Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 013C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 75-79

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of "arson" and "arsonic words," as well as the use of "has been" to describe actions and events. The importance of accepting Islam and not changing the meaning of "has been" is emphasized, as it is disclosure to leaders. The use of "has been" in English to describe actions taken by individuals is also discussed, with a focus on false "has been" in English to describe actions taken by individuals. The history of the book of Allah is also discussed, highlighting the petty nature of the book and the intentions behind its writing.
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Now Allah subhanaw taala addresses the believers. So far the address was directed to the Bani Israel. They were being reminded of the many favorites that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed on them the many, many times that Allah subhanaw taala helped them, bless them, but still, they did not turn to Allah still they did not humble themselves before Allah. So Allah says, Your hearts have become hard. And now Allah addresses the believers. Allah says, effort automa Runa do you then wish do you then desire a yoke me no luck on that these people mean the Bani Israel you will listen to you that they will believe in you. You think that they will believe they're not going to believe you think

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they're going to listen to you? No way. When a person's heart has become hard that no matter what evidence you give them, no matter how you explain things to them, they don't change. They remain unaffected. It is as though you're talking to a wall. Your words bounced back at you. So you desire that these people are going to believe give up that hope they're not going to believe EFA tomar una forma de meme rain. Tomar is you can say greed, to greedily desire for something, a very strong desire for something. So all you believers do you strongly desire that a yoke Minneola calm that is Bani Israel, you will believe in you. They will listen to you that if you tell them to believe in

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they're going to listen, no way it's not going to happen. They're not going to listen. Why? Because their hearts have become hard and what God can afford to UConn and in fact there is a group for the UK from the root letters fair raw porphyria is a group of people that is separate from the main body Farakka what is what are coming to separate what it for Akane become Al Baqarah Safari, a group there is a group men home from their meaning from the Bani Israel eel. What do they do? Yes, Morona Calam Allah they listen to the speech of Allah. Yes, Morona seen meme or in summer to hear Qalam Aloka lamb speech word. So there is a group of the Bani Israel eel who

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listen to the speech of Allah. But then what do they do after listening to it so much. Then, you heard the foreigner who they distort it, they alter it, they change it, you have the foreigner, how raw for how often you have reviewed the hadith is to distort something to change it. Basically it is derived from Herat did that but the Abba and animal changed its direction. Like for example, an animal is facing this way. However, meaning he changed his direction he turned around. So words they are to be understood. They are to be read pronounced in a particular way. But if you change their pronunciation if you distort their meaning, if you alter their meaning, this is what the brief

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alteration of the words. So these people, they hear the speech of Allah, but then what do they do? They do. It's the Hadith, they change it, they distort it. Remember that the Hadith of the words is done in two ways. First of all, the Hadith that is lovely. And secondly, the Hadith that is Marna week, the Hadith that is lovely, what you understand by the term love leap, that it's the alteration of the words. So for example, a word has to be read, it has to be pronounced in a particular way, but you change the pronunciation, you change the actual spelling. So if you change the spelling, then is the word going to remain the same. No, if you change the pronunciation, is it going to have

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the same meaning? Of course not. For example, Mr. Team, there has to be it there. But if a person says most talking thought you change that into a thought. For example, they were told to say hello. What did they say? hindpaw. Does it sound similar? Yes, they just added another letter, HIPAA, HIPAA, similar, but the change the actual spelling of the word. So this is what the Hadith love Lea. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, we're Kela Mala who Musa claimer kala Mala who Musa Allah spoke to Musa if people read it as well kala Mala her Musa, they change the WHO into her, the meaning changes. So if you change the spelling, this is what the Hanif a lovely, yeah. The second

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time of the hadith is the heat that is Marna we're that you keep the words the same, but you distort you change the meaning, the implication, the understanding, how would you do that by taking the word out of context by saying that it's from a different origin so it gives a completely different meaning. For example, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says about lava

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Okay, the word lava comes many times the Quran, Baba literally means to strike to hit. And there are some contexts if the word lava comes with fee, or it comes with different other words that it will give a different implication it will give a different meaning. So a person says, oh, every lava in the Quran, it doesn't mean to strike. It doesn't mean to hit it doesn't mean to beat No, no. It means to travel, it means to journey. Is that correct? No, you're changing the meaning. Similarly, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the novella, the ants, the story of the ants, when Solomon and his salami was traveling with his armies, and they were crossing a particular valley and

