Ramadan Khatiras 2012 – Seize the Opportunity

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The speakers discuss upcoming film releases, including a biography of Jesus Christ and a new film about Jesus Christ's dream of being called the second person in the world. They emphasize the importance of decorating one's home with a name and message, being true to oneself, and not being a criminal. The speakers also touch on the struggles of being a different person and the importance of forgiveness, while emphasizing the need for everyone to love and accept their current situation.

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So I

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know he will come to the live demo but I mean what I want a lot of a lot of me when I came in last Sunday was selling robotic write articles. So the camera

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running was what he was trying to sell them to seem to feel.

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You know, first and foremost, obviously, it's very hard to come up with a 15 minute impromptu, not in front of ship so gorgeous. I love dearly for the sake of Allah sanitized and lost out to bless them insha Allah to Allah to restore him back to his full health and shot lots and purify him from his sins to elevate him insha Allah to make him the man for the Muslims and to allow us to be gathered with him and the companionship inshallah loss of loss of Allah is on the agenda for the dose, everyone say I mean

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I'll just remind you all inshallah Tada then with just a few minutes that I have, you know, it's really this is Ramadan, there's a really special feeling to the cinemabox Palla I thought it was just me but I was speaking to several people and everyone that I seem to talk to says this is the best animal bond that they've ever had. And it just seems to have a very special feeling to it and I know that the days are long, but some kind of law even though the days are long, we still feel blessed to have this opportunity and I'll share with you guys a personal reflection

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just a few actually the day of on the day of the first night of Ramadan

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I woke up in the morning and I had a bunch of text messages I had a bunch of voicemails and people's you know leaving the voicemail saying shift we bought that you died and company that we're glad that you're alive. Like I literally had two people two friends of mine that were crying on the voicemail, you know, I couldn't understand why and then I went to them they told me that if you went to yahoo.com if you went to Twitter the number one trend was almost when a man dies almost to the man from Egypt former voice and a lot of intelligence who happens to have his name spelled exactly like I have my name that's the power of love like it's at first it was it was funny that it was actually

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kind of URI going you know seeing your names and some kind of lotsa reminder. So it's almost a man dies and people are saying and company that we're glad you're not dead. This is like Good luck out I'm glad you're glad that I'm not that good sign.

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But then it made me think and it made me reflect ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada took this man's life just a few hours before Allah

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Subhan Allah just think about that, what that means and how blessed we are to be in this month right now and to appreciate. And there is a narration that is a very powerful narration is one of my favorite narrations about Ramadan if I could say I had a favorite Hadith about Ramadan, it's this hadith which is narrated imagine with an authentic Saint says to us LAHIA from blood have not obey the law of the Allahu taala. I'm just to really soak in the sheer opportunity of Ramadan. And well how will they allow time tide? who is struggling, questioning the term promise Paradise, he had this dream. And to put you in this context, Pamela, you know, she also taught the Prophet smile. And when

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you when you look at when you think of loss of loss, you should imagine him as if he's with you. And also last night, someone had you know, he, everyone always wanted to vie for his love to have a chance to have a conversation with him. He used to always ask the Sahaba Who amongst you had a good dream that you want to share with us? So the Sahaba always wanted to have good dreams that they could share with the Prophet salallahu Salam so we don't have to be a long time. I know for example, one time just to give you a backdrop of the headin one time, my beloved Well, it'll be a lot on who really wanted to have a good dream. So he could share it with the Prophets all along, I guess and

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then he had a dream that was not so good. And he asked his sister Hafsa Well, the law I'm the wife of the butterfly some to get the interpretation from him privately so but it just shows you the way the Sahaba were they really wanted to have these good dreams so they can share it with the prophets like so what had an amazing dream but at the same time it was a little puzzling. But how will the Allah who I know says I saw myself with two companions of the prophets of Allah body with both of them became Muslim. On the same day, both of these companions became Muslim on the same day. One of them died a year before the other

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and the one who died a year before the other died a martyr Shaheed and he was more known for his good deeds and his righteousness. And so the call are called and who did the caller call first to paradise that he called the second person, the one who died second to paradise first. So he entered Paradise, and I'm going to handle the Allah Allah says then the first Sahami the one that died, so he was called and he answered paradise and then I was told go back for it's not yet your time. Now this is a great dream for Paul How will the ball town because so this is an get another game

