Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L307E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of death is discussed, including the Prophet's call for death and the news about the death of a person. The punishment is designed to prevent suffering and lead to success, but it is not a complete end. The success of individuals with purified intentions and actions is emphasized, and advice is given on achieving success through praying to God and not recalling the Lord. The importance of learning and action is emphasized, as it is crucial to achieve success in life.
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Say that kuruma yaksha He who fears a lot will be reminded the one who has fear of a low what will happen to him?

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What will happen to him yet, he will take a lesson, he will be reminded, he will improve, he will benefit from the reminder that you give him instead of offer 45 allowances for that kid will earn money half are worried, remind by the Quran, whoever fears my threat. So what does it show that a person who has fear of Allah, He will benefit from the Quran

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say that kuruman yaksha the one who has fear of Allah, He will benefit with agenda

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but the wretched one, he will avoid it. Yet agenda, Gene noon the agenda. And the agenda is to avoid to keep away from something. Jump is a side of a person. So it is to keep one side away from something you're avoiding it. It's close to you very close to you. But still you keep avoiding it. So where the agenda will help Ashkar the wretched one, the reminder will be given to him. The Quran will be offered to him. The person will be right next to him, but what will he do?

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He will avoid it. This is so descriptive that it's so close to him yet yet agenda? Why will he avoid it because he doesn't have any interest in it. And who is this person? The one who is unlucky The one who is wretched miserable? I Scott, this is a file from shocky. Remember the word chuckling Shaka universitari. So, the agenda will Ashkar he will shun it he will show the reminder he will not benefit from it. So what does it show to us that when you tell other people about the Quran, when you remind others There are two types of responses. One is a person who fears Allah and he has fear of Allah. He will take a lesson

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and the other is the one who will turn away he will not even look. You will leave it aside he will ignore it deliberately. And who is he? Unless he Aslan natural Kabbalah he who will enter and burn in the greatest fire and not on Cobra. Cobra, this is the feminine of a cabal. So a natural Cobra the greatest fire which greatest fire is this the fire of the hereafter. And why is it called a cobra because the fire of this dunya is lesser compared to the fire of the hereafter.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the fire which the son of Adam has, is only 170 it's part of the fire of *.

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The fire that we have in this dunya this is only a 17th part one on 70.

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Just imagine

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part of the fire of hope. So multiply the intensity of the fire of the nearby 70 times and that is a fire of

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the companion said by Allah even ordinary fire would have been enough to burn people.

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Even the fire of this dunya is enough to burn people. Thereupon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it is 69 parts in excess of the heat of fire in this world, each of them being equivalent to their heat. So just imagine how great the fire of * is under the Islam now Cobra

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so malaria notifii her, then he will not die there in malaria, nor will he live, he will not die, he will not live. What does it mean? He will not die so that his misery is put to an end. He is taken out of pain and affliction, while I here, nor will he live a life that is enjoyable, a life that is beneficial, no, he would want to die, but he would not be able to die. Why? Why is it that he will not be able to go because in the hereafter there is no depth. Remember that will be brought in the form of around and it will be slaughtered. So that people cannot die after that. And also, the punishment is such that each time a person is near death, he will be given as though a new body for

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example in sort of the Messiah 56 what do we learn Calum and Elijah dilute the home but the long diluted IRA needle colada in this dunya of a person's skin is burned through that eventually what's going to happen?

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He'll die. He will die. But what do we see in Hellfire the skin is burned through it's finished, however the skin will be replaced. It will be replaced. Leah Dooku introduced father Aya 36 la Yoko de la Muto when I have her for unhuman either be her the punishment will not be such that they will die meaning that the time will not be decreed for them so that they could die. What are you hopeful for unhuman are that behind the punishment will not reduce either so that they can live

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lay a motivator when your hands with Ibrahima 17 where

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D Hill motorman Colima cannon winner whoever you may hit, death will approach him from every place but he will not die meaning all the causes of death will be present what causes death burning? What causes death extreme pain

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all of this will be there however he will not die instead of haha i 74 in the room and yet your bubble would remain for inilah who Johanna, Leia motivate her when I hear indeed whoever comes to his Lord is a criminal, indeed for him as * he will either die there in nor will he

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some malaria movie how Elia here

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and we really need to realize this. In Johanna, there is no life there is no depth. What does it mean by that there is no life no enjoyable life, no pleasing life.