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over there, there was an anthill. And when the and sense that an army was coming, they announced like an alarm that everybody get back into your places because an army is coming. And if you don't get in, you might be crushed. So it was an ENT and the word Nebula is used for an ENT. There are people who say, Oh, no, no, no, this number doesn't refer to an end, it actually refers to the tribe of the namely people. So there was a tribe who lived there of the people who are known as the num lights. And when they heard that the army is coming, they said, Oh, get into your homes, otherwise, you will get crushed. I mean, tell me something, an army will crush people with their feet. Is that

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possible? It's not possible. And the word novella in the Quran is understood as what in the Arabic language is understood as what? And so this is how people distort the meanings. They keep the word the same, but what do they do? They distort the meaning of the word by taking it out of context, by interpreting it incorrectly by interpreting it according to their own desires. And there are many different reasons behind that. So anyway, the Bani Israel ear, Allah subhanaw taala says that you think they will believe they're not going to believe because there is a group amongst them who hear the speech of Allah. But what did they do after hearing it they distorted they alter it either in

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Word or in meaning or both? And when did the distorted mimbar the Amara Kullu after they have understood it, aka Lorraine Coughlin Arkell, what does Arkell mean to understand the reason, so after they have understood the actual spelling of the word, the actual meaning of the word, they distort the meaning they distort the pronunciation mimbar Dima or Kalu and this is a much greater crime that a person knows what the actual meaning as a person knows what the actual word is, but yet he alters it, yet he changes it. Remember the man or Kalu? Moreover, a homie or the moon and they know, what do they know, they know that they are distorting the words of Allah. It's not an

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accident. It's not a mistake. It wasn't a misunderstanding. You know, for example, if somebody says to you something and you misunderstand it, it's possible. But if a person deliberately changes the implication of that statement, then that is a crime. After he has understood it correctly, still, he changes it. This is a crime or homea Allah moon and they know meaning this was not an accident. This is a deliberate and well homie or the moon. They know that altering the words of ALLAH is a huge crime, yet they do it. They know it's a sin, yet they do it well whom he or Allah moon. What does it mean by this verse? In this verse, we see that Allah subhanaw taala, is telling the believers to

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give up hope that these people are ever going to believe they're not going to believe they're far away from believing, so far. Imagine they understand the words of Allah. They know what they mean, yet they change the meaning. Yet they play around with the words and if a person is doing that with knowledge, using is going to change, you think he's going to X up, he's not going to listen to you. You know, one is a person who doesn't know at all if you tell him there is a chance that he is going to believe. But there is a person who knows yet he rejects and yet he changes he distorts the words give up hope that they're ever going to believe. And it shows what a great crime these people

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committed that they distorted the speech of Allah subhanaw taala in this verse, the for the group of the Bani Israel, this is referring to their scholars, their leaders, the educated ones, that they knew the kalam of Allah what does the kalam of Allah refer to? It may be understood as a Torah that they would distort alter the words the meanings of the Torah. And secondly, Kalam over here may also refer to the Quran that they heard the Quran yet they change the wording. I can give you an example over here, that once the bunny started, the Jews came to the Prophet salallahu Salam and instead of saying a Salam or Aleikum, they said Assam Alikum what does that mean me death be upon you. So I

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showed it on her. She understood that and she got very upset, very angry. And she said was Sam or Alico will learn the curse of Allah also upon you and the prophets Allah ism. So why did you say that? You should have just said what I said. She said, What did you say? He said, I just said wire Alenko. Same to you. So anyway, they're distorted the words of the Torah and they also distorted the words

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of the Quran, yes, Salam where it comes not really in the Quran. But just to give you an example that those Jews at the time of the Prophet salallahu, salam, they did that. So they distorted the words of the Torah, they distorted the words of the Quran. Why would they do that? Why do you think somebody would distort change the meaning change the words of the book of Allah? Why? Think about it, there is a law, different amendments, different acts, so on and so forth. And there's a lawyer who's trying to somehow make his client innocent, and he knows that he's guilty. What is he going to do? He is going to perhaps interpret the law in a way that will prove his client innocent. People do

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that to suit their own desires. You know, for example, there are people who don't want to change themselves, according to the Quran. But what do they want to do? Change the Quran, so that neither we are wrong, we are not wrong. And at the same time, we're also following the book of Allah. But that cannot happen. Either you're following the book of Allah, or you're not following the book of Allah. For example, the verses in the Quran about Hijab absolutely clear, absolutely obvious. But people will interpret it differently. They will not change themselves, they will change the book of Allah. Now the hood, how did they change the Torah? We know that constantly, their books have been

