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Guard the Prayers and (especially) the Middle Prayer

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Today my dear brothers four, we're going to focus on one area and when I learned that is to 38 of swords to bathala

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allows you to have a silhouette was selected Wooster Baku Manila quantity, this is a 238 of Al Baqarah. Allah azza wa jal says, God, the prayer is strictly especially the middle prayer and stand up in front of your Lord in front of Allah with assure humbleness, obedience and humility.

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So inshallah for this lesson, we're going to link this idea with what we took last week, and that was the topic of divorce. This is about prayer. Last week, we discussed divorce, what's the connection between divorce and prayer quickly as a reminder, although we've already taken that number to Allah says halfway through Allah Salawat God the prayers what is God the prayer main, we're going to look at what he mentioned. Then a lot of just says was selected booster, and God the middle prayer, what is the middle prayer? Then we're going to discuss why did Allah mentioned middle prayer after mentioned all the praise? There's no need, right? If Allah mentioned all the prayers

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that covered all of them, why did Allah mention this middle one in specific, they were going to look at the links between selected feathered and selected Lawson, because those are two prominent opinions of what the middle prey is.

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As for divorce, in prayer, in terms of Bukhara, Allah azza wa jal dedicate a whopping three and a half pages to the topic of divorce.

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And then towards the end of verse eight, Allah azza wa jal says in Isaiah 238, half it was all about God, the praise, what are the laws of dimension that after you just discussed the rulings, regulations and outcome of divorce? What's the connection?

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If you got not just pray, if you got your prayer,

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Allah will guide your marriage ascent. And that's why when people would call me up, okay, I'm going through a marital issue with my spouse with my wife, or the sister says the same. I'm going through a problem. I'm going through marriage difficulties. The first thing I've asked them, How is your prayer? And every single time they've said it's not good, we're not guarding it? Are we sleeping? Or we're not praying when our bill allows really teaching us literally between the lines, God the praise, and Allah will guide your marriage? Now the question What about if you and your spouse are guarding your prayers, but you still go through divorce and marital issues?

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That's the lesson.

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That if you've lost your spouse, you still have a lot of people for depression, their lives turned sour, and bitter, lots of jelly saying, look, that relationship has failed. But don't make the relationship between you and Allah fail. That's the connection there as well. Another lesson Allahu Akbar, for me just full of wisdom. So that's the link between this lesson and last lesson.

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Now, let's look at this in more detail. Allah says half is a silhouette. What does this mean? It look if it says yes.

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To the silhouette, if you have Katia, we'll have the

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other half of Katia. He said, guarding the prayer here.

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Allows Magellan has ordered us with guarding the print and this means to pray on time.

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That's number one. And then he said number two, to fulfill its conditions.

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Those are two things that he'd mentioned this regarding the premise

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as we're praying on time, of course, that's something which is clean. And he mused as Hadith. He said gamma Sabbath is so high, as it was mentioned and established in the Sahih hain. What does that mean the tussah as

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a Muslim good, he said as it has been firmly narrated and established in the sohei hain, I think the most productive on the eponymous road said sell to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, au laemmli often asked the Messenger of Allah which is the best of deeds on us, Allah to Allah was to pray on its time. So therefore he use that as really the best day My dear brother, you can perform its prey on it's time to fulfill the rights of the Creator. You know, when a person has a plane or a train to catch they get there on time. Why? Because it's important. Well, if you deem the Salah as important new value, you'll get there on time, just like you get to the meeting on time when your

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boss calls you when, in fact, sometimes there's no meeting you just get to work on time. Why does your time look boss, I'm not like the rest. I'm better than the rest of the employees. In other words, I'm special because I value this job. So you get there on time to show that you value something it's important and that's why Mr. Schaeffer, he said, the way you prepare for this honor is an indication of how you honor this honor.

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You want to know if you honor the Sala look at how you prepare for it. If it sounds

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Prayer. You know, I've got a couple of hours you'll finish this movie, finished looking at my news feed, finish answering all these questions on my messages, then it's time to pray. I'm gonna pray now was mentioned some of the seller, they'd be chopping wood, that he then not even the economy that then Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allah do a lot more as well the X is up here, I wanted to bring it down in the woods, I'll put the x down.

