Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 044D Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 52-53

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the actions of the Bani Israel during the Reformation process, including reforming the religion of Musar deaysh and reciting the Bible. They also emphasize the importance of law sincerity and the use of whiteness to prevent black. The speakers discuss the benefits of working with others, following the messenger, and following the company of good people. They stress the importance of belief in the Quran and witnessing in any communication, and emphasize the importance of being considered by others.
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Verse number 52

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phenomena are hacer isa Minh whom will COFRA. Then when there is RNA Salam, he felt disbelief from them. He sensed Cofer from the people.

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He saw the Sunnah, he came to the Bani Israel EU. And when he came to them, he invited them to reform themselves, because he confirmed the truthfulness of Torah. So he basically revived the shittier off Musar they Salam he revived the message of the Torah that the Bani Israel had forgotten.

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remember that isa Allison did not bring a new religion to the Bani Israel. He just revived the religion of Musar de Sena.

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So, basically, his purpose was to reform the Bani Israel. His purpose was, was to reform the Bani Israel.

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However, the process of reformation what does it mean? That our mistakes are pointed out? We are told about our faults, correct. We are told that we are doing this wrong that wrong and we need to fix ourselves, we need to improve ourselves. Correct. But when the Buddy is fine, we're told about the things they have to change in themselves about the problems they have to fix. Obviously, they did not like that.

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So what happened? What was the reaction that they showed off of disbelief and recited Salam, he came with very clear miracles, and anyone who was to see those miracles could tell that he was not a liar.

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Now, if you

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make a point very clear to a person, very, very clear, you show them the proofs you show them the evidence as you make it very clear to them still they don't accept still they don't believe. Then what can you do? What can you do then? What would you do?

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If you were to explain the truth to someone, tell them very clearly give them the proofs and evidence is still they don't accept what can you do? Can you force them to accept you cannot force them? Right? And the thing is that in the Bani Israel, there were all sorts of people, okay, because they claim to be believers that there were all sorts of people, people who had Eman, people who had NIFA people who were truthful people who are honest people who were dishonest. So there were all sorts of people. And there is our es Salaam, when he made the truth clear to the Bani Israel yet they did not accept, then he made a call. And what was that? That who is going to be my helper? Who

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is with me and who is against me?

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Who is it that is going to believe and who is it that is going to disbelieve?

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Philomena has sorry Salman, whom will kufra call a man I'm sorry, in Allah. He said who will be my helper to Allah.

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This is just like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was in Makkah for a very long time, how long for 13 years. But then after that, he left the people of Makkah and he migrated to Medina.

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Likewise, Eastern Islam. Up until a certain point, he called the Bani Israel. He reminded them he reformed them he tried his best, but when a HESA he felt from them disbelief, he knew that these people are not going to change. Then he separated himself from the Bani Israel.

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And then he called out that who is with me and who is not, so that the believers are separated from the disbelievers. Those who believe it or Eastern Islam are separated from those who do not believe in Him. And notice the word has has says from the root letters has seen seen. And his is used for a sense. So for example, your sense of hearing your sense of seeing, you have different senses. And a headset, your history, your says is to perceive something through your senses. If you've perceived something through your senses, then are you certain about it. If somebody were to tell you, I saw such and such, you're like, Okay, you never know what if they're lying.

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But if you see with your own eyes, then are you certain about it? Are you certain? Yes.

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So yes, as I have said is to feel to perceive something through one senses and to develop certainty about it that you're very, very sure that it is real. It is true. It did happen. Sorry, Sana Sana he didn't just assume that the people were not believing. No, he sensed it. He saw it. He witnessed it.

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How did he witness their disbelief? How was he so certain about their cover? How obviously when they rejected him and his face when they called him a liar when they opposed him it was very clear that they disbelieved in him they rejected him.

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So for nama has sorry Salman whom will suffer and also remember as a career listener he had a son yeah here listen and inshallah we will learn more about him in salute Maria. But one of the things that you're hearing is salaam did was that he confirmed the truthfulness of resign as salam he was a supporter.

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The Bani Israel eel, they actually killed your hairless Salam, and they killed Zachary Arneson as well they killed the prophets of Allah who supported reciting Sana

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Now imagine if they killed the prophets who were supporting resigning Saddam you think they didn't want to kill you saw this? Of course they did. So it was obvious coffin, it was very clear. There was no doubt about the disbelief of the Bani Israel eel. They did not believe in reincarnation. So when he sensed that when he knew it, that these people are not going to believe. Then he made an announcement. Bala he said, Man, I'm sorry in Allah, who is going to be my helper in Allah to Allah.

