Muhammad West – Palestine Will Not Be Erased

Muhammad West
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We live in a shed on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad and while earlier he also had big main a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen We begin with the praise and thanks of Allah and Allah to Allah, Allah Allah Allah we testify that isn't worthy of worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada and we send our loving vt. So beloved in me, Muhammad Sallallahu Allah he was sending them to his pious, this pure family, his companions and all those followers sunnah until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be amongst them. May Allah subhanho wa Taala assist and support all the oppressed peoples of the world. Allah subhanaw taala help our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Allah grant us to live to see the Liberation of Palestine and the liberation of Majid lochsa Amin, amin when Hamdulillah,

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about three weeks ago, 22nd of September, and Netanyahu, the president of the Zionist state of Israel, came before the United Nations. And he presented a map. And he called this the new Middle East. This is how the new Middle East is gonna look like. And this is part of the last couple of months of negotiations between Israel and the other Arab states, the Saudis, the Emiratis, the Moroccans, the Egyptians, in negotiations to bring about

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diplomatic relations with this country. In the past, most of these countries did not recognize Israel, there was no young Israelis couldn't come to those countries, they would not go there. But now, things have changed. And they are on the verge, they've already signed agreements with many, many countries. And they were on the verge of signing an agreement with Saudi Arabia. And that's why I'm showing this map, the new Middle East. And on this map, you'd see the Arab countries are in green, okay, perhaps can see on the screen. Those are all the friendly countries to Israel, Saudi included, and Israel in the middle. And on that map, there is no mention of Gaza, Palestine and

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meaning Palestine in the new Middle East. Palestine does not exist anymore. This is what he's showing to the United Nations three weeks ago. And it was very clear to the Palestinians, that what the new Middle East is all about to one of the objection, objections is the complete Asia elimination of Palestine altogether. This is in the United Nations, right? This is like your showing to the world. This is the roadmap for the future, they will not be a state of Palestine anymore, the Palestinian people will not exist anymore. And it legitimizes the creation of the greater Israeli state. And this is what the blessings, the full blessings, have those green Arab countries around

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around Israel, and of course, the rest of the world.

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So now we ask, what how did this happen to why two weeks later, of the Palestinians fighting most severely? Why is the struggle becoming more intensified, or this is one of the reasons because not only has the world ignored the Palestinian struggle for 70 years, not only have we not found a solution to the problems, but now it's very clear that the Arab neighbors are abandoning them and betraying them and moving past. And so the Palestinians have really one of two choices. You either go quietly and die and disappear. Or you go out swinging. And you're going to go out fighting

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the most advanced military in the region, one of the greatest in the world, against the most oppressed people in the world. If ever there was a David and Goliath battle, this is your David and Goliath, literally with stones against tanks and planes, and the Palestinians SubhanAllah. With the help of Allah, they hit back and they hit back and they caused the oppressor to bleed. And so on the seventh of October when they had the surprise attack last week Saturday, it was the first time since 1948 that Palestine reclaimed some land. The first time they made some positive gains, even though it only held it for a few hours or a day. It was the first time in almost 100 years that they

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reclaimed some land. And it was the first time since 1973, that Israel had to declare a state of war

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against one of the most advanced militaries in the world, with the most sophisticated intelligence completely caught off guard ran for the lives of soldiers taken captive by a civilian population. These are trained army

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guys that doesn't even have an airport. They don't have any manufacturing facilities. These are basic brothers in the masjid getting together and giving a hiding to the most advanced nuclear military power in the region.

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And because of this,

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obviously Israel had to respond, and we see the response.

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On top of it, not only is Israel, you know, a power in the region, it is now being backed, the United States even went so far as to send its most advanced aircraft carrier

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to pocket next to Palestine, just just in case just in case those little boys was stones. You don't inflict more harm on the Israelis, the Americans? Are they just just in case they park they park in the most advanced weaponry on the side? SubhanAllah. We asked how, you know, how terrified must they be of this civilian population. And if they really had the courage, don't bomb from your planes, send your troops in,

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send your troops in fight, hand to hand with your tanks go him. And you will see what happens. And so this is our sentiment. But I think what's upset most of us standing on that wall, we bleed and we feel sorry. And we cry for the people of Palestine and we make dua for them. What has really been a very upsetting is the way the media and the way, some of our colleagues, some of our companies, how they have framed this conversation, how the sympathy and the tears have come out. This is an unprovoked, unprovoked has happened or no way. One gentleman was asked, you know, what is the motivation of these people? Why are they doing this? And the response was from this analysts, pure

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terrorism, these are just people who love to kill they to us peaceful people going about our daily lives, our children, and these barbarians have no way attacked us.

