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Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various topics related to belief and belief enough, including belief enough in God, belief enough in the Lord, and the belief in the spiritual world. They provide examples of questions from various speakers, including those who believe in the spiritual world and the belief that God created the world. The speaker emphasizes the importance of blind faith in proving one's belief.
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hamdu Lillah

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wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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All praise is due to Allah. May Allah Peace and blessings beyond the last messenger of Allah.

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The topic is belief enough,

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is usually tackled,

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from the perspective that when Prophet Mohammed Salah was asked about

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what one should do to make it to paradise, he had said to those who asked him

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I meant to be last semester, Tim,

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say, I believe in a law, then be upright. This is how it's traditionally tackled this topic

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is belief enough, that belief must be accompanied by righteous deeds. As my brother Abdur Rahim Greene just mentioned in Surah laaser. This is encapsulated there. However, this afternoon,

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I am going to be looking at it from another perspective.

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It is from the perspective of the question, which will be asked in the grave.

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we know when a person dies, and he or she is placed in the grave.

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And this is the state of the grave.

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That the spirit of the individual is brought back.

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And he or she hears

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those who had brought their corpse their body to be buried. After they walk away, we hear their footsteps.

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Then, two angels,

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who will be jet black, with blue eyes will come and sit up the individual in the grave

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or in the state of the grave?

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And ask three questions.

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The first question which will be asked is man Rob book? Who is your Lord?

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We will not be asked,

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Did you believe in God?

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Or will not be asked? Who do you believe in?

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But will be asked Who was your Lord? Who had you taken as your Lord your God?

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This question

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is different from the concept of belief in the sense that one has to know who one's Lord is. Otherwise belief in the Lord can easily be a false belief.

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We have a massive humanity

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who believe that their Lord was Jesus Christ,

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a human being

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created by God.

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So for them, their Lord was not God, but a human being. By not knowing who God is, then it is possible for one to take as his or her Lord, a variety

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from God's creation, whether they're human beings, as in the case of Jesus, or their animals,

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as some worship cows, monkeys, elephants, rats, people worship and all kinds of things. And this is the Lord. These are their lords.

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But it is a result of not knowing who really is the Lord.

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the point that we have to ask ourselves

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to determine

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who really knows who their Lord is,

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is a body of questions, which those who don't believe in the Lord normally ask.

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I'm going to list some questions. And if you're not able to answer these questions, if you're stumped by these questions,

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or I'll give some answers, which are the wrong answers, and if you give these wrong answers, then in both instances

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You don't really know who your Lord is. The first question is,

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do you agree with those who say that belief is a matter of blind faith?

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Do you believe?

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or agree

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with those who say that belief,

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belief in God is a matter of blind faith?

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Second question.

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And this is the number of sub questions. This is the ones. If you're stumped by them, then you don't know who your Lord is first sub question. If everything has a creator,

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then who created God?

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Second question,

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if God can do anything,

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why can't he have a son?

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Third question.

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If God is all powerful,

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can he create a stone? Which is too heavy for him to lift?

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Fourth question, if God is all good,

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and Able to do all things,

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then where did evil come from?

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For sub questions, if we're stumped by these questions, we don't have answers for these questions. That it means you really haven't understood who God is.

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The third major question

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deals with the false answers. If for the first question, sub question, if everything has a creator who created God? If your answer is he created himself, then you don't know who God is?

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For the second question, if God can do anything, why can't you have a son? If your answer was, he could have a son, but he chose not to?

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You don't know who God is?

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if God is all powerful, can he create a stone to have it for him to lift? Yes. You don't know who God is?

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fourthly, if God is all good, and Able to do all things, where did evil come from? Satan, or man made evil?

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If that was your answer, you don't know who your Lord is.

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The last major question that we're going to look at this evening,

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is the question

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Do you accept that God created the world and left it to run by itself.

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And this is a common belief of many, who even call themselves Christians and others today? God created the world and left it to run by itself.

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So what then,

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are the answers to these questions?

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And I said, this is very important for us to understand why, because in Surah, Yusuf the 12th chapter of the Quran, verse 106, a law says there was a new actor whom biLlahi Illa, whom machete Koon. Most of those who believe in God in a law

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commit idolatry.

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They actually are worshipping others along with or besides God. So let us then look at our first big question.

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Do you agree with those who say that belief is a matter of blind faith? Now, that question,

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or that statement is usually made by the atheists. They say, our belief that there is no God is the logical belief.

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Those of you who believe in God, who are caught up in this mass delusion, about a god.

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Your belief is based on blind faith.

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Meaning you can't prove it.

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It's just faith. You believe.

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It's not logical. There are no logical principles that you can bring to bear.

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If we accept that, then we really don't know who our Lord is.

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First and foremost, in response to that claim, we have to

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Say that

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those who invented logic, who are the people who invented

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