Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 019B Translation Al-Baqarah 130-141

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The group discusses a war and a woman named K relevance, including a woman named K relevance's relationship with Jesus and Jesus' relationship with a man named K relevance. They also discuss a bill proposeting a fee for anyone who forgets to wear a mask and mention a woman named Monica and Amy.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah haemolytica. To who?

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Muhammad avoidable Sunday. A lot of Sunni Hill Kareem and my beret Pharaohs bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah. R him. Rubbish rally Saudi were Sidley MD Wagner. appdata melissani. Jaco holy Robin has it in our in

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lesson number 19 Surah Baqarah I am 132 141

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woman and who? Your wobbu He turns on away from melody creed way, Ibrahima of Ibrahim alayhi salam INLA. Except Minh, who, Sufi her? He was foolish NAFSA who himself Walcott and certainly is toffee now who we chose him fit dunya in the world, we're in who? And indeed he, Phil F era in the hereafter Lamin surely from a Sunni hain, those who are righteous.

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It when father he said, law who to him, Prabhu his Lord, a slim you submit Allah He said a slum to I have submitted lira B for Lord Alana mean of the worlds

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while Elsa and he enjoined be here with it. Ibrahim Ibrahim Ernie Cena, Bernie V his sons were a cool boo and Dr Koop early his Salam Yeah, Bernie Yeah. Oh, my son's in Allaha Indeed, Allah is puffer he chose local for you. A Dean the religion fella so do not demo tuna. You all definitely die in LA except what Anton while you are mostly moon are ones who submit

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um, or quantum you were Shuhada witnesses is when hamara it came Jacoba to your code or the Santa and Mo to the depth

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is when Allah He said Lee Burnie he to his son's mouth What thurgoona You all will worship men from birdie. After me.

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Follow they said Naboo We will worship Illa hookah your god what either her and God Abba Iike of your forefathers, Ibrahim, Ibrahim and he said what is Marine? And it's marine or they said what is her and is health are they Sana? Isla hon God where He then one when a new and we love who for him? Mostly Moon ones who submit Tilka that oh Mattoon a nation but in fact holid it passed away law her for it. Ma whatever guess I bet it earned one a comb and for you gossip Don't you all earned one A and not to Aluna you will be questioned I'm mad about what ganool they were yarn maroon they do.

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Walk on you and they said Who knew you all be golden Jews? Oh or NESARA Christians do you all will be rightly guided

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call say Bell rather mill letter creed, Ibrahim of Ibrahim earn his sunnah honey fun, unswerving, warmer and not Ghana. He was men from a emotionally cane. Those who associate partners with Allah

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Kulu you all say Amana we have believed Billahi in Allah warmer and what wounds isla? It was sent down Elena to us warmer and what? On Zilla it was sent down Illa to Ibrahim Ibrahim, what is marine and is Marine. What is help and is HERC where Kolb and Dr. Kolb.

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alayhi wa sallam well as well and the descendants warmer and what outta here? He was given Butea he was given

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Musa Musa alayhis salam where ISA and Rizzoli Salam Wimmer and what udia he was given an OB Yuna the prophets men from rob him their Lord law not know for Rico we differentiate by in between a heading anyone men home from them when I knew and we law who for him was slim on ones who submit for in so if ama knew they believed be mostly with like man what and don't you all believed be he with it forgot then in fact is that oh they obtained guidance were in and if there were low they turned away for in nama then indeed not but

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home the fee in shake up in a split

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first a UK fika home firm. So, sir, will soon yuck fee he will suffice. get you home from them.

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Allahu Allah. Wa Hua and he is a Semir be always on hearing Allah Aleem. He always all knowing,

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sleep ohata special coloring, Allah He of Allah, woman and who a son who is better mean Allah. Then Allah sleep Allah 10 in special coloring

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when Ash new and we love who for him, RB dune ones who worship

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bull say do to her Jun Anna, you all argue with us. Fee concerning Allah He Allah wa Hua while he rob buena. Our Lord, what a bukem And your Lord while Anna and for us are maluna our deeds welcome and for you are Malou comb your deeds when a new and we love who for him, mostly soon ones who are sincere.

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Um or taco Luna, you all say in indeed, Ibrahim, Ibrahim, what is smart, real and is smart ie what is helpful and is how we are Kuba and Yaqoob. I know you have said well as well. And the descendants can know they were who then Jews, oh, or NESARA Christians

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all say do unto you all are Allah mu no more. Um, or Allah who Allah, women and who have learned who is more unjust. Me man then who get ama he hid. shahada done a testimony in the WHO with him. mean Allah from Allah. Warmer and not. Allahu Allah, beloved in in the least unaware. I'm from what thermolon You all do Tilka that? Oh, Mattoon a nation. But in fact, harlot it first let her for it. Man, whatever. Get Sabbath it earned. Welcome and for you, man. Whatever. Casa bitone you all earned Walla and not to Aluna you all will be questioned. I'm about what can you say we're yarn Maroon. They all do

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that listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Well may have loved one may let you go Hema in Serbia Deanna

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What a gorgeous Latina duniya

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Latina meno saw

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it on it.

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Oh, all Aslam Tullio on Milan. I mean, while saw the evil evil bunny,

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bunny in Aloha slaughter who

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The fella

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I'm Tom Shuhada How about Hogan Moto it all and he very dark mood all

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the matter Abood me

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email you smile you know is

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he though on a hula hula Muslim

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Mikado harlot la

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Monica said to

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well God Oh Golaud

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to honey

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shrinking Oh

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de la isla Ebro emo is

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Zilla Isla Ebro email you smell ino is help

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us babble warmer

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Audion maybe you won't be him Land Rover vehicle Boehner had him minimum one of Nullah whom was named moon

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in the myth NEMA

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to be here for the

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what is our

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viewership for let's say fika law who was semi

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supervised a lot.

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Woman Nuff said Domina law used to be the one

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will add to

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Juliana he will. Buddha

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moolah whom McMissile and doubled in Ibrahima is now you know

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who then own us on

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one of lemmo me men get Amercia

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double Amina law when the law will be law feeding

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metal jamika

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Kado Holland

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America metal

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