Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 303E Tafsir Al-Ghashiyah 1-11

Taimiyyah Zubair
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sort of the last year is a monkey sutra and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to recite the surah in the Friday prayer, as well as their Eid prayer

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, * a darker Hadees Allah Shia * has a darker it came to you, meaning has it come to you? What? Howdy So Laura Shia, the report the news, the information of Allah Shia have the over whelming event, meaning

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it has come to you this news has reached you.

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You have been informed about it. A question is asked over here handle attacca Hadith Allah Shia has the report of Allah Shia reached you. And the purpose of this question is to draw the attention of the listener and to alert the listener, meaning you have received this news, you did not know about it before. But now you have been informed about what Aloha Shia, what is Aloha Shia, it is the day of judgment and why is it called law Shia because law she means that which overcomes overwhelms becomes manifest and apparent it's from the word of Russia, what does Russia mean? Really Shaohua is a covering. So, a covering what does it do? It completely takes over a particular object and then

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the object is hidden, and the only thing you see is the is the covering. So latia meaning one that will cover overtake envelop what everything the entire creation, the Day of Judgment is such that it will overcome it will cover the entire creation with what with its tears, it will cover the hearts of people, the minds of people, it will affect everything. And it is a day that will not remain hidden or unknown. It will become manifest * attacker howdy so latia would you warn, it is a day when would you horn faces, meaning some faces florid of the word wedge Yoma even on that day, will be harsh here humbled submissive, meaning by would you what is meant is people of those faces,

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people all those faces will be how, in what condition, overcome with fear, so much so that their faces will be Hoshyar Hoshyar, from who sure when something is humble, submissive, it becomes low, it is downcast. And remember who sure is such fear that is manifest on a person's external state, meaning it's manifest on their limbs. So for example, if a person has who sure in Salah what does it mean, their eyes will be looking everywhere, wandering all around? No, they will be downcast when a person has who sure in Salah than their limbs, how are they moving everywhere, touching everything and scratching and moving the hijab and adjusting it? No. So much so that we learn about the self

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that in Salah. For example, one of them, what happened was that a part of his limb had to be amputated. It had to be cut off. And he said when I'm praying, then cut it off. Because I know that in my prayer, I will not move I cannot move because I'm talking to my Rob, this is who sure that when it's such fear that is visible that is manifest on a person's limbs. So would you Yama even harsher faces will be humbled, meaning that fear and terror will be visible on the faces of people. If you think about it, if you're tired, or you're happy, or if you're anxious, nervous, afraid about something. Does that come on your face? Does that? Yes. What does the face do? It reflects what's on

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the inside? Even when you're distracted? Does that come on the face? Yes, it's clear. If you're paying attention or not. It's clear when you're in a rush even that is were obvious on the face. So would you who Yoma even harsher some people will be so afraid that day that their faces will reflect it. We learn elsewhere in the Quran that we're hotshot will sweat even the voices will be low. Likewise, we learn the core Shiocton absorb to whom their vision will

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will be humbled. And here we see that the entire face will be overcome by fear and disgrace and humiliation. amela to now sleep

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these faces will be how I'll Mila. Laboring hard working hard. Now Sliva exhausted. Amina is from the word I'm a, what does it mean to work?

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So Amina meaning those faces will be our Mila because when a person has been working hard again, that is visible where where on the face of the person and now Sliva from Nussle, which literally is to fix something. And then it is used for exhaustion, tiredness, why? Because when you're constantly doing something as if you are fixed on a place, then what happens, you get tired, you get fatigued, and that fatigue is visible on you. So, Milla tune, now sleeper, tired faces, why exhausted faces, why they will be fatigued and worn out from what bearing the difficulties of the long day of judgment,

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the duration of the Day of Judgment, the punishment that will befall on people, even before they go to *

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are Mila to now sleeper, the punishment of the Hereafter is so severe that it will never allow for a person to get some relief or rest, or any sort of comfort.

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Now, Saliba exhausted.

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Also what is understood by this is that they fatigue themselves in working for dunya. They spent their lives working for what, for what? For the dunya.

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And so they will come on the Day of Judgment exhausted and tired. But what will add to their fatigue and exhaustion is when their deeds are rendered useless.

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One is that you get tired because of working.