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Man I'm sorry, in Allah. The word I'm sorry, my helpers the year at the end indicates me my and the word unsolved is the plural of Naslund and who is Naslund? One who helps the other one who assists the other. So he said, who will be my helpers? Do Allah? What does it mean by this? My helpers do Allah? I mean, how do you understand this

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Illa to over here is provider to show the eventual goal, the purpose, the objective,

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that who will be my helpers so that we can get to Allah?

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We can get to the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala? Because the fact is, that when a person helps someone in Deen, okay, when a person is supporting another person in the cause of the deen, then they're not actually helping that individual. They're not helping that person. Who are they're supporting? What are they supporting the religion of Allah, the cause of Allah?

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And what is the purpose? Why would a person help another? In the cause of the deen? Why? What do you want to get out of the other person, that he's gonna give you money? Know that he's going to praise you, he's going to thank you. Because of them, you're going to become someone special? No, what's the purpose, that you will come closer to Allah subhanaw taala you will earn the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala

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the Companions who helped the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Why did they help him? Because they believed that he was God, no way.

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They believed that the Prophet salallahu Salam could make them rich. No, they believe that if they supported him, then they could become very successful people. The thing is, the reason why they supported him was to earn the pleasure of Allah.

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So man, I'm sorry, Illa, Allah to Allah. Allah over here shows the eventual outcome, the goal, the purpose, the reason behind helping another for the cause of Allah, and that is to get to the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. And this shows that when we're helping someone in the Cause of Allah, then what should be our intention is law sincerity, for the cause of Allah to earn his pleasure to come closer to him. So he's our lesson I made it very clear, if someone's supporting me, they're not going to get any benefit for me. They're going to get benefit from WHO? Allah subhanaw taala and if somebody is supporting me, they should not do it for my sake, they should do it for

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whose sake for the sake of Allah. So Allah man, I'm sorry, Ilana Allah, who will be my helper for the cause of Allah. Allah however, Yun the Hawala Yun, they replied, That nano unsalted Allah we are the helpers of Allah and Nebula we believe in Allah was head and you bear witness meaning or resign as salam you bear witness be anomalously moan that indeed we submit to Him

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now notice he asked all of the Buddy is slow eel, man I'm sorry it Allah. But who replied all of them? Everyone responded? No, only a few people responded. And who were there? Allah subhanaw taala calls them however you they were the Hawaii Yun how

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why to use it as a plural of how it and how it is from the root letters, how well raw, and how love is used for whiteness, the whiteness of something. For example, in a verse of poetry, it is said in the literal Yun allottee photography here, however, meaning a lover is basically describing the eyes of his beloved. And he's saying the eyes at the borders of which is whiteness, meaning the whiteness is extremely white, basically very beautiful eyes. So how is whiteness? And Hawaii? Hawaii Yun, they were the disciples off restarting Saddam, his followers and supporters. But the question is why were they called her YT Yoon? Why not another name? What is the connection with pure whiteness? The

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connection is that some scholars said that they were called her what a human because of the sincerity of their hearts

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because of the purity of their intention, because of the righteousness that these people had. Because when a person commits a sin, then what happens on the heart? What do we learn from the Hadith, a black spot, a black mark appears on the heart. And when a person sends more than what happens that blackness increases, and as the person keeps sending that blackness increases, it keeps increasing until the entire heart becomes black. Right. And on the other hand, when a person does something good when a person obeys Allah, that what happens then his heart is clear. It is pure. This is just like, if you have your white hijab, your uniform hijab, when you're having pizza,

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you're not that careful. And the pizza sauce or whatever the food that samosa chutney, it falls on your hijab. If you're not that careful what's going to happen, you're going to have one stain, another stain, and then another stain, correct. And if you don't clean it, it's going to become so dirty, it's going to have so many stains on it, that you're not going to be able to wear it.

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So likewise, when we commit sin, our hearts become dirty. But when we are careful when we commit righteousness, then our hearts are clean. So they're called How are you? And why? Because they had clean hearts. You know, when you say about a person, she has such a clean heart. What do you mean by that?