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The x has to come down regardless. And once we come down and talk that piece of wood in half, no, because Allah is greater. That's what Akbar means greater. nimasa greater than one. So I mentioned Yes. That's called Nikita in Arabic. It's not known. It's not specified. What does that indicate? Everything I said, because if you were to specify something, it means Allah is greater than that thing. Only you restricted it. When you mentioned it was greater meaning Allahu Akbar mean good. Leisha, Allah is greater than everything. And that's why

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when you that's why the first phrase of the event is Allahu Akbar. Why because if you're busy at work, you hear Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar min Olam and Allah is greater than work, leave it off. And then the first phrase of the event is, then the first phrase of the requirement is Allahu Akbar. So if you get busy, and then you hear it again, a lot like what the first phrase you hear a lot is rather than leave it off. And then the first phrase of the prayer itself is a low effort. It's not coincidence Why? The scholar said, when you say Allahu Akbar for Technorati, later on when you start the prayer, and you raise those hands up, can acclimate the dunya or Hurry up

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through the dunya behind your back? Allahu Akbar, and now you're focusing on the prayer was greater than this dunya and then in the sauna, as you move from one position to the next, what do you say? Allahu Akbar? Yes, of course, except after the Roku and for the sleep is to remind you as you're moving in this Allah, Allah, Allah o Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Why? Because in the Salah, what happens?

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Much worse. distractions, you're thinking of other things. So you're running yourself, Allahu Akbar min has the hill, of course, sayur was greater than these feeble thoughts, these bad thoughts. And then after the solani of karate say, Allahu Akbar, loco incidencia wise to remind us of after the pray, don't forget Allahu Akbar, come back to it. Don't make the dunya greater. It's reminding you, Allahu Akbar, come back. Have you been very certain and make a lot about once again,

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divine wisdom in the placement of the words, not just the meaning of the words in the shadow, the placement of the words Allahu Akbar. That's all we can say, really? Allahu Akbar, about this amazing religion? Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. So that's the best of date. And then he said, thomae, then what is the invested jasola called Jihad to feasability law, fighting in the path of Allah, that's the next best aid call to aid him numerous wrote said, then he said, then what you're also looking for call bitterroot Valley, then being beautiful is towards your parents. In other words, after your dutifulness towards the Creator, then you do the first was the creation and the top of

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that list are mom and dad. So that's what praying on time means as for fulfilling the conditions? I think for others, because you asked what does that mean? refers to knowing about the solid knowing the AutoCAD knowing the pills, knowing the wedgie bath, knowing that which is obligatory, knowing what to do if you miss a pillar, or you miss an act, which is considered wedges, knowing the sunon knowing all of these things, and making sure that you fulfill them properly. And if you don't, what do you do? What about to do to sell? When do you do when don't you do what if you forget to do to do to sell for example, by the call center. So all of those things, fulfilling the praise conditions,

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because you can pray on time but you could not pray properly true. How many people pray on time but that I feel is conditions so both unnecessary? Both. However, there's a third thing that we can include to what does God the prayer mean? And that is

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pray with Osho

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Now you may ask Where did we get pray with Osho? How does the end? Or Manila he find it in a law said stand before Allah carnitine What does quality mean? multigrain harshing that's what it means. Meaning to be obedient and to have crucial quality and not quantity in came from. Who knows what could not

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stand in Ramadan? What do you do? Do Ah yes, it's really when you're making that draw in Ramadan, when you're making it you should be making with for sure. humbleness submission. Humility is really not one word to define it in English. For sure. In Arabic. You could say humbleness, humility, submission, concentration, all of those words apply.

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Concentration obedience.

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humility and submission.

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So that's what God the premise then allows what it says was salata, Wooster and God the mirror prayer, what is the middle prayer in leukapheresis the seller and the Aleph have differed in its meaning, the difference of opinion on what the middle prayer is.

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However, the two prominent opinions you'll find

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that the middle pair refers to further

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and as often

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as full featured, as full featured, this was the opinion of the US.

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And Jabari Abdullah

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and Anima Malik.

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So in my basket, we know when it came to the seed, what was he and how broad the ocean of knowledge so that's a very valid opinion according to Mr. Bass.

