Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 013A Translation Al-Baqarah 74-82

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to sell Dr. Sunil Karim, a mother earth for Aruba bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish roughly Saudi were Sidley, Emery, HELLO, letter melissani of Kahuku the Robin and xinerama

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Lesson number 13 is number 74 to 82

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Translation some, then, past that it became hard to become your hearts men from Bardi after Velyka that failure so it can fija Wati like the stones

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Oh, or I should do more severe, more intense password then in hardness we're in while indeed men from El Hijo Rottie the stones lemma, surely that which yet Alpha journal it gushes for men who from it and how the rivers

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were in and indeed minha from it lemma surely that which yes shokaku It splits asunder for Yahoo so it comes out men who from it Alma the water were in and indeed men her from it, lemma surely that which yep beautiful, it falls down, men from crashing at fear Allah He of Allah

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warmer and not Allah who Allah be laughing in in the least and aware I'm from whatever dark maroon you will do

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do further than delta maroon, you all desire greedily. And that you know, they will believe lagoon for you all

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what God while in fact, Ghana, it was very Akun a group men home from them. Yes my Runa they hear they listen to gamma word or speech. Allah He of Allah.

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Sama then you heard the funa who they distort it. They twist it

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men from Barbie after ma that are Kalu they understood it well whom while the year or the moon they know what either and when local they met a Lavina those who knew they believed or Lou they said I'm a nurse we believe what either and when holler he became alone bearable home some of them Illa two words by Erwin some of others follow they said do to help this owner whom you all tell them you will inform them be man with what fatter *? He opened. Allah who Allah are they come upon you? Lay your head do come so that they argue with you be with it in the near or become your Lord. Fella do they're not therapy Don't you all understand?

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Do what en la not your Allah Munna they know. Under that indeed. Allah Allah. Ya Allah mu he knows, man, whatever. You see Runa they keep secret, warmer, and whatever. You're in the noon they reveal women home and from them. Only Yoona unlettered ones love not yarda Munna they know Al Kitab the Book in there except a man a year false hopes were in and not whom they in there except your own noon they guess

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for Waylon so a big wall. Lil Lavina for those who yet to buena they write al Kitab the Book, be a be him with their hands. Some then. Jaco Luna they say, Heather this men from Rindy

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mir Allah He Allah Leah Chateauroux so that they barter be he with it feminine a price talyllyn Very small for Waylon so a big wall LA home for them. Me man from what Gatorback it brought ad him there hands while Waylon and a big war law home for them mimma from what Yuxi Boone they earn what call you and they said learn will never demo Santa. It will touch us. And now the fire in their except a Yemen days. Mark do the 10 ones numbered. Cool say a did it the whole storm you all take at the husband? Did you all take in the near Allah He Allah are then a promise finance so we'll never usually for he will go against Allahu Allah or the who his promise. Um, or the coluna you all say

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Allah upon Allah He Allah. Man what? Let's not Darla moon you all know? Bala? Yes. Why not? Man, whoever cassava he earned say you attend an evil What a * thought and it surrounded it encompassed be with him hardly to his sin for Hola, Erica. So those of us who are companions, and now of the fire, whom they fee her in it, Holly dune once with well, eternity one Lavina and those who Amanu they believed were me too and they did have slowly heard the righteous deeds. Hola Iike those of us who are companions of Jana of the paradise on the fee her in it for the duel once with well eternity

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let's listen to the recitation

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that he can he jollity oh I should do password

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Nina Luigia aunty

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gentlemen who

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were in

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I mean

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we're in I mean

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beautiful mean Nicholas yet

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one Allah will be walking

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a meno?

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Melona gala

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well pardon you can

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smell Nicola Mala he

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the math on

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what he did up on lady

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we're either

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gonna be mad

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at you had the tuner be manufactured How long have

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been come

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law How

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was your role

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I mean me your

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money you

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to Hunan kita Bobby ad him

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Bodhi Isla

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walk on

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Magoo, the

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domain. The law here has done

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am double Luna logging

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how to be healthy

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but hula

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well ladies

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Solly Hardy

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home fee hafod body

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