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We begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala and bearing witness that no one has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his blessed path until the day of judgment and we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin, their brothers and sisters, when a person looks around at the state of the Ummah today, specifically as it relates to our brothers and sisters and Philistine, our brothers

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and sisters in Gaza, may Allah subhana wa Tada alleviate their suffering and grant them victory Allahumma Amin and when a person looks at the difficulties around the Ummah, and the seemingly pathetic state that we are in where we feel like we have been granted circumstances that are beyond us, leaders that we are either deserving of or not deserving of, but a situation in which a person who is introspective will come back and ask themselves, am I responsible? Are these leaders are these circumstances? Are these difficulties merely an extension or reflection of the state of our ummah? Or is Allah subhanaw taala testing us? Is what is happening to our brothers and sisters

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related to my day to day? Or is it completely disconnected? Is the complaint that I have about those who I feel like should be doing more but are not doing more who have leadership within our ummah? Are those complaints really just extensions of my own disobedience? Are they reflections of me? Or are they a test that Allah subhanaw taala has put upon us and it comes back to an idea from which we have the general rule in which Allah subhanaw taala says in Allah, Allah you know might be common, Hatha Yoga, you will not be unfussy him that Verily Allah subhanaw taala does not change the condition of the people until they change the conditions of themselves. But what is within our

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power, and SubhanAllah? When you look at the Hadith of the prophets, Allah Allah Harney was salam. In this regard, you will notice that whether the prophets of Allah Ani was Salam is talking about the leadership of the soma, or he's talking about the circumstances of the people. It's never entirely linear. Meaning it is not like we have righteous leadership, that parallels righteous people that parallels right to circumstances all the times. In many of those situations, there's a disruption that happens along the way. And in every single one of those situations, there is a lesson that all of us can take. There's a famous statement that many people quote, as a Hadith of

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the Prophet sallallahu, and he was celibate it is not a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam many of you have heard it, many of you have maybe repeated cannot take Well, no, you will not equal, as you are will be placed upon you. But this statement, which is a wisdom that has been passed on between many generations, is not completely true to every single circumstance. Meaning it is not always the case come out to a corner you wander and they come how you are will be placed upon you. Partially there is some wisdom and some value and benefit to that statement for us to look back at ourselves. But it's not always the case. For example, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam says call you to nurse the economy, the best of my generation or the best of my ummah. Almighty, Wilfredo Nast, the best of people, is my generation sumela, Deena yo Luna, from Medina, Luna home, and then those that come after them, and then those that come after them who we grew up as one and we call a son of the pious predecessors. They are the best of all people, the first three generations of Islam. And after those generations, there's a general decline. That happens in terms of righteousness law. Yes. So we mean common anthem common covenant factory, McCartan. Hola, gamuda, Raja Tamina, Latina, anthropol, Nymburk, the workout and what could not word allah Krishna. And even

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in Islam, those that came first before the conquest are not like those that came after. But everyone has their promise from Allah. So generally every generation declines in righteousness, but there are always these bright bright spots equally common in mateesah Bitcoin in every generation of myeloma, there are these bright spots, there are four runners that Allah subhanaw taala chooses. But if you think about general righteousness

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So, it is the Sahaba and then the tambourine, and then the tuber tambourine, those first three generations of Assad. But still with that, as the moment potato Imola points out, Allah subhanaw taala tested the likes of Anna signal Malik Radi Allahu taala. And an Imam Hassan Abbas Rahim Allah without judging the use of a brutal tyrants. And some people asked Heston and bacillary, who's looked at us, the greatest of the second generation of Islam, and if this is the second greatest generation that ever walked the face of the earth, how is it that we have this tyrant that's been placed upon us, then his response would be to look into the social ills that we have allowed to

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permeate amongst ourselves, and to increase in our dua to Allah subhanaw taala. Because whether this is a tyrant that has been placed upon us, due to something that we have done or do to something that Allah wants to bring out of us, the end result is the same, the output is the same a turning back to Allah subhanaw taala and a holistic seeking of Islam of rectification of the self and of society and leaving the rest of the corridor to Allah subhanho wa taala. So sometimes, when we talk about our leaders, they are a reflection of us or we are a reflection of them. Sometimes the change comes from top down. Sometimes it comes from bottom up. So Fianna 30 Rahim Allah said a very famous statement,

