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The speakers discuss the importance of giving children money for their houses during divorce, as it is crucial for happiness and privacy. They emphasize the need for continuous privacy and communication in relationships, pray for the right thing, and not allow fear or fearful thoughts to block prayer. Prayer is crucial for keeping a relationship intact, and practicing is crucial for understanding the meaning of various words and phrases.

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I pledge now How alikhan There is no blame upon you in poloxamer Nyssa if you divorce the women Mylanta masu Hoonah, as long as you did not touch them, the must sunnah from must mean seen seen what does must mean? Got physical contact? This does not mean that violent them Asuna like you didn't touch them at all. Okay? What it means is there was no relationship between the husband and wife.

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There was no relationship between the husband and wife. There are two opinions concerning marriage conservation. Some scholars say that when the husband and wife are alone,

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okay, even if they're just sitting, one, you know, like it happens after the new car one is sitting here and the other sitting there, they're too shy to sit with each other. Okay. So even if they became alone for a minute, the marriage is consummated. Okay. Other scholars say that No, marriage is consummated only when there is sexual intercourse. That is what consummated the marriage without that no confirmation. So there is difference of opinion.

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So over here, Allah says that there is no blame upon you if you divorce the women Mallamma sunnah whom you have not touched, meaning marriage was not consumated out of Rebola, who never either or you didn't even fix a for either for them, you didn't even fix them out for them. That's what you do from federal but felt obligation, the flow you fixed, you made incumbent, you prescribe Liahona for them for Cuba, and what is formula and obligations something that is obligatory? And what is this referring to the Mahesh. So there was no physical contact marriage was not consummated. And the MaHA was not even fixed. Obviously, if it was not fixed, was it given? No. It can only be given once it's

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fixed. So before it even the marriage was consummated before even the Muhammad was given what happened? What happened? Divorce? First of all, Allah subhanaw taala says there is nothing wrong with this divorce.

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There is nothing wrong with this divorce. Don't think that if a divorce like this happens, people are being sinful? No, because it's quite possible that one of the spouses they were forced into that marriage by their family. And they said that, you know, once the marriage is consummated, things will be fine, miraculously. But once the Nikka happens, and both of them to just meet one another, the girl knows that there is no way I can live with this guy. And the first thing she told him was I'm sorry, I don't like you please divorce me. I was forced into this. And the guy's like, okay.

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Or let's say the guy, he thought that, oh, she covers a face. It's okay. I don't think I want to see the face. And then once the Nikkor happens, like, I don't think I like her.

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Whatever. It's possible, right? It's possible. Everybody has their own choices. Please don't start talking about stories over here that you heard of. But I'm just telling you what is mentioned in the Quran. So it's quite possible that they know it's not going to work out. So he says, You know what, let's stop it here divorce.

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So, divorce happens over there. So the mod was not fixed. And we know that at the time of divorce, the man cannot take anything back. But the woman has been hurt by this. Okay. She has suffered. She was married and she was divorced. Even though our heart was not into it. It's possible. But still, it's not fair, that she is now considered as a divorced woman. Do you understand what I mean? So she has to be compensated for what she has suffered. This is why Allah says, Well, my dear one, so make up for the loss that you caused her.

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How that material we're gonna benefit them material from mudhar mean to our brain, give them some mudhar Give them some gift of compensation and metadata, what is metadata?

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What is metadata something that you can enjoy something that you can take benefit from, so when not to ruhuna give them something that they can benefit from whatever it may be, how much should it be? Allah says Allah al mu serie kadavu Wa l mokhtari. For the RW r l mooser. Upon the Musa Musa is the one who has whoosah While scenery was sorry, is capacity vastness. So Musa is the one who has a lot of vastness in his wealth, meaning he is wealthy, he is well off he can afford a lot. So he has to give How much for the role or the extent scope capacity, whatever he can afford to give. So if he's well off, how much should he give

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a pair of clothes

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Ya know, whatever he can afford, it could be a piece of jewelry. It could be $5,000 it could be a car if he's even more rich. Okay, whatever he can afford to give, but he has to give something that she can take benefit from. I'll Missouri Colorado, where I looked at my doctor from the doctor's office

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Daraa and Potter is to be stingy to have very less, or very little resources. And when a person has very little than he tends to become a little stingy. We're not saying that people who don't have enough they should be generous. If you don't have enough How can you be generous? You can't keep buying things on credit card, right? So look, there is basically someone who has less. Okay, someone who has little so while Mukti although he will give according to his means, but Martha run Bill Maher roof, but Medan benefiting, meaning the woman has to be given something of benefit, how much will my rule that which is generally acceptable that which is culturally acceptable in the society?

