Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 044E Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 54-57

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The success of Islam is crucial for achieving success, and spending in the Cause of Allah and dedicating a plan is essential. The Hadar of deception is important for achieving success, and knowing oneself and others is crucial for achieving success. The Hadar of deception is used in a series of negative statements, and the use of "naught" and "naughty," in various context is discussed. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the implementation of Islam and the use of "naught" and "naughty," in various context. The video of a soccer game and the Bible recitation are also mentioned.
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So what three things are necessary for success?

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So believe in everything that Allah has revealed in everything that Allah has commanded in everything that he has informed us off. Secondly,

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following the messenger, third

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righteous company,

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who are the howdy Yun, the people with pure hearts, clean hearts, who were they? What did they do there? How about a unit who have recycling center? So what did they say that we are unsalted, Allah who are unsalted Allah? Is it only the Hawala unit? Can anyone else become unsalted Allah? Can anyone else become on SatoLA? To? Who can? You can? Okay? Good to know.

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So if we want to be unsought Allah, then what do we have to do?

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Would you like to be inside of them? Okay, so then what do you have to do if you want to be inside Allah?

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Would you like to be inside? Why would you like to be inside Allah, by the way?

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Because we're supposed to say yes, yeah, that's the politically correct answer. But why should a person want to be unsalted Allah, of the unsought Allah, what's the benefit? It's the most honorable position that a person can attain. It's the most honorable work that a person can do on this planet. Literally the most honorable work that a person can do on this planet. There is no other noble work that a human being could do. The best is that a person is a prophet of Allah, but that's too late. All the prophets are gone the last messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he came and he's gone after him who are the heirs of the prophets? Who are the scholars right? Those who learn the deen and pass

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on to the those who are helping the deen of Allah. So the best thing that a person could do is to help the deen of Allah be of the unsalted Allah. So if we want to be unsalted, Allah, then what should we do?

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Firstly, we have to learn the deen of Allah, then what else do we have to do?

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Teach but is that the only way? What if someone is not good at academics?

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Okay, follow the Sunnah. Yeah, but what else

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sees any opportunity to further the cause of the dean to help the cause of the dean, and every person has been given some ability, some capacity with which he can help out? Everyone's strength is different. Isn't that so? Now if you think about the Hawara unicorn to one opinion, there were launders right? Now, they were not scholars. Right. But even they became unsoldered law. So never think that just because you don't know how to speak English, or you don't know how to speak Arabic or you did not learn such and such when you were very younger, you do not have much money, you do not have much education. This is why you cannot be of the unsettled law. No. Anyone can be of the

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unsalted Allah. But what's the key? What's the main thing that whatever strength Allah has given you, whatever ability he's given you, whatever opportunity is providing you sees that, grab it, and do the best that you can do. Whether it is with your writing skills, or it is with your physical strength, or it is with your ability to drive or it is with your ability to talk, or it is with your ability to paint and to draw and write and design and make videos are whatever, whatever that you can do whatever strength you have, whatever qualifications you have, you know, we learned earlier about spending in the Cause of Allah. And we learned that spending is not just money, but also

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whatever skills that you can dedicate whatever time that you can offer. So we all think that we want to be unsought Allah. But we need to consider this very seriously. We need to have a tangible, very concrete plan, because this is the most honorable position that you can have. This is the best way of being successful. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us Kuno unsalted Allah be of the unsalted law. And we discussed this earlier as well. That when a person is off the unsalted Allah then what happens he is with a group of people, righteous company, and that is what helps a person you know, you could be going to school, you could be the only Muslim they're the only practicing person over

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there. But if you are linked with a group of people who are working for the dean, then you're going to get your strength from there. Isn't that so?

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So for example, you go to school, you go to university, you go to work wherever you go throughout the week, but you come here on the weekends, where you get reminded, right, you are surrounded by good people so you are reminded of your purpose in

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life you don't forget about who you are what you're supposed to do. It gives you the energy to survive the whole week. Correct. So this is why it's necessary to be of the unsalted Allah for our own good. Not because the deen of Allah needs us, but for our own good for our own benefit for our own survival.

