Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 019C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 130-131

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding "meditation" in Islam, as it refers to the creator's creation of the word "meditation." The importance of praising or disregarding the Prophet schedules is emphasized, as it is the best way to pursue spiritual journey. The success of Islam is highlighted, including the use of " Moster" to describe Islam's culture, and the importance of submitting to commands and restrictions for success in life.
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I was going to ship on your dream Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, woman with Oberon miletti Ibrahima in lemon Sofia, NAFSA and Hora turn away from the religion of Ibrahim from the creed of Ibrahim except for the one who is foolish, who is being foolish with himself. In the verses that we learned previously, and the verses that we will learn now, Ibrahim read s&m, as mentioned before, Ibrahim is Sam, who was being mentioned who was the main people who was under discussion, the Bani Israel you while the Bani Israel you mentioned because Allah subhanaw taala was inviting them to believe in who in Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam, because they were the ones who had believed in their prophets

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who were sent to them. And if they did not believe in the final messenger, their belief would not be acceptable. They believe their faith would be incomplete. So Allah out of His Mercy was, especially in writing them that day, believe in the messenger, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But what was the excuse they gave what was the reason they gave for not believing? They said, We are the descendants of your Cobra de Sena. And he told us, he advised us He commanded His children, that they must remain who, the Jewish people, that we are only to believe in the messengers who are sent to us who are one of us. We are not to believe in any other messenger in anyone else. And Muhammad

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Sallallahu Sallam since he is not one of us, we're not going to believe in Him because we're not supposed to. And this is why even today, you will see people say that Muhammad Sallallahu said, Yes, he may be a messenger, but he was only messenger to the Arabs. People are not required to believe in Him. We're not supposed to follow him. He was a messenger, but only for the Arabs, not for us. Many people claim that even today, and at the same time, the Yoho. They claim that they were the followers of Ibrahim or the Sunnah, they looked up to him, they praised him. They assumed that they were his followers. And what was the way of Ibrahim or Islam, of submitting to Allah no matter what

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command is given? Whether you like it or you don't whether you find it easy or you find it difficult? Wasn't this the way of Ibrahima listener? Yes, of total submission. When Allah commanded him to slaughter his son? Did he say no? He didn't say no. So whether our command is easy or difficult, the creative Ibrahim or Islam was what his way was. total submission to Allah to Bani Israel. Were they finding it difficult to accept the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam? Yes, they were finding it very difficult, but they weren't accepting stone. So Allah presented to them the example of Ibrahim or the Sudan, that look at him, he was so obedient, and this is what you're

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supposed to do. And Ibrahim and Assam is the one who constructed the Kaaba, and all the people who follow Him are who believers. So Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and those people who are believed in him who are the, the followers of Ibrahim are.

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So over here, Allah subhanaw taala is in a way, warning them that he will turn away from the creed of Ibrahim except for the one who is foolish. Only a foolish person would turn away from the creative Ibrahim or dissident, the Prophet sallallaahu Salam, what was he teaching? Whose way? Was he on the wave? Ibrahim medicina. And what was he inviting people to the wave Ibrahim? So when the Euro said, No, this is not for us. What were they doing? They were behaving foolishly

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he would not follow the way of Ibrahim the best way. Where may your hobo your hobo Rawhide rover, your hobo is to incline rubber fee is to incline towards something to be interested in something. But when this word is followed by Iran, like over here, we're mejorada on it means to leave something to avoid it to be averse to something. What do you leave? What do you avoid? What you don't like what you're not interested in? What you dislike what you hate. So when

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miletti Ibrahim turned away, who would leave could not adopt who would dislike what the way of Ibrahim are they Sudan may not mean lamb lamb is what creed the way the religion was way of Ibrahim or dishonor. The way of Ibrahim alayhis salam was a total submission to Allah subhanaw taala it was off Hanifa was Sleeman, someone who has completely submitted to Allah and he leaves everything else. He's not interested in anything. He's only interested in obeying Allah subhanaw taala Ibrahim escena because of his total submission, we learned that Allah took him as Helene what Allah Who Ibrahima kalila and he was able Ambia the father of the prophets, and he's the one about him. Allah subhanaw

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taala says that in

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Ibrahima Cana uma Ibrahim. Hassan was an entire nation, meaning he achieved what a nation would achieve. He accomplished he did what a nation would do. So his way is an exemplary way. It is the best way. It is the way that Allah likes the way that Allah commanded his final messenger to follow. We learn in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala tells the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that somehow Hanaa ileka and it appeared Meloetta Ibrahim, that now we have revealed to you that you must follow the way of Ibrahim in total an hour we learned in me what just to watch the end in the defaulter Osama what you will or uneven warmer and Amina which became the prophets or Ulsan was told to adopt the