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altered, their books have been revised, their books have been changed, they have been tampered throughout the ages. Why? For worldly benefits. For example, there's a person who's very wealthy, if he's committing a crime, he has to be punished. We don't want to punish him because it'd be a huge humiliation for him. So let's a slightly change these words and this how he will not be punished. Similarly, in the Torah, the signs of the prophets of Allah Islam, his description was clearly mentioned, what did they do? They changed it, or they completely removed it. They erased it from their book. Then the Quran also to make fun of the book of Allah, they would alter the words to mock

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at the believers. For example, in the Quran, we learned Allah subhanaw taala tested the believers that don't say Arina, we'll call him Luna was smooth, that if you miss something that the Prophet SAW, Allah said in his head, don't say Lorena, say on Zola, don't use this word long enough. Why? Because the believers would say Loreena, which gives the meaning of Pardon us? Would you please repeat that? But the Jews when they heard that they would say, Oh naraina, meaning Oh, our shepherd, they would mark at the believers in this way.

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So there are many different reasons why a person would do that. Allah says such people, they're not going to believe. Don't expect them to change. Don't expect them to believe at all. They know what they're doing. They're committing a huge crime. They do it deliberately. What does this verse show to us? This verse teaches us when we know something of the book of Allah, then what should we do? Accept it as it is. Don't change it. Don't alter it, change yourself. Because changing the book of Allah does not actually change the book of Allah. Why? Because Allah has promised to preserve His book. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran that in national nuzzel Ludvika were in Allahu La Have

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you learned that indeed, we have revealed this reminder and we are going to protect it we are going to preserve it. So this Quran, no one can change the wordings no one can, even if they try their best, the meaning can the people try to change it? Yes. However, Allah subhana data has also preserved the meaning of the Quran through the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam through the preservation of the Arabic language as well. There are many ways in which Allah subhanaw taala has preserved the wording of the Quran as well as the meaning of the Quran. So the Quran cannot be changed. What should we change ourselves? That Allah says we're either an Akula Nina ama know when

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these people when they meet the believers, you think they're going to believe they're not going to believe why? Because when these people look on Medina Amanu, local lamb Coffea luckier to meet when they meet the believers, what do they do? Call you they say Amen. We have believed when they come in front of the believers, they say, Yeah, we also believe in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Armineh but they said only by their tongues. This is just a verbal claim just to believe the believers. What does it show to us that there were some hypocrites who were from among the hood from among the Bani Israel? Because we have read this about them when African earlier and through the

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Bukhara that when they come to the believers and say we believe and when they go back to the leaders and say we were only having fun, we were only joking we're only mocking the believers. We're not serious about this. such hypocrites, many of them came from Mangu the hood. So when they come in front of the believers, they say I'm Anna, we believe me we have also accepted Islam. What either holla and when they are alone caller ha Lam Well, bow to him. Some of them ILA Berlin to some others, meaning when they are alone with one another. They are alone with each other and

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Remember Hala, it means to be alone. Kala Isla is to be alone with someone, why in order to take their advice in order to discuss something with them. So when they are alone with one another, we there are no Muslims, it's just them and they're discussing their matters, what happens? All who they say who says their leaders, their scholars, they say to them, what are you doing? Why do you go to them and say that you have believed? Because they would go and they would say, Yeah, we are believers. And yes, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is indeed the right messenger these the one whom we were waiting for, and you know, the sign of his as mentioned in our book, and we know that this is

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also his sign and you know, he fulfills that. So they would come back and their leaders would say, What are you doing? Why are you going and telling them all the information that you had the sooner whom do you inform them to have this owner have the SIR, any word that you can think of from this word, Hadith, what is how are these we understand how these as the narrations concerning the Prophet sallallahu sallam, whether it is his words or his actions or his circumstances, that is what hadith is, and hadith is what it is narrated. The word hadith is also used for speech, it is also used for a story and it literally is gonna shake lumea con, when something that did not exist comes into

