afraid of? Allah subhanaw taala. We can cheat people we can hide the reality from them. But we cannot escape Allah because we can Allah who be Marryat MeLuna Mahila Allah, Allah is encompassing everything that they do unto her hola II, here you are, Allah addresses the believers, that here you are or the people of torma that here you are, how old are you are those who gathered to man whom you are arguing on their behalf? Meaning here you are defending such criminals such guilty ones were fill hire the dunya in the life of this world, meaning right now in this dunya you can defend them. You can hire the best

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lawyer give him

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The most money, whatever, you can try your best to defend a guilty person jadco to man who will hire to dunya.

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And after, you know, extended lawsuits and whatever, eventually you can prove the guilty one innocent.

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Okay, fine. But then for my huge added Allah Harun home, who is going to argue with Allah, on behalf of these people, yo multi mo on the Day of Judgment,

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when you know that this person is guilty, yet you can stand before people and say that he is innocent. And you can go on and on and on one lie after the other, to prove the innocence of this person. Okay, you can do it in this world, before other human beings. Can you do this before Allah? Can you come to Allah and say that this person is innocent? Can you do that? You can't do that. Because you can deceive the judge. But can you deceive Allah? You can hide the reality from the judge. But can you hide the reality from Allah? No, you can't. For me, you just did Allah on whom you will piano um, or may Hakuna or lay him who will be for them? What kealan A representative who

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will be the representative tomorrow will keep us from well, calf lamb who is working with someone on whom you trust and rely? And someone who is trusted upon? He's the one who deals with the matter at hand. So we'll keep over here first to someone who will take charge of their affair and defend them who's going to be their defender on the Day of Judgment? Who's going to be their advocate them?

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Because sometimes what happens is that when we find out that someone has committed a crime, okay, let's say, your brother or your sister, she ran a red light, she was wrong, clearly wrong. It was her fault. Absolutely her fault. And she got a ticket. She got caught and she got a ticket. And then she has to go to court and fight that and you go with her. And then you go as her supporter, or there's a lawyer who defends her. Okay, you can defend them now. But who's going to defend them later?

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Who's going to defend them later?

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Can someone

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stand up on your behalf before Allah and say, Oh, Allah, this person is innocent, please forgive them? Can someone do that? No one will have the guts on the Day of Judgment. Because what do we learn? On that day, people won't be able to speak even

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people want to have the courage to speak even even the prophets will find it difficult to speak before Allah, your own hands won't be able to defend you. Only the person who comes to Allah as an obedient servant, as a servant who realizes that yes, I was wrong, I am wrong, I am guilty, I am sinful. And I need Allah's mercy and forgiveness to clean me, a person who comes like this on the day of judgment for him and shall others forgiveness. Because remember, no human being is pure. No human being is innocent. Only the prophets are forgiven. The rest of us the rest of the people, we commit sins. We all commit sins. All right. So there are two ways one is that a person does not

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admit he becomes arrogant, refuses to accept heights covers deceives, lies, cheats. And the other is that you say yeah, my fault. I'm sorry, I did it. I know. My fault.

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will be worse than that. And after that, he was in prison for a while. And she said when it's present, start being practicing. And when after he came out from prisoner is mashallah now practice Muslim, and he's Forget whatever he did before. But she said, If I hide whatever you did for the police, he will be growing up with the same gun with the same people and stuff definitely lost my son, totally. But I trust in Allah and I stick with the truth and hand it off. And he knows what's good. And that was the best was such a rabbit for Hamdulillah. Because the thing is that when a person has done something wrong, and they're going to suffer the consequences, we feel sorry for

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isn't it, we pity them, we feel so bad for them or they're going to be questioned. They're going to be behind bars, they're going to be fine. Their license is going to be taken from them. We feel sorry for them. So he said, Okay, fine, I'll defend you. I know you're wrong, but I'll still defend you. Or he said, because they're my brother because they're my son. I am going to defend them even if they're wrong. But are we helping the person here? No, we're actually harming them even more.