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same way as that off Ibrahim medicina. To submit entirely to Allah subhanaw taala. So if anyone turns away from the way of Ibrahim, then who is he? In likes at four months Sofia nappsa The one who was being foolish to himself, Sofia seen for her sofa. What does it mean foolishness stupidity, in the home homeless sofa? They are the ones who are foolish. So month Sofia Naxa, who who is foolish to himself, what does it mean by this, that the one who behaved ignorantly with himself? What is the reason behind foolishness, lack of knowledge and awareness, when a person does not have a great mental capacity, so he treated himself foolishly he behaved ignorantly with himself. In other words,

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he is destroying himself, he does not have any self awareness, he is leading himself to ruin to destruction. How Why? Why is it that a person who turns away from the wave Ibrahim is being foolish with himself? Because the person who turns away from the wave Ibrahim is doomed to what? Destruction? If a person does not adopt the heat, if a person does not worship Allah alone, if a person does not submit to Allah, then what is he headed to the hellfire. If any person turns away from the worship of Allah from submitting to him, he is on his way to the fire of *. And if he's doing this consciously, he is really wasting himself. He is really behaving ignorantly, with

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himself. He is not giving himself his right. Allah subhanaw taala has given us our bodies has given us our aka our intellect, why, so that we waste ourselves know so that we do the best that we can to earn the best reward in the Hereafter. And if a person does not worship Allah, then he's definitely wasting himself. He's definitely destroying himself. So Will my Johan military Ibrahima Illa man Sophia nipsa? There are two types of people who leave the wave of Brahim Raja Sinha. First of all, they are those who do this deliberately. For example, they are who they were called, what was their way of turning away they didn't accept. So a person who does this, he is behaving foolishly with

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himself. Secondly, is the person who turns away because he doesn't know. Like, for example, think about the person who lives across the street from you. They're not a Muslim. Is it that they deliberately are not Muslim? That you did our to them? And they said, No, I don't like us. I'm not gonna accept Islam. It's quite possible. Nobody ever even told you about Islam. So, even in that case, man Sufi Han epsa. Because they are being ignorant, they are ignorant of the greatest reality. They are ignorant of the most important thing that we're supposed to do. So whoever contradicts the way of Ibrahim, whether deliberately, intentionally or unintentionally, then he is behaving

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ignorantly, with himself. He is being foolish, he is ignorant, he needs to learn he needs to think he needs to realize he needs to change his ways. Why? Because the way of Ibrahim is the best way. The way of Ibrahim is the way that Allah likes. And this is why Omar says, well look at this stuff, I now have a dunya. And certainly we chose him in this world. Ibrahim and Islam because of his worship because of his obedience because of his submission. Allah elevated his status, even in this world is to find out how sad farewell software is tougher is to select someone to choose someone to make them the best to consider them the best. So chose him out of all the people were in the

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Estonia, Estonia. How we see three is a Boolean via he is the father of all the prophets who came after him. Then we also see that he's the only one about him. Allah says we'll talk

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Hola Hola Ibrahima Calida. Allah Ibrahim is fun. This is a huge honor a great title. So Allah chose him. And we see that every time we send peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what do we say? Come out for later Allah Ibrahim come out Dr. Ibrahim

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so just imagine what occurred the stuff I you know, with dunya someone who was so successful in this world will you not follow His ways? Will you not follow his footsteps? Will you not want to be successful the way he was successful? So in this dunya, Allah chose him we're in Norfolk Lemina Solly Hain and he in the hereafter will be meno Saudi Hain Salim is a product Salah and who Salah one who is righteous, one who is good, Salah is correctness, when something is right, proper, as it should be, what a novel accurate Romina Salafi, he will be in the company of those people who are righteous, those people who are righteous, and where will they be in the Rajat Rula in the highest

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Raja in the highest levels of paradise. So in this word, Allah chose him in the Hereafter, he will be in the digital arena, he will be of the most successful people on the Day of Judgment. So if anyone turns away from his way, then he is definitely a foolish person. He is definitely ignorant person. What do we learn this verse? We learn that if a person follows the way of Ibrahim, then he is truly intelligent. Then he is intelligent. If a person follows the way of Ibrahim Renison and Inshallah, we will learn about the way of Ibrahim Ernestina more and more as we learn about the verses. And as we study the Quran more. So a person who follows His way is truly intelligent. Why,

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how because Ibrahim in Islam was successful to a person who follows Him will also be successful. Ibrahim in Islam submitted to the One who created him. He accepted every command that Allah gave to him, whether people came preventing him or his love, his feelings came in the middle, nothing at all could stop him from obeying Allah. He preferred Allah over everything everyone else, and this is the intelligent way. This is the correct way. Because I told you about wisdom, what is wisdom to play something where it belongs. So when a person gives everyone their right, then they're truly wise than they're truly intelligent. The right of Allah is One, that he should be preferred over

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everything and everyone because he alone created you, when he alone created he you give him preference. So when a person gives Allah His help, when a person gives him preference, then he is intelligent and if a person adopts any other way, then that is what a foolishness of ignorance.