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She's so nice. Why else would you describe someone with a clean heart? That they don't keep any grudges, right? Jealousy, any kind of hatred against someone any kind of bad feeling against someone rather very honest, very pure, very sincere, very dedicated, very friendly. So this is who he is. So they're called her whatta Yun because they were very sincere, very righteous believers. And they were sincere in the help that they offer to Eastern Islam in the support that they gave him very sincere people. So they were the chosen sincere companions of recited center.

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Another reason that the scholars have given is that they were called her whatta Yun because they were by profession, bleachers of clothes, so they were launders meaning people who did laundry for others, so they made other people's clothes clean. That was their profession. Okay, so it is said that he's on this and I'm once he told him that why do you wash clothes, I'll teach you how to wash hearts. Meaning leave this work that you're doing come focus on other important things in life. Let's focus on the purpose of our lives. This is just like someone's obsessed with cleaning their house and cleaning their clothes and clean this and cleaning that. And I'm not saying it's not nice

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to clean your house. It's very important, very nice. But that should not be your ultimate goal in life. Okay, because you will clean your house and it will get dirty again. It's the most unfulfilling thing that you could do in your life the most unfulfilling, okay, but if you focus on Ischia, if you focus on purifying your intention, purifying your actions, purifying your relationships, that is something that's going to benefit you for eternity. So this is one of the reasons that the scholars game and the thing is that howdy from this is used for the supporter, the follower of every Prophet, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, In Nikolina, begin howardian For

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every prophet were Howdy, meaning every prophet of Allah had supporters had sincere, honest supporters. And he said, Well, however he zubaid And my house it is obeyed. My honest sincere supporter is

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So follow her way to Yun the Herati Yun set nano unsolved Allah. We are the helpers of Allah. We none other than us. We're not waiting for anyone else to come forward. No, we're not no unsought, Allah, we are going to help Allah, not just Allah need our help. No, he doesn't. But then why is it said that we are the helpers of Allah, that we are going to help the religion of Allah, the cause of Allah. And they said Amma Nabila we believe in Allah wash had and recited Sam you bear witness be anomalously moan that indeed we are those who submit, meaning we submit to Allah, we submit to His commands, we submit to His orders, we submit wholeheartedly, fully.

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Now, notice over here, that the Hawala Yun instead of saying that we are your supporters, what did they say? We are who supporters, Allah supporters,

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instead of saying, We are the supporters of this mission of this cause of this individual of this institute of this Masjid of this, whatever, they said, We are the supporters of Allah.

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And this should be very clear in the heart, in the mind of any person who works for the dean, any kind of work they're doing for the dean,

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whether they're studying or teaching, helping in the organization, or the management or whatever any kind of work you are doing, whether it's volunteer or paid any kind of work you were doing for the cause of Allah, remember, YOU ARE who's on sod,

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Allah subhanaw taala. You are helping the cause of Allah, you are working for Allah, Who is your boss,

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Allah subhanaw taala, who is your employer, he

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who's the one whom you should expect reward from him, not anyone else. And the Hawaii Yun, they said the same thing. We are the helpers of Allah. And like I mentioned earlier, when we're helping a cause, when we're helping a person when we're helping an individual and Institute, a masjid, an organization, whatever it may be, the organization is in front of us, the person is in front of us, but in reality, we are helping who? Allah subhanaw taala we are serving Him, we are His servants. And when a person remembers that, then his ego doesn't come in away, then he doesn't feel oh, why am I being given this work? I'm deserving of more. I'm capable of doing some other work, I should be

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given that work. Since these people don't appreciate me, I'm walking away.

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And then a person loses a great opportunity. But the thing is that when a person realizes I'm helping the cause of Allah, then whatever work he is given, then he accepts it, then he does it doesn't mean he's wasting his talents, not necessarily. Because if you have your near clear in your heart, that you want to help the cause of Allah, you have it clear in your heart that you are working for Allah, then who is your employer, Allah is right, then he will give you tofield to do more and better.

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He will let you go up the ladder.

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So they said no unsalted Allah, we are the helpers of Allah. And the thing is that calling yourself the helper of Allah, Allah has helper this attribution, okay, helper off Allah, this attribution is attribution of honor. Meaning if someone is called helper of Allah, then this is actually praise for that person, a source of honor for him. This is just like, a person could be the secretary of someone who owns a gas station. Okay, or of someone who is the owner of a house so they're just working, you know, under them, let's say managing all their builds are managing their children and working as a nanny, okay. Likewise, a person could be the secretary of someone who owns a

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multimillionaire company, someone could be a secretary of the president. Okay? The higher the one is, who Secretary you are, whose helper you are, the higher your status is. So when someone is called the helper of Allah, the supporter of Allah, Allah, the King of the Kings, then this is actually an honor for him. This is actually prays for that person. And this is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala calls us into the suffi number 14 That yeah, you have Medina Avenue Kuno unsolved law, that all you have believed be unsolved Allah be helpers of Allah. Support the deen of Allah cannot call or E sub pneumonia model however again, man I'm sorry, it Allah just as recited Salam,

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he said to the Herati again that who will be my helper in the Cause of Allah

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Fall however you know, Ensenada, Hawa Yun responded that we are the helpers of Allah.