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We're harming them even more. Because when someone is wrong, then they have to be corrected, not supported. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said also a haka Lehmann, almost lumen help your brother, whether he is the one who is unjust

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They are the one on whom injustice is being done. So the people asked, how do we help the one who is unjust? What was the answer by stopping him? By stopping him? So remember that you can defend them now. But you can't defend them later. Who will defend them on the Day of Judgment all defendant from Allah, no one will. So if you really, really want good for the person who has committed a crime, then what's the best thing you can do? What's the best thing you can do? Have them face the reality? Have them face the reality the consequences? Because if you don't, then you are what an accomplice, right? If you're supporting them, if you're hiding them, then you were actually part of the crime.

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So I just want to share a story of my uncle and my uncle, son, my cousin, he married my sister, and then he married her and he left her for six months. So my sister, she went to my uncle, and she said, he's not here, like, what I'm gonna do. And he took her to the judge, and he said, This is my brother's daughter, and my son is her husband. And I can be witnessed just divorce her, give her her right, because my son is not a good person. So my uncle, you know how he died, he died in front of mosquito, because he's because the truth Allah make him, you know, die in the right way. Sure, that sometimes we see wrong being done in our own families in our own households in our close family,

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circle or friend circle. But still, what do we do? We don't stand up for truth for justice. And like that we are actually helping the wrongdoer. We're actually helping the unjust person who may or may not sue and whoever does evil Oh Yeldon enough. So who are wrongs himself? So Maya, stockfeed Allah, then he seeks forgiveness from Allah Yejide lehle, a follow Rahima he will find Allah forgiving and merciful, who the person who says sorry, the person who faces reality accepts it apologizes and Menzies ways, because so happens loom happens, what is Sue? Sue is a sin by which another person is harmed, such as accusing someone deceiving someone being treacherous. This is what so you've harmed

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someone else. yelled enough Sal was one of against oneself, this refers to a sin whose consequences are limited to the sinner. So whoever does evil, whether it is a sin by which others are harmed, or a sin by which he himself has harmed only, whatever mistake has happened, whatever sin has been committed, when you get dirty, and you go to Allah saying sorry, that I am wrong, please clean me please forgive me. That's better. Because such a person will find Allah forgiving and merciful. So when you do something wrong, whatever the reason was, shaitan made you do it. You got into the wrong company, you got influenced by people. You did something wrong, okay. Just go sorry to your Lord.

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Glow apologize.

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Well may accept this man. And whoever earns acquires from gasp gasp seen by which is to acquire earn something. So whoever acquires an isn't a sin. For in namae, ik Cebu I learn FC than in reality, he is acquiring it against himself. Because once a sin is committed, it's committed, you are going to face the consequences. You are going to have to deal with the results whether you like it or you don't. When you break a dish, then yes, there will be pieces that you have to pick up. You can't ignore that for endemic civil who are left sick, you are going to suffer the consequences. This is a reality. What can Allah who aren't even Hakima and Allah is Knowing and wise. So when you're at

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fault, and face it face to reality. In the Quran, we learn well, Attucks Evoko Lunasin Illa la her that no soul earns a blame except against itself. Meaning when a person does something wrong, then he is the one who suffers. What's the point of this? That even if you say that, no, no, I am not wrong. Still you'll suffer.

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A person may be wrong and he can prove himself innocent. But what will happen he will still suffer the consequences. Because you know what? Allah has put a heart in you a conscience in you that will not leave you. When you've done something wrong and you pretend that you haven't done it. Your heart will not leave you it will keep focusing you and will keep reprimanding you 10 years down. You will have nightmares 15 years down, it will come back to you. Those thoughts will haunt you

00:34:56 --> 00:35:00

isn't it and when you have wronged some

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

One, when you've hurt someone that Allah is just, he is very fair. It's not possible that a person harmed someone, and he is spared. And this is the reason why sins have consequences. sins have consequences. When you hurt someone, you get hurt as well. When you harm someone, you get harmed as well. There was a person who we had hired to fix the backyard. And as he was working, he told us a story about how his father, he was a landlord, and he had told his sons that whatever you do, just don't take interest from anybody. Meaning whether you rent something to someone loan, something, whatever, just don't charge interest is something that you should not do.

00:35:45 --> 00:36:18

So this man, he said that I held on to my father's advice, and I never ever accepted interest from anyone. My brothers on the other hand, what did they do as soon as they got their properties from their father, immediately, they lent it to people, and they will charge interest. I sold my property and came here. And now I work as a gardener. Imagine someone who's a son of a big landlord works as a gardener. Okay. But he says that today, I send money to my brothers back home because they're out of money.

