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The conversation covers the history and success of Islam, including the origin and potential consequences of the title "kyotooko Fionnula-y" and the potential consequences of it on the world. The deification of the Prophet Muhammad and the success of the message of the Prophet Muhammad are emphasized, along with the importance of establishing the deen of Islam for the whole universe and the need for the FDA to spread it. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning to be successful and not rushing to achieve success, as it is crucial for personal growth and achieving success. The importance of showing one's religion and showing one's success in a war of fear and fearless fearless fearless war is also emphasized.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Nina.

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This is inshallah, hopefully, this time we will conclude this great surah. So lots of stuff.

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the last part that we are covering or the part that we are covering with sauce with this is this a great idea. You need to know Yoko fionnula ye therefore he came along, he won, okay, he has a cafe, they intend to put out or extinguish the right of a lot the law

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with their,

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with their mouse, and a lot of Allah will bring his light to perfection about you know, Allah will complete his life. Even if the disbelievers hate that.

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First of all, you really do now Who are they? They want to put out the light of the law. Here, either this refers to some of the people have been kicked out, or it is in general, because previously, the idea that we're talking about the followers of Jesus, and they were talking,

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they were talking about the followers of Moosa, and they were talking about the followers of Lisa and et cetera.

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So Allah Jelani said,

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after he said woman of America, I don't want him to Kenya go away diet, Islam and who is more?

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Who does more wrong than the one who invents a lie? Again, it's a lie. They love Allah Allah while he is called to Islam. So, I want to know, are

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you really doing that maybe they or in general, the disbelievers, they want to extinguish that I do.

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However, a la jolla will cover this deep, he's lived his life to the first to his deep in the first couple on the first or his way.

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In the first to complete the oneness of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will perfect it. Even they will describe this even if they dislike.

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Now, this area, as you can see, that Allah Allah Allah

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says that they are trying to challenge the dino for modular Allah and extinguish the deen of Allah, Allah, Almighty Allah Allah, by their tongues, by their mouths. And here in this ayah First of all, the meaning of this ayah is clear that our model of Allah will perfect his religion. And the ledger Allah will establishes an indigent over all other religions, as it will be mentioned in this ayah and no one will stop the diva from Allah Jalla Allah from spreading all over the world.

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And in this ayah as we can see that the Lord Allah Allah name is Allah Allah Allah Allah named as What? No.

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As you can see the tomato Allah named his Deen his religion his way name, the name that Islam as what light and in this name Allah Allah mentioned this a number of is in the Quran. First of all this ayah was mentioned the twice in the Quran in surah, tetovo

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geography Oh la la la, la, la in La Jolla, who whatever katihar l capital. And this is in Surah. Titova also Allah Allah Allah says about himself, I would love to know somehow it means Allah is the source of the light of heavens and earth. And by naming himself as or by calling himself as the source, the source of the light. Eight means that no one can stop that light. Moreover, because the light as you know might be respected the brothers and sisters penetrate any service unless there is a solid service and the light can penetrate through any clock and it is difficult to stop the light. And when the light comes in a dark place takes over easily. And this is the miracle encoding the

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dino firewall avana light. Moreover, our gender Allah says URI Duna Leo can see Oh ye of Ye, they would be like, look at this to extinct

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We have put out the light of a modular IRA by doing something like this.

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Is it possible for something like this to extinguish the light of a larger Nevada, let alone or any light it is almost impossible, let alone the light of a light dilemma. And moreover in this ayah they say there are a number of linguistic miracles in this area Allah Allah says, You really do know which is the present form, which means that the disbelievers the enemies of Allah they will continue doing this not argue that they wanted to do this no Yuri do not as a modular Allah says in Allah Dena cafaro yawn Fiona Amada homely also do answer vilella it means that they have expanded their wealth and they will continue spending their wealth in order to block people from accepting they do

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follow the law. Similarly, they will continue trying to stop the dinner from Dino calendula from lighting the whole world and they will try to do this.