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call us and funny enough, there are two groups of people either solo Han Solo, Hatton, OMA, if these two groups of people are righteous, then the ummah will be rectified what either Fussa first and

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then if they become corrupt, then the OMA will become corrupted as well. And we'll look we'll arena the rulers and the scholars. So there's top down change. And indeed, if you have righteous leaders, they can in fact change the culture of the people. They can instill a rectification in the people that might have been missing. Salah Dean Allah you will be rocking Allah who will always quote and we always wish for another version of him another manifestation of him in our own mind, may Allah subhanaw taala bring about many reminders amongst us Allah Allah Ameen, Salah for Dean had to revive consciousness in the OMA. It's not that he was handed a righteous Oma. He had to revive himself and

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he had to revive his ummah. And Allah subhanaw taala brought about great change on his hands and before Him nor to name him Allah Who was his mentor as well. So as slug King, from top down, when you look at the history of Islam, the early days of the Muslims, there is almost a bin Abdulaziz Rahim Allah who assumes leadership of this ummah at the age of 38 years old, and like his grandfather on top of the Allah honorable resuscitates and breeds justice into an ummah that has been plagued with oppression. If you were to look at the line from Obamacare and Ramadan, or if not an ally, and it has something go all the way down to normative and z's, there isn't a direct

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correlation to the homeless behavior. But Allah subhanaw taala blessed this OMA with a reviver that came years later from Khilafat of Russia Diem to where he was included amongst them even though he was not immediately after them. As Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said, he has like Rajo, the Mahabharata month, the sacred month of Raja, to the rest of Astra haram to the rest of the sacred months, which are three together. But Raja is separated in the year, but it is included amongst them likewise on that have been added as he is separated from them in terms of his years, but he is included amongst them. So sometimes Allah blesses an ummah that is sleeping with righteousness at the top that

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infuses righteousness through society that seeks to wake it up, revive its consciousness and brings about beauty throughout. That happens sometimes, but sometimes it's the opposite. Sometimes, indeed come out to who you are, as you are, will be placed upon you. Sometimes the culture of the people shapes what is at the top and shapes their circumstances. And subhanAllah There's a famous narration of our little the Allahu Taala anvil, where he was asked, you know, how come you're not like a Wilbekin and all not all the Allahu Anhu man in terms of raising the people and he said, Abu Bakr and Omar had men like me, I have men like you until Malakut number one Rahim Allah was asked

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something very similar. And he joined the people he brought the people together Gemma Innes, what call alone in a country doing Amina an economy flabby Birkin and Mama said, I'm the Khalifa

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And he gathered the people and he said you want from us to be like Abubaker and Alma, may Allah be pleased with them. He says Kunal Entomb, mystery jelly, have you gotten warmer, but you should be like the man of edible bucket and aroma, and then you will see the change that you're seeking. So it goes both ways. It's not just from top bottom. It's also bottom up culture produces certain leaders. Mentorship produces leaders, communities like this one, massage it here in Ireland or in the United States or wherever, wherever it is, produce the next generations of Salahuddin produce the righteous leaders that then take the mantle, and they leave this ummah to where it needs to go. But we can't

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simply keep waiting for someone to come up there. The Salahuddin syndrome or the malady syndrome, everything will be okay when he comes. And we don't look inside ourselves either a lot to us, Allah had Dean if you want to be Salahuddin, for komatsuna, I mean, then be a righteous, trustworthy person in your own daily dealings. Don't be a person that deals in cheating and then complains about the leaders of the Ummah because Allah knows that many of those that complain about the leaders of the Muslims would be just as corrupt as them if they were in that situation. Because sometimes they reflect the culture. If you look at the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the

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hadith of Elohim, or the Allah Tala, where the prophets of Allah who it was the man was speaking, and a man came, a Bedouin came and said, Metis

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when is the hour, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not answer him immediately. Then the prophets I saw him said ANSI you don't understand? Where is the one who asked me about the hour. And when he came forth, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned Ew, Amana when trust is lost and tabula rasa, then wait for the day of judgment to come wait for the hour to come. And the Bedouin ask the right question. K for a Lara to hire Rasulillah. How does it get lost? How does trust become lost amongst the people?

