Spoken Word – Get Out Ya Bashar

Ammar Alshukry


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The transcript describes a group of people knocking out people while preparing for a social media event. They discuss a mod being produced and a proposal made by a member of the group to stop people from leaving. The group plans to gather again and take action towards Syria, but the details of their plans are unclear.

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long have you had the show

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Michelle you pumped your cow with Simeon people knocked out Well welcome to your final hour get out get out

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get out get out yeah be sharp

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everyday you create a safe my headshot is Jim and Romney they run my brothers and family so get out get out yeah

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Get Out Get Out yeah be shot

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to hell with you when what you say freedom standing at a gate who will not stop you will not wait so get out get out yeah big shot

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get a get out yeah big shot

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yeah the shot you may be hidden once a man amongst the living and just things are not forgiven get again shot

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get again I have a shot

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your rockets your planes your mod is kill our children make a mod is kidnapped sons and daughters again again yeah big shout

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out yeah big shot.

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A rocket ship brains a mod is killer church a mecca mod is one must stop we will not falter again again. Yeah Bashar

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get again, you have a shot

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and a shot to hell with Usain Bolt your whole damn. Father cousins, brothers, two generals and your army troops. Ghana Ghana. Yeah. Bisschop

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Ghana Ghana yeah the shop.

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Yeah, Michelle, you come to Gao with Syrian people when McHale was saying Lana say Alana Get Out Get Out yeah Bishopp

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get out again. Oh, you have a shot.

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We your own drive will live until we die Caserio on street I'm saving a wall in Sweden and we won't fall will rise and take it off to Syria wants freedom. Syria wants freedom. And we're alone crowd will live until we die to semi a once freedom. Syria launch freedom and we will fall will rise and take it all to Syria wants freedom Syria wants freedom?

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