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They are they will try to do this until our delana establishes his Deen above all other religions. Moreover,

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a model of Allah says you need to not they want to extinguish or to put out that light of Allah so Allah attributed the light to him, how be alpha him, I want to know that if you take the mouse to them, so I want to know Allah, as if he's saying this is a lot and you are against Allah who is going to win a law or his creations. And then Allah, Allah added to this, that irrespective of what they are doing, and despite that there are going to fail and they will not be able to do this. More over our large yellow Allah will establish his deep in terms of the quality and the quantity and the words and Allah will spread his Deen multimo Nori he will carry half character on even if the

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and this is a promise from Allah Allah Allah that the deen of Allah, Allah Allah which is the light for why they love Allah will spread all over the world.

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Whatever the disbelievers do, the light of Almighty Allah will take over the whole world. Whatever the enemies of Islam they try to do their life for why the law will cover the whole universe what law it is not any promises from anyone while a lot of luck has taken this promise upon himself. Mouton Moodle Rahim although the role of Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is perfect, but Allah added to this by saying moody moody is going to perfect and establish his life. Even if the disbelievers hate this or dislike this, then

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Allah Allah continued to say to say that this is an obvious consequence of what is coming, who are learning.

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Buddha would even help me over here on the nikoli one, okay.

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Which is not anyone it is not Mohammed, who came as a prophet to you know, Allah is the one who sent Mohammed some long love.

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And he sent him a while that they are service rula boo, he is His Prophet, not just any prophet. So the sent His Prophet, Ensenada Sula, who build the Buddha with guidance on the true religion, is it impossible that the guidance and the true religion to be extinguished, to be put out to be defeated It is impossible and that's why I said that the whole purpose of the message of Mohammed Salah line or send them

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to Allah d d, in order to establish this religion all over or over any other religion to establish to manifest to put this religion above any other religion, one okay how we should recall even if the polytheist hate this. Now here this ayah again is a completion of

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You have to complete that promise of Allah, Allah Allah that has been mentioned in the Hadith. We read the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, well why are you telling men Allahu

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wa tokunbo beta methylene wa.

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Omar who is in our booth,

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in the other narration, or in the other had a layer of blue

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marble of a lady who won this reach when we reach every single place in which or to which the light of the day and the darkness of the night has reached, what did they reach, they reach every part, all over every part in the whole universe, and this beam will reach every single corner in the whole universe. And then in the end, the first thing that we have mentioned and the law the law Allah will not allow any house to be away from this day is a law that law will let this day into enter any single house with this house was built from bricks or was built from rule whether they like it there is yours is out the door only the nail is anywhere is allowed.

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It is the mind that Allah will give to this religion on to the people who follow this religion. And we have seen my dear respected brothers and sisters that Mohammed Salah link to it was somebody who was Allah was sent in Makkah in that desert 1400 years ago in the peninsula. And now we see that the dino from La Jolla is the Dean of Allah Allah Allah is the North Pole and the South Pole, we have reached we have seen the dino from la de la Allah reach to any every single corner of the whole universe, and sometimes by force, and sometimes with no force to panela. I told the brothers that once I visited the architect, which is part of the North Pole circuit, not the North Pole, the North

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Pole circuit circuit and in in in a city called the Tromso in, in Norway, and today we have a conference about timing. And we saw people who came in from the furthest point in the world. They told me that, I think 6070 years ago, they felt that this city is the furthest city in the whole universe before they found that they were at the city in the North Pole. And they said that by the grace of Allah Nevada, when we they were Somalians we migrated to

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to Norway, they told us we will accept you as asylum seekers provided that you go to that city because in that city three and a half months, they don't see the light and three and a half months. They don't see that. They said provided that you go and live there. We want to live there. And just a matter of few weeks we found that we really need a mosque though we established a mosque there, people started to come to pray and one person accepted Islam. So they send to them there in order to spread the deen of Allah Allah Allah did you redo

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him? Well LA, mano de whatever. You're on the other side of the Buddha when he needs to do it because he will carry on and this might be respected brothers and sisters give us comfort that the deen of Allah, Allah Allah is going to be established and no one can stop the dino from of Allah. Allah from spreading all over the world from taking the darkness of georginia from taking over the darkness of Germania and this one he makes the person proud that he was guided to this day that award Allah Allah made it as

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they named it as light and Alaska Nevada with establishing or over the whole work.

