How Does One Ask For Sincere Forgiveness From A Person & Allah – Ask Shaykh YQ #135

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How do you ask for sincere forgiveness from someone else and from a loved

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To ask for sincere forgiveness from someone else or from a lot you the question has answered itself. If you are sincere, you will be forgiven. It's as simple as that. And the person you ask from as well will sense sincerity. And even if they say no the first time if you are sincere, that you will be forgiven, simple as that. The question has answered itself a law forgives anybody who turns to him sincerely, no questions asked. And no sin is off limits. Allah forgives all sins in the law. yofoto vinoba gemi This is in the Quran. And our Prophet system said the one who repents from a sin It is as if he has never committed it. And he told us that the main condition for Accepting of

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repentance is to feel that regret which is a sincere sense of why did I do this I shouldn't have done that. That's what a lot with other people. The same applies that if you've done something wrong, you need to be honest, confess admit and be sincere and humble even if they rebuff you the first time wait a few days wait a while and then come back to them again and insha Allah give them a gift do good deeds for them, you know, literally show them I am sorry, how can I make this up to whatever is reasonable? And you know, generally speaking 99% of the time if they have any heart, inshallah, without that they will forgive if you are sincere.