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existence. hadith is when you narrate something to the other, what he does not know he did not know before you told him so now he knows he did not know about it. You told him and so now he knows about it. So their leaders would say, are you informing them? Are you telling them they did not know about this, but you are disclosing to them you're telling them Bhima Fattah Hala, who are alaykum about that which Allah has opened up for you, fatter, her further hair, remember Al Fatiha, the opening, so for her is to open. When something is opened up for you, whatever is inside, you come to know about it, it is disclosed to you. So are you telling them about what Allah has disclosed to you what

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Allah has opened up for you, meaning about the knowledge that Allah has given to you? What knowledge did they have knowledge of the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Allah says in the Quran, that these people Yardi fauna, who can I already fauna Avena home, they recognize the truthfulness of the Prophet salallahu Salam, just as recognize your own sons. If a person sees his own child is there any doubt? person knows, yeah, this is my child, he can spot his child in 50 kids, you know, sometimes there's a picture taken over the entire class and the mother can spot her own child, although the rest of the children wearing the exact same uniform, or perhaps have the exact same height, exact same age, but still the mother can point out her child very easily. This is how well they could tell. The Prophet said a lot isn't was indeed the right

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messenger because Allah subhanaw taala had given them many signs, he had told them about the signs. So when they would go to the believers and tell them about those signs, their scholars would get upset. What on earth are you doing? Why are you telling them about this knowledge that Allah has given you because if you're telling them that what's going to happen, they know that we're not believing deliberately. And then on the day of judgment, you had to come up there in the rugby come, they will argue with you on the basis of it near your Lord, you had you compare Jean Jean Mohajer is an argument such an argument that is verbal in which both parties are using evidence as against each

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other to negate each other. So if you're telling them about all of the signs, you know what's going to happen on the Day of Judgment, they're going to argue with you in front of Allah. They're going to say your Allah these people had the signs they knew yet they rejected yet they did not believe What answer will you have for that? You will have no answer. So don't tell them anything. pretend as if he's not the true messenger, just ignore him. Ignore everything about him. Just don't pay any attention to him so that they will have no evidence against us and on the Day of Judgment, we can say to Allah, that He Allah Oh, we didn't recognize him. We didn't know about him. They said a fella

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darken who don't you understand? Allah says Allah Allah Allah Munna. Don't these people know that and Allah Ya Allah, who may you sit una mejor Linoone that Allah knows what they reveal and what they conceal. Who are they trying to play with? If they keep a secret in their hearts, and they don't tell other people about it? Does Allah not know about that secret? Just pretending to not know the Prophet pretending to ignore him? Is that going to help you on the Day of Judgment? No, because Allah knows that you know, he is the messenger, the secret that you have kept in your heart. Allah knows about that. So they would say to their people, don't go to the Muslims and don't tell them

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anything about the sign of the prophet satellites. Because if you do that, tomorrow, they will argue with you in the presence of your Lord, and then you will have no answer. And they would say a fella * Don't Don't you wonder

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Stand don't you use your reason? Meaning Why are you telling them? Don't tell the Muslims anything? In fact, erase the signs, change them, alter them, get rid of them do anything to hide this reality question. Why do they not want us to simply believe in the Prophet sallallahu sallam? Would it be easier to do that instead of making up all this fake display? Would it be easier to simply believe in the Prophet sallallahu sunnah? Wouldn't it be easier to simply accept the fact why did they not do so? They would lose their religious supremacy. I told you about the history of the Bani Israel, that for centuries, they were the chosen people for centuries, they were the special people who had

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the knowledge who had the right religion who were close to Allah Who were those on the truth. And they had kept this only to themselves, they did not share it with the rest of the world. But the Prophet SAW Allah Islam, the message that he brought meant was that this religion is through all people. So if they believe in Muhammad salallahu Salam, they would lose their supremacy over the rest of mankind. And also they were jealous of him. They look down on the Arabs, they consider themselves to be very superior. For them to believe in an Arab Prophet was an insult. They looked down on the Arabs a lot. This is why they didn't want to accept him. Obviously, they couldn't deny

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the reality so they came up with a very silly idea that don't tell the Muslims anything, hide the facts, erase the reality and then tomorrow and Allah will question you say you didn't know you think Allah doesn't know you? You think Allah doesn't know what's in your heart the secret that you're keeping our eye on I'm gonna do these people not know that and Allah Ya Allah will that indeed, Allah knows may you still ruin your saloon scene, rara scene rah rah said something that a person keeps as a secret in his heart, or that a person shares with only his friends. He doesn't disclose to the entire world he doesn't disclose to other people. Do they not know that Allah knows about the

