Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 013D Tafsir Al-Baqarah 80-82

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What can we learn from Asana now? Illa a Yemen Mara Duda and they say that the fire will never touch us except for a few days. In these verses who is being mentioned the Bani Israel you earlier we learned about the favours the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed on them. And now we learn about the crimes that these people committed. When Allah subhanaw taala bestows a favor on someone a blessing on someone, what should they do? We learned about shakur gratitude, what does that include? That a person becomes obedient, that he expresses words of gratitude he feels gratitude in his heart and at the same time through his limbs, he becomes more obedient to Allah subhanaw taala however,

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the Bani Israel eel when they received all those favors from Allah, instead of being obedient, what was their reaction of disobedience, of committing several crimes, and claiming things in religion, which had no basis which had absolutely no reality? So all of those things that the people claimed the Bani Israel claimed was that the fire of * is never going to touch us, meaning we're never going to go to hellfire. And if we do go to hellfire, it will only be for a few days. Why would they think like this, because they thought of themselves to be the chosen people. They were the believers, they were the best of all, if Allah subhanaw taala had given them so many blessings in

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this world that meant they were good no matter what they did. We learned earlier, everything of the religion was based on what one for them. They didn't have actual knowledge. They just suppose they assumed many things. And things they assumed was one that they're never going to go to hellfire will call you and they said land Thomasson and now the Messiah is letters mean seen seen must and must is to touch something. So they said that are now the fire which fire the fire of * is never going to touch us meaning we're never going to go to * fire because we are the best people. And if we do go to * fire. If we do, it will be Illa except for a yam. Amara Duda a yam is a Flora enough. Yom

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Yom is dead, a yam? There's an MA Duda from the root letters are in there, then. Do you know what the word or other means? Counting or number? And Ma? Or Duda is that which is numbered? That which is counted? Tell me something? If something is counted, if they can be counted? Are they a lot? Or are they a few? They're generally few? Because for example, the hair on your head, would you ever even bother trying to count them? So there's just too many to count. Similarly, if you go to a place where there's 1000s and 1000s of people, would you bother trying to count every single one of them? No, people have estimates, but they don't bother counting every single one of them. Now something

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that can be counted 1234 6050 This is what a few, not many. So a Yama Mara Duda means what? That we are only going to go to hellfire for a few days. If we do go it will only be for a few days. Allah subhanaw taala says will say meaning ask them at the customer in the law here I then have you taken a promise with Allah at the Hussam meaning Have you is the fam a question and it the hustle you all took? So have you taken or in the Allah He would Allah or then a promise or the you know, is a promise. So have you taken a promise from Allah that He is never ever going to put you in hellfire. And if you do go to hellfire, it will only be for a few days you have a promise that Allah subhanaw

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taala has made with you. And if such is the case, then felon so never usually for Allahu Allah who will never ever go against his promise you Khalifa ha lanpher We read the word Califa from the same route, what does it mean to go after Calif is also behind and offer for you gleeful if laugh is to go against? To go against what to go against one's promise, once commitment that a person says he will do something and then he does not do it. A person says he will not do something and then he does it. So a promise that a person makes he breaks it he goes against it. Allah says that if you have taken a promise from Allah that He will never put you in hellfire then where is it? Allah never

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made that promise with you. And if Allah did make that promise with you, following up for Allahu Allah, Allah would never ever go against his promise, because who breaks His promise? What's the reason what would cause someone to break his promise? Firstly, inability to fulfill the promise. A person is not able to fulfill it. For example, you say I'll come for the appointment at three o'clock. And then what happens? You made that promise but you go against it. Why you couldn't find the right

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Hate, your car broke down. You were too tired. inability, weakness is Allah subhanaw taala weak in any way, he's not weak in any way at all. He is the one who is perfect in ability, perfect in his power and might. So this is why Allah He never ever breaks His promise. Another reason why one would break his promise, insincerity, being dishonest, being insincere, being hypocritical, but we see that Allah subhanaw taala he is far above this weakness, because he is the one who is the most truthful woman us documenting Allah He Akela woman us documenting Allah He Hadith that no one at all is more truthful than Allah in speech. One of the names of Allah subhanaw taala is upheld, meaning

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the one who is the truth, the source of truth, Allah will never ever go against his promise. He never fails to keep his promise. So Allah says, I'm taco Luna, or are you all saying Allah Allah hit Meloetta? Or the moon what you do not know? Are you saying about Allah? Would you do not know? Meaning? Are you just making this up that Allah will never put you in hellfire? Is it something that you made up yourself? Now Allah subhanaw taala tells us that who is it that will go to hellfire and who is it that will go to Jannah? What takes a person to hellfire what takes a person to paradise? The bunny is like you what was there thinking that just because we belong to Bani Israel eel just