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So if for example, the man gives her a pack of nice pens, is that my roof? I mean, come on, divorced her. It's not right that you give her a pack of highlighters. I mean, yes, he's in school, but for God's sake, give her something of value. Okay, whatever is culturally acceptable, whatever is within the means of that person.

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Right? Madonna and Bill Maher woof. Allah says, and this is how can I learn more Sydney, this is an obligation on who on the more sunny notice more singing, who are more singing those who yourself those who extra good those who do what they do in the best way. So, yes, you give according to your means, but the one who is more sin, He will not forget to do it yourself. Even at this time, he will give the best that he can give.

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So how can I learn more since many times when do people spend when they're happy? When all is good, then they don't mind buying expensive gifts. They don't mind giving a lot. Why? Because giving makes them happy.

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Right? Giving makes them happy, they're happy. That's why they will give and when they give, they will be more happy. But we are encouraged to spend even when we are not getting any benefits in return.

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Even at the time when we may be upset, even at the time when we feel that we have been cheated. Allah says how can I learn more sin in the Merson he spends at all times because he spends for whose sake the sake of Allah He wants reward from Allah not from the people.

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But unfortunately what happens in our society. If the divorce happens even in this situation, the marriage is not consummated.

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The woman is asked to give something back. Right she is drained her family it's whatever they have is snatched away from them. But at this time Allah says you will give to the woman because you have caused her some kind of loss by divorcing her. Were in one doctor Mohana another scenario. So this scenario was which one

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might have not fixed? Marriage? Not consumated? Both No, no.

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We're in luck to Munna and if you divorce them in Cubberley anthem Asuna before you touch them, meaning marriage was not consummated, but were called for rock tumbler Hoonah forever, but you have fixed a mod for them mod was fixed, it was given or it was not given but it was fixed for sure. Okay. So how was it different from the first case? How is it different that the Muhammad was fixed here in the previous case mod was not fixed? Then what are you supposed to give? according to your capacity? No. You have to give her furnace food then half of Marathon October what you fixed.

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So you had said at the time of Nica that you'll give her $10,000 as her mother. Now, before the marriage was consummated, you decided to divorce her okay? No blame. You have a reason you have your reason. You divorce her, but you have to give her half

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of the money that was fixed. Why do you think so? Because the woman was expecting something she was expecting those $10,000 Okay. She was expecting that gift and all of a sudden she finds out she's not married anymore. And the money that she was expecting is also gone.

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But Allah says no, you have to give her half fondness for Muffaletta Illa except a year fauna that they pardon year fauna and farewell are to pardon. meeting those women they pardon. Right. The woman says, You know what? Yes, that he got took place you fix the Mahal. But you know, it was never consummated. And I don't think I need anything from you. I'm fine. Really? I don't need anything. So she says keep it your full name. They pardon. So can the man keep the whole of the Mahajan? She's pardoning? She's letting go. Yes, he can. He's obligated to give half of it. But if the woman says it's okay, I don't want it. You can keep it can he keep it? Can he keep it? Yes, he can. Illa AR

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O or yar for He pardons same routine

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Farewell who burdens allele the one who would be a D in his hand is rock with the tunica the knots the tie of marriage. If you have the tie, you know the knot in your hand, what does it mean? It's in your control, you can untie it. So who is this one in whose hand is a tie of marriage? The man, the husband, okay, because he can untie by giving divorce. Okay, so Allah de via the rock that Annika, according to the stronger opinion, who is this? The man the husband? So he lets go. Meaning he says, You know what? Keep the whole $10,000 I'm obligated to give you 5000. But you know what? It's okay. You keep it.

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You understand? Or, for example, he had promised to give to the woman a set of jewelry.