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And if a person stays back then who is he harming only himself. So the Hawaii you decide, no unsalted Allah, we are the helpers of Allah, we will help the cause of Allah. Now on the one hand reciting this and I'm getting support from who, from the Herati Yun. And on the other hand, the opposition that he was facing also grew intensely. This is just like the Prophet salallahu Salam. Once the pledge of Aqaba was made once the people of Medina they came, they offered him his support. What happened on the other hand, the Michigan and Makkah, they were planning to literally execute him before they could not even think about lifting a finger against him and now they were planning

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to execute him. So where the help of Allah comes in, the opposition also grew. Right and if you look at it the other way, where the difficulty grows, the help of Allah subhanaw taala also comes in, in nama are three usara. So while Mercado WOMAC Allah, Allah, they're plotted, and Allah also planned wama cuddle who plotted those who disbelieved those who disbelieve in the resale SLM, they plotted they planned in order to kill him in order to harm him. And the word Maca is from the root letters meme kufra and Merkel is that when a person afflict harm, or he takes revenge from his opponent, through ways that his opponent cannot even imagine, through ways that his opponent cannot even

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expect through completely unexpected secret ways, and causes. And this is why mucker resembles radar. It resembles deception, because there is an element of deception in that. Okay, so well Miko they secretly conspired and plotted why, in order to Kinnari Sarnia Sana, they had had enough of him, because he had defeated them completely in argument in proof, the truth was made very clear to them, they could do nothing else, so they just wanted to get rid of him. So well, McConnell, they secretly conspired in order to harm reciting sunnah. And on the other hand, one market Allah, Allah also plotted, Allah also planned against you, against those who pledged against SR SRM. So in other

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words, those who disbelieved in Him, who Allahu Hiral mascarene. And Allah is the Best of those who plot of those who plan and maquinas a plural of market and market is one who plots one who contrives a plan. So Allah is the Best of those who make a plan. How is he the best? Because he is the one who is successful. People make plans in order to harm others or in order to inflict revenge, or whatever. But are they always successful? Are they always successful in their plans? No. But when Allah subhanaw taala makes a plan is he successful? Always why? Because he is the most knowledgeable and people are not, he is the most powerful and people are not he is the most capable and people are

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not. So Allah, Ohio, maketing, Allah is the Best of those who plan. Now before we continue, you might think that mucker gives kind of an evil meaning that you're making a secret plan in order to harm someone in order to inflict revenge on them. And it kind of gives the meaning of Hadar of deception. So why does Allah subhanaw taala say concerning himself, that he also plotted or He is the Best of those who plot? If Allah subhanaw taala has described himself with mucker, then we also accept it because Allah subhanaw taala is most knowing of himself than us. But one thing that we must understand is that marker in and of itself is not something that's evil. Okay. MACRA is not all

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evil. No, it is good in some contexts, and it's evil in other contexts. In which context, is it evil, when it's not supposed to be done?

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Okay, when it's not supposed to be done, or when it's done against an innocent individual, then it is not good. Correct. But in which context is mucker good. In which context is macro good. When is it good? When is it right? When is it justified for a person to have a secret plan? When? When he has an opponent, right when he has an adversary when he is fighting against someone? When there's

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competition when he has to defeat someone. This is just like, once in one of the battles or would have been would, he came against Arsenal Delano before the battle began. And this was a tradition amongst the heirs of that that before the battle would begin, one person or more would come from each side. And they would have a combat just two individuals fighting in front of the two armies. And this is how they would begin their battle. So once already, who aren't who he came forward from the Muslim side, and from the Michigan side who came on would have been would, so I need only no one who as he came, he said, I did not come to fight to men.

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And Ahmed, he turned back Who's the other man? And when he turned back, are you gonna live, attacked him and finished?

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So this is in a way mockery. This is hidden. This is like deception. But isn't it good to have such a plan in this context? Yes. Because it's going to lead you to victory. It's going to defend you. It's going to lead you to success. All right. So when Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Allah Hiral mascarene don't think that Allah subhanaw taala is doing something evil, not at all. He was inflicting punishment on those who are trying to harm his messenger. All right, he was inflicting punishment, he was basically countering their plot with his plan. So Allah who hate on mascarene, He is the Best of those who plan. Now, like I mentioned earlier, where he started a sudden got support,

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the enmity also increased, the opposition also increased.