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It was mentioned on Abby Roger corn. So late 205 numbers in federal for quantitative fee, what have you they call her the Salatu. Rooster. Abu Raja said I prayed behind the best Virgil pray one day, and he raised his hands during any medical note. And afterwards, he said this is a solid booster, the middle prayer. So this was the opinion of eggnog bass. As for Jeb ribbon, Abdullah was mentioned on a Serato booster, so that he said the middle prayer is the morning prayer. The morning prayer is furthered. And it was also the opinion of elimin Malik. Now, why did they refer to it as the middle prayer?

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The scholars gave the reasoning because, number one, it's not combined

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with any other prayers, when you're traveling and you can combine prayers, do you combine pleasure? No, you're not allowed. You can bind on an acid or Marie Basha. So therefore, they said because it's not combined with other prayers, that's why it's considered the middle pray. And they also said it's considered the middle prayer, because it comes in between the truly the middle of the two night prayers and the two day prayers. What are the two night prayers? Marussia? What are the two day prayers or NASA outcomes in between them?

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Now that's one opinion However, it's not the predominant opinion as you'll see shortly. And you'll notice intercede indicated in the English version. This opinion is not even mentioned. It just go straight into Asana. And that's the problem at times when you go to translated books, it doesn't give you everything. But the Arabic have indicated he goes on to mention the opinions referring to that I saw it was not as fragile. However, you find that they didn't. Probably translated why because as we said, the acid is the predominant opinion. So as for us, it was mentioned Taylor, in rehearsal, that last quality movie Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, to act very

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random. So have it in us for the opinion of acid. According to identity. This is the majority opinion of the Sahaba

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were called call the Alma de Waal, who will call Jim Horton, as fall called in my word, he said, this is the majority of the debate. So also, it's not just the majority of the Sahaba that adopted this opinion, but also the terrain as well.

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were called half it would not have the bar code accessory authority, as well. He said this is the majority opinion of

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the random have had. And we took a thought in Hadith. So according to the scholars of Hadith meaning and Sunil Juma is also the majority opinion. And as for names, if you want some particular names, what Sahaba it was mentioned, this is the opinion of Mr.

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if the Masood also the opinion of Abu huraira. Abu Zeid, as for female companions

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have saw on Habiba and our Isha will have this opinion that a solid rooster is a sacred.

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Now, that's from the Sahaba. As for names of the Tibetan there are many but just to give you some of them a blue serene, a Baja, Patil, also al Hassan and basri and also cortada and others.

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So there's many names, basically the majority of us harbor and the majority of the tape of that opinion. As for why did they adopt this opinion? And even Mohamed records a hadith which is also in Bukhari and Muslim meaning It's so high so now when he saw it, you know, we're talking about it was mentioned that Ali rodano generated, all of those who lie Solomon sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yama, Lhasa, and he said that the Prophet said on the day of the Battle of Azerbaijan, Chava, Luna Salatin will store the cook

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preoccupied us from praying the middle pray. Solid colossal II said salatu salam acid pray sort of Sula himself refer to the middle prayers answered prayer. He said mela Allahu kulula homeodomain Allah, my Allah feel the heart and the houses with fire. Now the words may Allah destroy them. So this is a hadith that is mentioned in Muslim Ahmed and the two sides. So the profile is what was referred to the middle prey as awesome. So in terms of reasoning, we have a hadith

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but that's not the only reason.

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Also, logically,

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it falls in between the two night prayers in the two day press. So, night, Mother's Day, your day starts at pleasure and then vote. So logically also it falls in between the two day prayers and the two night prayers this like furthered

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so that's another opinion as we said and this seems to be the majority opinion and we'll Ireland the most correct because as we said, there's a hadith from the messenger so to slim himself

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so we're done with what is the middle pray what hamdulillah

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why mentioned the middle pray now? Alas, we just have to do our silhouette God the praise when Allah said God the praise he mentioned the plural does not refer to all the praise does not by default referred to further the harasser manipulation and loss has got all the praise true. Now if you've got kids and your wife said look after the kids you have to mention Oh and by the way Look after Isha and Ahmad and Qasim doesn't have to mention the names you can look after the kids all of them. So what are the laws of Jill mentioned in that case? God the middle prayer

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Yeah, since this is called an Arabic The crow house by the lion to mention a specific after a general remember this as a general principle in Arabic and in Islam. That is to mention a specific after mentioning a general What does that do three purposes, number one to praise number two to dispraise and number three to show it's important asset as you said people can become very busy. So it's called decreased costs by the time

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remember, this is a rule to mention the specific after the general

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so one of the three reasons What are its objectives? Why is it done? We said number one to praise number two

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displays excellent number three,

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to show and highlight importance.