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Okay. And that was supposed to be her money. She agreed to it. She was okay with it. But before the marriage was consummated, he decided to divorce her. So he says, Okay, now what am I going to do take this whole jewelry to somewhere salad and give half of it to her, You know what, I'm probably not going to get much out of it anyways, might as well give her the whole thing. Because you know what happens with diamonds and all of that, once you sell it, it loses a lot of its value. Right? Even gold jewelry, once you sell it, it loses a lot of value. So he says I spent so much money on this minus well, let her keep the whole thing. Okay, so he lets go. So in other words, in this case,

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there is room for discussion, okay. The woman can say, I don't want it. And the man can say you keep all of it. It's possible. But giving half to the woman is an obligation on the man. If the woman forgives, it's okay. That's a different case.

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One under fold and Allah says that you pardon, accommodate Taqwa it is closer to the club or from closeness, it is much closer to the core, meaning it is much better if you pardon. So both are encouraged to Ersan over here, the woman is encouraged, let him keep all of it, you're not going to be living with him. So why bother? And the man on the other hand is being encouraged? Let her keep all of it. You know, both are being encouraged. Let go part and forgive. That is a little awkward, that is closer to the core. But many times in these situations, people become greedy and selfish to say, This is mine. And that is mine. And this is mine and this is my right. But what does Allah want

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us to do? To forgive to earn reward over here to do your son? And what Athens I will * lubaina Come and do not forget the fuggle between you do not forget to be gracious to each other do not forget to be kind to each other to be generous to each other? What is possible for this favor. So don't forget to do favour to each other at this time. Not that you're saying oh, by the way, this goal set, you know 50% of it means this many grams and it's this much money so I want exactly this much and not less. No, be generous. Be generous, do favor to each other be kind to each other.

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Use this opportunity to earn reward. Well, our tensor will follow by intercom then some words from the letters. No one's seen. Yeah, nice. Yeah. And don't forget, because at these times again, people forget to be generous because they become selfish, they become greedy. They have been hurt, they are angry, and they don't want to think of being kind to the other actual.

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So we're under four o'clock today taco Wallah. Tansa will follow by intercom in the lobby mata maluna. BuzzFeed, indeed, Allah is watching all that you are doing. Everything you're doing, Allah is watching you.

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So how do you react at this time of anger? At this time of great emotion? How do you react? Allah is watching you.

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Many times it happens that if a person has hurt us in the past, and we are at a position now that we can help them, they're asking for our help. They're asking for a favor from us. What do we do we refuse to help them. We say oh, they did this and this to us. They said such and such to us. We're not going to even consider them. But what does Allah say? Don't forget to be gracious. Don't forget to be kind because when you're being kind to the other you're doing it for the sake of Allah. You want reward from him, not from people. People can't give you anything anyway. So what happened? So we'll find Lavina come in the lobby.

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Lead Jonah,

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freeable nursery in law, walnut.

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Bill now he has on CD one IL.

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2207 someone

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in Milan, Amina una, those we there's two more cases that are not mentioned over here. One is that the Mahara was fixed and the marriage was consummated as well.

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So how much does the woman keep?

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How much does she keep all of it? Like we learned earlier?

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The fourth case is that the mod was not fixed. It was not given, but the marriage was consummated.

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And then the divorce happened. So how much does the woman get?

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The marriage was consummated. So it's not really fair. Many times it happens that, you know, a man and a woman they got married. And it's understood that both are not living together. And they're told very clearly by their parents, that you're not going out together alone in private anywhere, but the still goal, and the mod was not fixed. It was not given and yes, they end up, you know, having relations with each other and later on, for whatever reason to think it's not going to work out and divorce happens. The model was not given marriage was consummated. So how much does the woman get?

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How much?

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Whatever she asks No, she will be given Maha missile. What is mod missa? Meaning the MaHA that is similar to the MaHA that is given to the women of her family.

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Okay, so let's say her sister got 10, her other sister got 12. So the men he will have to give her let's say 11 Okay, or 10 or 12 913? It something similar do what is given to the women of her family. Okay, what is typically given in that family

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that Allah subhanaw taala says, Have you loo or other salotti?

