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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the dangerous behavior of smoking and the negative effects it can have on everyone, including the harm it causes to the body and the importance of health preservation and sick trials for believers. The speakers also touch on the use of cigarette in public settings and its potential harm to everyone.
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As we have seen, or the say the Sheikh said on Judgement Day we will be questioned about the way we preserve our bodies, called our Salah Salem. The hadith is very famous on the Day of Resurrection a human beings feet will not depart from before his Lord until he's asked about five things.

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How he consumed his life, how he took care of his body, how he earned his wealth, how he spent his wealth, and what he did in implementing what he knows.

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Listen, you're one all this life, all this life. There are eight questions. Three in the grave.

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And five in the Day of Judgment,

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you're living 5060 7080 years, 20 years to answer those eight questions. And from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal.

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He gave us the questions and he gave us the answers. And he gave us the way to pass. He gave us the way to pass the test.

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And the grave mantra book. Maybe you wanna Dino? Right, we all know, the five and the day of judgment are number one, what did you do with your life? How did you spend your life? Doing what? Racing after the dollar?

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What are you doing?

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Second, what did you do with your health? The body that I gave you, the healthy body? What did you do with it?

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And from the five questions

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out about your income, and imagine two out of five. What is that? 4050 40%?

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this point is extremely important.

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But we were discussing on Sunday, we passed by a statement that many of us unfortunately either heard or they said

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when you tell a brother, why are you dealing with a haram business?

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Why are you earning selling haram or buying haram? Why? He says this is America

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did you hear that before? We are living in America

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let me ask you my brother who answers with that kind of answer.

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between you and yourself? Do you think this answer will pass with Allah when he asked you where did you get your money? This is gonna pass

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is gonna pass No, it's not gonna pass.

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If it did not pass with us, it's gonna pass with Allah Allah Allah and Allah even Kabir

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if my Deen if my dean is

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depending on

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where I live, or who I accompany with all the time, then we have a problem then the clip keeps changing the Dean but my dean is attached to something extremely solid. My kid has very solid does not matter where I am does not matter. When does not matter

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how or where or who's who's around me. My dean is still solid does not change by my location. If the Dean changes by location then we have a problem.

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Where did you get your money from every penny? Where did you get it from? And where did you spend it? Well Allah when if you are in any doubtful business, if you are in any doubtful job Wallahi make the intention I'm not telling you to leave right away and be thrown outside your house. Make the intention ya allah that's it helped me find another job. I want to quit the Allah.

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I want to quickly Allah, please help me the result will never disappoint you. No way you will come to the result. And you tell him you're Allah.

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I just found out that my job is haram Ya Allah, forgive me.

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And you start applying for another job and looking at looking at Allah He there's no way that Kareem will let you down. No way. The Avene will let you down. No way. You leave something for him. If you leave something for me, I will devote my life to you. How about if you do something for Allah?

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He will never let you down. Never. And the fifth question is, which is very dangerous.

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We all attend helicopters. And I sit down and I talk to you all the time. What did you do with this enum that you learned? What did you do with it?

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Are you sitting here because you have a fight with your wife

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or she's not cooked something good tonight.

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But why are you here?

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No, because I want to come and learn and improve my deed and go home and tell my wife what happened. Allah Yeah, the other day a brother made my night he said, Brother, do you know that everything we discuss, I go home and I sit down with my family and we discuss it, Allahu Akbar, this is exactly what to do.

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when the wife is sitting at home, maybe taking care of some

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some house

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things and taking care of the children. And then you come and you bring her all this information to support each other. This is what the marriage is all about. This is how beautiful is the family Subhanallah

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so when we say that Allah is going to ask us about this body, the chef mentioned the hadith of course because of the health he will Allah subhanaw taala will ask us about this body.

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I give you a healthy body. And you every once in a while you went to the hospital and you saw your brother was deprived from what you have. Were you grateful for that term?

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Did you come back and make sense that sugar? Did you come back to the measures and put few dollars just for the sake of Allah Allah. Thank you. Did you get up next day fasting? Did you get up in that night and make PM? Well, luck. It's only Subhanallah one. That effect is 1020 seconds. One minute, five minutes. And that's it done.

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That's it. We get sad a little bit at the hospital. We get sad five minutes at the cemetery. And that's it done that this is how how corrupt is our heart?

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No, no more no more effect from the cassette. Hello, welcome for Hiya, can Ijarah I should do cassava. Our hearts became so harsh and so hard. The effect is temporary. And that's it we go back to our life. Nothing.

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I'm not saying you stay on forever sad. No. The forgetfulness is an atma from Allah azza wa jal, but at the same time Subhan Allah show gratitude, show gratitude.

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Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam la Dora whether there are

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no harm may be inflicted on yourself and do not reciprocate harm on others, one of the shortest ahaadeeth Lera and then you add Elif to it whenever there are, do not harm yourself and do not cause harm to others. This hadith is always used as a delille for

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excellent prohibition of smoking. Anytime you tell the when somebody asks you what is the deal from the Quran there are so many from the Quran that proves that smoking is haram. But apart from the Hadith, this hadith,

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the manufacturer itself on the bucks, frankly, honestly, because they love you so much. They put on the bucks. Smoking kills you.