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So as for praise. For example, I come into this room after an exam I'll say Allahu Akbar. Everyone really did extremely well in the exam. However, Ramsay Tabarak Allah He topped the class 100% so I praised the teacher praise everyone. However, he mentioned the specific after that to put them on a pedestal to praise them as for this praise it's also done in the same manner for example the teacher walks into the classroom after an exam when

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everyone did really poorly in the exam but you Mohammed Advisory Committee Ramsay you did so poorly even got your name wrong and you didn't just get zero you got below zero right? You failed with the definition of fail right so what to do I firstly you know came the teacher firstly came in and dispraise everyone but then mentioned Mohammed visited the poor SAP and it really allowed him reload him. So as you can save praise and displays as for importance, for example, to highlight something like this, I sure and a lot does this an operand. For example, He says in Surah tomada de la, your Fila hola arena Amira minko one Latina o to del mundo de la said, Allah will raise continuously

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those who believe amongst you, meaning they're believers, when Larry in order to learn, and he will raise those who have been granted knowledge, that knowledge at many levels. Now Allah said those who believe when I say those who believe does not include those who know those who don't know, it does. But then Allah said those who've been granted knowledge Why? To put them on a pedestal even further. So also praise them, but it shows you the importance of the other man, the people of knowledge, and also the status of knowledge. In other words, the example I say often when you drive home, watch out for speed cameras, to general warning, but then I say but when you get to the corner of Woodville

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road and Hume Highway, watch out there is a copy right? Or watch out for the speed camera at the corner of Woodville road in Hume Highway, right I gave you a specific

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speed camera, why to show it to watch out so when you get there, right you can look around so as to highlight important to emphasize something. So

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why the middle prayer? Yes, it's to show its importance, but also to praise it. So both of them apply here. So what are the links between

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Nasir, as we said, these are two prominent opinions. Number one,

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they both come in between very discussed this perfect.

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They both come in between two sets of press both of them.

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Number two, they both indicate the start of something start

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also, in the case of star of the night,

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further indicates the start of the day and furthered and, and also in the case of star of the night. In fact, according to many opinions, the score of the Messiah, the evening remembrances can started awesome. Yeah, after hours of acid.

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Damn, yeah, there's an opinion after acid as well Muslim and also after acid. That's why for those performing Africa, when they have to be in the masjid, also time before Muslim, you see. So therefore, that's both, they both indicate the star also is the star of the evening, while first it is the star of the day.

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And they both indicate times are for us car

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where you can make a scar, the scar on my cell was called Saba, that's another link. So they don't just both indicate the start of the day and night respectively. But that was both indicate the start of when you can perform your scar.

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So really, you can do the scar of the night at last and if you miss them then at most a best case scenario.

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Worst case scenario rather.

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Number four,

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they both have a surah of the Quran named after them solfege or socialist Subhan Allah. And in terms of the five obligatory prayers, these are the only two prayers that have a surah named after them. You don't have sudo

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you don't have certain Mahara and you don't have certain.

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So, they both have a surah named after them

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as we can see why fauja and acid will have a link so many ways.

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And in these two swore they both discuss the concept of loss.

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So, the loss starts in the internal IP host with host loss managing loss. So that loss and in pseudoephedrine has a begin by discussing out of my data limit and for our discussing the former generations of loss, the birth discuss loss Allahu Akbar

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and in fact the inserted budget mentioned Gao may even be Johanna Johanna means the destination of loss but they both discuss the concept of success

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in social pressure that talks about gender at the end

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What's the last area of

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what the Holy jannetty enter my agenda? Now what about the last dozen mentioned genetic gives you the recipe for journey the recipe of success Elon letting me know where I'm at what was what will happen? What was possible? So both total failure and sort of us discuss the notion of success

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and number seven, although there are many others were in here the profile is slow to slam himself linked version and acid together he Elisa to slab where he said man solid bar then the hotel Jana forever praise the two cool prayers will enter gender. So in the Hadith, they are linked and referred to as the cool press.