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Have they not looked at the reality for the last 70 years? Or do they, you know, do they deliberately ignore what's been going on for the last 70 years is Israel is declared is known now, not by the Muslims, not by us, by the by the leading humanitarian rights organizations, that is an apartheid state. It is what South Africa was a few decades ago,

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not by us, or worse, even worse, worse.

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We know that, for the last 50 years, they have violated international law, every country in the world, the laws of the United Nations have violated it. They are an occupying colonial force, they they own the last remaining colonial remnants on Earth, the longest form of modern occupation on Earth. So with all this, and it is in the Charters of even of every nation on earth, that if your land is being occupied, you have the right to fight back. You have the right to resist. And so this one sided narrative is what really upsets us. What what really hurts us is seeing how they've, how they've framed this, where the victim is being persecuted, for fighting back with a guy whose throat

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you standing on when he pushes back. He's the culprit, as the world that we live in Gaza, as we know is this tiny piece of land where 2.2 million Palestinians are herded like animals, they can't move, everything that goes in water, electricity, money is controlled by the Israelis cannot move cannot the land, the sea, the the ground is controlled from all access points. And of course, with the support of the Egyptians, we blockade the the south of Gaza

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cannot move at all. As we said, this is known as the world's most disparate piece of land on Earth.

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The most difficult place to live on Earth is in Gaza. And of course now it's been bombed and continuous bombing, the reports just came out that Israel demanded or warned the people of Gaza, that they should vacate the one pod the northern part of the southern South of the desert. So they say we're going to flatten the entire whatever's left of the city, we're going to flatten all of it. This is on all accounts. This is a crime against humanity. But the silence of the world is sickening. And the thing that comes out in the media, do you people who are Muslims? Do you condemn what was done against the Paris or against the Israelis? Do you condemn the killing of civilians? So

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let us say very clearly, we condemn the killing of all civilians in a peaceful Salem, in our Hadith literature, the rules of engagement was given to this to the Mujahideen. Do not kill the women or children or aged old people. Do not cut down trees. Do not destroy empty homes. Do not slaughter animals, except if you're going to eat them. Do not burn bees and the hives of them or scatter them about do not steal from the booty and don't be cowardly. This is our rules of engagement 1500 years ago belong before the Geneva Convention. These were our

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have rules of engagement. So we don't condone the killing of any civilians.

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But we affirm that if you are being occupied, you have the right to defend yourself by any means necessary, even by violent struggle. If someone comes to your house

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and he takes your home, and he puts a gun at your kids and your family, you have the right to fight back, he means you have to kill that person. This is common law. This is known. And there's no doubt that these people 100 years ago did not exist. They were not they there was no Israel. So these are definitely the occupiers. These are the clonee There's no two opinions, there is no discussion. The one is the occupier, colonizer. And the other one is an indigenous person that is being displaced from the lands.

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And if you really also want to, you know, part of

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the reflection of this, one of the things that Hamdulillah that makes you

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you should feel confident about your deen

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is when you on the side of the of the bad guy, then you know there's something wrong with your belief system. But when you're on the side of the weak and oppressed, look at every scripture, every religious book, when you're on the side of David, then you know you're on the right side and on the side of Goliath, and we talk about Palestine and this land for 1400 years. If you look at this land for the 1400 years 1200 Islam has been ruling that land from the time of say normal until basically until the Zionist state was established. After the Second World War, we ruled that land we were the power of the authority. What was it like under our rule? The churches the synagogues are still the

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the Pilgrims came in winked, no bloodshed, no one's homes were taken, no one was harmed. That is how we deal how we engage with humanity. The only breaking that was 400 years the Crusaders came in they conquered the land. And within that the first day they arrived, they massacred everybody in Jerusalem, Muslim Jew and Christian who doesn't have the same fate, the same type of Christian. That's what the Christians did when they the big girl say the Crusaders did when they conquered Palestine for 100 years. When Salahuddin kicked them out? How did he even kick them out? When Sinoma entered Palestine, he made a decree that everyone is allowed to live here in peace. In fact, the

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Jews are allowed to return the Jews were not there anymore. They were expelled. He said the Jews should be allowed to return to Jerusalem. When Salahuddin took the took over Jerusalem, from the Crusaders, they will surprise you, I do really believe that you will allow us to leave freely after what we did to you, people 400 years since we you are not our teachers. We don't take you as our role models, we have an example. So you may leave peacefully. And for those of you want to stay stay peacefully. That's how we roll. That's how we conquer.