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So Allah subhanaw taala He invites us that be on sobre la, be unsalted, Allah, you know, we take so much pride in being supporters of a cause, you know, in working for a particular mission or cause or whatever it may be. People are so passionate about their jobs. People are so passionate about their work. I mean, you look at real estate agents that are so passionate about buying and selling. I mean, it's only houses. You look at people who do renovations. They're so passionate about renovating houses, isn't it? So you look at people who design clothes and they're so passionate about designing clothes, you look at people who are, you know, making furniture, they're so

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passionate about it, isn't it? They feel as if they're doing the best thing in the world. But what is the best thing in the world being unsought, Allah, helping the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. So out of her way to you know, unsought Allah, how many people were they? It is said that they were only 12 in number. There were only 12 individuals. Now imagine a Salah Salem called out to all of the Bani Israel and who responded to him 12 people, not 100, not 200, not 50, not 2012 only 12. But yet we see that because of the sincerity, the honesty, the dedication of these people, despite all the opposition they faced, what happened, they were successful in their mission.

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They were successful in their mission and inshallah we will learn about that, that they did take the message to so many people. Yes, the message got corrupted on the way but they didn't stop. So sometimes we get discouraged that we're so few. We're only this many, but never get discouraged. So the sad we are the helpers of Allah. Another important thing we learn here is that he started his sunnah when he faced the opposition. He didn't say, Okay, let me just deal with this myself.

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No, he called out for help.

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Does this mean that he was being weakened his trust in his faith in Allah subhanaw taala? No. Because the thing is that one person alone can only accomplish a little bit. But when you have people with you, when you have supporters with you, then what happens, you are more successful in your work,

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you are more successful in your work, the job gets done much better, it's accomplished as well.

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And it gets done more properly.

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So in other words, teamwork is something that is important or not important.

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How, why? If you're doing something alone, isn't that better, nobody's going to bother you. Nobody's going to waste your time. Nobody's going to criticize what you're doing. Just do it yourself. If you do everything yourself without the help of others, what's going to happen, you're going to get tired, and you're going to give up. One person is going to criticize and you'll say forget it. You will have so many plans, but you will not be able to execute them. Why? Because you are alone. So what is necessary to connect with people to work with people. But what happens with us the moment we don't get along with other people, we say, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, forget it. I can't deal with

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people, I'll do it myself. The thing is that when a person is alone, then what happens? Then shaitan attacks him more. Okay, because when a person is alone, then he hears his own thoughts and sometimes Shavon whispers in his words into that. And then you cannot distinguish between what feelings you should be having and what feelings you should not be having, what thoughts you should be having and what thoughts you should not be paying any attention to. Right? He confuses you. But when you're surrounded by good company, when you're surrounded by people who are on the same track, then what happens there are a source of motivation for you know, think about it. If you were to be doing this

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course by yourself sitting in front of a computer listening to recordings, I'm not talking about a live class, I'm talking about recordings yourself. Okay? There is no test, you have to take no one who's going to listen to your lesson. No one who's going to mark your attendance, no one is going to make sure you cover two lessons every week. No one. You're just doing it yourself.

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Then what's going to happen, no motivation. You're going to listen to half a lecture, you'll fall asleep, you'll say I'll do it tomorrow. And tomorrow comes and halfway through the day you remember you say okay, I'll listen to it at the end of the day. And then the next day, you don't even remember and the day after you don't even remember and two weeks later, you say Oh, I was supposed to listen to those lectures, and I didn't.

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What happens is that when we're working with other people, there's motivation. There's accountability, right? People push you along the way they take you with themselves. So at the end, you get work done. This is the benefit of working with others.

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But if we think that no, I'm not going to work with others I can work myself to, then you know what, you're not going to work for very long. Sooner or later, you're going to realize that you're doing nothing, that you're not accomplishing anything.