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So the lab here you read one law Whoa, whoa, whoa, let the upset I was hula hooping who doubt what do you need help the legal Hello, lamb, as many scholars said it is Italia means that Allah Allah Allah sent Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in order for the dino from Guadalajara in order for the deen of Mohammed Samadhi

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Similar to be established all over any other religion This is literally means the cause that a lot of sending Mohammed Salah allow you on your side of your Salah is to establish the deen the effective cause of the

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the advent of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is to establish the deen of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam all over any other religion. And this means that even from the perspective that Islam has to be established all over other religions. From the perspective Islam Yeah, I know that Islam has to be prevalent over any other religion. And if we say that this lamb is not the lamb lamb, but animal Africa means that Allah Allah Allah sent Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and eventually this will happen, okay, if we say that it is not allowed, it is not limited and he is not allowed that reflected the cause of Revelation. But the end of this message, the end of this message is that

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the data from our data is too weak, God is going to be established all over all over any other religion, whether we say in order means Verizon for the advent of the processor, or the reason for revelation is this or we say that the end of the message of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam will be this. The the outcome of this is one either along the levada wants us to establish the deen over any other religion or Allah Allah Allah Himself is going to establish it. Now this means that even if Allah Allah Allah is going to establish it, it means that Allah gelada likes to see his Deen prevalent manifests all over any other religion, which means that if we would like to please a lot

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in Nevada, we should work hard in order to fulfill the reason for our the end of the

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the purpose of Revelation, which is what we need to work in order to make the de novo model allana dominant over any other religion, in order to make the life of Allah, Allah extinguishes or take over any other darkness in the whole universe. So with that, we say this, or we say that the meaning is clear. And this supports the principle of the initiative Jihad that has been legislated on the amount of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that and at one point, the FDA has one important role, which is what to make sure that the FDA is spreading the deen of Allah Allah Allah in order for the deen of Allah, Allah Allah to be established all over the world. Why is this because the

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deen of Allah Allah Allah is the light. And the anything other than the dino followed in Nevada is darkness. And obviously, a lot you know, who wants mercy for the whole mankind. You know, Allah wants the whole mankind to enjoy his life and the law, the law, Allah does not want the whole mankind or any part of the whole universe of any or any part of his creations to suffer from the darkness of being away from him. That's why our light Allah Allah wants us as believers to carry that light to follow Allah today universe, sometimes in a soft way, and some other times in a hard way. Because this is the nature of of this dunya. Sometimes the deen can be passed on to others by

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the hour and sometimes the deen can be passed or can only be passed to others, if it is supported by power, and sometimes power is needed in order to spread the light of a war, gender Allah the light of Islam. So and this is, as I said, the responsibility of the Islamic State that should that is established based on an Islam and

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and that aims to spread the deen of Allah. Allah Allah then Allah says after that, yeah, you have a lady in Ireland that is calling in therapy leavers. Oh, listen, listen. Yeah, I live in Ireland. Oh, in the beginning.

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Call them a law that says in the law your hip bernadina your party Luna is a baby he softened can now manyata muscles, then Allah Allah Allah says oh believe a la jolla Allah is calling you and he is telling you shall tell you about the best business, how to look at Java 10 and call this to Java today thing today then what when we say that this dunya this dunya is an investment investment for what investment? Oh, hello, everything that you spend in this dunya it will give you a return in the alpha you every single one in this linear should we look at himself as investing investing in what investing in his time in this dunya Sahaja. Know, Allah is telling us Shall I tell you about today

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about the business or about investment that has

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nothing to do caminada when I leave this investment will give you one result that will give you a number of benefits. The first one is what to enjoy caminada alene to save you from a severe torment as severe punishment. And that severe punishment is what is the punishment of the Fire of Hell. So this is the first result that you first benefit from the trading with a modular IRA from investing with a larger loan. And look at this online, I don't know why they called it what t giara. business, you are doing business with a larger IRA, in order for a larger IRA to encourage us to do business because people understand business. People understand that if I pay one pound, and it gives me 10

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pounds in return, I won't be so keen to spend the discount. If I give up something in order for a bigger return. If I have this investment that is better than the other investment, I will go for it. So I love that Allah has made it very similar to us, for us to invest in this dunya to today to have business with Oh with a lot of no Allah. And as we said, the first outcome is what you will be, you will be saved from a painful tone. Then a Latino Allah says this business is very simple. So

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what is this business? Don't mean Oh, Nabila. He was really he was the guy he doing a piece I've been really lucky. I'm wanting to come on for Chico, you will believe in Allah, Allah, Allah and His messenger. This is clear for us no need to explain it. And then a lot a lot of follow this by saying what do you do in a feast or be laggy I'm wanting to come

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home and use thrive in the sake of Allah that Allah or you make jihad in the sinful and the sake of Allah Allah Allah bye your wealth and ball your life. As we said, this is started by what?