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Yeah, when we say cool here meaning in temperature not in coolers in hectic

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00:23:52--> 00:23:59

Now, further is understood as being a cool time of the day. But what else? You think mahapariksha

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NASA is still the sun is up?

00:24:07--> 00:24:46

Yes, if you compare the temperature, and also to the whole is a huge difference. I lived in Arabia extremely hot, that's where a lot of them would sleep, because you can't do anything else. So and also time, when there's a bit of a change, then you've noticed that dramatic drop in temperature. You can imagine for example, if you're experiencing a lot of heat experiencing heat from outside, as soon as you walk in the house, even though they're con men are beyond just that slight change in temperature you feel a lot but what a significant difference. So because of that significant difference from lower NASA, although and also Tom is still quite hot and warm. It's referred to as

00:24:46--> 00:24:59

cool as cool. That's what I would actually start to work at that time. So the profile is sort of slim so to ever praise to corporate and this is an authentic narration in Bukhari and Muslim men, Solon, Bardeen, that whole agenda, you enter agenda, why? Because a lot of

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Virgil mentioned not just to get all the praise, but especially the middle one, whether it's pleasure or acid. These are times and finally here, the link. These are times where people are hatless

00:25:15--> 00:25:32

people are hatless at fidget. And people hate this colossal failure we know people sleep in. When the alarm is going off. What do they press? snooze button. And you snooze, you lose. snooze snooze. I call it the shape one button. Keep pressing it pressing until you sleeping.

00:25:33--> 00:25:40

And it's a shame some brothers they can bench 200 kilograms but they can't bench a one kilogram blanket of their bodies at fragile time.

00:25:41--> 00:25:41

too hard.

00:25:42--> 00:25:47

So really, it's not strength of the biceps is strength of Eman strength of the heart.

00:25:48--> 00:26:05

The profile is far too slim was in his 60s mighty brothers is spread to emulate. We know he died at 63 arisa to step 16 he's praying pm Will you have some brothers to Batticaloa their thighs? I like as what is his door? Maybe Mohammed a bodybuilder.

00:26:06--> 00:26:26

And Mohammed is very strong. Right? Some people look at the far for example, right? So strong at times, but you know, try getting them to brief them a little. You have some brothers very strong, very built. But at Ramadan. They can't even use their own legs to hold their own bodyweight while they can squat 200 kilograms right now in total way too much.

00:26:27--> 00:26:29

Right. So it's five as

00:26:31--> 00:26:37

it happens, their own bodyweight they can't hold themselves up. But the true heavyweight title is the one who can lift that blanket at pleasure.

00:26:38--> 00:26:41

It's about strength of the heart, my dear brothers, it's not about the body.

00:26:42--> 00:27:16

And the proof is logical. A person to vertical have built like a tank. Look at his legs, Allahu Akbar, what is to those? No, one, two, but you're telling your own son just passed away, he'll drop to his knees. Well hold him up. What failed to hold him up wasn't the legs it was the heart, the heart. So strength about heart focus on building that just as you train the body, train the heart Trainer with taqwa Eman, sincerity laws, and remove all of these diseases. Why? Because really, if the heart is good, the whole body is good. And if the heart is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt.

00:27:17--> 00:27:43

Once again, we can give another worldly example. A person who knows tough here and in their mind. They know that smoking is hard on they know it's bad. They know it's not good for your health and our causes lung cancer and heart cancer. And all of these other sicknesses. They know. In fact, they might come into the exam and answer all of those questions correctly. that smoking is bad, it's harm. It's not allowed. And it causes harm and right. And obviously the exam, what do they do?

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Man, that was a tough exam the light up? Right, I was a stressful example. And I'll start lighting up a cigarette. So what was it that overcame the mind?