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So he started Santa. He called out to the Hawaii Yun. He needed a team. He needed people around him so he asked for help man on Saudi Illa called Hawaii Yun national Onsala mana Billa wash had been now mostly moon they submitted to Allah because yes, they were helping recited Salam but resigned his son was not there God who was still there, God Allah subhanaw taala and they said have been a Munna, Bhima and Zelda. They said, Oh our Lord, we believe in what you have sent down, or our Lord, whatever that you have revealed, any command, any scripture, any revelation, whether it is a total or the injeel. Or it is a book that you're going to send later, any revelation that you have sent,

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and we believe in it, meaning we believe in everything that you've sent.

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This was the belief of who of those people who believed in recited center as such a belief that was correct. And this is the kind of belief that we're supposed to have as well. Are we required to believe in Torah in injeel? Yes. Are we required to believe in the Quran in every scripture that was sent? Yes. In all of it or in part of it, all of it. So Rob Burnett, Munna, Bhima and Zelda. They said, We believe in all the chips and down what the Varna Rasul and we have followed the messenger, meaning we follow or ISA Irenaeus, Anna, whatever, he will tell us, we will follow.

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Now, what does this mean? That Oh Allah, whatever you've sent down, we believe in that. In other words, any command that you send, we're going to follow that. And secondly, we follow the messenger so any command that comes from the messenger, we're going to follow that as well. A clear Allah will LT Europe, Allah soon obey Allah and obey the messenger, what the burn of a soul and this is the quality of who Ansara Allah. This is the characteristic of who the helpers of Allah, that they obey Allah, they obey the messenger. They will be the leader. facto Bunner Marcia headin. So you write us along with those who bear witness meaning October honor Kitagawa from writing write our name. Write

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our name in the list of who in the list of share he Dean Shaheen is a Florida showerhead and who is shy had one who bears witness. So, in other words, make us consider us to be of the same group,

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which group Shahidi now who are the Shahidan? Those who bear witness who bear witness to what to the truthfulness of the messengers of Allah?

00:28:25 --> 00:28:33

How can you bear witness that a messenger is true? When you believe in Him? When you believe in what he has brought, when you obey Him?

00:28:34 --> 00:29:21

So shall he Dean refers to all the people who believed in the prophets who were sent, whether it was those people who believe in New Haven Salam at his time, or it was the people who believed in Ibrahim Renison, or it was the people who believed in Musa alayhis salam or it was the few people who believed in UniStar Salam or any prophet of Allah or the people who were to believe in Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So all the people who believe in the messengers who testify who bear witness to their truthfulness, then who are they share it in, regardless of which era which time which country they came in, fact, Cubana, Marcia, he then make us of those people write our name in those people.

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It has also been set the chair he Dean, it refers to the Omid of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, why are they called Shaheen we learned earlier in sort of baklawa Delica. Now cometan was certainly the Kuno she had there are alumnus the Muslim woman is to bear witness against or for all of mankind that if they believed in their messengers or they did not believe the messengers so fucked up no Marcia hidden

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you know, it may happen with you that you find out that a group of people, you know, they went somewhere that did something and you really want to be with them. You really want to be with them. Why would

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Because you love them or you love what they're doing. So it's as though you can picture yourself amongst them, can you? Does it ever happen with you? Can you ever picture yourself in the group of people whom you really want to be with? Or at least, even if you can picture yourself, you wish that you were one of them? Right? You wish that you run into Imagine your whole family is traveling, and your father sends the names of all of the family members of the travel agent that please reserve tickets for all of them, but you're not going So your name is not in that list? How would you feel so sad? And you wish that your name was also in that list?

00:30:36 --> 00:31:20

You know, recently, my sister she sent me a photo of some of my relatives who were traveling somewhere. And I felt Oh, I'm not there. I was there with them, you know, just a few weeks ago. And now they're traveling here. They're going here and I'm not with them. And I was wishing that you know, somehow I could be with them somehow I could join them. But I know I can't. Right. So likewise, we see that these disciples of Eastern is Salam. They had so much love for all the people who believe in the prophets even if there were people who were to come much after them that they say Oh ALLAH write our name in that list considers to be off them for October now. Marsha headin and if

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it refers to the Omar Mohamed Salah Fatah seventh and this shows that he started a sinner very clearly told the people about the coming of the last messenger Okay, he told him very clearly of the coming of the last messenger we learned slips off iOS six that what if color is of pneumonia? Yeah, Bani Israel eel in the Rasulullah alaykum that OB Israel indeed our messenger of Allah to you, Masada kalima beignet, the Yamuna Torah, one will Bashir on Bill Rasool in Yeah, Team embody. I have also come to give you the good news of a messenger who's going to come after me. So the people who believe in recited Salam, they knew very clearly about the coming of the last messenger. So they say

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* nama Ushahidi

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and the thing is, that Alon Omar may have been a person who is with those whom he loves, even if they are miles apart or years apart, it doesn't matter. Those whom you love, you are with them in your thoughts.