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Then we also learn that anyone who opposes the Messenger, then such a person is indeed foolish, no matter how intelligent he may be, in worldly matters, no matter how educated no matter how advanced, no matter how successful he may be, in worldly matters. Are you familiar with Abuja, who, who who means

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farther off ignorance, meaning the most ignorant person ever General was once called, or will have become the father of wisdom, the person who is most wise most intelligent, but when he opposed the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he became a Bucha. A person may be very educated, very successful inwardly matters, he may be very wise very intelligent, but if he does not follow the way of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam then his intelligence is useless, then it carries no value, then he becomes the ignorant person. This is why in this ayah we learn woman Jacobo our military Ibrahima 11. Sofia nappsa. Man Sofia nappsa. Why? Because Allah chose Rahim. So whoever turned away

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from Allah He went to salaams Where is headed to failure? Question is why did ova choose Ibrahim or a salon? It called it a horrible, a slim what His lord said to him submit a slim SynLab meme. So Ibrahim Hassan was told by his Lord a slim seen la meme to submit, submit to

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the Command of Allah, whatever Allah says, Whatever Allah wants, what was the response? Oprah humorless? Anna, I'll think about it. Give me a week to think. Let me think it over. Did he say that? He said a slum to their bill Allah me to the Lord of the Worlds. Why would I not submit to the Lord of the world, the Lord who created me, the Lord who gave me everything I have that free ability ever

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potential. Everything I have is from him. So why would I not submit to Him? He said a slum to live Bill Alameen. Notice his response. He did not delay. He did not procrastinate. He did not make an excuse. He did not say I'm so tired. Only you've given me so many other commands. You've made me go through so many tests. If you look at the life of Ibrahim alayhis, salam, it's full of tests. It's full of trials. It's full of obedience. It's full of obedience. He did that because he had submitted to Allah. When Allah told him slim, he said, a slum to me, I submit to the Lord of the world, on my apparent and also on my inside, inside out, I submit to Allah. What does he mean by the statement,

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Islam to me, that when the Command of Allah comes, then a person's desires cannot stop him from obeying Allah than other people's wishes, cannot stop him from obeying

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their stares, their eyes, their comments, their likes, their dislikes, cannot prevent a person from obeying Allah. Their opposition cannot prevent a person from obeying Allah.

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Ibrahim Edison suffered a lot of opposition. His own Father said you stop it, otherwise, I'm going to kill you. Leave me forever. Go away from here his father said, did that stop him? Did that prevent him? No. He was told to leave his son in the middle of the desert. That the fear of hunger, the fear of losing his child prevent him know why. Because when we had our color, Allah Allah for who has spoken, whoever trusts upon Allah, that Allah is sufficient for him. When you do something for Allah, you're doing it for him. And you're asking him to protect you to take care of you. And He will protect you, He will take care of you the way nobody can. He will provide you the way nobody

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can. This is why a slum to and it can only be done with the realization that it is for Rob Lee, Rob Bell, Allah mean,

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the Lord of the Worlds The Creator of all things to honor of all things, even of the people who scare me, even of the people who threatened me, even my body, or even these things that I'm enjoying, who's the owner, Allah, and if I don't submit, the nothing can help me tomorrow. If we don't submit our hands will speak against us. Our bodies will speak against us, our children will speak against us, our families will speak against us. This earth we're standing on is going to speak against us. If we submit to Allah, remember, everything is with us. And if we don't submit to Allah, then everything everything is against us. If Allah Who rapa who are slim, slim to none.

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And we can only submit to Allah with regards to big things. When we submit to Allah with regards to small things. In a small things lead to bigger things. If we don't submit to Allah with regards to our tongue, so we'd go on saying whatever we feel like we go on doing whatever we feel like, then can we do great things that Allah wants us to do? We can't. There are people who go for Hajj even. And even over there, they're not able to recite the Quran. Why? Because they never recited before. They can't stand in prayer. Why? Because it never stood before. So we are only able to submit to Allah in big things. When we submit to Allah in small things. And submission comes, first of all,

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from acceptance, accepting the commands, the decrees the decisions, even if we don't like it, either. We don't see any benefit. Because whatever Allah decides for us is in our best interest. A person who complaints, a person who rebelled a person who was upset who was angry with the decision of Allah, He is not submitted. A person who doesn't like to do what Allah wants him to do, whether it is obeying the parents, or it is reciting the Quran, whatever. True submission is that a person submits wholeheartedly completely in every part of life in every aspect of life. Not that when a person is within good people, he starts talking about the Quran. And when he is at home, he doesn't

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bother to apply what he learned from the Quran. What is needed is complete submission. Only that will lead to success. Otherwise, it is just talk. There is just words, which will bring the personal benefit. Let's listen to the recitation well me on one one miletti Evo Hema

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Wallah all these often in movies

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or in

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fear on TV

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I mean, Wally he bought

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us all Aslam Tony on

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the way to success is the way of Ibrahim medicina the way of complete submission, absolute loyalty to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

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