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The province lies some gives a component of this that seems to be outside of our circumstances, and one that seems to be a conscious choice. The prophets lie some says in one narration of this very simple, and you will Amrita Ali, when the affair of the Muslims is given to those who are undeserving. When political leadership goes to corrupt people, and they transform righteousness into wickedness. That's something that is usually beyond our control. Very few times in history, do people actually get to choose their leaders? And even in the illusion of democracies? Usually there's a component of compulsion that forces your leaders upon you very few times in history. Do

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people actually consciously choose their leaders? So when it goes to people that are undeserving? When it goes to people that lose the amount of the Muslims that lose the amount of the believers, but there's a conscious part? The profit side so I'm certainly tougher than NASA to send you Hala? For so you know, for us, Toby lady and men for Vaalu what Allah Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when people take leaders amongst themselves, that are fools, and they are asked, and they respond without knowledge, they are straight and they lead astray. You know how we take this for ourselves? Dear Brothers and Sisters, you don't get to choose your political leaders, but you do

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get to choose your role models. You might not get to choose who governs over you, but you do choose your trendsetters. You do choose who you follow, you do choose who you consume, you do choose your leaders in every other sense of the word. And if the culture is producing the most rotten of leaders, if our young people are looking up to the worst of people, than the problem is not and who has been placed upon us the problem is who we are placing upon ourselves. There's a conscious part of this too. And so yes, our leaders are a reflection of us. Yes, those that come above us are a reflection of us. But also Dear brothers and sisters. There's the culture of justice. So do we

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choose our leaders? In some ways? Yes. Do we choose our circumstances? In some ways? Yes. Hello, Teresa Hona, watan Sorona, Elizabeth Martha eco. In one narration, the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Are you given support or victory except by how you treat your most vulnerable? Are you given support and victory from Allah except by how you treat those who need help amongst you? Look at yourself. How are you governing? How are you carrying out your affairs as a community and the mama no we are Hema Hola. He said in terms of the well of the Muslims in terms of the circumstances of the Muslims. He said if you look

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At the narrations of ASVAB and Nusrah, the reasons for victory, and you compare those two s Bab el Azeema the reasons for defeat, you will find that every Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he mentions a southern a reason for victory. There's the opposite of a reason for corruption, humiliation, and vice versa. It's actually a powerful way to read the Quran, and a powerful way to read the Sunnah. If Allah tells you that something bears righteousness in your life, then the opposite naturally bears wickedness. And if Allah tells you that something bears wickedness in your life, then the opposite, obviously bears righteousness. So for example, were the prophets

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Allah Allah Azza wa sallam said, Hell tours upon our to Salah in La vida come are you given victory or support except by how you treat your most vulnerable? There's also the narration of evenness through the will the Allahu Taala and in Allahu Allah you can't do so much Allah your life if he him hubco Allah will not honor an ummah that does not take justice for the weak amongst them.

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One of the reasons for Azeema one of the reasons for defeat and humiliation, Allah will not honor an ummah that does not stand up for the oppressed amongst that does not stand up for the weak amongst them. And so you want muscle are you involved in and nostra you want Allah to give you victory? In your circumstance? Are you a reason for someone else's victory? You want Allah to honor you? Do you honor the week amongst you? Do you honor the accussed amongst you Kela Bella to Cremona Leah team right then Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this about the disbelievers. You want to be honored but you don't honor the orphan amongst you. You want Allah to honor you, but do you honor those who

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Allah subhanaw taala has placed in your care. And so our leaders are a product of us. Our circumstances are a product of us in many ways. But with all of that being said,

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when a blow combust Cherie, while highly fitna,

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when a blow condition, we will highly Pfitzner we test you with evil and we test the with good. Sometimes Subhanallah the most righteous people are tested with the most evil of tyrants. And sometimes the most wicked of people are given the most comfortable circumstances. It goes back to what is emanating from you.

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What is your contribution to this environment? What are you putting back into it? Look at these two ayaats and Allah and how they speak to two different realities. Allah azza wa jal says hello pura and we will tackle less attack naturally in Bala katomina Sama, he will work in Kedah boo now on Bhima can we actually born Allah subhanaw taala is that if the people of the town would have only believed and when God conscious they would have feared Allah subhanaw taala and honored the covenant, Allah would have opened the blessings of the skies the heavens and the earth for them. But instead they denied and so they were taken as a result of that which they used to do. Philosophy