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This is sort of the stuff in the law you hit bollettino pathirana v Sebelius offene, can omonia muscles. So these are the as we mentioned in the reason for revealing This is that a group of believers, they said we wish, we would like to know what is the most beloved deed to Allah, Allah, Allah, then Allah, Allah revealed in the la

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luna, who you aren't alone, a piece of really suffering going on with animal souls and we mentioned that some of the so how that said, we will continue doing jihad feasterville de sala de la Allah here is concluding this, this surah by saying, if you want to invest, if you want the best investment, then make your heart make believe in Allah, Allah, Allah and maybe he had in his course now believing in Allah, Allah that includes jihad. But when Allah delana mentioned get after believing in Him, it doesn't mean that God is different from believing in him. But this is as they say, from auction house from combining the particular to the general or adding the particular to the

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demo, it means that this particular has this particular point has a particular interest by the speaker, Allah ganado wants to emphasize on his part of believing in him don't mean whenever you want to do the work to get enough he said he will love us thrive in this Oklahoma in the sake of Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah you find in the cause of Allah Allah Allah if we consider Jihad here as finding or if we consider it as general jihad

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is thriving in the sake of Allah, Allah

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Which is likely the meaning that again that the jet that is general oh I don't know as I say to scribe in his caused by your wealth and if you remember we mentioned previously that whenever a law the law either combined between you had been knifes What do you have will mount Jihad by life and Jihad by wealth our gelada always mentioned Jihad by what? By wealth. We mentioned a number of reasons for that. We mentioned that there are 10 is in the Quran that mentioned Jihad by yourself and follow the Jihad by life or so. Except one. Okay, the idea of Seurat anyone remember? Anyone remember?

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Uh huh. In Allah has done Amina Amina

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so what

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so what October in July start Amina Amina what first album what a motto. So, I want to know that started by what by Nina followed by wealth, but in other 10 in other nine I add in the other nine is the modular that started by what do you have by wealth followed by you had by what by life, okay. Why we mentioned number of reasons. One of them is either you have been wealth is a preparation for Jihad by knifes. And in order for the person to be ready to sacrifice his life, this is 111 explanation or one possible reason, but the, the other apparent reason is that in order for the Jihad by soul to be established, it needs finance, it needs it needs economy, no one can do jihad by

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his life except he needs some maintenance, he needs maintenance for his family. This is one explanation the other explanation is Jihad by wealth includes the hour to hour and hour is one of the best forms of jihad. And as we have said previously for the purpose of rehab is not to kill others, but the purpose of jihad is to spread the deen of Allah Allah Allah. So it

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can be established by wealth, and not necessarily by by sacrificing the life then Allah Allah Allah says, This is better for you if you know daddy confinement in contempt other more than Allah Allah Allah says, The result of this, again he established what he has just mentioned, young Pharaoh Lakhan donalda from Allah Allah Allah will forgive your sins in some other Ayatollah della Allah says young Filipino men do no Beco, but here because it is jihad, by

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by property by wealth and Jihad by Sol, Allah Allah Allah says, all your sins will be forgiven young fella calm, Nova calm. And then after that, listen to this while helcom jannette integrity and integrity and he will admit you to Jannat and under which rivers flow to Panama and until now, people are amazed from this description, in which Ilana mentioned that these will be gardens and under those gardens, river will flow which is a beautiful and very beautiful scenery. Anyway, without dwelling into that and our then why am I sad enough for you but then he then he added

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Subhana Allah, okay, it is enough to be to enter the agenda. It is enough to enter the agenda no more than that a la de la vida will give you a dwellings, houses, not houses, palaces, insight puts it in the prophets of Allah Allah it was it was similar said that the Palace of the mock men in Ghana is from is like one third. And the width of that curve is 16 miles in each corner of the kernel. There will be people who are part of his family that do not see the other part in the other country. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the agenda the houses are from an agenda. You will find one break from gold and another break from silver. These are their words