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Guard the prayers strange. We're talking about divorce, and the and the MaHA. And all of a sudden, Allah subhanaw taala tells us half URL solo at guard the prayers don't forget your Salah. What's the connection here? Some people they object a lot that the Quran is very incoherent, that all of a sudden something is being spoken of in the topic changes in the debate changes again, there is coherence in the Quran.

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But you have to reflect

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the Quran is not just information.

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It is a message. It is a motor law. It is admonition and this is why you don't find the same theme in one place. Sometimes you find that the topics are being switched again and again. Why? Because they can this situation. When it comes to divorce.

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People become very selfish, my right my mouth, my jewelry, my gold, my money, my house, my property. People become very selfish. And they forget about their duties, their obligations.

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So Allah is reminding us that okay, you may have a right but remember that your Lord also has a right on you. And when people are going through a divorce, they are so sad and hurt and emotional that the first thing they forget is what their salah, they think I'm going through divorce, I still have to pray. Yes you do.

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You do. Or people think today I am getting married. At least one day I should be allowed that I'm exempted from my salah. You still have to pray on the day of your wedding. You have to

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the night of your wedding you have to pray Russia and you have to get up in the morning and pray Fudger

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you have to even if you're going through divorce a very difficult time. The whole night family is sitting in discussing and they're upset and they're worried and they're concerned what's going to happen still you have to prepare Isha you have to pray for it. You have to pray Lord, Allah says haffi luar la Salawat guard the prayers half ulu from his will half Allah and half Allah is to guard protect something so that it doesn't go waste. Because if you don't guard it, it will be wasted. Well, half a law also means muda wanna to be continuously

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To be on top of something, and this is a part of guarding something that you're constantly on top of it that it doesn't get neglected.

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So have your little guard, keep up, maintain, regularly maintain what are salawat and Salawat, Florida Uppsala, what does it mean? The five daily prayers, guard the prayers that pray them on time. Don't neglect them. Don't leave them. Don't be forgetful about your prayers. Or don't be distracted from your prayer that you are praying salah, but all you can think of is the divorce or the marriage or the wedding dress. What are the things that you're getting? No focus on prayer, how feel about your Salah worked.

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Because whenever something big happens in life, something unusual what gets affected this way we don't have sure we can focus we can concentrate we don't even remember to pray. And if we're praying, we don't know how much we have prayed. Or we don't want to pray.

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To Allah Her mind is happy to guard the prayers don't neglect it. And especially was sold out it was thaw and the middle prayer was thaw. Remember, Martin was held on well seen thought What does it mean that which is in the middle and that which is in the middle is also the best of utmost importance. So what is this middle prayer which prayer falls in the middle? Salah Terrassa you have to before and too after.

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And it is also of utmost importance, meaning it is extremely important. It is extremely important so especially pray, pay attention to the middle prayer meaning Salah to Lhasa.

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We learned from a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said at the Battle of Orissa when the witch teen had come, you know surrounding them from outside and the Muslims had dug trenches in order to protect themselves. They were guarding the trenches constantly and because of that, there also Salah once it got delayed. So the Prophet salallahu Salam said Shiva Luna on his Salatin was for

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they kept us busy and made us neglect our middle prayer so middle prayers, which one? splenetic Awesome. Okay, it is selected. Awesome.

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And how important is it?

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In a hadith we learned that men further to Salah to Asli *a anima would love a woman Allah Who, that whoever misses his Oslo prayer is like the one who was loved his family and money.

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that your house

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gets ruined because of natural disaster. Let's say there's an earthquake, or May Allah protect all of us. But imagine something like that happens. Whoever was inside the house, and whatever was off the house inside the house gone, finished.

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Gone. This is similar to what losing the ASA prayer.

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The one who loses his arsenal prayer is as though he has lost his family and his property is on everything. He has nothing left. So that also is very important. And why do you think so much importance is given to this prayer because it's right in the middle of the day, when people are switching from their morning to their evening? Right? They're coming back from work from school, or they're wrapping up dinner or whatever, they're preparing dinner. So they're switching from their morning to their evening. And in that process, they either delay it, or they miss it, or they forget about it.

