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Seeds of Guidance is a free online learning platform.  Courses are absolutely free at a self-enrichment level.  Qualified Course Instructors present self-paced courses with no written assignments.

  • Premium Experience
  • Learn at your own Pace
  • Self Enrichment Courses
  • Multiple Choice Quizzes
  • Earn Points & Certificates
  • 100% Free to Use with NO Ads
  • Qualified Course Creators


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Does your busy schedule make it difficult to study Islam? Now you can spend as little as five minutes a day to learn about Islam and grow as an individual, presenting seeds of guidance. An initiative by Muslim Central seeds of guidance is a free online learning platform where you find certified courses on Islam and self development, especially designed for the everyday Muslim. There are no deadlines, or written exams, so you can follow along at your own pace alongside work or school. Visit seeds of guidance.com and plant a seed today.