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And the other is, when you get even more tired,

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unknowing that all that work was useless,

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isn't it? If you're working really hard, you know that you have a goal to reach, then what happens because you have a goal to reach. You keep working, you keep working, you keep working, you keep pushing yourself. But the moment you find out that all that effort has been useless. What happens you just give up there. It's as if you have no courage left. So I'm ILA to now Sliva exhausted and fatigued and tired on the Day of Judgment. Why? What will compound to their tiredness, knowing and finding out that all their deeds were useless?

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In total for con 23, Allah subhanaw taala says, What are Demna Ilana? I'm iluminar Merlin Fajr Allahu Hubba, Aman surah. We will advance towards whatever they have done and we will turn all their deeds into dispersed

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particles of dust.

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Just imagine

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Has it ever happened with you that you work really hard to make something?

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You work really hard to maybe write an assignment and you give it in? And then what happens? You find out that you submitted it a day late, or you answered the wrong question. Or you didn't follow all the rules. What happens?

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What happens? Does that add to your tiredness? Yes. Because now there isn't just tiredness. There's also regret and frustration and anger at yourself,

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isn't it? Sometimes you work really hard to cook something.

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And what happens? You find out that, you know somebody dropped the food or somebody broke the dish or the food just fell or it got spoiled or it got rejected. What happens I remember once a friend of mine, she cooked some food and right at the end. She put some butter. She thought it was butter but it was not actually butter. It was margarine. And a friend came and she just picked up the margarine box and she was reading the ingredients. She's like this is not halal.

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It's not halal. And she's like seriously, she had to throw all that food away

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because she had mixed all that margarine into the food. So it was what

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haram mixed with Halal it's not okay. So she got rid of it. I remember the expression on her face, embarrassment regret, a big question mark that what do I do know? But you can always eat toast and cheese or something like that in this world, but in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment finding out

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But all your deeds or some of your deeds have not been accepted because they didn't meet the right condition.

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Imagine the exhaustion and the fatigue that will bring to a person. Armiliato now Sliva in sort of CalFire 103 Allah subhanaw taala says, well hang on a bit. Oh Campbell ocarina armella. Shall I tell you about those who are worst in terms of their deeds? A Lavina bunless Are you home Phil hieratic dunya Those whose efforts have been lost in worldly life meaning they didn't make it to the hereafter. Well, homier. saguna unknown. We are seen on a sunnah and all the time that we're thinking that we're doing a lot of good work, but on the day of judgment, it will not show up. So our amela to now sleep

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and then of course the fatigue because of the punishment of *.

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wherein there is absolutely no rest as we learned earlier, so Mila your mood to feed her while you're here. I'll Mila to now sleeper, dust learner on Hermia these faces docile they will enter to burn into where now on a fire that is how Mia intensely hot how anemia

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scorching extremely hot, I mean, those faces will burn in the heat of the fire.

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And so to look me know and I 104 done for who would you woman now

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in sort of marriage I have 15 can learn in her love La Nina Zaton Liz Shaohua to score me nine and Ania to score they will be given to drink midnight in from a spring meaning water that is coming from a spring. But what kind of a spring is it Ania of boiling water

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by now well, Boehner Hamid and Hamza pneumonia extremely hot boiling fully. Basically Ernie is that which has reached the maximum heat that it can, meaning it cannot get hotter than that.

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To spoil them in 19 in an ear when thirsty, they will want to drink because when you're tired, what is it that you want? More than food? When you're exhausted when you've been working hard? What is it that you want more than food? It's water. And when you're hot again, more than food what you desire is water. Why? Because water cools you down. Water comforts you but here to scare me nine in an ear. This water will neither cool nor bring any comfort. It will only add to the punishment. It will only increase in fatigue exhaustion.

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No sometimes when you're hot and you get hot water to drink, you can't drink it.

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You feel more exhausted and one sip of cold water is sufficient.

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And if you have warm water it doesn't satisfy you imagine if it's hot

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Leyzaola home there is not for them bomb on any food in lambing buddy, except from buddy are the only food available to them is what bloodier what is bloodier. It's a certain tree that is known as a shipwreck, a shipwreck when that tree is fresh.

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And when it is fresh, animals eat of it. But once it dies or it becomes dry,

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then it becomes so vile that animals don't even go near it because it becomes thorny,

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bitter and very smelly. That is linear. So when it is fresh and edible, it is called a Shibori. But when it dries out when it's no longer fresh than it turns smelly, and thorny, so it is called blurrier. It is also said that Burrier is dead seaweed. Dead seaweed. Because dead seaweed where do you find it? thrown on the beach? Isn't it and over time what happens?