00:36:19 --> 00:37:04

When you harm someone, you get harmed. You charge someone with more than what they can bear. Tomorrow you will be in a situation where you're desperate for you know something. So this is a reality. Well my ex it man for endemic Cebu, Allah Nuptse what can Allah who are Lehmann Hakima will may accept copy attend, and whoever earns a sin? whoever earns an offense? Oh, it's man or a sin? What's the difference between healthy and it's healthier? is you can say a small sin and ism is like a big sin. Or you can say hopefully is, you know, a mistake that happens without intention and ism is deliberate. You know, you plan it out, you want to do it. So whoever acquires an offense or a sin

00:37:04 --> 00:38:00

it happened intentionally or unintentionally, deliberately or accidentally whatever mistakes happen. Whoever committed something wrong, Sama then Yun maybe he he throws it yummy is from raw meme Yeah, Rami is to throw at hajj what do you do from your GMAT? You throw the stones on the on the GMAT. Right? So you're maybe he, meaning he blames he throws the crime? On who? On Birdie and on the one who is innocent buddy from Bella Hamza. Baraka is to be safe to be free from something so but he is someone who is innocent. So the sinful this criminal individual, someone who's made a mistake, what does he do? He hurled the blame on an innocent person. He hurled the blame on an innocent person.

00:38:01 --> 00:38:39

Allah says such a person fucka Tamela than in fact he has carried both Dannan a slander what is Momo Bina and a manifesting accusing someone of something they have not done. false accusation. What is it but then a slander? Berta Botha is to be confounded to be shocked to be speechless. And when you are accused of something you have not done, then you're in shock that what just happened? I never did it. I never meant that. How come I'm the guilty person here. So but then is what slandered.

00:38:40 --> 00:39:30

So the person who falsely accused someone, then he is carrying the sin of slander. And he is carrying the burden of efma Molina a clear sin? What's the reason behind blaming someone else? For something wrong that you've done? Why does the person do that? Why? They don't want to be seen as someone who's bad. They don't want to be viewed as the one who's wrong. Or the one whose fault it is. Right? They don't want to suffer the consequences. Right? So this is the main reason behind blaming an innocent person. Why would a person do that? Why is it that he doesn't want to be viewed as someone who's wrong? Because he thinks very highly of himself. When a person has pride,

00:39:30 --> 00:39:59

arrogance, ego, and he believes I cannot be wrong, I cannot make a mistake. I am never wrong. I'm always right. So even when a mistake happens, what does he do? He did it. She did it. So until I did it, I never did it. I'm clean. I'm perfect. I'm the best. This arrogance is similar to whose arrogance shaytans and hydro Minho? I'm better than him. So a person who blames others in reality

00:40:00 --> 00:40:13

He has ego problems. He doesn't want to accept that he's wrong. And if you look at it over here, initially the sin was just hotly. But when he blamed someone, it became a small Rubina.

00:40:15 --> 00:40:15


00:40:17 --> 00:40:54

In January, I was writing my math midterm and there are these two boys that were sitting in the back and they were cheating on the exam. And the teacher told both of them to stand up. He asked the first one, tell me, honestly, in front of the whole class, we stopped writing our exams, because we were curious, of course. And he said, Okay, first student will happen. And he made this really, really intricate lie that was like, even I kind of believe that I'm like, oh, that kind of makes sense. But it was like, really, really well thought out and everything you can tell that he obviously, you know, he did this before the exam. And then he said, how old the paper fell on the

00:40:54 --> 00:41:33

ground and how his friend picked it up for him and all these kinds of things. And he's just like, okay, the teacher was just like, the teachers are really nice guy, and he believed it. So he's just like student to what happened. He's like, we cheated, sir. We planned this out. Since the end of December, we both wanted to get a really good mark on this midterm. And we cheated on the exam. I'm really sorry to everyone in this class. And I'm really sorry to you and I accept any consequence. So the teacher did punish both of them, but he's punished student one worse. And of course, the word got around school. And that student for the rest of the year had to sit and write exams beside the