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secrets they keep? When are you really doing and what they reveal your linen I in lamb noon airline airline has to reveal something, let it be known let it be known to anybody in everybody. So don't they know that Allah knows about everything, they cannot keep any secret from him lay a fairly shade. Nothing is hidden to Allah. Everything is opened before him. What does this ayah teach us? This ayah teaches us that there is no way you can deny a reality. Even if you pretend to not know it. You cannot save yourself from Allah. Because Allah knows you inside out. For example, somebody might be very unjust toward someone and they say yeah, you know, I mean, well, I mean to do good,

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but in the heart, their heart is full of envy and hatred and bad feelings and feelings of revenge. And they pretend to be very nice in front of other people. Does Allah not know the reality? Yes, this fake display cannot save you. Pretension cannot save you, just as they were pretending to not know it cannot save them. So we should accept reality and live in reality, that out of your imagination and face the reality. We also learned in this verse that people who do such that they pretend to not know reality. In fact, what are they? You're foolish? Because this is extreme foolishness. Allah says Allah Allah Munna? Don't they know, meaning what are they thinking? This is

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foolishness. We think if a person can do that he's being very smart and very intelligent, don't even acknowledge the right of the other, don't even acknowledge your mistake, just pretend everything is perfectly fine. For example, a person he's taken somebody else's wealth, his brothers share of inheritance or his sister's share of inheritance, and he's living off like a millionaire. And he knows about the wrong that he has done, but he pretends as if he's done nothing wrong. This is foolishness. This is not smartness. So when only a person cheats on his test, and he pretends as if he's very smart, this is what foolishness because you cannot play with Allah subhanaw taala you

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cannot deceive him, you can deceive people, but you cannot deceive Allah subhanaw taala. So we should know what real smartness is, and what foolishness is, we should know the difference. Then we also learn in this verse that people will argue before Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, people who are friends today will be arguing tomorrow. People who are buddy buddy today will be enemies tomorrow, you had you can be or may not have become Allah subhanaw taala says and sort of the movement on i 15, somewhere in the combat the Delica lemma Utahn somewhere in the commune will try to become the tilsley moon. Soon you will die. And on the Day of Judgment, you're going to argue

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with one another.

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me know that

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you're smelling a lot

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follow me on

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Men or

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women were either

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to handle the

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fact that how long people knew

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woman whom only Yuna and among them are unlettered ones, those who are completely ignorant. What is their state? That layer on the Moodle Kitab they do not know the Book in that Amani except just a money except mere recitation or accept lies, imagination, false hopes, were in whom Ill ideas are known, and they only doubt whatever they say whatever the belief is based on one supposition, assumption from among who, among the Bani Israel, you can think about the Bani Israel as two groups of people, one group of those who are scholars, leaders, who hide the reality who change the words who distort the meaning, who add stuff into the book of Allah who take out stuff from the book of

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Allah. And then there is another group of people who are the followers of the leaders, blind followers of the leaders who don't know anything themselves, who don't know anything about their religion, they just do whatever they're told. They just believe in whatever is told to them. Allah subhanaw taala described a second group that women home and from them our Ummah, Yun, OMA Yoon is a Florida for me and who is oh me, oh me is one who has been ascribed to his mother, his nyssma has been done with his mother this year at the end that you see this is of Nyssa what is Misbah? Like for example, if somebody is from Somalia, what are they described as Soma? Lee? If somebody is from

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Pakistan, what is it about them? Pakistan knee, if somebody is from Canada can a DM so this is a n in English okay? And this year in Arabic, this is a what Nyssa? Oh, me meaning one who's despise with his mother. What does it mean by that? Meeting, one whose source of knowledge whose only source of knowledge is what? His mother, meaning the way the mother gave birth to him, he is still like that today. In other words, and only as someone who has not received any formal education, any formal training, whatever he learned from his mother, that's it. Never been to school never said before a teacher never memorized any text, never understood anything, any book, any texts. Nothing

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like that doesn't know how to read doesn't know how to write this is who an omega is in its literal sense. So Allah says women who are Miyun they consider themselves to be the People of the Book. Look at the reality. Among them are those who are completely illiterate. Illiterate doesn't mean that they don't know how to read and write no, they may be masters of worldly sciences, highly educated in worldly terms. How are they will meet Allah says lair Allah Munna, kita they do not know the Book which book the book that Allah has revealed, the book that they have been given by Allah subhanaw taala they have no knowledge of the Torah, no knowledge of the thorough the only thing that they