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because we're one of the special chosen people. This is why we're never going to hellfire. But Allah subhanaw taala clarifies, it's not about which group you belong to. It's about your own individual actions. Allah says Bella, why not? Of course, yes. The word Bella, in a way affirms what is mentioned previously, sometimes it negates what is mentioned previously. It's basically to affirm the truthfulness of what has been mentioned afterwards as well. Bella min cassava, whoever acquired cassava we have read this word earlier as well kept seeing back to acquire something. Whoever acquired whoever earned say he attend a scene. Say here from the root letter scene. Yeah, Hamza, or

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scene well Hamza, your Su, which is to be evil. And say here is that which is evil, that which is in and of itself, something bad. It's a source of sadness, bad for a person. And the word saya also applies to a sin, a crime. And notice the word say he attend you see that then when at the end, the two Fatah at the end so he attend this, then when sometimes it comes for the purpose of showing enormity of something, to show the greatness of something. So say he attend, this is the key, the theme to show the greatness of something. So it's not just a small thing. It's not just a small crime. No, it's a major crime. What is this major crime referring to? This major crime is referring

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to, for example, disbelief, disbelief in who, for instance, the prophets are about Islam, for instance, the Quran that a person believes in parts, but he disbelieves in other parts. So Bella man, cassava, yeah, earthen whoever acquired an evil deed, what a * thought be hopefully to who and his sin has encompassed him? Uh, how about how well it helper helper is to completely surround something from all sides. We have read the word more hailed earlier, Allah whom we'll hear from Bill caffine, that Allah fully encompasses the disbelievers. So they cannot escape his knowledge, they cannot escape his grasp, they cannot escape his punishment. So it helps as well to completely

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surround something from all sides, so that the one who is inside cannot escape, he cannot get out. For example, the person is in a completely walled room or person is in a yard that has a fence all around it. So what half of the hopefully to Hoonah, this person who has committed a huge sin of cover of this belief, and what is it that is surrounding him, hopefully, to who, hopefully a hall for Hamza, what does it mean? Sin huddly is also used for sin. Some have said that the word healthier is used for such sins that are not really deliberate but are accidental. So for example, a person does something wrong due to lack of knowledge, a person does something wrong due to being

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overcome by emotion. It could be a sin that is committed accidentally. And one is that a person deliberately says that, yeah, I'm going to do this wrong thing. But many times it happens that we say bad words when when we're upset. And later on, we're thinking, why did I ever say that? Similarly, when we're angry, that is when we react terribly in front of people. And later on, we regret doing that. So you can say at that time, it was accidental. I didn't really mean it, but did you not do it? You did it. So are you not blameworthy for it? Of course you are

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So what are how to be healthy or to his sins have surrounded him they have encompassed him? What does he mean by this? He has committed so many sins that they have completely surrounded him. There is no way of getting out of them. In every aspect of his life, every area in every matter, he has been disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala. And you know what this is a result of say, just as we learned earlier, that one sin what does it lead to another sin which leads to another sin, so that a person gets stuck in this vicious cycle that one bad leads to another bad and he's unable to escape that who started it that person started it himself so men cassava yet and what are healthy, healthy

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to eat committed so many crimes, one after the other, one sin after the other. So such people Allah says for Allah equals have enough so those people are the Companions of the Fire, whom feed her Holly Dune, they will be abiding there in eternally, who is going to * fire. The person who has committed sins, the person who has committed crimes, an innocent person is not going to have fire. So at this, we should all reflect on ourselves that what are we doing? If we do bad, we are going to be held accountable for it. Things don't evaporate. They don't just go away unless and until the person repents unless and until a person follows them with good deeds that will make up for the

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wrongs that he has done. But if a person has done wrong to such an extent that his sins have completely engulfed him, in every matter, he is sinning in every aspect of life. He is disobeying Allah than such people. Definitely they're going to hellfire. Why is this being mentioned over here in this context of the Bani Israel? Because the Bani Israel they were just satisfied with the fact that they were chosen people and they were going to go to Ghana because of that. And because of that, what would they do? They would say many wrong things about Allah subhanaw taala, about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala about the book of Allah. We learned about so many crimes that they

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committed, such as fabricating matters in the religion adding stuff into the book of Allah, the Hadith of the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala. These are all crimes. So if a person does anything like that, you think you will not be held accountable. Of course he will be held accountable. When cassava say and what are how to be healthy or do Fula Eagles have a novel via Hollywood. And we need to reflect on ourselves as well. Sometimes we're just very happy about the fact that yeah, I'm Muslim. I've set the Kalima and I'm gonna go to Paradise, of course. So what if I lived here there? So what if I said this bad thing to this non Muslim is a non Muslim anyway? Or she's not a Muslim?