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have gender also the profits on the line you it was time to sell them said, there are dwellings in agenda water fulfill them now you're about the Mohammed Bahia whatever you want in botany, as if they are made of glass, where you can see everything outside and the people will be amazed of what they see inside those, those dwellings or those those places, they say the hours will allow, for whom those

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for whom the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Lehman around the one who speaks good, and lemon balm, the one who gives or provides food and what tab LCM and he fasts frequently, and was in late one night, and he prays at night while people are asleep. And in the other Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Jonathan from gold, all of the to paradise or two types of Paradise, all of them from gold, everything in them is from go and return to paradise. From silver. Everything is there from silver We ask Allah Allah Allah to give us this Jeanette to make us among the people of Ghana then our The law says woman Sakina by Eva very good places for weddings very good policies

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very pleasant weddings then Fijian NACA them so karnala don't think that those massage can fight about will be outside the gym? Not No, no, no, no, no, no, no, Allah gelada de emphasize that, because he in the beginning he said when you claim congenic integrity and integrity when and how and he will enter you Masaki then don't think that Oh, you will enter those masakan that are somewhere else other than those? They're not No, no, no, no, they are in Jannati added. They did not have a them or you can say the other meaning of it. Jannati I didn't mean jannetty Ivana Jannat dwellings that last for it for ever added means for ever. According to one interpretation, the Cal fellows are

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the indeed this is the great success to Panama. This reminds us of that, of many. Among those ahaadeeth is the Hadith in Sahih Muslim when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said on the Day of Resurrection, our de la vida will bring one person who is about to go to hellfire.

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This person will go to Hellfire, but he used to be the most pleasant person in this dunya he used to live the best life his time in this dunya and while the Nevada would bring him under water, Nevada would dip him for a few seconds in the fire filled in the lava will take him out. And then I asked him, Have you ever enjoyed your life? Then he would say No, I never enjoyed my life. So Pamela, what about this luxury life that you were living in? No, he forgot it just because of what my dear respected brothers and sisters, because of a few seconds in the fire fell. On the other hand, Arjuna brings the most devastated person who used to live a very, very difficult life. Nothing was present

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in his life, except worshipping Allah Delilah. So this person will be among the people of Paradise, Elijah, no, Allah will bring him and would put him for a few seconds in Paradise, then on Raja Nevada, we'll take him Have you ever and asked him? Have you ever faced any kind of misery, difficulty hardship in your life, then he would say, when I don't remember this a lot for a few seconds in Paradise, he forgot everything to Panama, then you can go into an RV. This is the real, this is the great success. And that's why the person might be respected the brothers and sisters, they should be connected to our Villa, they should be connected to that rain investment. He should

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be worried about that. He should be living for that not for Nigeria because whatever you achieve is this linear is nothing is going to be void and that is the real success. And that's why the value of the person is enough because he missed something from the linear he missed the big deal in the journey to know the person the person the real variable. He will be watching

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He will be worried if he missed a Jama that a person, the person that a believer, he will be what if he missed? Can we ever Telecom, the person, the real person, that the person who really desires that are Hello, he will be jealous. He will be really jealous when he sees others doing good deeds for the sake of Allah, Allah Allah excelling in terms of Dawa leading people to Islam guiding people to do good deeds, and he is just sitting there relaxing, enjoying the dunya and thinking that he is really successful. Yeah, just let him do this. I'm not a person of that a lot. What phenolic affiliated emphasis is on there in success is that success. Then I want to know Allah says, while

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logged in Buddha harness, Rahman Allah He will come Kareem and another one that you like, what is that? That you like? is not so domina law and victory that Allah Allah Allah will give you if this is the difference to the people of Mecca, then our della promised them off. Mecca. The Concord of Mata, if this is Gen nano modular Allah is telling the believers that if you believe in Allah, Allah, Allah and destroyed the sake of Allah did Allah by yourself by your life, then Allah, Allah will return grant you this access in the era that dwellings in the aff era. And moreover, something else that you like, which is what victory in the dunya will offer up to the Buddha. Not so mean