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know about the Torah is what Illa Amani only Imani what is Imani? IMANI is a Florida Omnia, and this word has been understood in many ways. One meaning of the word Omnia is false hopes false wishes. So the only thing they know about the book about the religion is their false imagination. Yeah, you know, I've heard that the stories mentioned in the book of Allah that so and so Prophet went there and such and such is that true. People say similar things about the Quran as well. false hopes, imagination. Secondly, the word Imani is also understood as a caddy blys Because the word Imani is also used for lies or smile of the law when he said math or NATO woman atom a NATO Montezuma, Islam

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two sins I have accepted Islam I have never participated in any gathering of singing and alcohol, nor have I ever lied metal, a native woman to a NATO, meaning I've never lied. I've never uttered a lie since I have become Muslim, though it's a second meaning lies. So the only thing that they know about the religion is false stories that were invented by some people and passed on to others. And that is what they base their religion on. And unfortunately, this is the reality of the Muslims today as well. They will know about many, many false stories, whether it is about the Prophet salallahu Salam, or it is about the Sahaba or is about the righteous people of the past. Or you know

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that Saint lady who saw righteous so pious, she flew up in the air and she put a mat on water and she stood up and she prayed to Allah

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false stories and people to oh my wow how obedient she was, how righteous she was false stories. This is the only thing that they know about religion. Similarly about the hatred of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what story is very famous that he was in the cave and a spider came and you know, there was a huge web and there was a dove. It laid eggs over there. So the machine came but they went to it. This is the only story that people know about the life of the prophet Sallallahu Salah is it as authentic as other stories, not really false stories. This is what the religion is based on. This was a state of who the Bani Israel as well. The third meaning of Imani is Tilawat

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recitation, mere recitation without understanding. So they don't know the book, the only thing they know about the book is just how to read the book. They don't understand what the words mean. They don't understand the implication. They don't understand the context. They don't understand why they were revealed how you're supposed to apply them. They don't know anything, except for recitation. Is that true button Muslims today? Yes. But unfortunately, the people who know how to recite are also few today, we have become much worse than them. So we're minimum on Miyun layout, the Moodle Kitab, Illa, Murni. We're in home and not the Illa. Except you know, and they assume, reading everything

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about the religion is based on assumption. They speak without knowledge. They believe without knowledge. They do without knowledge. Everything is based on assumption, they have no knowledge. What do we see in this verse? Who are the real illiterate people? Who are the people who are illiterate, uneducated in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. Those who don't have a master's degree, those who have not completed high school, those who don't have a PhD, who are truly unlettered those who don't know the book of Allah, my dear sisters, no matter how much knowledge you gain, if you don't know the book of Allah, then this will be our reality in the sight of Allah. Allah subhanaw

00:32:05 --> 00:32:44

taala has revealed one book for us to read, for us to understand for us to remember for us to follow and tell me if we read so many other books, we have time to read them, we have time to understand that we have time to study them in our literature class, we have time to read them so many times the book becomes, you know, loose, that it's been used so much. It's been with us in our bag. It's been with us in our night tables. It's been with us to our classrooms, on the bus in the car everywhere, because we need that book. Don't you think Allah who questioned us? Did you bother to read my book? Did you bother to understand my book, the way we study other texts? Do we study the text of Allah

00:32:44 --> 00:33:24

subhanaw taala. In the same way, the real omy is the one who does not know the Book of Allah, who does not understand the book of Allah, even if he knows how to recite recitation is not knowledge. actual knowledge is what understanding. I'm not saying recitation is not important. It's extremely important. It's the first step to learning but it's not the final step. Get to know the book of Allah better than you know, other books. We know other books so well. Think about the book of Allah as well. Because if we don't know that book, and if we know every other book, we're still unlettered. Then we also learn in this verse that those people who don't know the book of Allah,

00:33:24 --> 00:33:36

then their religion is based on what mere assumption mere supposition, and one supposition cannot take the place of hope. It cannot take the place of truth will end up on the lake near and