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You may have noticed in yourself that if there's any prayer that you forgot to pray, it was which one perhaps so that they're also you know, if I just you know Zohan Muslim Russia, because they have their fixed times and you know that something happens, which triggers the reminder that you have to pray. But when it comes to also the time is long, and you're like, Yeah, I'm praying, I will pray now. I'll pray now. And the next thing you know, it's 10 minutes demoted.

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So Allah says was Salatu was Thor don't neglect that. Why? Because the one who neglects it is going to suffer a great loss. And what is that loss? In a hadith we learn that once the Prophet salallahu Salam, he was sitting with the companions and was a full moon in the night sky. Never really could see it very clearly. Imagine Full Moon aren't you drawn towards it?

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Right. Sometimes you come home in the middle of the night and as you come out of the car, you see the moon and you get out and you actually look at it, you pay attention to it.

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You're inside the house through the window, you can see you look at the moon, it draws your attention. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said you people will see your Lord, just as you see this Full Moon

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You know, sometimes, if you want to see something or somebody you have to be right in the front, if you're towards the back, you can't see.

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So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that you will see Allah as easily as clearly as you see the moon, but, and you will have no trouble in seeing him. So if you can, if you can avoid missing a prayer before budget, and a prayer before sunset, then you must do so.

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In other words, if you want to see Allah as clearly as easily, as you see the full moon, then you better watch her budget, and you're awesome. If you miss your budget, you miss your oscillator, you're losing the chances of seeing Allah clearly.

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If you delay them, if you neglect them, if you don't pay much attention to them,

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then you won't be able to see Allah.

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There's something very serious.

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Imagine not being able to see Allah when everybody else can. And why? Over our laziness because of our laziness. That sometimes we need to sleep a little early so that we can wake up on time for budget. We need to do our work quickly wrap it up, or just stop whatever we're doing and get up and pray.

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But we don't do that. We keep doing five minutes, 10 minutes, let me just do this. Let me just do that. And the next thing you know Salah is gone.

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How have you I know Salawat your Salatin was thaw. Guard these prayers if you want to see Allah will call him on Allah He carnitine and stand before Allah as ones who are devoutly obedient. When you stand in prayer. Focus on prayer focus on Allah, don't be distracted qumola carnitine carnitine is a blood of Connett and on it is from crude and cannot PAF nota is to be devoutly obedient, to be humbly submissive, to be obedient, to stand in humility, to focus, this is what it is. And it also has the meaning of constancy to be constantly obedient.

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So now that when you started your Salah, yes, your Pm you were crying. And in your record, all of a sudden the thought of your brother running it made you laugh, or the thought of reading a text message made you laugh and you forgot where you were standing who you were talking to no qumola Hit carnitine

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and when you're praying be focused in your body as well. Not that you're scratching yourself here and you're fixing your hijab there and you are moving constantly no kumu hula hoop carnitine we learn from a hadith that they didn't come he said that we used to speak to each other sometimes during the salah before initially, if we found it necessary, we would talk to each other that for example, you're standing in prayer, somebody else comes closer

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in Salah, okay, they would speak to each other in Salah before, initially when the command for Salah came. But then when this ayah was revealed, we were commanded to be silent and were forbidden to talk. So then we no longer talk. But you know what? Sometimes we're not talking, you know, with Cullen that is much more that can be heard. But where are we talking? In our hearts? We're talking to ourselves. What did you say? Well, is that what I do was was to constantly we're talking, talking talking? In our minds. We are talking so we don't even know what we're saying at our tongues. What was that? Did I say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah with our living man or whichever hand

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Rahim was that?

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Yeah, people get confused.

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They don't know what they're saying that their tongue because constantly they're talking in their head. They're talking in their head. In a hadith we learn that whoever performs the will do in the best manner. According to sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then he prays to Takara. And in those two records, he does not talk to himself. What's the condition? He does not talk to himself? If he prays like that, then all his previous sins will be forgiven. Yes, all his previous sins will be forgiven. But what's the condition? He don't talk to yourself in Salah.

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Allah says we're como lillahi carnitine. And when is it that we talk to ourselves a lot in Salah when our mind is preoccupied with something when we are worried about something when we're concerned about something.

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So divorce marriage, it can really affect the person and he can really be distracted because of it. But what does Allah say when it comes to prayer? That it doesn't matter whether you're going through a divorce or you're getting married? It is your wedding party, it is your whatever party? No, you have to stand in prayer focused. Now imagine if, in this situation when a person is going through divorce or marriage he is required to focus in prayer.