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But Did Allah subhanaw taala leave resign? Yes. And and then that okay, you have 12 disciples to support you That should be sufficient. Is that so? No, resign is sin and God 12 disciples, the enemy, increased opposition. And Allah subhanaw taala also made a plan to save recently his Salam. Why? Because Allah does not abandon his servant.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us when a young Solon Allahu Mejia ensue, Allah will surely definitely help the one who helps his cause. So the Hawara Yun, they were unsalted, Allah, are you sorry, listen, and he said, Man, I'm sorry, in Allah, who will be my helper for the cause of Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala also help them Allah did not abandon them. And sometimes we don't see the Help coming. But it is there in so many ways. The challenges will remain we think help means no difficulties, no challenges, that everything should go smoothly. That for example, I'm trying to do the course I'm trying to study the Quran. So when I do the lesson, I should be able to memorize it

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within seconds. That's the help of Allah. And if I'm not able to memorize the lesson in seconds, that means I'm not getting the help of ALLAH is that so? No, that's not how it is. Allah subhana dharnas help comes in many different ways. But remember, the challenges will also always be there.

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The help of ALLAH does not mean that everything will be the way you want it to be, that there will be no challenges that it will be a very smooth sale. No, there will be challenges, there will be difficulties, when the profit sort of all sort of migrated to Medina when the help of Allah came, then was that it? There were no more problems after that. No, there were still many, many problems. The Michigan came and attacked the Muslims almost every year, you had better you had or had you had the Battle of zap so many battles one after the other.

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So then why are the challenges there? Why are the difficulties there? Why, for other reasons, one of those reasons is so that we keep struggling so that we keep our intention sincere.

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So that we remember who we are, so that we remember what our mission is because when everything becomes easy, then we become relaxed. When everything becomes as we want it to be, then sometimes I will near also gets corrupted. We start thinking very highly of ourselves and we forget to turn to Allah subhanaw taala

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so we're not going to one marker Allahu Allahu hadal mascarene Allah is the Best of those who plan Allah the plan in place to save recited sinner. Now the question is, what was the plot of the Bani Israel eel of those who disbelieved from amongst them against resources to them? What was their plot?

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Do you know

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of what the Bani Israel did in order to kill a starless?

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They tried to crucify him.

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So one of the people who had deceived researchers on what betrayed Him His face became like that off he saw this and I'm sure that people caught him and killed him. So basically, they wanted to kill him.

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Okay, that was their market. And about this people have said

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and that they accused him of apostasy.

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Okay, because they couldn't just kill an Israeli man right? Because inside Israel was still an Israeli, they couldn't just kill him. He hadn't committed any crime, because he was obviously a prophet of Allah and you cannot expect that a prophet of Allah would do something evil.

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So they could not find anything wrong in his character, just as the Michigan of Makkah could not find anything in the prophets of Allah Islam to blame. But what did they do? They said, Oh, he has cut off from us. He has created division amongst us. He's a liar. He is a soothsayer. He is a magician. He's this. He's that. So likewise, the Bani Israel, they accused resources of many things. All right. And basically, they accused him of apostasy that he has left the religion, just as the machine said that he has left the religion of his forefathers. So that's the only thing that they could say against him.

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And they basically wanted that he should be crucified, because someone who become an apostate, then he will be punished very severely. And it is sad that they even went up to the Roman courts. So you're talking about secular courts in order to accuse him in order to prove him guilty so that he would be assassinated. So this was their market when Morocco

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but Allah subhanaw taala, he also had a plan.

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And what was ALLAH soprano thoughtless plan to save resign? So there are many different versions of that. I mean, people have come up with many different versions. And there's not even one unanimous opinion amongst the Christians. You know, some say that the one who betrayed resigned from his face was changed, or that Allah lifted him up from before. And one of the disciples He volunteered that his face should become like that recently, Santa, or that all the disciples, their faces became like that a resort as such, there are many, many versions, many stories out there. But at the end of the day, what was the plan of Allah that recited salaam was saved, and that's all we need to know that

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is sufficient for us.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us some sort of Nyssa 157. Well, malerkotla Lu, who were Masanobu who, they did not kill him, they did not crucify Him, they were not successful in killing recyle Islam. They were not successful in crucifying Reese or the center, well, I can should be held at home, but the matter was made, should be held at home. It was made to be confused, meaning the whole matter became confusing. They thought they had killed him, but they hadn't killed him. They thought they had crucified him, but that actually crucified another individual. So when I can, should be held at home.

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And Allah tells us we're in the Medina, Tala, for fee Luffy Shakyamuni. Those people who differ concerning if they're in doubt about it, may Allah whom behave in or in in nativa of one, they have no knowledge about it except just following supposition. So any story you hear that's based on what one assumption that maybe this happened, maybe that happened, woman or the loo who your cleaner, but the fact is that they did not kill him for certain meaning they did not kill him, he was not killed, he was not crucified. So that was the mecca of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is further explained in the following is that Allah subhanaw taala says it's called Allah Huya isa when Allah said or ISA

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in the mutawa fika, indeed, I'm going to lift you up, this was the mecca of Allah. This is how Allah saved him. How that Allah said, or ISA, indeed, I'm going to take you

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with our fika is from wildfire, warfare and warfare is to fulfill, to fulfill for example, welfare of a promise means to fulfill the promise, welfare of a commitment is to fulfill that commitment. So mutawa fee is one who takes fully one who takes fully and the word the word failure to Wafaa is used in many different ways. Okay, primarily, it means up to take, but it's used in many different ways in the Quran, one of the meanings is of this word, is to cause to sleep to give someone sleep.

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Because when a person sleeps, then what happens? His senses are gone, right? They're taken.

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How you can't see you can't hear you can't smell delicious food could be cooked at that time, but you have no idea what's being cooked, right? Even if the whole house smells of nice brownies. If you're sleeping you can't smell right your senses are not there because they have been taken. Allah says in Surah Al Anam is 61 who Allah do affair can be late it is he who takes you by night, meaning he gives you sleep and he takes your souls by night. So in the motto of fika if we take the meaning of the welfare to be sleep, then this means I'm

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way to cause you to sleep and take you up in that state.

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So it's our decision was made to sleep. And Allah subhanaw taala lifted him up while he was sleeping in body and soul. So he was alive, but he was a sleeping when he was taken up to the heavens when he was lifted up there. Why was he made to sleep? Because the journey up to the heavens, whatever it was, is not easy. Okay? The physical journey all the way up there is not easy. So Allah subhanaw taala caused him to sleep. Now, it may happen with you that if you're traveling, okay, you're traveling somewhere. Let's say you're on a 14 hour plane ride, okay, or a 16 hour or 20, whatever. And if you get to sleep for half of that time, is that journey easier? Yes. But if you don't get to

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sleep, then how was that trip? It's a trip that you can never forget. Right? Why? Because it seemed endless. It seemed never ending. It seemed claustrophobic you wanted to get out but you couldn't. Recently when I was traveling, my son first he was very excited about getting onto the plane, and then he'd be like, I want to get off the plane. I want to get out of the plane, I want the plane to stop, because he was so tired of being in the plane. Now imagine this is just a few hours.

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But the journey all the way up to the heavens long, exhausting and then perhaps frightening as well. Sir is artisan was made to sleep this is one opinion. Secondly, the word tawa is also used for death. It is also used for death.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us and sortal anom I afford you to the Allah who had the waffle anfis Hanaa multihazard. Allah causes the soul to die. Allah is the One who takes the souls at the time of their death. So the word dwarf is also used for that. So some people said, the Rizal Islam was made to die, and then he was lifted up. But that doesn't make sense. Because every person dies. And then his soul goes, isn't that so? So how would it be different from anyone else? You started instead of Allah told him in the with our feet, I'm going to take you Well, everybody goes, How was recited As Salam, his departure from the earth, how was that different from the departure of other people,

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then it wouldn't be worth mentioning.

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So, this is a weak meaning this is wrong, meaning this is not correct, that he was given death and then he was taken. The third meeting is that the word dwarfee is used for taking body and soul while the person is awake. Okay, so in other words, in the state of full consciousness, in the state of full consciousness, so in the motto of fika, this is just like the Prophet salatu salam was taken on the journey of mer Lodge. Right? He was taken up to the heavens, and was that in his sleep? No, that was in body and soul, while he was fully awake and conscious in full consciousness he was taken. So if Allah can take his messenger SallAllahu Sallam on the journey of metrologic, and also take your

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ISA and SLM up there.