00:33:37 --> 00:34:17

it can never take the place of the truth. We have to know the truth and whatever we do, whatever we practice, whatever we say, in our religion, about our religion must be based on what knowledge don't just assume that this is what you have to pray, if this is what you have to recite in Salah. Don't just assume that this is how you're supposed to make will do gain knowledge. Be confident about what you do know the evidence, study it. And before we speak with regards to anything about the religion, we must have knowledge about it. Otherwise, we are guilty. No one has that a person tries to find out he learns he studies yet he says something wrong that is out of ignorance but still he put an

00:34:17 --> 00:34:52

effort. But the other is that a person does not even bother to find out and he goes on saying things about their religion that is problematic. Weren't the Arabs called or Miyun? Yes, the word or meat is understood in many ways. First of all, in its literal sense, someone who is unlettered another way as a technical term, the word Omi applied to the Arabs as opposed to the Bani Israel. Why are they called me because they had no scripture? And because they did not have a habit of reading and writing things. in Makkah. There were very few people who could read and write even the Prophet sallallaahu Salam was not able to read and write himself. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that we

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

are an unlettered nation we do not read we do not write we do not calculate things. Then Allah Subhana Allah says for Wayne and in Medina

00:35:00 --> 00:35:52

To Boone al Kitab ad him so a big wall whale well yeah Allah Wayne is a term a word that will come many times the Quran is used as a Kalama of or that threat where Eid meaning a big punishment, destruction curse be upon who such and such people. So for Whalen for who Lin Lavina for those people who iecq to wound al Kitab, who write the book, Yakubu al Kitab Gafta ba over here al Kitab does not mean book over here. Kitab means MK two meaning something that is written writing. So yes to Wounaan keytab the write the writing how we add him with their own hands, ad is the plural of Yet Yet his hand. So there write something down with their own hands. Tell me don't you write with your

00:35:52 --> 00:36:35

hand? Why is it been said with their own hands? To emphasize that they're forging all of this? They're making it up? They're inventing it? So yeah, kabuna Kitabi ad him they make it up themselves to write it with their own hands and then some Miko Luna, then they say Heather Minar in de la, this is from Allah. Just imagine, imagine if somebody writes a letter and signs it off by your name? Is that a crime? Of course it is. It's a huge crime. Imagine they committed this crime against Allah subhanaw taala. Somewhere colonna had them and are in the law. This is from Allah. How would they do this? For example, somebody will come and question them about a problem that they're facing that

00:36:35 --> 00:37:12

what are we supposed to do? They say, Okay, we'll give you a solution. Give us 50 bucks. This is a fee that you have to pay. They would write something down with their own hands, and they'll say, oh, yeah, we found this in the book. So this is your solution. This is what you're supposed to thank you for your piece. See, this is what they would do. It is from Allah pretend that it was from the Torah. Similarly, they would write words into the Torah. Why do you think their books have been altered so much? Why? Because they added so many things into the book, which were never there. Originally. He had to Buddha Kitabi ad him somewhere coluna had I mean, or indeed Allah. Allah says,

00:37:12 --> 00:37:51

Whelan a big word to them. Why do they do this? What's the reason? Leah Chateauroux so that they may purchase that they may take be through it, some of them Canina a very petty price? What is that Petey price that they would take an exchange, some worldly gain? Why did Allah subhanaw taala not protect the Dota like he has promised to protect the Quran? Because I thought it was not the final book. The Quran is a final book after the Quran. No other scripture is coming. And the Torah, Allah subhanaw taala sent prophets to the Bani Israel again and again, who taught them the actual book with the actual words that Allah subhanaw taala had revealed. And this was the decision of Allah. He

00:37:51 --> 00:38:13

allowed them they were the chosen people, they were the ones who were believers in Allah subhanaw taala had blessed with so much it was expected of them that they should have respect for the book of Allah if other people don't. They would add things to the book and they would say this is from Allah, why to gain something that was very petty, worldly benefits. And some of them kalila does not mean that only a penny or two in return.