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Omar, he worked for the company and look at this. This means, first of all, that the whole purpose of Al Islam is what is not the establishment of Al Islam in this dunya the whole purpose of Al Islam. First of all, is what to get into Jelena. Jelena I didn't even know this is the real success. However, Allah, Allah, Allah promised, listen to this, God, the successful delivers in the era will not be failing people in the dunya, which means that establishing Islam in yourself in the societies, that the Islamic Canton is to establish Islam, they will get out of

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the out of the dunya. And this means that we as Muslims, we should not be like extreme sophus. Don't worry about the dunya leave the dunya just think about the athonite Yes, we need to think about the aftermath. But if we are real believers, Allah de la vida will give us victory in the dunya. So to say that led to the disbelievers or let the enemies of Almighty Allah Allah take over we don't care about this. It is not true because Allah, Allah likes to see his religion established all over any other religion. Moreover, Allah Allah, Allah says, if you are really believers, Allah, Allah will give you the affiliate offers and Ofra another thing that you like, which is what natural mean

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah here admits that the nature of people is to like to see victory as me as a believer. I don't try to see that I'm always defeated, defeated, defeated and Islam is always defeated, defeated. No, as a believer, if we are on the health, of course, we will be established over the enemies of this religion. This is a natural need. And Allah says Allah Allah, Allah will give it to you but it is not the primary goal. It is what secondary goal and it is not for Allah Subhana Allah would you like

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to hit buena Anton? Otherwise Allah Jalla Allah, Allah Allah Allah has given you the biggest thing which is what unfolds in our day, which is the agenda not and the massage in favor? Well, the Buddha nastran may not lie, it is not Islam yourself. Our demo Allah will guarantee to you

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the conqueror of Makkah, or if we say that it is general, the conqueror of the whole universe, when Allah Allah establishes his Deen over all other religions.

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Then Allah Allah, Allah says, Yeah, you know, colo onsala and then another call for the believers, Allah, Allah, Allah said, shall I tell you about the best investment he mentioned it then Allah Allah, Allah says, Oh, you who believe it is and it just, it is an optional investment. You know?

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There is part of it, which is what obligatory Yeah, you're Latina man. Oh cool. Oh, you must be the helpers of the helpers of Allah how to become the helper of Amanda does not need any help by helping his religion to be established over any other religion by aging his religion. This means

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akuto Ensenada, La Nina Avenue punto onsala as Allah Allah, Allah says in terms of La Jolla, if you hate the word Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will aid you. As the prophet SAW Selim said to even our best for the law, be mindful of our How to Be mindful of Allah, Allah, Allah to be mindful of his religion of His commandments. So Allah says, you have to be the helpers of Allah, Allah Allah. And the example of you should be the examples of the disciples of Raisa lady Sarah. Because as I said to his people, man on Sunday, the who are the helpers Illa, Allah means they are going to help me but in the cause of Allah going to Allah because in out of it, it may be linguistically might not be

00:41:16--> 00:42:04

understood in the first instance man, I'm sorry, ILA. And this they call it in Arabic, mean, man, Ansari. So Allah embedded another meaning here, man on Saudi who are going to help me to Allah, it doesn't fit properly. As if I'm a generality, man, I'm sorry, in the code to Allah in going to Allah. This is what a Salah is around and the disciples said, not an ensemble, ma We are the helpers of you, an old We are the helpers of Allah. When they said this, one group of people believe and another group, another group of many of the children in office that are in this village.

00:42:09--> 00:42:10

As a result of this, as I

00:42:12--> 00:42:13

said, that,

00:42:15--> 00:42:15

if you

00:42:16--> 00:42:41

if you believe in Allah, if you strive in His course Allah Allah Allah will give you victory in this dunya Allah Jalla wa ala here mentioned that outline below are also at the doubt helpers of him, the disciples of Asia and he said I'm who decided to answer the coral visa, he set up a module there are other said that far I didn't let him

00:42:42--> 00:43:36

do with him. For us back over here. We have aided that believers against that enemy until they became victorious over them until they became victorious or, or upper means more hunting means they became above them. And this, this surah as you can see, the theme of the whole surah is that his theme of the whole surah is if you fight for the cause of Allah, if you strive for the cause of Allah Jalla Don't worry Allah Allah, Allah will give you the alpha and moreover Allah Allah Allah will give you that victory in this dunya and umodel Allah will manifest his religion over any other religion and here it is a call from Allah Allah yar.

00:43:37--> 00:43:44

Be careful. It is not an optional matter you must be the helpers of the headphones.