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Because life means a person can relax, you can have fun he can see. He can take things easy. Nothing like that and hellfire. And that means an end to suffering, but no end to suffering either. The punishment is real, and it's never ending. ly Mr. Duffy, how old are you here

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are the mantas aka he has certainly succeeded, who has certainly succeeded. mantas, aka the one who purifies himself. How has he succeeded, that he will be saved from the fire of *, he will be admitted into paradise, but who is it that will be successful? The one who is purified himself? How has he purified himself by accepting the need? For that good enough article, say that Guru manjusha. So the one who fears he takes a lesson, he benefits from the clock, then what will he do? He will purify himself, meaning he will get rid of the bad habits, he will stop doing something wrong and he will start doing something good. And such a person is truly successful.

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Remember that when it comes to this gear, when it comes to purification, it is in three matters.

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One is with regards to a loss of primal data. What does anybody doing the scale that a person abstains from the greatest filth, which is the filter ship?

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Whether it's major or minor.

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So when a person has to stay away from ship, he has to continue to purify his Nia intention. What does that mean?

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Then, this is also with regards to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. And what does that mean? That a person keeps away from Buddha. He keeps away from innovations in religion.

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Sometimes, in the name of the sky, people have invented so many things in religion that's not as good or that's actually polluting yourself. It will not clean you, it will only make you more filthy. The scale with regard to the Messenger of Allah is that a person stays away from innovation, something that he did not teach. He did not promote. He did not tell you about don't invent it.

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And then he has also with regards to people, how that a person cleans his heart, from ill feelings, jealousies, all such things. He cleans his heart.

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So the one who does aka are the people person has succeeded. He stays away from Shin purifies his intentions, purifies his actions, is sincere in his love, keeps his heart clean. Such a person has truly succeeded,

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where the chorus might have been he and he remembered the name of his Lord for sunlight. And then he prayed as well. He remembered the name of his Lord. And then he also prayed. What does it mean by this? He remember the name of Allah.

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He did they could just be right. And then Fossella then he prayed.

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What is facial?

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For then, after that? So what does it show that they can lead to performance?

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better performance of Salah when a person remembers Allah, that he is able to pray much better.

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If a person remembers Allah, then he's able to remember Allah and Salah as well. The person doesn't remember a lot and even in Salah What is he doing talking to himself.

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So whether Kairos mala be for Salah, and this Allah, what does it refer to? It refers to the five daily prayers and it also refers to the extra prayers, salata totowa, the voluntary prayer, so that would be for Salah. But notice that two things are mentioned separately over here they could and Salah

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which shows that Nick is referring to general they could and Salah is referring to

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the specific act of worship, because some people say that's what i in the Quran means just remembering Allah, praying to God. So you can pray to God anywhere.

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Anyhow, you don't have to perform this ritual. What is this? I assure they can answer there are two separate things. Salah is Salah, the ritual prayer is the ritual prayer,

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but to zero and higher dunya but you prefer the worldly life? What does it mean? My been?

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Meaning you neither do this good nor do you remember your Lord, nor do you pray.

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And instead, what do you do you prefer the life of this world? And but also can be understood as that what prevents a person from what prevents a person from the good? What prevents a person from Salah? What is it? It's preferring the life of this world? Think about it. What is it that makes a person do wrong? Not do is this gear not remember Allah not pray? What is it preferring the life of this dunya?

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And what does it mean by preferring the life of this dunya striving for the life of this

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being more concerned about its pleasures, being more focused on enjoying here,

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wanting immediate benefit, immediate results. So well to thirunal higher the dunya. You choose the life of dunya above the Hereafter, which is why you strive for dunya you don't strive for the alpha, you want the reward of dunya you're not that concerned about the reward of the Hereafter, well to zero,

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well, zero to higher whatever pass or a bad choice you have made. The dunya is not as good, the Hereafter is much better. And it's also I will call more lasting. It's higher on better in terms of reward. And it's avocado, avocado, bear coffee ibaka, to last to continue to be so it is more lasting, the Hereafter is more lasting compared to the dounia.

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If you look at anything in the dunya that you enjoy, how long do you enjoy for

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some time, isn't it the best food

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only a few bites a few moments and it goes away.

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The best places you go to first a few hours, maybe a few days, maybe a week or two and eventually you have to go but the Hereafter is permanent. this dunya is less in time, in quality, in quantity in enjoyment and the Hereafter is higher, when alpha to higher on what I will call

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in the head and if a service oola indeed this isn't the former scriptures What is her the that success is for those people who purify themselves

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that Hereafter is better than the dunya this path to success that is described over here. This path to success was also described where in the previous scriptures meaning Allah soprano data has always taught people that the way to success is this fear

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of Allah Salat preferring the after not preferring to dunia This is mentioned in a survey Ola with sorrowful Ola the serve Ibrahim Musa descriptors of Ibrahim restaurant and musasa the scripture of Ibrahim restaurant, it is said that he was given 10 scrolls and musasa he was given.

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So, in other words, this message is not new, this message was also given before that the author is much better and that is what you should be striving for.

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see what is mentioned over here that causes a flow Harmon does.

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The one who does his desk he or he will succeed. How does a person purify himself? What's the first step? Knowledge learning? If a person has not learned, then how will he know what is bad, what is good what he should remove from his life and what he should include in his life. The first step is knowledge learning

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So called the flow Harmon does occur, but learning is not everything a person also has to implement that knowledge which is why why they call a smaller belief or select some action, action is also followed. But what is it that prevents a person from learning? What is it that prevents a person from implementing what he has learned?

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Well, to

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me, you prefer the life of the studio

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and the life of the studio. What is it in sort of uncovered I 64 Allah says when I had the highest adonia in Allah one pillar, even if you go after this dunya, it is a distraction, it is a play, you will get so busy in it, that you will find no time for anything else. And this is very true. If you get distracted by this world, you feel that what you're doing is so important, so necessary. But if you look at it from the outside, it's not that important. But because of it, you're distracted from that which is more important. So both to sirona hire the dounia. But what does Allah say? Well, you know, to hire on the Hereafter is much better and more lasting, how is it better in every way, in

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terms of reward in terms of enjoyment?

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For example, in sort of aged if 48 we learn about the hereafter in general that lie Emma Sufi Hannah sabon woman woman had the mythology

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that in general, that people will not suffer from emptiness of any fatigue they will never get tired head on. And avoca woman woman her be maharajji they will never be expelled from it. They will never be taken out of gender. So when my homie mocha Jean

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it is much better, more lasting. Therefore, what should you prefer?

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The hereafter above the stonier that should become your goal. In the head lf a serve Allah serve Ibrahim OSA into the Hadith Ayah 20 Allah says errorlevel Andaman hyah to dunya larryboy Allah who was Xena to what the Fairholme Danakil what a castle on film.

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This is the reality of the life of this world and eventually what happens to it.

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It comes to an end. It's not a burqa.

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You see this in your own life, the things that you make, they break down in front of you, the things that you buy, they get given in front of you.

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The food that you prepare, it gets finished in front of you

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finished before your own eyes.

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It is sometimes I find amazing how people go to the stores and they bring so much stuff in garbage or they put so much garbage outside. Isn't it amazing? That you bring so much and so quickly? It ends up in the dump so quickly, it ends up in the garbage. This is the reality of the life of this world.

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And the hereafter What do we learn that the fruits of Jenna

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lamb aka lemon noir and we learned that such fruit that a person as soon as he will pick it immediately another will grow to that space immediately. Constantly loyal to for Allah you will learn constantly they're evolving serving them. What a comfy Emma Tasha, he and physical. So this is what the Hereafter is. This is what jedna is. This is what a lot wants us to strive for.

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Not dystonia. dystonia is temporary, so don't chase it. Because either you will leave it or it will leave you will ask you not to hide in whatever car in the head lf a surfer Ola surfer Ibrahima will say this is a reality unless prioritized or people from the very beginning. But yet, people keep forgetting this reality. They keep ignoring it.

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You see over here where the gentlemen

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who will stay away from the Decalogue from the reminder, someone who is ratchet meaning someone who is going to end up in hellfire. This is the quality of that person that he stays away. He doesn't go near. So we have to see as well. That if we are called to something good, if we are invited to something good, what is our response? Do we stay away? Or do we take advantage? Do we take benefit? Because look at the word agenda. It's close to him but he keeps aside away. It's not like he has to put in a lot of effort in order to go listen, in order to learn. All he has to do sometimes it's just click play.

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All he has to do sometimes is just say Yes, that's it. But what is the person do the opportunities right before him but he does not take advantage when he doesn't take advantage? Who is he depriving himself. So this person is miserable. This person is unlucky and who is truly lucky. The one who takes benefit, or the afla Harmon does aka

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if you look these two profits, especially as I mentioned, Ibrahim is the most artisanal because there are those people who reject regardless, we reject Mohammed said a lot is unknown, but they don't reject liberal humanism.

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And musasa So, the same message is also given to them

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that you must prefer the afterlife over destiny and what is that leads people to rejecting the prophets are a lot of them. There's dunya

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we have to know the right meaning of this gear. Because there are many people who in the name of this gear, they will invent things in the religion. They will perform innovations. Why? Because they're purifying themselves, but what do we see that when it comes to even purification that has to be in the correct way.

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We listen to the recitation again.

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This mill

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New York

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