00:41:33 --> 00:41:33


00:41:35 --> 00:42:19

So sometimes it happens that you blame someone else or you pretend that you're innocent. But what will happen, Allah will make it clear, Allah will make the reality clear that sometimes the one who is supporting you will change his mind, and he will confess, so where can you hide them? You can't hide anywhere. So there is no point there is no benefit in hiding the reality in coming up with false explanations in accusing other people when you've done wrong, you've done it, accept it, and face the consequences. When hola hola hola here alayka. And if it was not for the favor of Allah upon you, what are Madhu and His mercy on who? On Muhammad salallahu Salam. Allah says if it was not

00:42:19 --> 00:43:02

for His mercy, His favor on you let him maturity it had intended. Hamid, we have done this word earlier, when we meet, it had firmly resolved who thought if at a minimum a group of these people are you'll be Luca that they would mislead you. They have planned this whole thing, how they're going to prove the innocence of Therma they were going to mislead you. But Allah saved you. It was His mercy, His favor because of what you were saved from making a wrong decision. And for the sake of argument, even if they made you believe that he was innocent, even if they managed to mislead you. Allah says when will you be Luna Allah and forsaken? They would not have misled except

00:43:02 --> 00:43:47

themselves. Because again, just like before you deceive someone who do you deceive yourself when you mislead someone who do you mislead first? yourself, because you're telling someone come follow me? And you're going on the wrong way? So who's ahead? You are? Well, may you be Luna Illa and fossa home? Oh my god Runa comin che and they could not have harmed you anything at all. Meaning, even if they made you believe that Therma was innocent, and you passed a verdict in his favor, would you or Mohamed Salah lorrison be guilty? No. Because a judge when he makes a judgment based on his understanding. And he believes that he is siding with the truth. He is not being biased. He has

00:43:47 --> 00:44:05

heard both sides of the story. He knows that he has done his best according to his he had his effort he is making a decision, then even if it was a wrong decision, he is not sinful. Why? Because he is being honest and sincere in the decision that he's making.

00:44:06 --> 00:44:50

All right. This is why Allah says we're my Yoda Runa COVID che and they cannot harm you anything at all. Because you made the decision based on your best ability, with all honesty, and Allah knows we're under the law who are illegal Kitab will heck matter. And Allah has revealed upon you the book and the Wisdom, the book the Quran, what is the wisdom refer to the way that was given which is not part of the Quran? Which is collected in what? In the Sunnah. So Allah has given you two things, the book and the Wisdom where Allah market and he has taught you merlon To Conterra lamb, which you did not know. Allah has taught you something which you did not know before. What kind of fog Lula here a

00:44:50 --> 00:44:54

leaker of Lima and the favor of Allah upon you is indeed very great.

00:44:55 --> 00:44:59

The prophets of Allah Addison was being reminded over here the blessing of the Quran.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

Have ye of the sooner that Allah has taught you something you did not know before? Think about it, what benefit are you receiving from this book? Now, this should save you from making mistakes. And this is a reminder for all of us, Allah has taught us what we did not know before. So, if he has given us that knowledge, then what should we do? Close the book and put it away. No, open it up and use it benefit from it. Because the Quran has not been revealed as a talisman it has been revealed as a guide. It has been revealed as a guide for us. So let's open up this book and benefit from it. Recitation in

00:45:50 --> 00:45:51

will help the

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00:45:56 --> 00:46:00

long come along well.

00:46:03 --> 00:46:07

Enough or sliema was still fitting.

00:46:10 --> 00:46:20

In Lacan oh four Hema wala to Jelani levy nail Stein owner

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Ghana for one thema yes the phone I mean I can see one is the phone I mean a wall he will

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will move in you may need to rely on mom you know go

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along will be my MeLuna movie

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to man whom feel higher dunya

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work Ila 180 We'll have some awesome man still feeling edgy

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well me excellent

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well God Allah who are Lehmann Hakima well no he acts you know hopefully I've done oh

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maybe Barry

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maybe buddy felt

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done. Is

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Bina one Ola from Blue long

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logo on your Luna

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one my elbow Munna

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she was

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done a long

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ago now.

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So there should be a difference between how a person was before he knew and how a person becomes after he comes to know

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