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Then what about you

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other times when a person is busy with matters that are much less important compared to divorce and marriage,

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you know, sometimes we have to vacuum. And we're thinking, I'll start the vacuum from there and finish there. You're standing for a lower Zoda. And you're thinking what vacuuming the floor?

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You're standing in prayer, and you're thinking about your Facebook. What are you going to write how you're going to write what you're going to say? You're thinking about sending a text message which emoji icon you're going to use. I mean, honestly, you're standing before a law. block everything else out, will come will allow you carnitine stand before Allah as devoutly obedient. And you know, what makes it easier for us to stand with humility with submissiveness, when we realize the greatness of the one in front of whom we are standing.

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If ever, you are standing before someone who is greater than you, let's say you're called by the principal of your school, let's say you're called by your boss, how will you stand?

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How will you stand in a very casual manner? Yes, you can't stand in a casual manner at that time at all.

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You're standing in your body language you're very focused in your mind is very focused your thoughts, your concentration, everything, whatever is being given, whatever is being said, communicated, you take it very seriously.

00:31:27--> 00:31:35

So remind yourself when you get distracted in prayer, I am standing for Allah. I am standing before Allah.

00:31:36--> 00:31:45

And for this you have to know the meaning of your Salah. If you don't know the meaning of Salah you cannot have kosher in Salah you cannot focus in Salah.

00:31:47--> 00:31:59

So please get to know learn the meaning of Salah. And for that you don't necessarily have to take a big course on the explanation of Salah. What you can do is get any book of prayer, any book and there's dozens out there

00:32:01--> 00:32:03

and read the meaning of what you say.

00:32:05--> 00:32:43

Read the meaning of what you say and now that our hamdulillah you're understanding the Quran, you're learning about the vocabulary of the Quran, it should be easier for you to pick up the words of Salah as well. When you say for example, Allahu Akbar, you should know what you're saying. Think about it, say it consciously. When you say Samir Allah who Allah has heard Samira Lehmann to the one who Hamid the who, who praises him. So you were saying Allah has heard the one who praises him so then praise Him? And when you say hum then Kathy run by you burn mobile rockin fee, you know, but the meanings of all of these words, you know them know

00:32:45--> 00:33:03

when you're saying super Hana, rock BL or leave Subhanallah BL R Allah. Think about what you're saying, when you're saying Allahumma Finlay will hum ne ye Dini, think about what you're saying? mean? What you say only this will help you. Pray with who you are, otherwise you cannot have for sure.

00:33:04--> 00:33:13

Today, go pick up a book, find a book that has the meaning of prayer. And please go through it. Make it a habit. Yes.

00:33:17--> 00:33:28

There are many books, you can find them at this bookstore, you can find them other bookstores, whatever you can find even off the internet, you can find the meaning of purchase printed out on two pieces of paper and read it so that you know what you're saying.

00:33:29--> 00:33:48

When you say in Salah Allahu Akbar, then what does it mean? Allah is greater, greater than what everything, whatever is on your mind, whatever you want to do, whatever you are distracted by. So remind yourself, Allah is greater. So I'm not going to think about that. I'm going to think about Allah

00:33:49--> 00:34:24

will call me Allah Who carnitine and the thing is that if we don't stand before Allah asking for his help asking for His mercy, then how will the problems of our life be solved? How can the matters become easier they cannot. The habit of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was that whenever he had a problem, he would hasten to perform Salah he would rush to pray. And when we have a problem, we rushed through our prayers. And that's not the way to problem solving at all. We'll call Manila he carnitine

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

that in this ayah we learn about the celestial Wooster there, I also pray that he will have to guard it. Once the Prophet said a lot of them said that is a prayer of the hypocrite that is a prayer to hypocrite which prayer he said the one who keeps waiting and you know, for the sun to go, and then as soon as the sun is about to set, then he goes and backs onto the ground just like a chicken does, you know, like, quickly quickly, he hits the ground doing his such that doesn't you know what he's saying? How can you have cannot if you're rushing through your prayer, if you delay your prayer, you can't stand with God.

