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brothers and sisters, like we all love the religion and we want to be religious, and we love our scholars, and we love what we've learned, that's fine. But please, let's not use social media and the internet to try and, you know, create a circus, or create a kind of a warzone, through differences in fit in jurisprudence. Let's not do that, please. It gets very ugly and very messy. You've got an opinion in Islam, and another chef or someone or someone following another chef has got another opinion in Islam. You know, if people have got the evidences, they've got the evidences and even scholars of people of Deen or religion, they're not supposed to go online and start saying,

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you know, I'm telling you, I give you a challenge to try and have a debate with me. And this is the date and if you don't reply to me by this day that there's going to be you know, it's almost like I've won the bout. Come on, guy, take it easy. Please take it easy. I know you love your religion. And I know you think you're right. But this is not the way to, to go on social media, the whole world's watching us. And Muslims who look up to scholars are watching these people go out there. And you know, they're dressed as scholars, they speak like scholars, and they come on to the platform of YouTube or some other, you know, social media platform. And they're kind of making this sound like

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this is how we deal with our problems. And I give a challenge and if this person doesn't meet my challenge, then that means I have one.

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Where are you? Seriously? Where are you? The people? I mean, remember Hydra hula. He's got a chapter that says, you know, just to show the humbleness of a person is wamena Lamia, Nicola Raja Lu la de la person, a part of knowledge is for a man to admit that he doesn't know where's humbleness in the hall of knowledge. And look, if you've got if you've got a situation where you're you know, you've got an Escalade for a difference of opinion, my friend, go to the person, go meet him sit privately, sit one to one, don't make it a show. Don't invite the whole world or let the whole world clap their hands or cheer you on. Or boo boo boo your opponent. Don't let that happen. This is not the religion

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This is not what our scholars did in the first great few generations of scholars that this oma produced, we're supposed to have you know, you're supposed to be humble and think well, I could be wrong. And my opponent could be right. And I'm going to be humble enough to go and ask him for his evidence and I'm going to analyze it nicely. Most of these guys they're convinced they're right so it's like I'm convinced I'm on the right that's it you know you got no delete no evidence that said I'm going to come with Mandela's I'm gonna bash you with models is that religion? When when the Prophet has told us that you're not supposed to acquire knowledge to impress the scholars, or to

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acquire knowledge to try and argue with those who are who are less knowledgeable than you or who are seen as the people who are ignorant

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Lee Madea be as

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you know, to to try and try and do that action illuma de la la liga De La Via sofa, the province of La Horace Mann said those people will not even even detect the fragrance of paradise. What is the reason why you have to go to a social platform and tell the whole world how big you are with your knowledge and you're going to like call the other person that's it is going to be the clash of the titans in knowledge. What's the point? I don't get it, because Imam Shafi Rahim Allah you know, he said a beautiful thing and I want you to think about this. Imam Shafi said that you bring me I think it goes along this quotation that you bring me

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a you bring me 100 scholars that are all against me in my opinion, and I will be able to inshallah convinced them, but you bring me one ignorant person, and I've lost because you know, an ignorant person will start doing them, they will start shouting, they'll start abusing, they'll start challenging and probably like it's kind of a fight with knowledge with knowledge seriously. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah has another quote he seems to say, every time I had an a disagreement with with with my opponent, I used to make dua to Allah, Allah make the truth be manifest from the tongue of my opponent, and let me be the one who accepts the truth Allahu Akbar, that is that is serious. You

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know, that is a scholar that is a scholar of the deen

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Allahu Akbar. And that's what these are the people that we should look up to, and take our Deen from and learn from. Not, you know, we're not supposed to make this into a fighting bout. So brothers and sisters, if you if you see that just ignore it, please, you know, I've ignored ignored it. And I haven't taken any names here. But it's kind of becoming a trend now where people are jumping on board and doing this with one another. It's wrong, it's wrong. And if anybody wants to, you know, settle matters, just do privately. Just finish it off, talk nicely. I've done that a few times with people who have disagreed with, and it's so nice, it's a private environment, you sit together, you

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have hours on to present your one another's evidences, and you talk nicely, there's no crowded, there's nobody else to just you and him. That's it. Just you and him. Don't even call your you know, your right hand, man, your left hand, man, your other guy was a bouncer and some other guy who's this that told don't don't do that. Just you and him just sit down humbly with one another. And talk about your evidences. And even if you don't agree with one another, you'll walk away with respect. And that's what we need. We need respect. We need respect for people at this day and age, especially respect for the people who have knowledge. And you know, this is disappointing. There's another

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thing that that aches, to see that, you know, knowledge is not something that that is void of respect. If you if you disagree with someone disagree with respect, and respect means don't try and make a fool out of them. Don't try and gang up on them just because you have got 300 boys with you, or maybe 3000 boys with you, or 3000 people or 6000 people with you in a whole world where you think you're all right. You don't know the truth by not being with you. The truth might not be with you the truth might be with the other person who's only got 2000 people with him, it might be you just don't know. So numbers don't mean that you're on the truth. If numbers meant that you're on the

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truth, then today, Islam would be wrong because Islam doesn't have as many numbers as Christians, as some other religions out there. Think about it, half the world are Christians, Muslims are 1 billion Christians are about 3 billion.

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So if you go with numbers you got you're going to have to say that that Islam is probably not right. And we're not going to say that. But what I want, what I want you to think about is within Islam, when you were in a lab for a difference of opinion, don't just go by with a numbers game. Don't go by with the amount of pressure that you can create. Oh, he's right. He's right. Therefore, I'm with them. I must be right now. Be humble, gone, seek knowledge, go meet other people go meet the other party. Go sit with them. If you're really serious about your knowledge, and your deen and keep it something where you know, both of you can respect each other. Don't be abusive. Don't be abusive.

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Don't use foul language. Don't get angry, don't throw emotion. Don't sort of get up and say, you know, look at him, how does he use it and be ready when your opponent uses a certain delila or an evidence or a way, a principle or a principle of law wherever they use.

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Be ready. If you use it, then let your opponent use it. If you don't let your opponent use that principle of law, don't you use it? I kind of say again and again in arguments. You know, people do this, they break the rules, they go against what they what they you know what they didn't, didn't do a little earlier on. So for example, their opponent might say, you know, there are certain Sahaba, who believed in this and they've only got a few Sahaba. And you're sitting there thinking, Oh, you've only got to Sahabi with you. I've got eight Sahabi with me, you know, Satan, Abdullah Massoud, Sandra Lee says, and so on. So So you play the again, you play the game where you've got

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more Sahaba. And you say, Well, I must be more, right? Because there's eight on my side, there's only two Sahaba on your side. But then when the reverse happens, you're not ready to accept it. When he says to you, you've only got two and I've got eight on my side. On this second issue. You say, Well, doesn't matter doesn't matter. What are these other evidence? Well, if it doesn't matter, then why did you use that evidence before? see people don't stick to their principles half the times. And that really annoys me. If you sit together, make sure you tell each other EU principles on one grounds, what principles are you going to debate? When you debate, be respectful, give each other

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enough time to speak. Don't cut into other people's speech? We know that a person speaking given five minutes, then he stays quiet for five minutes. Then you speak for five minutes nicely. Then he speaks of five minutes. That's nice. That's respect. Not like you're speaking for 10 minutes. And then the other person just opened his mouth and then you jump in again and speak again. No, no, no, no. I'm like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy. You know, we're not we're not creating a monstrous world here where people just want to cut each other out. Anyway, so that was a comb over cattle. Hey,

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