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facto Vanessa Marsha Hayden? Now, you notice over here, that the disciples they say three things in this verse, the first thing they say is that oh Allah we believe in what you have revealed. Secondly, they say we follow the messenger and thirdly, fact Abner Masha hidden. Now it teaches a very, very important thing, that in order to be successful, unsalted Allah, there are three things that are very, very important. What are they, first of all, Eman?

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Secondly, following the messenger and thirdly, sorry about the lochia, righteous company, the company of good people, all three things are necessary. Amen.

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righteous good deeds, how by following the messenger and thirdly, righteous company and righteous company means teamwork, all of that. If these three things a person does them, then he will be successful inshallah. But if any one of them is missing, then will he be successful? No.

00:33:28 --> 00:34:06

If a person tries to help the religion of Allah, but he doesn't have Eman, is that going to make him successful? Is effort going to make him successful? We see the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu. Abu Talib, he helped the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so much but he did not believe so will he go to Jana? No, because he didn't believe so helping the religion without Eman is useless. Then again following the Prophet sallallaahu Salam is that important? Yes it is. And then finally, righteous company that is also very important all these three are necessary

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let's listen to the recitation

00:34:15 --> 00:34:16

on an

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00:34:23 --> 00:34:24

on how

00:34:28 --> 00:34:28


00:34:31 --> 00:34:31

he was

00:34:45 --> 00:34:45


00:34:47 --> 00:34:51

to learn now Shane he the

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

weather machine again of maca persecuted the Prophet sallallahu sallam. As I mentioned earlier, he stayed there for 13 years called

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

In the people to Allah, but when he didn't receive any positive feedback, then what happened? He went too far if Why did he go to life to ask for help, that who will give the prophets Allah sort of protection because this was after the death of his uncle, that who will give him protection so that he could convey the message of Allah but you know what happened in life. He was rejected from there. And then the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he went around. At the time of Hajj season when the tribes from all over Arabia were in Mecca for Hajj, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would go to them. And he would ask man, Roger Looney weenie had Oberliga Kalamata be, who is that person who can give me

00:35:44 --> 00:36:32

shelter? Meaning who can give me protection asylum so that I can convey the word of my Lord, for inoculation for the mana Rooney and Oberliga Kalambo Robbie, because we're indeed the Quraysh. They are preventing me from conveying the kalam of my Lord, the word of my Lord. So the Prophet saw a lot of time went around asking that who will help me who will be on my side who will support me until he found who who did he find? who supported him? Who helped him who said come to us migrate to us? Who did he find? The unsolved of Medina? Isn't that so? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also went asking for help until he found the unsought of Medina and they were given the term the title on

00:36:32 --> 00:36:41

slosh. When we refer to them, we don't refer to them as Osen Huzzah, Raj, we refer to them as unsought, those who helped the religion.

00:36:43 --> 00:37:29

So, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then he migrated to Medina, and he conveyed the message. Sorry, sorry, listen, I'm also he asked for help. This does not mean that he had lack of trust in Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala was not helping him. No, Allah was helping him. But the thing is that Allah helps people how through means, okay? And sometimes those beings are who, people who are around us. So that's why it's necessary that we surround ourselves with good people, because they can be our helpers and supporters. You know, a believer is like the mirror of another believer, when you are surrounded by people who are not practicing the religion that what happens you don't even

00:37:29 --> 00:37:53

realize that there's bad vocabulary that you're using. But when you're surrounded by righteous people, then what happens you're careful about even the words you're choosing the way you're dressing up. You know, I've noticed that people walk differently people behave differently in front of some individuals and in front of other individuals, sometimes righteous company can have such a huge impact on you that we can completely transform.

00:37:54 --> 00:37:58

So this is why righteous company is very, very important.

00:38:00 --> 00:38:07

Subhanak Allah will be handy going to show you a La ilaha illa Anta Mr. Fuuka wanted to wear like a salaam ricotta for the life of a couple

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