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

You can't have fear of Allah you can't have submissiveness and humidity at all.

00:35:05--> 00:35:19

If you're reading SOTL Fatiha at the speed of 80 kilometers an hour, tell me how are you going to even know what you're saying? You know, when you're speeding, as you're driving, you can't even look at the signboards what they're saying, you can't even read them.

00:35:21--> 00:35:54

So how can you understand what you're saying? If you're rushing through it? You can't if you can't do that, then what are you getting out of your prayer? For in Clifton then if you are afraid meaning if you're in the state of fear hallway Alpha fatty Jalen than as walking, a rock band, or as writing the journal is Florida. Hello, Jill. Rogen and Rogen from raw gene lamb raw Jill is pedestrian, the one who is walking and Rock Band floor love rocky who is rocking the one who is riding rock alpha.

00:35:55--> 00:36:26

So if you are in a state of fear, and because of that you cannot stand with connotes meaning you cannot stand with calmness with stillness. You know we are to stand in one place and pray. But if let's say a person who is in a state of fear, there is an enemy that might attack him. There's something that's chasing, and there's a flood that's coming, there is an earthquake, there's a you know, a natural disaster because of which a person cannot stand and pray for five minutes, 10 minutes, he has to keep walking, keep driving, keep brushing.

00:36:27--> 00:36:40

And if he keeps driving keeps running, then by the time he will get to his destination, when he says he might miss his prayer. Then what does Allah say then pray in whatever state you're in, meaning as you're walking free,

00:36:41--> 00:36:44

yes. And if you're driving, pray,

00:36:45--> 00:37:08

because you can't stop, remind him that happens and people are somewhere in there is a tornado. Right? And you have to drive as fast as you can to get out of the way of the tornado. And if you have to drive for let's say 100 kilometers, and you weren't planning to stop by over there to pray so that by the time you get to your next destination, you're away safe from that area by the time you get you're gonna miss your prayer. So what do you do?

00:37:10--> 00:37:27

Miss your prayer. You can't even miss your prayer in this state. You have to pray however, you can Fatih Jana and oh look Burna Imagine if we're supposed to pray in these situations. Then what about in normal situations when we're too lazy to get up and pray?

00:37:29--> 00:37:33

Salah is an obligation that cannot be neglected.

00:37:34--> 00:37:54

That cannot be delayed. You have to pray on time because Allah says very German oh look burner for either a mentum than when you are safe and secure hums me noon Aman then fed kulula Then you should remember Allah ye Kumar Allah makan Malam to cornuta the moon, because he taught you what you did not know.

00:37:55--> 00:38:17

When your fear is over, when the situation is normal, then remember Allah because he taught you what you did not know. What does it mean by this? They could they could overhear? Yes, it means salah. But it also means remembering Allah, otherwise on the tongue in the heart, remembering Allah. Why because Allah taught you what you did not know

00:38:19--> 00:38:36

is a huge blessing. Guidance is a huge blessing. The instructions that we have been given in our deen with regards to prayer, charity, marriage, divorce, children, everything this is what a huge blessing are in them is a blessing. And Allah says when you are saved, then remember Allah for the blessing of knowledge

00:38:38--> 00:38:55

that you were able to worship Him even in the state of fear. You were able to follow His commands even in the case of divorce even in the case of marriage, don't forget to thank him. Kumar Allah makan. Malam Taku Darla moon. Let's listen to the recitation

00:39:02--> 00:39:10

you've already seen the inky stones buddy John and burner for either

00:39:13--> 00:39:14

tunes as go

00:39:19--> 00:39:19


00:39:22--> 00:39:24

so what's the take home lesson?

00:39:25--> 00:39:28

One thing that's relevant to every single one of us

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

guard your prayer, never neglected. Last night something very interesting happened with me. I had to go somewhere and by the time I got home, it was very late and I still had to prepare for the class. I was preparing and was very late in the night and I was falling asleep and by the time I got this i My eyes were closing it was like you know what? It's a sign get up and sleep so you can wake up for budget. So when you want to stay up in the night, do some work, talk have fun, remember, sleep so that you can guard

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

Your prayer subclinical long will be Hamdi Kenisha de la ilaha illa Anta let's stop the recording to relate a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato