Abu Bakr Zoud – How to achieve good thought in Allah during a calamity

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having good faith in Allah's actions during difficult times, such as the drought and the death of a patient. The speaker also discusses the importance of taking action when one is in distress and is experiencing hardship, and mentions the use of words like "has" and "will" in their language.
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We need to have good thought in Allah subhanho wa taala. At this very moment, he has good foot in Allah. So how do we have good foot? And what are we supposed to be thinking? Number one think think my brothers and sisters in Islam, that the one who is testing us at this moment is more merciful towards you, then you are to your own self. Because at the end of the day Allah or Mohamed Rahimi, He is the Most Merciful. Number two good fought in Allah to think during this time of calamity that the one who tests us, only once good for us. Don't think that Allah is testing you, because he wants to punish you.

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Or he wants to inflict harm upon you. No, never ever think like this of Allah azza wa jal, rather, the one who is testing us, Allah, He wants good for us. Maybe we'll do we will experience pain. But this pain is good for us. Allah azza wa jal wants good thoughts, and this is evident in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in where he says, I have a limited moment that the affairs of the believer are something amazing and incredible, if not more hula hoeveelheid all his matters, the good and the bad or good for him? How is that and Lisa Lim says in Asaba Whoa, sobre Shakur, that if good was to happen to him, he thinks Allah as a result that's good for it because when you

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thank Allah you're rewarded when all sabato blah blah, and if something evil or difficult or bad was to happen to him, sober Fergana high or low. He observed patients he commits to patients and patients is good for him because it is rewarding. Patients in times of difficulty is worship. We'll discuss what patience is and how to exercise patience, but understand these things that the one who is testing us once good once and ultimately we are the ones that will benefit from this on the day of judgment and in this life. Number three, having good faith in Allah azza wa jal during this difficult moment, is to understand that the one who is testing us SubhanaHu wa Diala, the one Allah

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who is testing you at this moment, he responds immediately to your supplication. He is sponsored immediately to your supplication, especially when a person is in distress and is in calamity, Allah azza wa jal, he says, Amin usually will mopod Rock either die, where chief was soo, who Allah azza wa jal asks Who other than Allah would answer the call of the distressed whenever he calls him were Chief of Su and he uncovers the difficulty and the calamity. Even Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to he the Dwyer of the person in distress, this is the best moment to the making dua to Allah azza wa jal when you are extremely ill when you are tested with extreme difficulty and hardship. This is the

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moment that Allah azza wa jal promises to accept the drought immediately. And if you were to look into salt Ambia and read surah Al Ambia. Total Ambia 10 pages in the Quran read it tonight. Allah azza wa jal mentions in stories of prophets that were trialed and tested really severe difficult trials. And each of them made a dire and at the end of each of the story of the Prophet, Allah azza wa jal would say first job Nana first job Nyla we immediately answered his door immediately according to Allah, not immediately in our time, in the next minute or a minute second, if that's what Allah wants it to happens immediately and Allah azza wa jal, his terms means whenever he

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decides whenever He decrees, for starship Nayla, we answer these dire these Prophets when they went through difficulty and made dua to Allah. The result was always faster ship nella, we answered

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