Is fighting in Syria considered Jihad

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fighting in Syria considering jihad, it depends Whom are you fighting against? Right?

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If you're fighting to protect the weekend oppressed and to protect your religious leaders,

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and your faith, of course, that is jihad, anywhere, not only in Syria, when you have dental saris. Now, Louise, and you guys should know that they are not Muslims at all. They are as three sect of the Shia, even a Shia, abandon them and consider them out of the force of their Islam. So, at one point, they have their own Prophet, rather prophets, and also one of their prophets. In less than 50 years ago, he claimed to be God, and his son afterward claimed the prophet or that was only in Syria.

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These facts were propagated by the help of the occupation forces in these lands. So the army said is led by the Allawi leader than the butcher of Syria, and they're killing innocent people. And there is no secret about it. Today, as you see that everybody is cold because of

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the cold storm. And because of the heavy rain, and for the first time, it snowed heavily. In some parts of the old world, they have never seen snow like in Egypt. In Syria, it is a freezer below zero. And we got to see

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awful images of babies and infants who die due to the freezing weather.

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mothers who are breastfeeding their babies, and the just died all of a sudden because of the sudden drop in the temperature. A mother is carrying her baby breastfeeding him or her and they just fees and they die

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while the oma especially they will see people and Muslim rulers are enjoying here and there the wills of the oma to be wasted in what Allah has prohibited not in what Allah has made lawful.

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When we see pictures of feasts,

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Mashallah they brag about the biggest falafel in the world, the biggest capsule in the world, the biggest, it's all about food.

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And it's all wasted when 2030 or 100 people are invited for a feast and the food which is served enough for two 3000 people why? to brag about it that we can afford it. Why didn't you save some for your blood and flesh for your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters

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on the borders in Syria

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and loosen our Gema the Sunni Muslims. So fighting again is the perpetrators, again is the criminals is period legitimate and as long as it is for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and to defend your the in then that is FISA vilella navio Salalah Selim was asked

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which fight is considered FISA vilella one is fighting for his honor, or to be called Mr. J head or for his learn for whatever you say Mankato a few sebelah only those who fight for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So that is considered Jihad and FISA vilella azada