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See that paradise is waiting for him and as we know unauthentic definitivamente Allah subhanho wa Taala decorates paradise every single day for us and Ramadan and Allah subhanaw taala saying this is what I'm preparing for my servants right now your home and my home you don't need a you know a designer, some home designer that you're going to have to pay money here or there that's going to try to you know, put together a color combination Allah, Allah, the One who has created beauty has the house in paradise with your name and my name on it and sha Allah to Allah. And we know this from the authentic hadith of the Prophet so I summon a gem not to

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nano cathodic says, Paradise is closer to you than your shoelaces and so as hellfire and everyone has a home in both of those places, and when he inhabits inhabits one, Allah subhanaw taala destroys the other. So we have a home in paradise being decorated for us Allah is decorating it for us every single day I'm so lucky for you and I with our names on it. So it's a good dream for thought handled the hola Juan. So he comes to the prophets lie some in the companionship of the other companions and he says the oddest Allah I had this dream and he shared it with the Prophets lie Selim. Now the way the Companions thought, This dream is strange, you know, they seem shocked and the prophets lie some

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suddenly a naughty contactable and what are you? What are you shocked by this? If you assume Allah, you know, we understand they all went to Paradise, but the one who was called to paradise first did not die. He was not like the other person the other person died, so he was more known for his righteousness more known for his good deeds. And the prophets lie Selim answers at a Sahaba called the mecca of God to have set up didn't this person live a year longer than this person? Well, I did Raquel Milan and he caught him along and he prayed such and such and fast it's such and such. And they said yes, all of a sudden Allah and the answer the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam from eBay,

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nothing about him. I mean aside.

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The distance between them is greater than the distance between the heavens and the earth. Just because what he caught an extra Ramadan and he sees the opportunity of Ramadan. Now someone might look at this and we always have the pessimist, the pestle. pessimist always will say, How can you say that a person will surpass the Shaheed that's an insult to the Shahada? The optimist will say, that means that if I do Ramadan, right, I can surpass the Shaheed that's how you should think, you know, I was in Hajj and someone had a faith crisis last year in Hajj. And they told me that I don't you know, I am losing my Iman enhance upon Allah. And he said to me, and he's an older man, I was

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shocked. And look, look at his reasoning. He said, because how come these people in Mecca? They're not very nice, you know, and that's not an insult to the people that could have been had everybody's really rough. Right? So they said, these people in America that we see that are yelling at us and cursing us, they get to pray in the huddle, and they get 100,000 times a salon, just because they live here. And here we are in America, and we don't have that opportunity. That's the way a pessimist thinks, right? The optimist will think like this, I have an opportunity to do that one here that they don't have in Mecca because there are no non Muslims. And also allah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said that if if a if a person accepts Islam on your hands, it's better for you than the entire world that read camels, everything that the world that's, that can possibly be possessed in the world. So you have an opportunity. He has an opportunity. The point is, is that you seize your opportunity you seize every moment you sees that night to make dua. I mean, look at the prophets of Allah, it was Saddam, there was an in his lifetime. There is a man by the name of Crusader. Well, the Allah Tala, I will say to him who came to fight in the Battle of Benin. And before that, he didn't become Muslim. He just showed up to the Battle of Benin, and the Sahaba saw

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Hussein him fighting. And some of them asked him, they said, We know you're not Muslim. He was just one of those people that was kind of indifferent towards the message. We know you're not Muslim. Are you fighting here, visa vie dinars. There's some kind of nationalistic pride, he said, No, I'm here for Allah and His messenger, Allah RT USA.

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And Hussein dies in the Battle of Bethany.

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And they asked the prophets Allah Allah, it was Saddam, you know, what is? What's his situation? A lot of times, we used to quiz the people, the sahaba. He used to say, shall I tell you about a man who entered into paradise a martyr, and he never prayed a single prayer in his life? Not a single salah. But he got to enter Jannah as a shahid why he sees the opportunity. And really that's what that's what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us, to be at the right to be where Allah wants you what Allah wants you to be there doing what Allah wants you to be doing. And every moment you ask yourself, Am I where Allah wants me to be? Am I doing what Allah says?