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Who cares about them? No, this is not the correct attitude. This is not the right attitude at all. We think just because we're Muslim, we're fine. No matter what we do, no matter what we say it doesn't matter. But you know what, it does matter. In the hereafter, people will not just be judged based on which group they come from, but rather, the deeds that they have performed. The words that they have said, the actions that they have done. And over here, it's very clear that man, cassava man, what does man mean? Whoever any person from whichever community, whichever nation, it doesn't matter, if he has acquired sin, and his sins have engulfed him, meaning he has committed so many as

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though drowning in them he is fully immersed in them fully engrossed in them, then such a person is doomed to hellfire for Lagos Harbor, no. And notice how it has been said homefree her Holly dune abiding there eternally. On the other hand, when Medina Amma know who is going to Paradise, just those people who belong to a particular group, no, it's those people who know they have believed they have Eman, Eman and what Iman and everything that we're supposed to have Iman in the Bani Israel did they not have Iman and Allah subhanaw taala? Of course they did. Did they not have Eman in the Torah? Yes. Eman in the Day of Judgment. Yes. Eman in the angels. Yes. Eman and Musa Sana

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Yes. So what was wrong with their Iman? They did not believe in everything that you're supposed to believe in. They rejected researchers and they rejected Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam they rejected in jail they rejected the Quran. And as a result, their Iman was incomplete. This is why they are not a part of and loving,

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to be have Alladhina amanu what is necessary that we believe in everything that Allah subhanaw taala has told us to believe that Allah subhanaw taala has told us that the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam has informed us off, so well Lavina Amanu but is this email sufficient? Only on the basis of acceptance can a person enter Jannah one more thing is necessary. And what is that? What our middle slaley heard, and they also performed the right

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ustedes almost solid is necessary. So such people who learn Ecuador's are as horrible Jana, the inmates the companions of paradise, they are the ones who will live in Jannah for how long? What does the ISA homefree her Holly Dune, they will be abiding there in eternally, just as the people of hellfire are in hellfire forever people of paradise are in paradise forever based on what based on the actions that they have performed. If a person does wrong, he will be punished for it and if a person does good, he will be rewarded for it. No actions are ignored. Every action is important and we should be very careful about every single thing that we do and say so these ayat make it very

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clear that a person is going to Jannah or a person is going to hellfire not on the basis of which community they come from but on the basis of the deeds that they perform. Let's listen to the recitation

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it's amazing how all of these verses they reflect the Muslim ummah today that we see all of these crimes and all of these beliefs and all of these practices that have no foundation in the the very very common amongst the Muslim ummah today that where the Bani Israel used to play around with their book, the book that Allah had revealed they had no respect for it. This is exactly what the Muslims do today, where knowledge was

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concentrated only with a few people and they did whatever they wanted with the knowledge of the dean, the masses were ignorant. And this exactly what is happening today. And the majority of the people their religion is founded on what one assumption supposition and false beliefs false hopes that yeah, we'll be fine. Do whatever you want. And this is the reason why we know that certain things are clearly wrong. Clearly haram, but still we find excuses for ourselves. We say it's okay. And we say Allah is like a photo Rahim. And you do it but he will forgive you. Besides, you're a Muslim. But we see that these beliefs were also common in the Bani Israel and Allah subhanaw taala

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negates them completely, that just because you belong to this group, don't think you'll be fine. Be careful about every single action where Eman is necessary, almost silent is also necessary. And if a person indulges and say here, he will be held accountable for it.

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See how the description is given over here what a how not be healthy to who that his sin has completely surrounded him. And many times that happens that a person has he is committing a sin, He is fully engrossed in it, he's lost in it. And he's enjoying it so much. He's so busy with it, that he doesn't even see the wrongs that he is committing. He doesn't even realize that he's doing something wrong. He's busy, he's fully immersed into it. But if you think about it, this wall of sin that has surrounded you is in reality, what a wall of fire. What are how to be healthy to for Allah equals harbor. Now, if we look at our sins as fire, then we will not enjoy them, we will run away

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from them. We will not be comfortable with them, but rather we will try our best to be as far away as possible from them. So we should view sins as what fire. It's a pentacle. locomobi him the kind of Chateau a La ilaha illa. Anta the stuff we look at one or two, we like assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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