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So in the motto of fika, the third meaning, so of these three meanings, which ones are accurate, the first and the third, these two, because if you think about it, whether he went up in his sleep or in full consciousness, what's the end goal? He was taken up. He was not given that in the motto of fika we're off here. Okay, Ilya, and I'm going to lift you up to myself lawfare one who raises one who lifts Rafa. I'm going to lift you up in a year to myself, you know, the prophets of Allah, they migrated. They did Hijra from one place to another one persecution intensified. They migrated the prophets all of all sudden went from Mecca to Medina, recite s&m His Hijra was to

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where was Israel to?

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Egypt? Yeah. Is that where he migrated to?

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Yes, where did he migrate? To the heavens? To the skies. So in the motto of fika what I fear Okay, in a year away from the world away from the people who were hurling blames at him. Well motohiro come in and Medina Cafaro and I'm going to clean you from those people who disbelieve Malta Hiraoka from the need to purify, to cleanse. How did Allah subhanaw taala clean him from the people who disbelieved? The people who disbelieve they hurled filth on the Silas and it was a tangible filth. No, it was intangible filth and what was that false accusations and blames

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from the time he was born? They hurled accusations at him and what were they that now the biller he was willing to Xena that he was born out of fornication that is my

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There now the Bellagio fornicated. And as a result he was born. Likewise, they accused him of being a liar of being a magician. Many other blames many accusations they hurt him, they hurt him. So Allah said that I'm going to cleanse you from those people who disbelieve meaning I'm going to declare your innocence. And that's what happened at his time. And also, after him on Hamad salatu, Salam came, his innocence was declared what Jericho Latina tuber Oka. And I'm going to make those people who follow you fo con Latina Cafaro above those who disbelieve in you, meaning those people who follow you, your followers, they're going to be made above those who disbelieve in you, Eli yomo

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piano until the Day of Judgment, what does it mean by this?

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That those who follow you will have supremacy over those who reject you. And this will be so until the Day of Judgment.

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Now those people who follow a psilocin and what does it mean by this? There are those who believe in Him and follow his footsteps. But what kind of belief, correct belief or corrupted belief? Correct belief? What kind of following correct following or corrupted following correct following.

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So those people who believe that there is soreness in him the correct belief who followed him in the right manner, Allah subhanaw taala will give them success and victory above those who rejected a silent cinema. And this will be so until the Day of Judgment. Now, who are those people who believe in reciting his disciples at that time? There were very few. If you think about it, 12 individuals, they cause the name of resilence and I'm to spread over the entire world. Yes, in that process, the beliefs got corrupted, many things happen, which should not have happened. I'm not saying that Christianity that exists today is the fate that resolve this and I'm brought No, I disagree with

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that. But we see that those who believe in Risa are they Salam, those who have respect for him, they have always been more in number compared to who those who reject Him.

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And who is it that disbelieving or is our listener? They would hood and this is so the Christians the Muslims together join they are more than who? The Jews This is so in numbers even

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right so what Jarin Allah Dnata baroka folk on Medina Cafaro Illa yo will be m sama eladia Maduro calm then to me is your return who's returned more Giro calm calm means all of you meaning all you people are going to return to me. Whether you believe in Aris artists in them or you don't believe in Him for at Como Vina calm then I will judge between you all from Hong Kong. Allah will judge between all people female quantum field of telephone concerning all that which you have been deferring and meaning concerning the matter of recited sunnah, all the matters that people differ in whether it is his birth, or how he was lifted up, or it is his status who he is. Some people said he

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was a liar. Others said that he was son of God Others say that he is human being messenger of Allah. Likewise, some people said that he was skilled others that that he was lifted up. Some people said one thing about him others had one thing about him. So yes, Allah subhanaw taala has revealed the truth to his messenger SallAllahu sallam.

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However, the final judgment between the people will be when on the day of judgment that who was right and who was wrong? Has Allah subhanaw taala not told us about the truth? Yes, he has. So why the judgment on the Day of Judgment. Why? Because how will it be shown who is right who is wrong on that day, when Allah subhanaw taala will give the recompense to people. When Allah Subhana Allah will give reward and punishment to people so those who are rewarded, they were right and those who will be punished they are wrong for our como VENA conferma contam feat of telephone for a Medina kufan So as for those people who disbelieved in eastern Salem for the boom or their buncha didn't

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look at the severe consequences, I shall punish them with a severe punishment or their been shut Eden, for dunya will occur in this world and also in the hereafter.