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The mind knows how long but the heart desires that takes over. So focus on fixing the heart, and then the whole body will be fixed. So the profile is what to slab? Of course he linked them because these are times where many people are healers. So we know for sure, yes, we know for sure. But we're also back then in the time of the profile is far too slow. There was a time when people will do what I mentioned. And also they do start working. They'll wake up after the cooloola after they

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start working. So it's a time when people started to work. And when you're starting to work and you get you know, in the thick of things very hard to stop. And back then, if they were selling products, for example, meat, they didn't have refrigerators, did they? So what do they have to do sell it before when

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my son said, if you don't sell that meat, for example, it's gonna happen. It's gonna go off. I said, my friend, another Lebanese think it's gonna go up. So you have to sell it quickly. So there were for example, trying to sell their goods at also time and they looking at the sun waiting right? And that's what was called the hustle why the word acid came from Asada or tala squeeze, because as they're looking towards the sun, literally time has been squeezed out of the day. Like I see. That's where the word acid came from from Asada juice in Arabic is called acid. It came from us out of the squeeze. It's called acid. That time of the day because time is being squeezed out. Remarkable

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connection between the word asked and azara to squeeze out a lot. It's a trap. Many people will hitless so answered, people are working Yes, back in the time of the Prophet. So to sum What about now, what do people do also, don't they work they show do at work, or at least you get that break? Is it really a time where people can be heedless, but it's more hassle? And even if you're not working? What are the mothers doing?

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Trying to rush home trying to get the kids from school, trying to cook for the husbands

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For the family, so it's a time when you're really busy. Maybe at work, or at home cooking, or picking up the kids. It's before nightfall and because back then, even today, you try to do things before it gets stuck. True. People don't like to do their shopping at nighttime will be out at nighttime. And also at a time where there's a lot of traffic true. Trying to beat peak hour.

00:30:26--> 00:31:05

So you say supine, all ages. Lazarus is telling us not just for the Sahaba but us as well, Goddess. So my dear brothers make it a promise today inshallah. From today from 10. I'm not going to miss Virgil and Asad. I'm going to pray them on time. But also we said to pray by fulfilling the conditions, but the pray with who should say all those three things entailed guarding the prayer, because the person can pray on time, but not fulfill the conditions. And a person can pray on time with his conditions, but not have who should say all three perfectly. And that's why you find those three things. There's nothing missing. True, what did we miss? When we say God, the prayer by

00:31:05--> 00:31:13

praying on time fillings, conditions and with kosher, what did you miss? Nothing. So make it a promise. That's what we're learning. We're learning to act not learning to know.

00:31:14--> 00:31:22

As if not as a means to sahabah we'll learn to act. Today we learn to know, I know the ruling to know There must be another factor.

00:31:23--> 00:31:32

We shouldn't just learn to know. Let's learn to act. And I'll end with a beautiful story about a selectable store about the middle prey.

00:31:33--> 00:31:44

beautiful story about Arma hooked up as mentioned about him hora de la mirada. Allahu anhu that to Manila was down in LA Who? Mr. Rolando, he went to his orchard one day he earned it.

00:31:45--> 00:32:07

He had an orchard and he went up to one day to work. When shall it be he? He became preoccupied. Sometimes it happens at work, you get busy and you get preoccupied for further to sola to last three job for further to Salatu Giamatti, Asan so he missed us or pray in Jamaica he didn't miss answered but he missed in congregation so what did he do

00:32:09--> 00:32:21

for the South Dakota local botanical? He gave the whole orchard away in South Africa. He got rid of it. You orchard made me miss acid in Jamaica. Got rid of it.

00:32:23--> 00:32:46

Sacrifice why our solar solar booster the middle prey? Imagine you and I did that my brother. Imagine everything that distracted us from solar. We got rid of it. First thing to go is the wife. And then the first thing to go is the husband wife to be fair drew for them as well. We'd go as well. And then the kids then the internet, then Facebook then the car then our job then everything else.

00:32:48--> 00:33:13

And I'm sure now imagine you did that. Now I'm sure you won't. If we did that, probably we left nothing. Therefore not willing to do that with some which I'm sure you're not. Then don't let the thing from the dunya preoccupied from the five daily prayers especially a solid rooster the middle pray, ask lots of God to help us all to God our prayers up until I found a breath Amen. So panic alone will become digna shadow and learn in a physical manner.