Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 025C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 185

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Shalom Ramadan Allah the shadow month SHA is from the root letter seen Hara and the word shall is used for month but which month January February March April May these months no lunar months which ones are they?

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Well how to run suffer Do you know that machine? Sing it everybody sing it

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how long Safa rub you

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Benny these are the ones in Islam louder Gemma do Gula drummer do ha Roger bencher

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Ramadan Ramadan Ramadan and show where little karda and little hedger

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good Mashallah. So how many months are there

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1212 months in the lunar year and remember that lunar months they are either 29 or 30 days, either 29 or 30 days and this number is not fixed the Ramadan is always 29 Like for example, January Is it 30 or 31 days

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31 Okay, but Ramadan it's not fixed, that it's 29 Only No, it could be 29 it could be 30. Why? Because it is a lunar month. It begins with the sighting of the moon and it ends with the sighting of the moon.

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So shallow, technically, is what my banal healer Lane, the time period, which is between the two Hillels the two crescents, the two presents, because the crescent marks the beginning of the new month.

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Okay, so when you see it first, the new month begins. And then the moon, it grows bigger and bigger until it becomes full that's halfway through the month. And then it begins to reduce until completely goes away. And then when you see the question again, what does that mean? That it is reads meaning the next month has begun.

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Right? So Shaveh Ramadan, the month of Ramadan.

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Elodie is that which or does it feel Quran in which the Quran was revealed?

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Why is this being mentioned over here?

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Earlier we learned that fasting is prescribed on you. And it's not that a person has to fast his whole life long but rather a yam Amar do that a few number days. which days are they? When is a person supposed to fast in the month of Ramadan in shadow Ramadan?

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So a yam Omar do that? Or which ones? Shall Ramadan? The month of Ramadan? And why the month of Ramadan? All month of Ramadan, the entire month of Ramadan? Because the month of Ramadan is very virtuous. It's very excellent. How is it virtuous? That in this month the Quran was revealed.

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So Ramadan is special because the Quran was revealed in this month. You might say so what

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I mean, the Quran was supposed to come down was supposed to be revealed. Okay. It came down the month of Ramadan. So how does Ramadan become special?

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Tell me? Why is your birthday special? It's just

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a day of the year. You were supposed to be born someday. Right? So you happen to be born in that day. So why is that day special? Why is that this special?

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Because you were born.

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And this is why people will remember that date. I was born on this day of this month on this year. And my husband was born on this day of this month of this year, my sister this and my brother this and my mother this my father this and if every person forgets the birthday of another, oh my.

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You don't even remember my birthday.

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So why is your birthday special? Because you were born.

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Right? And if you think about it every day is somebody's birthday. But every day is not important to you. Why? Because all those people are not important to you.

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When does a date become special to you? When it's your birthday? Or when it's the birthday of your friend or your beloved one?

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Now the Quran isn't any ordinary book. No, it's the canal of Allah subhanaw taala and when Allah sent the Quran in that month, that month becomes special. All right, this is why that month is special. And the one who loves the Quran, the one who finds the Quran important, we'll find the month of the Quran also very important.

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So shahada Ramadan, a lady, only the female Quran

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This is why that month is important. And this is why Allah chose that month for us for fasting. Now, was the Quran revealed in its entirety in this month? No we know that Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years.

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So what does it mean by this? The month of Ramadan is when the Quran was revealed meaning its revelation began

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its revelation began this is when the ye started shall Ramadan Allah the only reveal Quran and the Quran? What is it who the Linares it is a guidance for all people. This is how special the Quran is.

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So when Quran especial the time on Quran was revealed will also become special. The Quran is Hooda Lynette, US and remember who there are two types of hedaya two types of guidance. So the Quran gives it shirt it tells us what to do, how to do when to do where to do. It tells us about what is right what is wrong, it is guidance, it is instruction.

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What beginner to mineral Hooda and the Quran also contains begin at plural of beginner by unknown clear evidence, clear proof, clear proofs of what mean alHuda have right guidance. What does it mean by this?

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That the Quran does not only contain guidance, but it also contains proofs.

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It also contains clear evidences. Peer evidence is of what all guidance, meaning. The Quran tells us, for example, fasting is prescribed on you. But what's the proof of that? What's the wisdom behind that? What's the benefit of that? Why fast? Do we find that in the Quran as well? Do we? Yes we do. In the Quran, the Day of Judgment is mentioned death is mentioned to make it very clear to us that we are going to die and we will be questioned about it. But are the evidence is mentioned as well? Yes, of course.

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So what by United mean and Huda and these beginner are very important for us to develop, you're keen for us to develop conviction for us to actually do something. Because unless we know the reason why we should do something, we're not going to do it.

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So for example, Allah tells us the reason why we should fast because it motivates us too fast. So we'll be looking at him in another one for con and the fourth con mean the chronal is also for con and for con from the route lettris Fair, raw cough

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Farakka where it ferok gonna be como Baja Bahara to separate so for all criterion that what separates distinguishes between good and evil, right and wrong. And this you find out from where?

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From the Quran.

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Has it ever happened with you that you're talking to somebody and you're like, but this you know, food product is not good for you? And the other person's like why?

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Like, for example, you tell somebody don't have too much coke. Why? What's the big deal? You say too much sugar. That's it. So I like sugar.

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So we see that people have their own opinion, something could be bad, but people think it's good. Something could be good, but people call it that we know the benefits of wearing hijab, but there are other people who said no, don't wear it, it's very harmful for you. It's not good for you. Correct.

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So where do we find out from what is actually good and what is actually bad? What is that for con? Quran wolffer con.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us about the excellence, the great virtue of the month of Ramadan. And what is that? That in it the Quran was revealed and then Allah tells us about the great qualities, the great characteristics of the Quran because that adds to the importance of the month of Ramadan. Because of the Quran is very important, but Ramadan is very important. And one more thing that makes Ramadan important is that it is the month of fasting. So Allah says from an Shaheed them in commercia Hara failure, some who famine so whoever Shahida he witnesses Sheen had an shahada to witness.

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So, whoever witnesses min confirm you are shuffled the month meaning the month of Ramadan, then what should he do failure somehow then he should fast in it. The slam that you see fell, the slam is known as lamb off

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imperative meaning he must he should then that person must fast in the month of Ramadan.

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Now in the previous ayah we learned that wire Allah Lolita, UT Hakuna who Videoton

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Foreign when Miskin people had the choice,

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fast or don't fast if you don't fast and you have to go figure, but then that was abrogated by this idea that was cancelled by this idea that whoever sees whoever lives whoever witnesses the month of Ramadan, then he has to fast he doesn't have a choice anymore. Previously people had a choice, but now no more from an Shaheed them in commercia Failure some meaning that he should fast for that entire month.

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What does it mean by this from an shader in coma Shahara

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that once the month begins, then a person should start fasting. And what is it that marks the beginning of the month? The sighting of the new moon.

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So can we fast before the moon is sighted? No, we cannot.

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We cannot fast before the moon is sighted. We have to wait to see the moon. And once we see the moon, the crescent, then we start fasting. We cannot predict from before that okay? The month of Ramadan will begin on this day. You cannot say that from before. You have to see the moon, the crescent. And what's the evidence of that? The clear Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Salam in which we learn that he said that letter sumo carbonyl Ramadan, don't fast before the month of Ramadan. And how does the month of Ramadan begin? By the crescent? He said sumo Lirael iati sumo the rule iati meaning fast when you see the month meaning when you see the crescent

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what after you liberal end and start fasting when again you see the crescent

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so the month begins with what the sighting of the crescent and the month ends with the siting of the next Crescent for inhaler Duna who atone for Camilo 13 that if you are not able to see the crescent, then what should you do? Complete the month and make it 30 days.

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If you are not able to see the crescent, then what should you do?

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What should you do? predict based on scientific calculations? No. What should you base it on the sighting of the moon again, so wait and make the month 30 days

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make the month 30 days. In other Hadees we learned that the Prophet sallallaahu Salam said the gist of the hadith is that we are an ummah that is Omiya Omiya is what unlettered because the Prophet was unlettered, the people are unlettered. Okay, that does not mean that we are supposed to be illiterate that we don't read. We don't write we don't calculate No.

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What he meant by that was that the Arabs are a nation who don't write stuff down. We don't calculate things. No, they keep things very simple. And he said that we don't write. And we don't do such kind of research. And he said, that once you see the question, then start fasting. And when you see the question again, then stop fasting. And if you're not able to see the question, then make the month 30 days. So for men che them in commercial failure, some who don't start fasting before that. And if a person keeps a fast of doubt, then that is a serious crime, then it is as though he has refused to believe in what Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has brought. What does it mean by the fast of doubt that

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it versus I don't know if it's the month of Ramadan? What if it is so might as well fast? No, you don't do that? What if it is might as well no, you have to be confident about it. That yes, the question was seen it was cited, the month has begun and now inshallah we will start fasting

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Okay, do you have to go and see yourself? No. Obviously it's not possible for every single person to go in and cite the moon. But if you hear from reliable sources, for example, your Masjid okay, they say that the question has been cited, then what do you do? You follow them? You don't say no, no, I didn't say if I'm not going to start fasting. No.

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Somebody else saw they told you, you accept it. Yes.

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This will continue. Okay, these differences will continue. But our responsibility is that when we learn have a clear text from the Quran from the Sunnah, then we have to go for that. Okay, differences exist in people. But remember, if the laugh is there, but Allah subhanaw taala

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has also shown the hack, right? And the fact is that when you learn about something, then you are obligated to follow it, you're not going to be questioned about what other people do. You're going to be questioned about you. We learned earlier that the leaders and followers they will, what will they do on the Day of Judgment? Disarm each other? They will disown each other. So don't do something just because somebody else is doing it. No, you should do what you find out is the truth. And this is not that you say that everybody else is wrong. And I'm the only one who's right. No, this isn't when you find what makes more sense to you. When you find what is most reasonable to you.

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When you see that something is closer to the Hulk, then you adhere to that. All right, so if I'm unsure, hey, them in commercial Ira failure, somehow,

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woman can marulan and whoever was sick or less suffering, or he was on a journey for entertainment, a Yemen Aha, then the same number from other days. Now this has been repeated again. Why? Because Previously this was mentioned with the choice that either you fast or you don't fast. But we know that that choice was abrogated. There was canceled out. So Allah subhanaw taala is clarifying over here that don't think that Rosa was also abrogated that permission that exception was also abrogated. No. Just like before, if people were sick or they were traveling, they could fast other days likewise now they can do the same thing woman can have Maria blonde or less suffering for it

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that'll mean a Yemen who have

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you read the law who become will use surah Allah once is for you. Well, are you ready to become a wrestler and he does not want difficulty for you. UD to irida Raw well that what is the other intention? The reason why you would do something

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what you want to get by doing something

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so Allah by giving you this command, that whoever is present, whoever witnesses the month of Ramadan then he should fast this command is not so that your lives become very difficult No, Allah wants ease for you you eat a lot will become will use Surah what is useful? Yes, in rock II is well are you ready to become a wrestle? Wrestle is the opposite of that I am seen Rob difficulty.

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Why is Allah subhanaw taala saying this you need Allah who will use Rolla, you need to become universal.

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That the reason why he has allowed sick people and traveling people

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to make up their fasts later is because Allah wants ease for you. The reason why Allah has allowed sick, and travelers to miss their fast in the month of Ramadan and make them up later is because Allah wants ease for you. Allah doesn't want difficulty for you, because he knows it will be difficult for a sick person too fast in the month of Ramadan, it will be difficult for a person who is traveling too fast in the month of Ramadan.

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What does it show that our religion? How is it? How is it difficult? Impossible? No, it is easy.

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It is easy. But it's amazing the chip on makes us see ease as difficulty as well.

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Isn't it that a person thinks but fasting is still very difficult, okay it is difficult, but no pain, no gain, right? You have to endure you have to suffer you have to put something in you have to bear some hardship, if you want to see some results. And this life has not been created for us to play in the passive to Panama Canal Komaba No, life has not been created for play. Life has been created. We have been given life why? So that we worship Allah soprano theater, but out of His mercy, whatever He has commanded us to do is possible for us to do it is easy for us to do. And I want you to know the meaning of the word use it as well. user does not mean simple. Piece of cake.

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No. User means possible.

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User means possible. doable. It's easy in that sense? Yes, I'll fossa lirico the false the horse has been made ready for writing. Yes, sir. It has been made easy to ride the horse. But a person might say no, no, I'm terrified of horses. There's no way I'm sitting on that horse. But you're saying that horse has been made easy for writing. How? How was it easy, you are afraid? It's easy because the horse is trained.

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It's easy because there is a saddle on the horse. It's easy because the rains are there.

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err, all you have to do is to take the courage and sit on the horse and start writing

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you understand now.

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So useful does not mean simple piece of cake because everybody's strengths and weaknesses are different.

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Everybody's fears are different.

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What it means by user is it is possible. And we learned earlier quotevalet Comos Lian, comma kuchibhotla, Dinniman Colico people before you could fast so can you fast? Can you fast? Yes, you can. So you read Allah will become a user while you ready to become a wrestler. This religion is easy.

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And a person might think that certain things are very difficult. But when he starts doing them, that he sees that it wasn't that hard. It wasn't that difficult. For instance, you may have had this fear before the month of Ramadan began, how are we going to fast? Like you think about it?

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How am I going to do it? How am I going to do it? It'll be impossible for me. But then the first day of Ramadan comes and you fast and like Okay, not that bad. And the second day comes, and it's not that bad, and the third day and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth day, and it continues.

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So this religion is easy. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Boris to Bill Hanifa, to some hottie, I was sent with the Easy, easy honey for your religion. And if the meaning of the hate easy, it is possible, because we know that this religion is from who Allah subhanaw taala and Allah says they believe Allahu nevsun Allah, wa saraha Allah does not overburden us all more than what it can bear.

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So whatever commands Allah has given to us, always tell yourself, I can do it.

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I can do it.

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No matter what command it is, no matter what act of worship it is, even if it's praying, Salah even if it's reciting the Quran,

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even if it's raising up your hands and making dua.

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Sometimes we find it difficult to even do such things. How can I read the Quran? How can I recite one whole page? How can I pray salah. It's going to take so long, how can I pray through a weir, but you know what, tell yourself, I can do it.

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And when you tell yourself that you can do it, then you are able to do it.

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So you read a lot who become a user while you read to become an extra while he taught me how to read data.

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Little Camilo meaning and you must complete a number took me notice from the letters Caf meme learned from the word command to complete to perfect something to make something full.

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So complete the number meaning complete the number of the fasts of the month.

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Allah has given you this permission that if you're traveling, if you're sick, then you don't fast, but then afterwards, you have to complete the number.

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So if for example, a woman was, let's say menstruation, she had her period and she was not fasting for five days. She missed those fasts. Then, is she supposed to make them up afterwards? Yes. But what about the Salah?

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Does she had to make that up? No. But when it comes to fasting, then she has to make up the fasts. All right. Likewise, let's say person was traveling, they ended up missing five fasts. Are they supposed to make up those fasts afterwards? Yes, a person was sick. A woman was expecting a woman was nursing. Is she supposed to make up the fast afterwards? Yes, well, he took medullary data, you have to complete the number. You have to

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now person might say but I don't know how many I missed. I just found out about this right now. I never knew how to make up the fasts that I missed before. So what should I do?

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What should you do? Estimate? Okay, estimate that you say okay, on average, I miss let's say five fasts a month on average. And I have lived through let's say eight or 10. Ramadan's since I became bad, since I was obligated to fast because we know that when a person reaches the age of puberty after that, they are required to follow all of the commands.

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So multiply 10 by five How much is that? 5050 Yes, okay. Because Allah says Well, it took me longer and you have to complete the number

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All right, market write it down and make them up inshallah.

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Well little capital Allah Allah Allah ma Harada calm while he took up Bureau and so that you should magnify. To cut below is from Takbeer calf bow or, what does Capoeira mean when something is great. To cut below, you all, proclaim

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In the greatness, you all say Allahu Akbar will lead to cut Billa you do Takbeer of Allah you say Allahu Akbar over what are Allah Maha Darko over what he guided you. When do you say that? When you complete the month of Ramadan than after the month of Ramadan is what the day off, read and the day off read what do you say?

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When you go to the masjid? What do you hear?

00:25:32 --> 00:26:17

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Right you hear that the computer of Allah, you hear there could be a lot on your way to eat salah. You're supposed to do that as well. Until the salah begins you're supposed to sit at Fira. Why glorify Allah, why say Allahu Akbar? Why say Allah is greatest at that time. Because you've been fasting for a whole month, you've been reciting Quran you've been standing in prayer. Don't let these acts of worship make you proud. make you think that you're so good. Make you think that you're the best know, Allah is greater. Allah is greater. Don't forget the purpose for which you were doing all of this. You were doing this for Allah.

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So realize the greatness of Allah when he took up your Allah and say Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest, why are Allah Maha dotcom that he gave you guidance? What guidance? Remember he Dias autofeed when Allah gives the person the ability to do something good. So Allah gave you the ability to fast this month, Allah gave you the ability to recite the Quran to stand in prayer

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will lead to capital Allah, Allah Maha calm when our local fish grown, and so that you may be grateful. Think about it. If a person does not fast in the month of Ramadan,

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then what does it eat for him?

00:26:58 --> 00:27:09

What does it eat for him? Just another day, other people are happy. But if you haven't been fasting that you don't have that same spirit, you don't feel reads.

00:27:10 --> 00:27:17

And when I look on the Quran, if a person has not done anything substantial, then what will he be grateful for?

00:27:18 --> 00:27:28

A person was given to field by Allah to faster the month of Ramadan to pray. And then at the end, he has a reason to be more grateful to Allah

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will our Allah conditio Quran and so that you may be grateful. So in this I always see that fasting is something that is mandatory on us. Only the sick and those who are traveling are exempt. And whatever fast they have missed because of their reason, then they have to make them up afterwards. And after the month of fasting, then what are we supposed to do? glorify Allah realize that it's his greatness, not ours and be grateful to him for the opportunity for the ability that he gave to us because really, we are going through another Ramadan but we know that there were some people who were there last Ramadan they're not here this Ramadan and Allah Allah if we will live up to the next

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Ramadan so be grateful for another chance for another opportunity.

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That's listen to the recitation

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just warm up on me

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one and

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you read

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it took me an hour it can be

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lonely to can belong.

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To school.

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Somebody just asked a question about video that if a person missed their fast, then they're supposed to make them up later. But are they supposed to be video as well?

00:29:27 --> 00:29:31

In the general sense, remember, you're not to give the video.

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So for example, you were sick, you missed five days. You missed six days a woman was expecting she was nursing, she ended up missing some of her fasts. Then in the general sense, no idea why because Allah subhanaw taala just told us over here in this verse, that make up the number of days afterwards. Well, he took me to

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complete the number afterwards. Right?

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if a person

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Some missed some fasts and the next Ramadan came and by then they had not made them up.

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Okay, they still had not made up the fast that they had missed the next Ramadan came.

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Then some scholars say that the person should give video to the person should give Vidya that time. Why? Because only until the next Ramadan Are you allowed to miss those fasts. If you go beyond that, then you have to give the video.

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But let's say if a woman had one pregnancy after the other one kid after the other and like that she missed like five or Milan in a row or six or Milan in a row, then

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it's kind of impossible for her to make up all of those fasts. So for that, some scholars have said that she will give the Vidya

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she will only give the fifth year and not worry about making up all of those missed fasts. I'm not talking about 30 only or 50 Only, I'm talking about 100 150 and really adds up to all that much.

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So then she will not worry about making up all of those fasts rather she will just get Vidya because earlier, what was the command? Where are the Latina ut Kona? Who Videoton thermoskin? Okay, so, another meaning of wirelend Latina ut Hakuna, who is that they are not able to fast,

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they are not able to fast, so they're chronically ill, okay, a person is extremely old, or they have 150 fast to make up, they're not able to make that out. Because as a woman gets older, you know, one child after the other, it gets even more and more difficult and who knows about death? So in that case, what will the person who they will just skip the video and try to make up the fast that they have missed? But if they're not able to then inshallah no worries because they have given the fifth year.

00:31:56 --> 00:32:35

So to summarize quickly, what are you supposed to do the fast that you have missed? No fifth year, but you have to make them up. But if the next Ramadan comes, then what do you have to do? You have to give the fifth year it doesn't mean that you have to give the fifth year for every single year onwards, no, just once. All right. And if there are too many fast to make up, or if it's not possible for a person to fast at all, let's say a woman she became diabetic afterwards, it's not possible for her to fast anymore, then what will she do? She will only give the Vidya and not worry about making up the fasts and seek forgiveness from Allah Subhan third,

00:32:36 --> 00:33:15

so the fast that you have missed from before, let's say many, many years ago, okay. You never made them up. you estimate how many ever they were, and you give the video first of all, because several years have passed by, you give the video first of all right? And if there are too many, too many to make up, then don't worry about making up those fasts. But if Allah has given you a strong body, then you should make up those fast. I remember a lady when she was growing up, she didn't know about the importance of fasting. She literally grew up in a convent school. That's where she spent most of the time. And it was run by Christian nuns. So obviously in the month of Ramadan, they were not at

00:33:15 --> 00:33:57

fest, and when she went back home, it was not necessarily the month of Ramadan. So she basically spent many of her years without you and fasting a single facet of the month of Ramadan. So anyway, later on when she realized when she grew up, she gave the fifth year and I remember she was in her 60s. She was in her 60s at that time. And I remember every other day she would be fasting every other day she would be fasting and I hope inshallah that she made up for all of those fasts because we're under Sonal hydrological, if you fast that is much better for you. Because fifth year, okay, you give the charity but really the reward can you make up for that? Can you you can't unless you

00:33:57 --> 00:33:58

fast as well.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:38

Okay, so don't just think oh, there are too many faster makeup. I don't think I can to forget about it. No, you will Inshallah, make the intention, and you will try your best. But if you're not able to, then don't live with a heavy heart. Don't live with guilt for the rest of your life. This is why Allah has given us the option of Vidya. If somebody dies, and they had some faster makeup, then they're inheritors. Their heirs have to make them up for them. Because this is a responsibility on that person. It's the hug of Allah it's the right of Allah. All right, so practical loan will be handy gonna show to Allah Illa illa Anta Mr. Furukawa to relate a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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