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Now the last few decades, in the hands of a different people. And you see the bloodshed, the atrocities, the evils that has done, so we don't need to apologize for anything. Our track record speaks for ourselves. And your track record speaks for yourself. And so

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we ask the same people that asked you condemn Hamas condemn this act of violence who say we will condemn any act against any civilian? But are you willing to condemn the killing of Palestinian civilians for 70 years? Are you willing to condemn?

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A people that might look like you that you resonate with? Will you condemn them and say, Look, this is the perfect site, that this is illegal occupation, that this blockade is a crime against humanity? Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to call out the council last 70 years? If you're not, then you're a hypocrite?

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The same way you condemn Russia for invading Ukraine, it's not to compare one people's misery to another no country should be occupied by another country. No one should take the land of another person. But the same way you cried and you condemned one country invading another country? Why didn't you do the same when it's very clear? Where did these people come from you so the day after the, you know, the operation Bahamas, the airports of Israel was fooled people trying to leave? Where are they leaving to? If this was the land they own, where they're going to? Now they're going back to the original homes, America, Europe, Palestinians don't have anywhere else to go.

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Palestinians This is the home you might find. And this is maybe a deeper conversation about the myths and the Zionist lies they use. They'll say no, no, but the land originally belonged to us. We were the original inhabitants with many 1000s of years. God Almighty Allah gave it to them. And even though they were pushed out, not by the Muslims, I mean, the Romans kick them out different people kick them out. We have a right to return indefinitely. This is what we believe. And many groups subscribe to that will say fine. Apart from the fact that we will go into religion and your beliefs was our beliefs. We asked a simple thing if every group has a right to reclaim the land that was

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taken from them in originally, then please give Clifton back to the question. Please give Australia back to the Aborigines.

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Give America back to the Native Americans, every indigenous people should have the right to reclaim the land. Or does this only apply when it's people of your color? Does this only apply? Does this rule only apply for a certain group of people but of the natives of the rest of the world? So please spare us your hypocrisy. And you know when we get frustrated, we go back to the Quran. And Allah says to us that Oh, you who believed Oh, you have Eman don't take a yeah, you will live in Amman. Oh, let that the whole lotta who butanna mean don't come, don't take close allies, people that are not from you. La luna comb Kabbalah, they, those four they don't have any goodness, they don't hope

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for good in you for they do not speak anything in in you except ruin. They wish upon you hardship. And Allah says, hatred has come from the mouth. You can hear now, when push comes to shove and they slip the tongues you see what they really believe. Now the truth comes out. Allah says I've shown you what they really believe and what is in their hearts, Allah says is even more filthy. What they have the harbor against you is even more filthy. So Allah says, We've certainly made clear for you the science, so be it people of reasoning. Allah says to us, your you are Muslims are loving them. You watch them, you support them, you pay good money to follow them.

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While they have no love for you, they don't care about you. And they only mean harm for you. They smile in front of you. But when you are alone, when when they are gone from you, they filled with hatred and resentment towards you. So Allah says, Move to behave become so let them die in perish in the hatred for for you. Allah wants to Allah wants you and us to No, don't feel so shocked. Like we shouldn't be surprised when we see these as hypocritical language. Oh, this is this is what they believed from the day one. This is where you stood with him from the beginning.

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They would never accept your religion, your color, your ethnicity. So don't feel this is where you really stand. Allah say this I'm showing you so you are better off supporting one another. And so if that's where you stand while we stand, and we believe we err on the side of morality, not just because the Palestinians have Muslim names, not just because they share our religion when they look similar to us. If they were the oppressor, we will be the first to condemn them. Like we condemned al Qaeda and ISIS and all those standards. We condemn them, which is a part of our deen. But for the Palestinian people, we support them. We support the priests to fight back. We support the oppressed

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to to fight back with against the oppressor with any means necessary. And we will continue to support them until they are free. We take some guidance from the Quran in moments like this. And perhaps one of the most beautiful Surahs to reflect on is Surah Al Imran because Surah Al Imran speaks about the moments of the origin when the Navajo Salam and the Sahaba experienced the first defeat.