00:43:45--> 00:44:40

As we say, what does it mean? It means that first of all believing in him for that second doing the metal sign of how you doing good deeds is thriving for his cause our de la de la vida mentioned by you live by your wealth and a trying to support the dino from La Jolla, vida in order for the deen of Allah and Allah to to be manifest over over to be manifested over any other religion in order for the demon kawaki levada to become prevalent over any other religion in order for the need for modernization to be established in the whole universe. This is the end of this great surah Subhana Allah it has so many powerful meanings. And as we said, I say a lot of data said that it is the

00:44:40--> 00:44:59

journey throughout history and it is the journey that summarizes the reality of this dunya. Now this dunya is passing by a state in the state. What are you going to do? You are going to fight for the cause of our Gala. Find the shape on

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

Fight the desire to fight the enemies of Allah, Allah, Allah. And Allah, Allah Allah likes that people fight in his cause as one is strong construction here, one of the

00:45:17--> 00:45:19

even Ashu, who always

00:45:20--> 00:45:43

looked at the linguistic miracles, he said, if we notice in this is the last Ayah Yeah, you handed in Ivan which summarized the whole surah. He said, Yeah, you have no clue. So Allah gelada is addressing believers as one group. And then even when they responded, Cornwall sobre la, vida,

00:45:44--> 00:46:44

how are you? How are you, even the disciples, all of them, they said, we as a group, not as individuals, then he said, Oh, I just concluded this by saying, Allah Dena, Allah I the way we add them, as one body. And this shows the importance of the Unity before the between the believer and the Lord Allah, Allah will bestow His religion, his victory upon the believers, when they fight in his cause, as what, as a solid construction. And you can see the beginning of the surah, the end of the surah Subhana, Allah, they match in a very harmonious way, in a very nice and the smooth way, where the person can see the whole soul as one unit, describing how the conflict between the truth

00:46:44--> 00:46:59

and the falsehood can take place, and the means in order for the truth, to be victorious, and the means for the truth, to prevail, and the means for the people of the truth, to gain the victory in

00:47:00--> 00:47:53

the dunya. We have a lot of data to make us among that How are you, the disciples who say, who respond to any code of Islam, whether from Allah and His Messenger, any call to support his religion, to say, national law? We are the unsought of Allah, Allah, the helpers of Allah, Allah, Allah, the helpers of the deen of Allah, Allah, those who are going to aid his religion, we asked a lot, you know Allah to make us among those people. And we asked Allah, Allah to give Islam and Muslims victory. And we asked the Lord, to show is dictating insha, Allah in the near future, we asked a lot in the IRA to give victory to our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh, we asked a lot in

00:47:53--> 00:48:08

order to give victory to our brothers and sisters in Syria. And we asked the Lord in Nevada to make his light his day in taking over all types of job in the whole universe, or some of the last

00:48:16--> 00:48:20

five minutes questions, if you have any question in five minutes? And

00:48:25--> 00:48:26

then if you have any

00:48:28--> 00:48:30

announcements, like five minutes for questions,

00:48:34--> 00:48:36

no questions. Yes.

00:48:38--> 00:48:39

What's your question?

00:48:40--> 00:48:40

I have

00:48:41--> 00:48:43

mentioned that disciples have

00:48:46--> 00:48:48

given victory. We know that instead

00:48:51--> 00:48:52

of just referring to the

00:49:00--> 00:49:26

No, no, no. Yeah. The brother is saying that the disciples of Isa alayhis salam, okay. We're not victorious. Okay. No, maybe the iron is not talking about victory for the disciples of Italia is around but it's talking about the genuine victory that Allah gives the believers of Mohammed Salam.

00:49:27--> 00:49:56

This is one possibility. The other possibility is the victory that was given to the disciples of Isa Alayhi Salam on a particular period of time. And when he sadly his setup was ascended, then that they are not anymore The disciples of Israel, Israel, this is another possibility. And they said that it can be also understood, in light of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he said

00:49:57--> 00:49:59

to me, it was Irina Allah.

00:50:00--> 00:50:21

So the whole of the half of the manifest of the half the establishment of the half, it doesn't mean a physical one all of the time, but in many cases, it is the half that is even established, even if it is from a physical or militant perspective is not established. Yeah