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It begins to smell really bad. Horrible. That is linear.

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Lace Allah home bomb on 11 bloodier, meaning nothing to avert hunger even. Nothing to avert thirst, and nothing to avert hunger. This is what will be given as food. of the foods of * is what the goon Lee Slean and here we learn about Burrier the most terrible food

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and the people of * will eat it.

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Lie use minnow but when they will eat it out of desperation than lie use me no because when you're hungry you eat anything.

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There's a certain point until which you will bear the hunger and then what happens you will eat anything in extreme hunger.

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But this food law use me no. It will not nourish them.

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Law use me no it is not nourishing while I your name endure, nor does it avail Against Hunger use me know from the root letter seen me noon

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Sameen regionalen Sameen we have done this word earlier, Ibrahim, I listened and brought a calf that was Sameen very fleshy, a lot of meat. So, * is to be fat or to put on weight. So now you smooth it will not nourish or fatten them. What does it mean? No matter how much they eat, it's not going to benefit their body. They're not going to get any nourishment out of bloodier. And sometimes it happens that you eat something that you know is not going to nourish you.

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It's not going to nourish you, but you will eat it anyway. Why? Because you're hungry. So when you're done eating it, even though it may damage your body, at least you're no longer hungry, isn't it? This is why we eat junk food or when we're extremely hungry. Somebody offers us a bag of chips or something which is you know, it's going to hurt your body. It doesn't suit you, but you will still eat it. Why? Because you're extremely hungry. But we see here that lie uni majeure, it will not avail against Doer Against Hunger against starvation. What is the purpose of eating? Food is either eating for energy or to do away with hunger. But this food of * will neither build

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strength nor will it satisfy. Now just imagine always being hungry.

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Always being hungry.

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This is the state of people in *. constant hunger.

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You know when you're hungry, and somebody even holds you roughly or books you it hurts even more. He bothers you, doesn't it? But imagine in * law you smooth Walla Yagnam endure such a horrible place this is the food of which does not finish hunger and the water of which does not quench thirst. A place where there is no rest. No comfort, no relief, no break. This is the end of who have the criminals that day. Would you have some other faces? Yo Wilma, even on that day will be now email. They will show pleasure.

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Earlier we learned some faces will be how cautious

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afraid terrified. Here we see Nerima showing pleasure.

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What isn't their aim?

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Bliss. Nerima is one who is in their MK one who is enjoying Nirma and somebody who's happy enjoying some pleasure

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than that pleasure. It's visible on the face on the Day of Judgment.

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This long, difficult day. Some faces will be happy, relaxed, enjoying.

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Not just calm but happy. You see this? One is that you're just neutral

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when you're in some difficult circumstances, right? One is that you're afraid some people they're very calm. But imagine being happy on the most difficult day would you will make even ima how why will they be happy? Because they will already receive the blessings and reward from Allah subhanaw taala they will be in so much delight that that delight will come on their faces. Instead of piano i A 22 We learn would you we were even now lira. Why? Isla or beha. Now lira, because they will see their Lord into Atharva 38 Would you Wilma even must FIRA ba haga tun

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ba HCA imagine so happy that Baraka laughing mustard Shira why? How How could a person be so happy that they're laughing on a day that is most difficult? Because Lisa, you have Robbia

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because Lisa, with their effort for their effort, they will be of all Lea satisfied happy and content. On that day they will see the results of their efforts.

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And because of that results, they will be happy.

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When on entering paradise, they will be happy. But even before entering paradise in the hisab the area of herself they will be happy when they will see their Lord. Some people will be given a place under the Throne of Allah.

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Some people will be placed on podiums of light

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some people will cross the set off at the speed of light lightning

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Lee sorry you heard Alia and when they will see the result of their effort, they will be happy because who doesn't get happy on seeing the good result of their hard work?

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Instead of insane I had 22 we learned in the heather Canada come Jessa and what can a sir UConn my school? Ah, indeed this what you receive in Jana is what Jezza for you, repayment for you because what kind of Sir You can mascara. Your hard work has been appreciated. It has been accepted and appreciated by Allah.