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And sometimes we become shocked but yet Allah made dua for you I'm I'm a Muslim, how could you allow the enemy that's so evil? How can you grant them victory over us? You suppose we are your people? Why are you doing this to us? Allah says what he can uh, yeah, muda we don't have a nurse and these are the days we alternate between people. Some days you win sometimes you lose. Why? Lea Allah Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allah Dena Amano, so that he will know who is through Iman, and that he can take some Shuhada Walla Walla, herbal Dalemain and that he may expose the volume in you may expose the oppressor. Oh, this is this is not about you. This is about me, testing you and is how you respond

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to the situation. This is the reality of Allah Subhan Allah, but Allah also says, What are taxable? Allah Subhan Allah the lower Allah talks about Allah Hafiz and Amalia I'm regarding Volume One, Allah says and never think that he's unaware of what the evildoers are doing. Don't think Allah is unaware. He knows what's going on. Allah is away. I was watching. He's fully away in nama Yahiro, whom Allah says I only leave them I give them a noose I give them a rope till I seize them on a day which they will stay in order. I allow them to continue. And then when I take it when Allah takes retribution when he strikes, there's no coming back. That's what he does.

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Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Makkah and Allahu the other Mina Al Maktoum Ali, Allah says He will not leave you are believers in in this condition as you are. He promises I won't leave you like this. It might take years. It might take decades. It might take very long Allah's time is Allah's time, but it's I will not leave you like this. I will not leave you like this until your museum hobby thermonuclear until Allah shows and exposes, who are the filthy people who are the places and the tyrants and who's on the side of morality and justice.

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And so he's promised to all of us in Ian's rucola for law

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hollyburn Allah says that if he gives you assistance and support, none can defeat you. In much of the discussions of the Quran, Allah doesn't mention the operation or omen to the Persians. The enemy is immaterial, the m&m is insignificant. There's always going to be enemies. When this one goes will be a new one, a new colonizer a new tyrant, Pharaoh, and I'm on and Israel and it just keeps on and on and on. shaytaan will always be there. What is important is how you and I respond, how we fight our own weakness, our own

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our own challenges.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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that throughout time, there were many Ambia impulses how many rugby union how many pious people supported and fought alongside the Nabhi from our Hannu Dima Asaba, whom and they never lost faith, when calamity B fulfill them, visa vie de la in the path of Allah when things got tough and difficult, they did not lose courage, or MA Fu, they did not lose falter. And despite the losses and what they suffered, they never became weak, while master can who know that they give up and Allah, they never gave him who Allahu Busaba denounce, and I love those people. He loves those people. So what are the what are the has no, Allah says, so don't ever lose hope. Don't ever become sad and

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despondent or unsimilar alone, Allah says you already on top, you're already winning

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You don't want to be on the other side.

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You might be safe, you might be comfortable, but you don't want to be on the other side. You don't want to be on that side. Subhanallah on the Deaf piano, you don't want to be the one killing children.

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As sad as it is to see our children being killed that Hamdulillah we are not the one killing being the oppressor. So Allah says and Tamil alone, you want an income to movement and if you really believe that you knew you on top, so what do we do just to wrap up for all of us? We are part of the struggle. Allah says this is a test not just for the people in Palestine, we just in the war, it's for all of us. How do you respond? And it's about doing whatever you can, at the very least, take an extra five minutes I speak to myself to make a dua for them daily. That's the very least we can do. I'm going to dedicate five minutes of whatever sada to make dua and Allah that will be my excuse for

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you and if the AMA take a step further, you need to inform yourself, educate yourself what is happening, that EDA, change from the sports and be away. And of course, if you go and never step further, then advocate for them speak out, don't be scared, just like they are not shy.

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They're not shy to show how they feel. We should not be shy to say how we feel. And so may Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us strength, Allah assist all the oppressed people in the world mela make it easy for those who are suffering May Allah grant victory to the people in Palestine and to all those who are oppressed. And Allah subhanho wa Taala bring the Ummah to is. I mean, there is a mass protest COVID Eclipse Foundation that is for today of the Duma, and it will be in

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Hanover Street from case of Farah Hanover Street to Parliament. That's now two o'clock after Juma I mean

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Soheila just next week inshallah is our meet and greet. For those who are single, we will invite all our young brothers and sisters not even so young, if you're single, we're of whatever age please attend. We need to we need to make sure that the next generation of Mujahideen are there. And so we have to make sure that people get married, so please support insha Allah do your duty to the Ummah Amin exactly it was Allah say that Muhammad was happy so I'm gonna send him home later without me. I said I want it

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