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Now, personally, I think that we are Muslims were only required to believe in Muhammad salallahu Salam. So what's happening here? The fact is that we are Muslims and we are required to believe in all of the messengers of Allah. Whether it is restarted Cena or Musa Arneson, Mo Ibrahim Al Salam O Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and rejecting even one messenger is like rejecting all of the messengers, which is why if a person

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disbelieves in one messenger, His email is not accepted. It is not accepted. This is why Allah says, As for those who disbelieve in who in a service and one messenger for who are the people whom are the hub and Shadi, then fifth dunya. Well, I shall punish them with a severe punishment in this world and in the Hereafter. And it happened, that when the youth opposed restarted Saddam so much, they attempted to even kill him. What happened from that point onwards, their downfall began, they were persecuted. They were attacked, they were divided to the point that they lost their lands, they lost their children, they lost their homes, everything they were exiled from their homes. And we

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know that the tribes of Bani Israel were divided up completely. They went anywhere they could find refuge and this is how some of them ended up in Medina, even because they were not originally from Arabia, how did they end up over there to take refuge and they settled over there in particular, why? Waiting for the last messenger, waiting for the Savior, to come and save them to come and bring them back their victory? So what happened? Those who disbelieved and recited some that were punished in this world, or that had been shredded and fit dunya. And this punishment is not just tangible, but it's also intangible fear, and this lack of contentment, restlessness, insecurity, this is all

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punishment in this world when the punishment in the hereafter is much more severe than the punishment of this world. War. mela humanness leading and they will have no helpers at all. NurseLine is a Florida now what a Medina Amano. And on the other hand, as for those people who believe that belief alone, will that suffice? Know what AMILO salejaw They also have to do righteous deeds, those who believe and do good for you or fee him who do Rohan then Allah will fully give them would you

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notice the word you were feeding him same route? That he will give them in full? Who do their wages who do what is the plural of budget? And what is a budget? A wage that a person gives for the work that he does? Does he deserve that wage? Yes. And when do you get your wages when you have done the work you don't get your wages before you do the work or without doing the work? So Iman and or mozzarella? Then I just for you a fee him who do Rohan Wallah who now your herbal volley mean and Allah does not love those people who do learn. If Allah does not like those who do zone, can it even be imagined that Allah will do learn himself? No. If Allah does not like those who do learn this

00:32:50 --> 00:33:07

means he doesn't do learn himself. Will Allah Allah you believe in and when Allah does not do all this means that he will not punish someone unjustly and he will not reduce the reward of the one who deserves it. Will Allah who lay your head bizarrely mean

00:33:09 --> 00:33:28

that he cannot loo who are lay communal as that mean this entire incident beginning from the mention of earlier Imran this entire incident Allah says not Lu we recited to you from Tila talam Well, no clue who are alayka upon you meaning a Prophet salallahu Salam Meenal a lot of the

00:33:29 --> 00:34:18

meaning this entire incident that has been recited is of the ayat I asked Lord of Aya, what they can Hakeem, this is a clear evidence of your truthfulness. And this incident the story these verses are from what what Vikram Hakeem as they can Hakeem, what does that refer to this precise and wise message? It refers to the Quran? Because the Quran is the dal Caframo. Why is the Quran called vicar because it reminds us because it is mentioned mentioned of that which is a source of success for us, it is mentioned the truth. So it is the vicar also means source of mentioned meaning fame. And this is so that the one who believes in the Quran and follows Him then He will have good mention in this

00:34:18 --> 00:34:39

earth and also up in the heavens. So this Quran is what they call hockey. And it's described as hockey. What does hockey mean? Full of Wisdom, full of wisdom, and one that decides one that judges one that makes a final judgment. So then he cannot Who are they coming in? It was decreed, Hakeem, let's listen to the recitation

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Mugu floorball oh boy, at

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all how

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to Luna now che the one that go oh my god all

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Are you kidding me? Is all along

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moto three go on off you're okay. He'll move on he'll come in and

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one more bonhill Kameena levena castle

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Oh young woman up

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on the move nada Shadi

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at will

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Hello slowly if I was being in your home while long you're

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calling me that he kind of threw water you can mean

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it was Nick Creel has

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