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And if a person gets this award on the Day of Judgment, then they're successful. Lisa Yehovah Lea

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and this is where we all need to think that what am I doing for that day? Because it's sorry

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it's the sorry that will please them what is sorry? Hard work effort setting is basically running walking fast. When you're walking fast when you're running Are you exerting yourself? Yeah. Do you get out of breath? Yeah.

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And then does there come a point where you feel like I need a break? Yes.

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Lisa you her all their life. They were doing sorry. Striving working hard. Not passively actively working in the way of Allah in obedience to Allah and this serie will please them. Feed Jana Tina Alia where will these people be of happy faces Fijian nothing Alia in a Jana garden that is Alia. That is elevated because Jana is at a high place its location is high elevated

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because at that time this world and the sky will no longer remain Jahannam is low and Jana is high and the highest Jana is offered those above which is the throne of our man Fijian nothing Alia What is this garden? Let the smart roofie her Allah Leah, let the smooth you will not hear fee her in that Jana love Leah any unsuitable speech, any level.

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Any disturbing, annoying, unnecessary, useless extra sound.

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Because these sounds what do they do? They disturb your comfort, isn't it? Even if you have a computer that works perfectly fine, but it's very noisy.

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What happens?

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You find out what the problem is, isn't it? Why? What is the noise have to do with the work? You understand? I mean, if you're working, the computer is working perfectly fine. You should be okay with the noise. But why does the noise bother you? Because it's extra noise. It shouldn't be there. So you fix that problem.

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Let the smart roofie hallelujah. There is no law who in Jannah no disturbing sound no annoying, meaning less purpose less unnecessary, useless talk.

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Because the people of Jannah have a high standard.

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High Standard. You see some people when it comes to their tastes or the choices they make, they'll accept anything.

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Any food they'll eat, salty, spicy, bland, whatever their mind anything, whatever texture

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but then there are some people who are very selective, isn't it? Like no, it has to taste like this. The texture must be like this, isn't it? Or the clothes I wear must be of this quality and not that quality. Who is it that can make

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such choices or have this test who? Someone who's aware, knowledgeable.

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Right? And someone who can actually, you know, they have that liberty to make those choices, isn't it? Because for example, for you, you eat whatever your mom cooks, you don't have a choice. You don't eat it too bad. But when you have the choice to cook whatever you want, then you cook it according to your taste. When can you do that? When you have the liberty when you have the authority, isn't it and it also shows that, you know, with a more refined choice, you have better awareness and understanding of that particular thing. For some people clothes or what just clothes, and for other people know it's this material. Now it's that material. It's this make noise that make

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it matters. Let the smart Rofi hallelujah. The people of Jana are very refined. When it comes to their speech. They don't talk low in the world. They don't find any enjoyment in love in the world. So in Jannah also, they will be saved from low let the Smurfy her Lilia insolate Walker is 25 layers Marina fee her loved one while at FEMA Illa Palin, Salomon Salama usually noise, like the noise we just heard right now. What is it? What is it a result of

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people fighting?

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Isn't arguing, having some kind of disagreement? Like for example, you're sitting at home, everything's fine. All of a sudden you hear two people raising their voices. What happened?

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Why? Because there was a disagreement, and that disagreement led to what noise?

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What else? What else causes unnecessary disturbing noise in the world?

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Okay, so when there is something that goes bad, right, or when there's some kind of disorder, so for example, all of a sudden, you're downstairs, somebody upstairs jumps out of their bed and decides to just exercise and in their exercise that is excited to do some jumping or something like that. So because of that, all of a sudden, there's so much disturbance, something fell off the shelf. Right. There's some accident that causes this noise. in Jannah. There is no facade.

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There is no form of corruption. No disagreements, even. There is no arguing no bickering.

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No backbiting.

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No whining, Allahu Akbar. No whining. Let the Smurfy Hello here. And parents of young children, or older siblings of young children, I'm sure you'll be very happy to know this. No sound of whining. Let the smart goofy Hello earlier. And you see there is no different no ft laugh in the hearts of the people of Jana. All of them their hearts will be like that of one person. So united. So there is no hatred, no bias, no jealousy, no negativity, and then the people of Jannah will glorify Allah morning and evening. This beer will flow out of them like breathing does no difficulty in the sphere. So why would there be any level nothing will be uttered that will spoil the fun

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