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And we take that and we put it in our body that's an Amana I have to give back this Amana. I put it in my body. And not only that, I'm causing bodily harm to myself, and go home and check on Google how many people die on a yearly basis from second hand smoking. So not only I'm harming myself, but I'm causing harm to others.

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In the Latina,

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Latina Lunel woman in our one minute behind them accessible, the one who harms the believers, male or female without them doing anything they did not they don't smoke,

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they have caused themselves

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a severe punishment. Do not harm yourself and do not cause harm to others. Jaquan there is no one

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that smokes that between him and himself.

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He knows deep down that It's haram

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he knows from the wasting of money to the harm of the of the of the body to

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the ingredients itself being haram. If you look at the ingredients of the cigarette, there are some pesticides inside the rat poison inside the cigarette cigarettes and there are you know, the nicotine and all that stuff benzene SubhanAllah. So they know but unfortunately, they follow a fatwa that was

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around now. It was 1978 40 years old, masha Allah. They want the new iPhone X but when it comes to fatwa, I can take one from 1978

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fatawa no problem, they do not expire Subhanallah so a 1978

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or something around that time.

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around that time, or when the smoking was

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First introduced to humanity. Now can you imagine that guy, the first guy who ever introduced a cigarette,

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or Salah Salem told us that whatever you do, Whoever imitates you will get the same as you all will get the same wisdom will you get the same sin? So the guy who introduced the secret Allah, Allah about his grave

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Subhan Allah. Wow. So

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when it first came out the cigarettes, the animatics is something new. We have to make ruling. So they looked when the first came out 50s 60s I don't know when they gathered on the mat and they said let's make tears. What is this close to? They said this is close to

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at that time, or they found out that smoking does is it makes a very bad smell. It makes the person stink it when it first was produced it was smelling bad and keeps your fingers yellow. And

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so they said you know what? It makes a very bad smell. And a social selling said do not come to the masjid smell garlic and onion.

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If you ate garlic and onion, this macro mcru So PRs cigarette smoking is macro.

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Okay, this was the first ruling. This is what the unimat No Dynamat would make a feta according to what you give them. This is what I have. Okay, this is what we give you. They're not going to come up with their mind. If your chart is starting to cheat to get them wrong, even Rasulullah Sallam he told the Sahaba he said I give you the fatwa according to what you tell me.

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Right? So this is what the information that the unimat was given.

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It makes a very bad smell. When the manufacturer himself right down on the bucks that this will kill you is the fact was gonna stay the same.

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They What did Allah says in surah? Nisa, what do you say a chef led up to and for second, do not kill yourself, do not kill yourself and this product, whether it's slowly or quickly, it says on it, this will kill you will cause you cancel it will kill you. This is one of the I'm not going to talk about smoking now. Just quickly, it will kill you that $10 Or seven $8 a packet. If you smoke 10 packets a month 10 packets, that's $80 that's one family salary overseas. Or maybe $20 more you could support a family that it will be in your heavy scale for the day of judgment. And on the other side know you're taking it wasting the money wasting your health burden people around you and

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Subhanallah you're not getting anything and you're getting so yet also please Jaquan if you see a smoker, please gently kindly speak to them about the danger of smoking, but always

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use the right approach one time I made a big mistake and I learned from it I made a lecture about smoking and I put a big sign smoking is Ha space space space.

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Smoking is H A space space space. So it could be halal L A L or R A M nobody showed up.

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Because they know all the smokers know none of the smokers showed up

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they know that what's what's this lecture about? So that was a mistake. So approach them in a very nice kind of way inshallah Tada because your goal is to make them stop this this this habit in sha Allah Tala. So we will stop here in sha Allah Tala and we will talk just give you a hint about what's the what, how interesting is this topic, because somebody might say, How much could you talk about sickness, this is unbelievable, how much we could talk. Next topic would be health preservation, what is who is considered a sick person important rules

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about the sick trials for the believers, the sickness being a trial, the duties of the sick, what is the duties of the sick and how, how if I get sick in the hospital, what are my obligations towards Salah towards the hara towards all these things? We many people do not know that what is our obligations towards the sick person? How can we handle the rakia

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treating the sick can my wife go to a to a male doctor all these things will be discussed in sha Allah Tala.

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People with with disabilities, how could they do their duties and we might get even to heavy duty stuff like

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cloning and all that other stuff and what's the ruling on it? Insha Allah Allah so this will take us probably a few months and asking Allah subhanaw taala to bless me with loss in everything that I do and may Allah subhanaw taala make us all from the people who listen and applying to Allah. The second law here there are a couple of people Subhana Colombard Huntik Masha Allah Allahu Allah and Mr fuca on a tube Willick