00:38:15 --> 00:38:56

Some of them Padilla means anything of this world because anything of this world even if it's everything, what is it, it is small, it is Betty. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran that call Matera dunya Khalil will akhira to heighten Luminita called that say the benefit of this dunya is temporary it is very small in the hereafter it is much better for those people who have fear of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said llamo there are so painful Jana Jairo Mina dunya wa mafia, that are placed so small in paradise that is occupied by only a whip, can you imagine how clean it is? how small it is, the place occupied by whip in Jannah is much better than dunya and whatever

00:38:56 --> 00:39:39

that is in it. This is how small worldly benefits are. So they fabricated things in their religion to gain better price to gain dunya in return leash there will be some of them Kalida Allah says for Wayne Allah home so water them me marketable ID him for what their own hands have written, will weigh Lulu home and water them me my xe bone for what they acquire for what they earn Yuxi bonus from gap seen by cassava is to earn to gain something to acquire something. So two things are being mentioned over here first of all for Wailoa woman marketable ad in their action of writing. Allah says word to them. And second thing while while Allah who made my xe bone they're earning water them

00:39:39 --> 00:40:00

for that their action and they're earning votes are being represented over here both are being declared as blameworthy over here. What do we learn in this verse? Why do you think Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned in the crimes of the Bani Israel so that we take a lesson? They didn't accept the book of Allah as it was, they either deleted parts of it or

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

or they altered parts of it or they added things into the book of Allah. Why? to suit their own desires to gain this dunya. While the masses they chose to remain ignorant of the book of Allah, the scholars were playing with the religion of Allah and the masses, the people, what were they doing? Simply following them? And what is the reason? Why is it that the ordinary people did not know the Book of Allah? Do you know why they were busy making their dunya they were busy chasing this world. They were Masters in Business in craftsmanship. For example, in Medina, the Jews were very wealthy, extremely wealthy, how they were the ones who sold weapons, and they're the ones who sold gold.

00:40:43 --> 00:41:23

They're the ones who made jewelry. They were the ones who owned lands who had huge fortresses. They had every skill of this world, but they did not know their religion, their religion was concentrated within who, just the leaders amongst them whatever they said the masses followed, we need to check our results today. What do we do? Do we just do whatever somebody tells us? Or do we know the book of Allah for ourselves? We should know the book of Allah ourselves as well. So we see that both people are being recommended over here, the leaders as well as the followers of scholars as well as the followers, scholars for distorting the book for adding stuff into the book and the masses for

00:41:23 --> 00:42:05

being ignorant about the book. Both are at fault. Both are guilty. So if we have been given knowledge of the deen, then what should we do? Be serious with the deen? And if we don't know the deen, then what should we do? Learn the deen because if we remain in that state of ignorance and foolishness, then who is to be blamed? We are ourselves we are at fault. And we see that writing something in the book of Allah is not something small, it's a huge crime, writing something in a way that it appears that it is part of the book, it should not be done, we should become very careful. And this also shows to us that the book of Allah, the religion of Allah should never be used to make

00:42:05 --> 00:42:46

worldly prophet. This is what the scholars were doing, they would write stuff they would give fatwas. Why to make money. The religion of Allah is not cheap, is not something through which a person should be making money. What does it mean by this, for example, a person is studying the religion just so that he can become a scholar just so that he can make money. This is a wrong intention. If you're using the deen of Allah, just as a person who is using mathematics or science or geography to make money, this is wrong. Because if you're using it for this purpose, then your heart is not involved. You don't have fear of Allah. But if you're learning the deen of Allah,

00:42:46 --> 00:43:27

you're serving the deen of Allah to exalt the word of Allah to tell people about Allah about his Kalam and a side benefit is some worldly advantage. That is different. That is permissible. Whenever a person is learning the deen teaching the deen serving the dean in any capacity. What should be the main intention? Money, worldly benefit, something that you can put in your resume? Well, I took TQ E for in Abuja on the weekends. I'm very smart student I got 90% So yeah, give me this job is that what should be done? No. What should be the intention to exalt the word of Allah to come closer to Allah to do what we are supposed to do? And the side benefit of Hamlet, Allah Hedeman fugly Ropey

00:43:28 --> 00:43:44

and if a person uses the deen for the dunya then this is something terrible. Allah subhanaw taala says Waylon a big goal and notice how many times Wally has been said three times in this verse way too long way too long way too long. This is something major something very serious. Let's listen to the recitation

00:43:51 --> 00:43:51

that he

00:43:53 --> 00:43:57

should do pursue in Nina Ruhija

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gentlemen who

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shocked by a woman who

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was in

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the built will mean the cashier

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or analog we'll be logging in

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as mean

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smell gala

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well pardon

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me a smell Nicola logging

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me out.

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Why ye either

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one either,

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either about

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Holding on to the gonna be long Lolly

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I too had the tuna we manufacture how long

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we will

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be here

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be calm

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I mean

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more than kita

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kita ad him

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you dish Toby

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body Isla

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