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What's either wants me to do and am I am I seizing the opportunity of the time that I have right now this is a blessing months on a lot. I mean, the the Hadith are just full of reward after award after award after award, and Subhanallah it really got me thinking that day, how blessed am I? How blessed Am I that I'm not the honestly man that's that that was that that didn't get to witness this month. How blessed Am I in some kind of love. We really thought to ourselves, how many people didn't make it? How many people didn't make it? It's about being sincere and wanting it and when you really want this when you really want to be pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah Allah will open for you the avenue

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somehow. Right, well Sula slice and I'm stands before the Sahaba and he says that there will be 70,000 people that will enter Jannah without any form of adoption without any form of Isa no punishment and no accountability. And Earl Kashia well the hola Juan now who can tell me a single Hadith other than this hadith where the name of rocastle on the low on your comes up? He's not a raccoon or a murderer is not or I mean, or even Mr. Evil would there be that he's not one of those lofty companions that's well known in the in the CLI. But you know, his name from this one had the real cash and says, Well, the hola I'm Yaroslav Allah, Allah, Allah quantum info make dua that I'm

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amongst them and the province I'm entering from your amongst them. He just wanted it at that moment and he was sincere, and he sees the opportunity then another Sahabi says gala salami to he says several Akaka via Okasha cash and beat you to it. He beats you to it. He wanted in more in wanted it. I mean, it's a genuine desire. So how bad do you want to be forgiven in Ramadan? Before you start analyzing Ramadan just from a pure statistical standpoint? You know, thinking how many total weeks all on top I caught? How many chapters of Quran have I read? The very basic question you should be asking yourself is how bad do I want Allah Subhana Allah to forgive me and to enter me

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into Jannah How bad do I want to meet Allah Subhana Allah at the end of this month without any sins on me in sha Allah Who Farah la Mata Tottenham in them be whoever faster than Milan and more narration Baba Ramadan whoever stands up along Eman and what the Saba engaging his faith and seeking the reward all of his previous sins are forgiven. How bad do you want it? How bad do I want it? And that's really what we have to ask ourselves in this blessing up in this blessing. I mean Subhanallah I was so lost my son has told us that the mighty rewards had of martyrdom could be attained by a person while he dies while he dies in his sleep. Just because he's sincere when he asks Allah

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Subhana Allah to Allah for him, just because he sincerely asked Allah for. So whenever we make this dua because sometimes we tend to get really, really robotic with our jobs, and I know I'm sure she also has touched on this many times with you before. We can get robotic with our jobs right to systematic, I'm just trying to make sure our media exactly as the text is and things of that sort, but my heart is absent. So whenever we make the DUA with the last 10 nights coming up the most important or the most beloved are out to the prophets. Why some Allah Medina Catherine the ones are hit with awful effects.

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Oh Allah, you are one who pardons you love to party. You love to party, so pardon me fat for it. When you make that dua, will you just be making it for the sake of making it? Or will you really have your heart into it like oh Allah this a lot. I really want to be a different person I really really want to change because I really don't know if I will have another one. I really don't know if I'll have another day of Ramadan and that's why you know, Subhan Allah when you hear that the first 10 days are mercy second 10 days forgiveness third 10 days are being protected from hellfire. In reality every day of Hong Kong has mercy every day is forgiveness and every day is being as being

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free from the Hellfire because there are two authentic ideas one from bubble Nama and one from Oh, sorry, may Allah be pleased with them both of the prophets lie so NUMSA in Manila, he couldn't be out in Malaysia the Verily Allah has on every single day and night meeting in this month are to all people a phrase from hellfire. You got it right one night, one day you cry, you set a tear with Allah Subhana Allah you felt like you were in the zone, and you made a special dua to Allah subhanaw taala you ask the last panel to Allah for a new beginning you asked Allah for reduction and Allah wrote it down that night that my servants so and so is from those who are free from hellfire. Subhan

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Allah, you don't know if you live to see the last 10 nights to really be able to get into the zone. So try to get into the zone tonight in sha Allah to Allah tomorrow while you're fasting, whatever it is, try to make use of every single day and be sincere, recognizing the opportunity and taking advantage of the opportunity. So that ask Allah Subhana Allah to make this an accepted on a loving child for all

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have us because if Allah does not accept it, then all of the tunnel and all of the Quran, the Quran and all of the prayers and all of the fasting will be an utter waste. So we asked the last pastor, to accept it to write it down for us to multiply the reward to magnify the reward and at the end of the day just to be pleased with us to look at his servants and, and show us his mercy Subhana Allah to Allah because no one has the mercy that he has to kind of go to Allah so dissolvable Fado, sit on line