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hundreds, Allah also says Furlan Asuma Luquillo will be here in the very next Surah when they forgot, between an animal Allah when they forgot the reminders that were sent to them for attack. Now I lay him a while but quickly shake, we open for them all the doors of good had to either very cold email or two until they found joy in that which was given to them, as has now been built for either who will believe so we suddenly snatch them, and they found themselves in despair. So Allah talks about punishing people with obvious punishment. And Allah also talks about punishing people by giving them exactly what they want. Now blucon mission we will highly fitna that Allah azza wa jal

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utilizes both of these upon a wicked people to wake them up or to punish them. And Allah subhanaw taala also utilizes for the believers that which brings out the best potential of their righteousness for their time that produces the best benefit for them in regards to their circumstances, but the rule still remains faithful to stop Pharaoh robber come in who can have a Farah you receive this summer at Ecole Mirada Wyoming did the Combi and wild and whether any way Angelica and Jana to wager Allah calm and how in terms of rely on sort of calm where you felt a bit academical, the versus still connect very clearly righteousness with goodness in this light in the

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next reflected in what is above us reflected in what is around us, reflected in what is beneath us. Righteousness produces good and if ALLAH SubhanA wa

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To have tests you when you are righteous, then it may be that Allah subhanaw taala wishes to elevate you. And so when you look at the people of Gaza, when you look at the people that are struggling in our Ummah, the way that they are struggling, it may be that they are the negligence or it may be that they are the sin of your negligence. But at the same time, I'm gonna calm a station that Allah subhanaw taala wishes to bring them through.

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It could be both of those things. They could be our sin, and their own elevation.

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All of those things are possibilities, where we still look inside and we say are our leaders are our circumstances due to anything that I am doing? You see of your brothers and sisters in conclusion, many times we talked about our do and our sadaqa a solidarity for the wrongs of the ummah. But when you read a Hadith of the Prophet slice and I'm where he mentioned a Muslim on camera, Julian Whitehead Oka Jessa denwa head congested it was the people the Muslims are like one man or one body.

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It's one thing to say that I feel the pain of the other parts of the body. It's another thing to say that I will not cause pain to the rest of the body. If I'm the hand of the OMA, I will not stab the rest of the OMA in the back or in the front. I will not be the weak link. When he says it. His thoughts was Saran and what meno didn't want me tell union you should do Barbarella that the believer to the believer is like a structure. He reinforces the rest of the building, then I will make sure that I am holding up my part and I am not an empty slot in the building. I'm not the missing brick in the building that actually causes harm to the ummah. So when you look at what is

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happening in the Ummah, do not ask is Allah subhanaw taala punishing these people with their leaders is Allah punishing them with their circumstances, ask yourself is anything that I am doing? Producing that which causes harm to me, or to my Alma is anything that I am doing, producing the miserable circumstances that we find ourselves in?

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And it may be that those same sins that are a cause for your misery, or my misery, may Allah protect us and this life or the next could also be a cause for the elevation of another part of the ummah. Because even if they feel the pain of our negligence, they will still taste the reward of their Lord, who was the Most Merciful? May Allah subhanaw taala increase us in righteousness and victory? May Allah increase us in that which brings about goodness in this life and the next and raised us with our brothers and sisters to the highest level, the highest rank so that we can be alongside our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so for those that Allah Allah Allah I mean who Luca we

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have a Stafford Loan EULA Community Center Mr. mean first off, we don't know hello for Rahim.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Karim oni or Sokka big marine Loma Nina wouldn't want me not willing Muslim men and women Muslim out here even homeless on March in Nicosia, Nirankari Boone moody with yawata Allahumma fairland our Hamner wa for another two hours Robina Wallen and percent our Atlanta Atlanta hotel hamdulillah Anna Conan I mean, I'll pass it in alarm and the gaffer when Kadima to hit with alpha five one, Allah Allah fiddley YT Nina Oberhelman my camera bonus Ivana Robin I have learned I mean as well as you know with the reality now Kurata Aryan vagina Lynmouth Sakina Imam Allah on select one and most of our fina FEMA sharekhan are the Omar

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Allah Marisa Islam and Muslim Isla dealership COVID car they've been with me the Allahumma allocute Juan Amina divining meanwhile Regina with one of them and being insanely mean about Allah and Allah He landed with Exxon when he turned a little quarterback we inherited fascia you wouldn't want to carry well burden here it will come when Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla has to come. Watch Grover and Indiana is it luck on one of the Kerala he Akbar Allahu Ying wanna toss in our own Welcome sir.