Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L311A

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Az-Zalzalah-At-Takathur Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de su the hill Karim unavowed feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish slightly odd way acyl D and re watch that Emily Sani of Oahu Cody probenecid and

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lesson number 311 similar to Zelda similar to the idea similar to Korea and similar to

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a Zelda I am number one to eight translation

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim either when Zilla it was shaken

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to the earth, Zuzanna her its violent earthquake, its final earthquake. What else legit? And it brought forth

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the earth as color her its burdens or color. And he said and insano the human being man what led her is for it yoma even that day to have these two it will report Oh Bella her it's news be unknown because indeed. Rebecca your lord, oh her he inspired let her do it. Yo mama even that day, yes doodle. He will proceed anessa the people a stat and a separate groups Li euro so that they are shown our mana home their deeds femen so whoever Yarmouth he does Miss odd Wait, the waiting of an atom hiren any good. Yahoo he will see it. Woman and whoever year or month he does Miss Allah. Wait, the wording of an atom shall run an evil Yahoo he will see it.

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yo ma Ed

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idea I am number one to 11

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim while our deity by those that grace by those that Gala. Baba her panting fell Moriarity. Then by those that strike fire or the hair by striking foul movie allottee then by those who raid by those who charge silver hair at morning for 1000 so they raised be he with it NACA dust follows up on it so they penetrated into the midst be with it, Gemma altogether, in indeed an insert the human being lobbied for his Lord lukka nude, surely most ungrateful were in the Who? And indeed he either upon Delica that leisure he surely one who witnesses what in who and indeed he lay should be for love. Allied of the world. leisure D surely severe. A fella does they're not yarlung

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he knows either when birth era it was taken and thrown out. Ma whatever see is in

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the graves wash was sweeter and it was made apparent math whatever see is in a Sudoku, the chests in indeed are about whom their Lord became with them. Yo MA in that de la Habib surely all aware

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I thought maybe he

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should he do

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so let's have patera I am number one to 11 Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah paria the Striking Calamity ma what is an aria the Striking Calamity warmer and what adelakun it made you know ma What is a lucara the Striking Calamity yoma on day Yakumo he will be a nurse So, the people can follow like the maths and remember to scattered the one scattered water kuno and it will be lg balou the mountains gallery like the world element forsch the one fluffed up for another So, as for man, whoever

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it became heavy mo was he knew who his scales for who then he see in a shot in a life robbia pleasing what um and as for man who offered it became like my was he knew who his scales for omo who then his mother then his refuge how we are lowest and deepest bit of hell. Warmer and what a darker it made you no matter what. Here it is. Now on a fire Hermia blazing fiercely

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Let's listen to this edition.

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I am number one to eight

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hakam it distracted you it preoccupied you at the castle of the desire for more the Competition in increase

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Hector until Zoltan you all visited Alma copied the grades can no sofa soon Darla moon you all will know so much then color no sofa will soon Darla moon your will no color no low if only Darla Muna you will know in knowledge eliakim of the certainty letter of one surely you all will definitely see Lj came the blazing Hellfire some den letterwinner her surely you all will definitely see it I with I eliakim of the certainty some then let us alone. Surely you all will definitely be asked. Yo ma even on that day on about a Noreen the blessings the favors

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this meeting

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